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gentleman biaggi

strange for a forty-eighter to hate protestants
he/they is fine
meme with two soyjacks screaming eternally into pitiful nothing labelled 'Average Italian-American' and 'Average Irish American' respective with a rotund boy in lederhosen licking a large lollipop labeled as 'Average German-American'
i commissioned gap80 to make things like this for twists and turns in 2018


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Clean Gene looks the most likely.
I’ve always loved the idea of McGovern losing to Muskie in the 1972 primaries but winning the primary and general in 1976. When the prelude to the Iran Hostage Crisis rolls around (I think there’d be enough foreign policy establishment types pushed into his administration by that point, like Zbig or Cy or Muskie, so they convince his bleeding heart to let the Shah in), he opts for the surgical airstrikes he supported OTL, and the whole concept of McGovern being a dove’s dove is shattered. But hey, he beats Reagan in a direct confrontation in 1980!


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A story idea would be Bobby Kennedy living in 68’ fucking up against Humphrey, and waiting out 72’ as the establishment goes with Humphrey...again, and then Bobby reruns and wins in 76’...only to bring about neoliberalism even harder than Carter.
in my perenially-in-progress “The Rest of the Way with LBJ” story, Bobby takes office in 1981 and spends the next eight years going full Bob Hawke with some mild proto-surveillance state stuff as the cherry on top (as you’d expect from the guy who wiretapped MLK).

but I mean, he succeeds an abysmal Reagan presidency which itself only happens bc President Rockefeller died from getting some S-tier throat.