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naming myself after one of The Most Italian political figures in u.s. history and then becoming a leading 48er / gerexit figure was not a #blessed choice
Midwest nationalism is cool as hell bc it's pretty explicitly multi-cultural. u can't be for an independent Midwest on the basis of a common Midwestern cultural and economic identity without recognizing German, Italian, African-American, Scandanavian and Latin cultures bc they all are insanely important in crafting what we view as our common uniting cultural pretenses. erases the whole "Italian pro-Gerexit" guy problem


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Piero Scaruffi said:
Nothing else grants the Beatles more attention than, say, the Kinks or the Rolling Stones. There was nothing intrinsically better in the Beatles' music. Ray Davies of the Kinks was certainly a far better songwriter than Lennon & McCartney.
The Kinks were probably the most original British band of their time with the Rolling Stones and the Who...They were by far the band most rooted in the British tradition, with a keen awareness of history and British values. In fact, the young Ray Davies sang about himself and his generation and the adult Ray Davies would sing about the British nation, his goal consistently Homeric in creating myth out of public history and social memory.
No choice but to stan.

gentleman biaggi

strange for a forty-eighter to hate protestants
he/they is fine
1962-1970: Willy Brandt (SPD)
1962 def. [in coalition with FDP] Konrad Adenauer (CDU/CSU), Erich Mende (FDP)
1965: SPD government forms “Vietnam Legion” to back USA intervention in Vietnam[1]
1966 def. [in coalition with FDP] Ludwig Erhard (CDU/CSU), Erich Mende (FDP), Friedrich Thielen (NPD)
1966: CSU-Bavaria Party coalition formed in Bavaria, leading to greater calls for Bavarian sovereignty and even returns to monarchy. Most of these calls are backed by the USA and president Dodd due to fears of Willy Brandt’s “leftist sympathies”. This would lead to the end of the CDU/CSU coalition in 1968.
1967: Kommune 1 is formed
1967: During a visit from the Shah of Iran, multiple students are shot, leading to the beginning of student protests against the West German government.
1968: Rudi Dutschke is assassinated by neo-nazi, leading to massive protests and violence
1968: NPD offices are firebombed by far-left groups, leading to “days of rage”
1968: Emergency powers utilized by Brandt regime, leading to heavy crackdowns on protesters
1968: Several members of FDP exit governing coalition with SPD over Vietnam Legion and emergency controls, “Unity Coalition” between SPD-CSU-FDP is formed to retain emergency powers, but both the CDU and NPD are left out
1969: Student movement and anarchist violence said to be curbed as Brandt government forms quiet “uneasy alliance” with biker gangs to destroy both left and right wing groups. Alliance compared to later “hard hat riots” in USA[2]. Uneasy alliance not revealed until mid-1990s
1969: Newly inaugurated president of USA Billy Graham’s visit to West Germany protested by Bavaria Party over past anti-Catholic comments, notably many protesters begin perpetuating theory that Graham was responsible for assassination of Pres. Kennedy, despite them both being in the same party.

1970-1973: Gerhard Schröder (CDU)
1973-1973: Willy Brandt (SPD)
1973-1977: Paul Lücke (CDU)
1977-????: Harald Wust (Emergency Government)
1970 def. [formed Grand Coalition with SPD, FDP, NPD to continue government plans for Vietnam War + emergency crackdowns] Willy Brandt (SPD), Josef Strauß (CSU), Erich Mende (FDP), Karl Von Westphalen (DFU), Friedrich Thielen (NPD)
1970: Friedrich Thielen appointed Minister of Interior, “Years of Blood” begin due to far left violence
1970: Josef Strauß assassinated by Red Army Faction, leading to massive riots in Bavaria, Bavaria Party overtakes CSU and begins to make demands of government
1971: After USA bombing of dikes in Vietnam leads to over 1 million deaths, marches for peace break out throughout West Germany, however, far right groups and biker gangs attack protesters, leading to incidents of counter-violence
1972: US headquarters in West Germany bombed by Red Army Faction
1972: While in Bavaria, French President Michel Jobert famously yells “Viva Bavaria Libre!” causing Franco-German split
1973: Gerhard Schröder resigns for his role in “October Surprise” scandal within USA Reagan administration
1973: War in Vietnam ends with peace signing, mainstream student protests largely die out, but far left groups still commit violence
1974 def. [formed Grand Coalition with SPD, FDP, NPD] Willy Brandt (SPD), Max Streibl (CDU), Wolfgang Mischnick (FDP), Friedrich Theilen (NPD)
1975: Red Army Faction assassinate Friedrich Theilen
1977: Bavarian Independence Referendum (Yes 52%, No 47%)
1977: Bavarian Monarchy Restoration Referendum [only voted on by “Yes” voters for Independence] (Yes 67%, No 29%)
1977: Leaders of Bavarian independence movement see violence effect them as biker gangs attack houses and offices of leaders
1977: “Emergency Powers” utilized by government once more to stifle independence, backed by USA government in interest of maintaining a united front against communism, massive violence breaks out in Bavaria
1977: Red Army Faction begins bombing campaign against West German groups, later found to be mostly false flags, or already known by Ministry of the Interior to allow for “Emergency Government” to expand power and be led by Bundeswehr
1977: Harald Wust is given emergency powers, “Day X”[3] begins as assassinations of far left leaders and politicians begins across country, Bavarian Revolt put down as well

[1] Stolen from East Germany propaganda story of Vietnam Legion and fused with the old adage that center left governments are more violently anti communist than center right ones
[2] This is how Kommune 1 ended OTL, but with less government intervention.

1961-1963: John F. Kennedy (Democratic)
1963-1966: Lyndon Johnson (Democratic)
1966-1969: Thomas Dodd (Democratic)
1960 def. (with Lyndon Johnson) Richard Nixon (Republican)
1963: Assassination of John F. Kennedy
1964 def. (with Thomas Dodd) Barry Goldwater (Republican)
1966: Pres. Johnson dies of a heart attack
1967: Martin Luther King imprisoned for opposing Vietnam War, riots occur nationwide
1968: Accident kills writer Hunter S. Thompson and Republican candidate Richard Nixon
1968: Frank Church defeats Dodd in New Hampshire primary, Dodd chooses Billy Graham to replace him

1969-1973: Billy Graham (Democratic)
1968 def. (with Robert Wagner) Bill Scranton (Republican), James Johnson (All-American)
1970: United States bombs dikes in Vietnam, over 1 million die
1970: Mary Singleton defeats Claude Kirk to become first black female governor of a state

1973-1974: Ronald Reagan (Republican)
1974-1977: Winthrop Rockefeller (Republican)
1972 def. (with Winthrop Rockefeller) Billy Graham (Democratic), Ralph Nader (Consumers), Virginia Johnson (All-American)
1973: “October Surprise” of Reagan administration transferring weapons through West Germany to North Vietnam to halt peace talks during ‘72 election is revealed, Reagan is impeached and removed in 1974
1973: War in Vietnam ends

1977-????: Mary Singleton (Democratic)
1976 def. (with Lloyd Bentsen) Winthrop Rockefeller (Republican), John Rarick (All-American)
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gentleman biaggi

strange for a forty-eighter to hate protestants
he/they is fine

as a proud 48er and founder of the kraut civil rights league i am issuing an official fatwa towards those who call kraut americans “dutch”. the average german american is a 34 year old from sioux falls who’s voted republican his entire life for reasons unknown to him and who is a chiefs/bucks/brewers/wild fan, meanwhile the average dutch american is a 67 year old protestant in michigan who runs a christmas tree farm and smacks little kids with a switch
elvis presley thought this btw


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The Place That Hates England More Than The English
she/'er (as in "phwoar, look at the cans on 'er")
by far me and oppo’s best scheme was trying to get homestuck fans to watch burn notice while our buddy got into homestuck based drama on twitter, but i think our draft jimmy dore campaign is a close second
going after homestuck fans is like going after people who are really into friends

they're mostly harmless