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AH Run-downs, summaries and general gubbins

Second American Civil War Thread II

December 20th, 2037

All I want for Christmas... is for European and Chinese "North American experts" to stop making proposals for a "racial partition of America", as if that would solve anything.

The Federal Government: Texas' collapse has been a blessing. The capture of Salt Lake City by the White People's Front and their Fundamentalist Mormon allies last year looked like it would be reduced to east of the Mississippi River, but with the so-called "Republic of Texas" falling apart at the seams, and with member of Texas' military defecting to the Federal Government, it looks as if they are ready to make a comeback in that area.
The Navy: Admiral Chandler bought a few houses in the United Kingdom. Is he planning to flee? No, never, after all, the Navy has been the strongest fighting force of the Federal Government in the war, taking on its toughest enemy: Louisianan children.
The Air Force: lol
American Patriots: Their Alabamian leader, Chuck Haynes, was killed by a suicide bomber affiliated with Atomwaffen. Haynes was a sociopath who would rape female POWs and would personally torture people he thought to be traitors. So a loss for the Patriots (and for the Federal Government as a whole), but an overall win for humanity in general. Shame it was a white nationalist who offed him, though.

Popular Front: The road to Washington is through Ohio... lets see if this slogan is enough to get them to stop fighting.
New Afrikan Liberation Front: Set to declare independence by New Years Day 2036. Oops, did I say 2036? I meant 2038. Sorry, but they've been saying that for the past four years and it makes you wonder just how much of a "liberation front" it is.
American Revolutionary Army: Is slowly recovering from the WPF onslaught back in the summer, if their performance in the Ohio campaign is anything to go by. Still, their units in the West Coast aren't proving to be self-sufficient...
American Red Army: Two more anarchists in Louisiana have been killed, "accidentally". Had it not been for their current role in the Louisiana campaign and for them stopping the WPF from reaching Native American reservations they would have been cut off a long time ago.
American Democratic Front: The "American Rojava" not only faces enemies from the Federal Government, the WPF and other White Nationalists, but also other members of this so-called "Popular Front". Its the American Rojava, alright - it will inspire optimism as the original one did, and will most likely and like the original one did.

Chicano Front: When the war started nobody believed that the Chicano Front would ever take territory of its own. That it would just be supporting Popular Front forces and protecting Hispanics against White Nationalists. The collapse of Texas is changing that. It is now well on its way to capture El Paso.
Self-Defense Organization: Comprised of non-black non-Hispanic minorities, mainly based in California. If protecting minorities is their goal, than it looks like they did poorly judging by how many refugees are coming from WPF areas.

White Nationalists: Who says it is just the left which goes through infighting?
White People's Front: Zachary Clements held a speech in Boise in which he looked like he was on the verge of tears. The reason? The WPF failed to enter the Native American reservations. Their first major defeat in eight months and he is crying, something to think about the next time an "expert" who isn't even from the Western Hemisphere talks about how intelligent the WPF leadership is, and how they are going to establish their desired ethnostate.

Atomwaffen: Is considering allying with the WPF after the fact that their organization is dying after the WPF stole their title as "main white nationalist" group. Also the fact that all of their major supply routes are gone, and now their soldiers in South Carolina are helpess against the Federal Government and the NALF.
Army of New Dixie: Remember how many people thought these guys were going to establish the Confederate States? Judging from their social media (which is mainly just propaganda and "RIP this fighter, pray for his soul"), they would be lucky to just take South Carolina.
European Foreign Legion: Social media activity of their soldiers are becoming quieter. I assume that ends the whole "Are Italians White?" debate.
Ecofascists: I include them because their activity has been increased in the past months. All of the factory fires you hear about? Done by ecofascists, if their social media accounts is anything to go by. Lately one ecofascist has made a plan in which they will infiltrate Popular Front and Federal Government ranks in order to cause as much discord between the two as possible. They could become a bigger problem than people think.

Texas: Governor/President Hayden is becoming so desperate to save the independence of Texas that he has decided to take a page from the Federal Government's book and has reportedly been making deals with drug cartels. He will ignore their activities, and in exchange drug cartels would provide men and money they get from selling drugs. Judging by how West Virginia was before and after the Federal Government made the exact same deal with Opioid dealers, even if Texas' independence is saved, it will damaged drastically from this deal.


Everything is going according to the plan
This might be my favourite one of these so far.

American Red Army: Two more anarchists in Louisiana have been killed, "accidentally". Had it not been for their current role in the Louisiana campaign and for them stopping the WPF from reaching Native American reservations they would have been cut off a long time ago.
I'm assuming these are a coalition of the less lunatic Red Guards, the DSA left, and the Swamp Maoists give it's Louisiana.
This might be my favourite one of these so far.

I'm assuming these are a coalition of the less lunatic Red Guards, the DSA left, and the Swamp Maoists give it's Louisiana.
I mentioned Louisiana so I could give some background to this:

fighting force of the Federal Government in the war, taking on its toughest enemy: Louisianan children
Basically, Louisiana has been fought over between the Federal Government, the Popular Front, and the Army of New Dixie. The American Red Army decided to focus its attention on the (white-majority) south, so the rest of the Popular Front decided to give it free hand. Louisiana is under a blockade from the federal government, somewhat akin to the OTL Yemen blockade.


Normalise Your Mum
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(May 2020 in the world of This Great Stage or whatever it’ll be called when I get back to it/reboot it)

Major Parties:

Radical: Helen Kendrick WILL NOT lead her party into a third term. Unless she wants to. She’s enjoying this now. Ms. Kendrick also has no regrets about the Malayan Intervention- but then again, the job of sucking up to Reichskanzler Lasker never stops.

Unionist: It's Luke Berthoud! The moderate, fresh-faced silver fox who represents the generational change former party of power so desperately needs! [Five Minutes Later] We regret to inform you that Luke Berthoud doesn't get why there was so much fuss about 10,000 people were accidentally sterilised in the Devonport Scandal.

Ecumene: Former future Ecologist leader and Belfast Mayor Lucas Nye has defected to the Ecumene Movement and will be their top candidate in Belfast, which will shore up their “want to save the earth but mostly at the expense of brown people" creds.

Centre: Bloody hell, six leaders in a decade? That's not good. Anyway, I'm sure that their latest one will sort it out by [checks notes] going into talks with Kendrick to take up a cabinet post. To think they were once Britain's kingmakers.

Democratic Left: Just voted against going into coalition with the Radicals after the next election, as if they were ever going to offer. Also the vote on joining the Fifth International was cancelled.

Ecology: Eden Barrett has left the Ecologists because they refuse to "get with the times" and stop campaigning against Eugenics. What party did you think this was, Eden?

Regional Parties:

Sinn Fein: Ossian Joyce really wants to be leader once he's finished stealing credit for the World's Fair. Well, if he can cosy up to Petrograd thugs and Etheopian Princes he certainly could run an independent Ireland.

Scottish Freedom: After calling the Chief Minister and his husband "a set of fairy lights", George Spens has for some reason been disinvited from Glasgow's Reminder Parade. This is all going to plan.

Irish Reform: Currently polling at 14%. They might be doing a better job convincing Middle Ireland that they're really not like the rest of the Unionists if Joan Goulding wouldn't keep going up to Stormont to pall around with Frances “Sodomites" Clifford. But what do I know.

Mudiad Cymreig: Greg Jones has been named as an accessory in the Morrison Report. I think this might actually help them, the prospect that their leader is important enough to come all the way from the Palestinian Mandate to bribe.

Minor Parties:

Together in Europe: Britain's been in the Concert of Europe for two years now but that doesn't mean that Rod Kernan has to give up the grift. We still need him to fight Britain's corner within Europe. By not standing for the European Senate.

King and Country: The rightful pretender is officially too busy standing for another party to become King, but that's not going to let that stop the KCs doing what they do.

Opportunity: Leon Christie isn't racist! He got a photo with the Prime Minister of the West Indies! That's how any of this works!

British Values: On the other hand, Charlie Mandell really wants you to know he's racist. Apparently the only reason we haven't caught Sri Zamud yet is because he's Asian. Not, you know, because he's a warlord who funds terrorists.

Christian Party: Publicly endorsing Kieran Doyle if he runs for Radical Leadership, in spite of reservations about his brother's deviance and his fiancé’s Judaism.

Peace and Freedom: Their leader's been interned. Well, throwing a live grenade at Ben Griffin's house when he's meeting the President of Goa would do that.

Prohibition: Alex Routledge has been fornally cautioned for harrassing the Health Secretary. Give it a rest Alex, wasn't it a Bertram who legalised Cannabis anyway?
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Seeing as how "summaries" is listed here, I would like to ask a question. Would this thread be the right place to post TLs in a posts, where it is not literary enough to be a vignette, where it doesn't really require a list, and where there aren't any graphics needed? I have an idea for a "TL in a post" but I don't know the appropriate place to post it. I would like to post it here but I don't know whether or not it would detract from the purpose of the thread.

@Sideways since you made the thread.
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Municipal Commune of Bourne
Seeing as how "summaries" is listed here, I would like to ask a question. Would this thread be the right place to post TLs in a posts, where it is not literary enough to be a vignette, where it doesn't really require a list, and where there aren't any graphics needed? I have an idea for a "TL in a post" but I don't know the appropriate place to post it. I would like to post it here but I don't know whether or not it would detract from the purpose of the thread.

@Sideways since you made the thread.
That surely falls under general gubbins.

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Kemr, FK

United Kingdom of Denmark and Skaneland
Social Democrats:
How the hell did we get mixed up in this Holstein mess? We Social Democrats just wanted neutrality...
Progressive Left: No, we're not left-wing, it's a relic. And we're in the Holstein mess because it is rightful Danish land.
Ecologist Alternative: Why are people looking at us suspiciously? It isn't like we're hoarding guns to copy the Berlin Greens. Right?
Danish Movement: All good Danes should support the fascists in Germany. Not the fascists in Scandinavia, they're our enemies.
Socialist Labour: Well, while the APD is standing up for workers there, there's no need of rebellion here, so can the nice men in suits leave us alone?
Scanian Interest: We should have more money sent to Skaneland. Oh, the Holstein thing? Mumble, we'll vote whatever as long as we get pork.

Gothic State
Alliance for a New Dawn:
The quest to rebuild our Gothic land from decades of fascist oppression must never stop.
Swedish People's League: As the seemingly-eternal opposition, we'll just repeat what we say all the time - referendum to join Sweden pls.
Gothic Communist Party: We're basically just a puppet of New Dawn to soak up the left-wing voters.

Swedish Technate
Nonpartisan League:
The continuation of the project to develop our country is at optimum projection.

Republic of Free Norway
Agrarian Centre:
We should support the Resistance as is, but don't invest more.
Popular Freedom: Why are we the only ones? Why can't the blooming Danes, Swedes or Goths help? It's just us and the fucking elves.
Labour: To Oslo! Then review our possible actions for what to do next.
People's Socialists: Viva la Revolucion! Topple the regime from occupied Norway, and liberate the rest!
Liberal Society: Free the rest of Norway, of course. The rest, well, it depends on how expensive it is.
Ecologist Renewal: Fascism is just one element of how civilisation has failed u-... We support the Resistance of course.
United and Loyal: No comment.

Norwegian Resistance: Any support is welcome, we can't continue this forever, the fash has a lot of troops.

National Republic of Scandinavia
People's Bloc:
Stand strong, Nordic people, against those that wish to divide you! Hail our leaders, who will save us all!

High Kingdom of Elfdalia
Movement of '34:
Never forget the camps. Never forget the tears. Blow the Horn of the Ancients, let us hold our Great Hunt again!
Traditionalists: The Socialists also caused harm to us Elves in the past, we should fight them too at some point, you know.

Socialist Republic of Northern Europe
Democratic Workers':
Look, the People's Commissioner is not ill, and no, the ice giants on Svalbard isn't our fault. To say that is unsocialist.

Eastern Sea League
Oh fuck oh fuck, Germany is in civil war and our Archduke has vanished. We're fucked.
"Nationalists": Avenge Lieven! Long live the Revolution and the Baltic Federation!

Swedish People's Party:
Calls to reunite with the Technate forget that they're not the old Swedish country. We are. Technocracy is un-Swedish.

Republic of Suomi
National Centre:
The troops are all ready, we're set to liberate our fellow Suomi from Swedish oppression any time soon!
Patriotic League: The day shall shine as the new dawn of a glorious Fin- Suomi era!
Socialist Democrats: Once we do that, can we get back to the fact that a lot of us are poor and need a proper welfare state?
Bloc of National Minorities: No, we're not a Swedish party, we're actually mostly Karelian, but people just won't shut up...
Progressive Labour: The Socialist Democrats are too pro-Socialist Union. The fact they're bigger than us is a big embarassment.
Christian Voice: The reunification needs to be the start of a new, Godly, era for Suomi.

Assembly of the Karelian Nation
Popular Democratic Left:
The march to Nass- Karelian socialism continues. Working-class values, rejecting bourgeois liberalism, will triumph.
Liberal Direction: The KPDL is too stuck in our past as part of the Eurasian Socialist Federation. We need a new direction, a liberal one.
Our Home - Karelia: What Karelia needs is a return to its values. Not Christian values, proper old school pagan values.
Civic Movement: We have no idea why Karelians rejected our common-sense conservatism. It can't be that we cut the welfare state, right?
Progressive Alliance: Yes, we're supportive of social liberal stuff and an expanded welfare state. No wonder we're not popular.
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Seeing as how "summaries" is listed here, I would like to ask a question. Would this thread be the right place to post TLs in a posts, where it is not literary enough to be a vignette, where it doesn't really require a list, and where there aren't any graphics needed? I have an idea for a "TL in a post" but I don't know the appropriate place to post it. I would like to post it here but I don't know whether or not it would detract from the purpose of the thread.

@Sideways since you made the thread.
Oh yeah, of course that sounds amazing do it

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Bartanvi Raj's political parties rundown (26/11/2039)

Communist Party of East India:
Why won't people just vote for our bill expanding our national healthcare to cover doctor's appointments? And can the Marxists just shut up, please? Supporting the Nepali monarchy against the so-called "Workers and Peasants Front" is actually pretty sensible, you know!
People's Congress (Secular): We've successfully implemented a 10-taka charge on using the digitinet, which will do its best to help regulating it. All we had to do was concede our promise to not harshen immigration standards, and instead vote for the CPEI's proposal. Hopefully the voters like it.
Burma Democratic Labour Party: As long as we get an influx of money to Burma workers' unions and to the Burmese government's finances, we'll continue to prop up a suitably desperate Communist government. Hmm... Maybe we'll ask for a spaceport near Yangon next cabinet meeting.

National Opposition
Indian People's Party:
Why do half of all voters hate us so much? Is it the fact we're die-hard on Indian unification? Is it because we're leaning so much into Hindutva it pushes away moderates? Or that we have a terrible grassroots in the east? No, the voters are just stupid and easily misled by Reds.
National Party: The Communists have been spendthrift as always and regulations strangle the economy. You know, the average Ajay and Priya Singh, they're not happy at this, not at all. They want an effective government that allows the free market to bloom. Just you wait until the next election!
Bartanvi Common Party - Greens: Are we literally the only ones that notice that no matter which government, the corruption is still endemic? Or that no matter if it's Blue or Red, National or Communist, "traditional values" are prioritised above freedom? Especially on this vile immigration bill!
Socialist Party of East India: Remember when we were the major left-wing party, not the Communists? No, us neither.
Communist Party of East India (Marxist): Lo! The so-called "Communist" government shows its bourgeois stripes by aligning with the reactionary monarchy against a genuine uprising of the Nepali proletariat! Their decline from being a genuine left-wing party continues.

Regional Parties (above 2 seats)
Communist Party of Nepal:
The Workers and Peasants Front are a strong and passionate proletariat expression against the corruption of the Nepali monarchy, and any news of their attacking ordinary people or taking advantage of the disorder, is just bourgeois propaganda.
Bahujan Samaj Party: We're having a leadership election, it seems. Hmm, do we go for the one who argues that we should work more with the CPEI and lean more into traditional workers' organisations, or the one who thinks we should shift more to win over potential Green voters? Hmm.
Trinamool Movement: The CPEI government in West Bengal is as ever, corrupt corrupt corrupt. And we think it isn't restricted there either, the rot goes all the way up to the Prime Minister. It's so bad we're even considering a deal with the freaking Nationals to throw them out.
United in National Solidarity: You know, when we were the ones propping a government up, the average Burmese had more money to spend. Not like it is now, with the DLP spending it all on ridiculous projects. And this spaceport? That'll be a big money drain!
Nepali Democratic Congress: Can both sides just sit down and talk? We don't need to destroy the country, can people just sit down and talk? We're sure the King and the ahem, the Workers and Peasants Front, can come to an agreement for the future of the country. Just, no more fighting.
Kamtapur Communist Party: We're still not sure why the CPEI didn't bring us in government. Wasn't part of the deal with them was that they would put us in a future government as long as we hold up this affiliation? And yes, we're still shocked three years later, it's just so unexpected...
Shan National League: Why is nobody talking about the bubbling crisis right over the border in Indochina? Seriously, it's pretty concerning, and to see no parties, not even Democratic Labour, mention it, is just... Is everyone in the Raj just fools? We're not immune to the world!
Socialist Party of Burma: Burma's workers continue to be deceived by their so-called "Democratic" "Labour" "Party". We need to reject this false consciousness and embrace the sole true school of thought of socialism - Marxism-Haymaism!
Party of National Democracy: Tibet is more or less left alone, which normally we're fine with as it means we can just keep everything steaming along peacefully, but in this case, we really really need the government to step in. China is in a horrific civil war and we fear it will overflow.
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Ruthenian parties' rundown (December 2019)

Federal Agrarian Union
: The party of State President Klochurak. The Federal Agrarian Union remains, as ever, a populist, nationalist outfit that combines Greek Catholic identity politics with centrist economic policies that seek to both develop the state's economy and reduce its dependance on Bohemian companies and Prague's investment in the region. The FAU is often suspect in Prague of secretly being a vehicle for Hungarian interests, and while that was probably true in the past, Budapest is too debilitated by the 2017 coup as to care too much about irredentist wet dreams.

Most recently, Klochurak drew the ire of Orthodox Ruthenians and generally of all those who hold anti-Hungarian sentiments in the region by re-building the turul column in Mukachevo's Palanok Castle. The column, built as a symbol of the millennium-long Hungarian control of the Pannonia plain, is seen by both Ukrainophiles and Rusophiles as a symbol of foreign domination. FAU instead says that the true foreign domination is Prague's, which demolished it after Ruthenia's integration into Czechoslovakia in the early 20s.

Klochurak doesn't have a majority in the Snem, but their strong minority government, occasionally requiring the support of the Anti-Zionists, has allowed him to govern as if he had one. 8 years of government going in after decades of opposition, and it seems like Klochurak is only consolidating his regional powerbase further. Any and all accusations of corruption are dismissed as anti-patriotic, pro-Prague sentiment.

Supply and confidence
Jewish Party (Anti-Zionist)
: Ruthenia probably has the largest share of Hassidic Jews anywhere in the world other than Israel-Palestine. The party has made common cause occasionally with Klochurak. In exchange of supporting his spending programs and his budgets, the Anti-Zionist have seen an increase in Hassidic Rabbis' control over the Ruthenian Jewish Council's appointments and started receiving a state subsidy for studying the Torah. Plus, they get to stick to the Zionists, which probably tops their list of political priorities, and certainly the personal ones.

Republican Party
: As the strongest opposition party, the Republicans are none too happy at Klochurak, or the fact that that they haven't governed the state for far too long. The Republicans, a secular party, are not happy at all about all the winks at the Greek Catholic clergy nor the cosiness with the Hassidic Jews' party, which is set to start receiving state subsidies to fund their lifestyles. A waste of taxpayers' money argue the Republicans. Much like Klochurak's policies overall, they add. Not to mention his corruption. That they lost the premiership for the first time in 20 years in 2011 due to their own corruption scandals is of course slander though. After all, they are a different party, having officially changed their name to be the same as the country-wide Republicans. For an urban, bourgeois party, being called the 'Agrarians' simply was too odd.

Communist Party: Ruthenia's Communists are different than elsewhere in Czechoslovakia. They are both more and less doctrinaire than their sister federations in Bohemia, Moravia or Slovakia (esp. Slovakia's). Here, the party is more willing to cooperate with other parties, of the left and centre. But here too, due to simple reasons of vicinity and language intelligibility, the party is far more a chapter of the Soviet Communist Party than of the Prague one (even if Prague also takes funding from Moscow). They are big on secularism, left-wing radicalism and the occasional tinge of anti-Semitism when convenient (ignore how many in their leadership are Jews though). The collective leadership of the party and Moscow's tight control of everything it does keeps the party rather leader-less. A few mayors here and there and more independent, for sure, but that's about it.

(Hungarian) Indigenous Autonomous Party: Ruthenia's Hungarian ethnic party. Fully independent here, although it might as well be the same party as the United Hungarian Party at the federal level. The Budapest Coup caught them by surprise, and now the party is very torn between pro- and anti-coup factions. The arrival of left-wing Hungarians exiles (or refugees, depending on your point of view) is not helping either, as it turns the party further on what to do, seeing as how they are Hungarian, but also, you know, pinkos or worse.

Ruthenian National Autonomous Party: As a Ruthenian nationalist party, if Ukrainophile, RNAP used to have a good relations with Klochurak's unionists. But no more. Local media reports that the party leader, Zlockij hates Klochurak's guts and his larger-than-life persona. As such, RNAP has made no secret that, whenever it becomes possible, they will support any alternative government, even a left-wing, or a Semitic one (yeah, they are not nice people overall).

Social Democratic Workers' Party: The ČSSD, so relevant in Prague, Brno and even in Bratislava (or Prešporok if wanna be hip) is not a terribly relevant party here. For the party, in Uzhorod, Communist-bashing and Czechoslovakism is more important than economic or social policy. Which is far enough, as other than the Communists, the Zionists and the even less relevant Labour Party, it's not like there are real left-wing parties in the Assembly. And the Communists are not to be trusted. The Social Democrats, even after a century, are still bitter about the KSČ defection.

Jewish Party (Zionist): Of the two Jewish parties, the Zionist one is the smallest. Unlike their Hassidic counterparts, the Zionists' economic agenda is liberal and socially moderate (understandably when you combine all Zionist factions). Their end goal is a more secular defence of Jewish interests. But it is also hard to do, when as Zionists, you are also encouraging your own electorate to migrate to the Holy Land. By now, the party has also come to rely on secular Jews (there are a few of those in Ruthenia nowadays). They are big on education in Yiddish, just as they are on labelling in Yiddish - if it was up to them Mukachevo would just be called Munkatsh (מונקאטש‎).

Carpatho-Russian Labour Party: The Labour Party is the Ruthenian branch of the National Socialists (the Czechoslovak, not the German variety, these are good guys), and defend roughly similar policies: left-leaning liberalism, feminism, some green stuff. Basically a party of students and Bohemian yuppie transplants. So you know, not super relevant in Czechoslovakia's poorest state.

Christian-National Party: Fascists. Basically. They have one seat in the Assembly and that is one seat too many.

(OOC note: Here's hoping that the description of the Jewish parties comes across alright. I was taking trends of Ruthenian politics mixing them with 21st century stuff and hoping things come out ok)


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Conservative Leadership Contest, as of January 2020

Dominic Raab Still at the top because of inertia and his position as Acting Leader, but after NDA-gate his position seems increasingly untenable. The Britannia Unchained comments about Brits being the "worst idlers in Europe" are coming home to roost as well, and Raab looks more like the scary, radical, Brexiteer Gove wants him to by the day.

Michael Gove Basically running as Boris but in a safe seat, promising to bring down Corbyn's minority government in "my first 100 days", shepherd through the deal, and reunite Britain. Vote Gove to destroy Bolshevism and defeat the Eurocrats! Threatening to use the fact the Tories won the most votes and seats to bring down the government might sound smart, but unless he offers Swinson a referendum (which he might...) Coalition 2.0 seems unlikely, and that's the only path to Tory power...

Priti Patel Is also having trouble over the Idlers comment, but is doing well with the Hang the Pedos and the NHS types. Probably too hard right though, expecting her to get a strong second place after Raab implodes, and maybe stay on as Home Secretary if it's tight, or if Gove wins big she's back off to the backbenches.

Liz Truss Standing by the Idlers comment, the third member of the Britannia Unchained trio is the only Tory promising that no they really will sell the NHS to Donald Trump.

Matt Hancock Running to be Chancellor again, which requires a Gove win, because Raab and Javid have made a pact to support one another. He's majorly fucking this up, yet again.

Jacob Rees-Mogg The candidate of telling Grenfell victims' families they're stupid. Is expected to drop out and back Raab in the next few days rather than suffer the humiliation of being beaten by Hancock.

Mark Francois Has decided that even #TheMogg isn't strong enough on Brexit. Only Lieutenant Francois can go over the top and tear down the Berlin Wall, freeing Britain from the clutches of the European People's Front of Judaea. [ed - is this right??!]

Ruth Davidson The bookies think that if she stands she'll win it, but since you have to be a member of parliament to be Tory leader I'm ruling this one out as overegged and unlikely to happen. Wee Ruthie is too Remain and too liberal to be leader anyway, but since she Literally Can't, it just isn't happening folks.


List of Political Parties of Chihuahua and Sonora

The interest of the Confederate States in the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Sonora can be dated back to its secession from the United States in 1861. Access to the Pacific was critical for the developing national economy, especially with the development of the railroad and the opening of Asian markets. However, despite lobbying its British and French allies, the Confederate States was unable to secure annexation of the region for fear of undermining the fragile imperial regime in Mexico City. The Confederate States instead secured investment contracts from the Emperor to build and deploy its own troops to defend a railroad to enable access to the small Pacific port of Guaymas. Confederate States investment and acquisition of controlling shares in the local agricultural and mining economies soon followed. The Republican Revolt of 1879 provided the Confederate States with the pretext needed to annex the two states, and following the Triple Intervention and restoration of the Emperor, Mexico agreed to sell the territory.

Confederate States rule in Chihuahua and Sonora began with the dispossession of the local Mexican elite. White businessmen brought with them amounts of capital that the local bourgeoisie was unable to compete with, and many former owners were reduced to paupers. Life for the mestizo and indigenous peasant majority changed little, with the new Confederate American elite reaching an understanding with the Catholic Church to maintain rural harmony. Investment from the East was focused entirely on resource extraction, with improved roads connecting the mines to the central rail network. Guaymas grew from a sleepy fishing town to a large port, boasting a Confederate States Navy garrison to match the Army presence in the interior.

Until the mid 20th century, the politics of Chihuahua and Sonora remained dominated by the white Anglo elite. As in the rest of the Confederate States, political parties remained unconstitutional. The result was a small clique of fraternal businessmen, landowners, lawyers, and career politicians running affairs, working with the Catholic Church to maintain machine control of the mostly only hypothetically enfranchised countryside. This state of affairs was not satisfactory to the growing amount of Anglo, black, mestizo, and indigenous workers brought to the cities with the promise of industrial jobs. Labor tensions, something the Confederate intelligentsia had believed to be a largely Northern phenomenon, soon erupted. While the initial response was brutal repression, the Great Depression and the onset of the Second World War required a more tactful approach. Anglo-only unions were given a seat at the table, giving their workers a privileged position over the black, mestizo and indigenous ones.

Out of this betrayal emerged the modern Mexican nationalist movement in Chihuahua and Sonora, along with the political situation we see today.

The Mexican National Movement (Movimiento Nacional Mexicano) is remains the ruling party in both Chihuahua and Sonora. With its base among the mestizo and indigenous worker and peasant majority of the states, the MNM led the National Revolution in the states over the course of the 1960s and 1970s. With a series of mass strikes and demonstrations, the MNM was able to bring the Confederate States government to the table, resulting in the two states being effectively self-governing over the last four decades. Although nominally social-democratic, the MNM has either reversed or failed to expand many of the social programs it established in the early years of autonomy. And while rhetorically dedicated to total secession from the Confederate States and reunification with the Mexican fatherland, some say in practice the MNM has grown increasingly comfortable with the current arrangement with Richmond.

The Chihuahua and Sonora Liberation Front (Frente de Liberación de Chihuahua y Sonora) and their armed wing, the Chihuahua and Sonora Liberation Army (Ejército de Liberación de Chihuahua y Sonora) are the main left opposition to the MNM. Originally formed from radical pro-China ex-members of the Communist Party of Mexico and the Communist Party of the Confederate States of America, the FLCS and the ELCS engaged in numerous terrorist attacks throughout the 1970s against the Confederate States military and police along with rival leftist and nationalist formations. Under the leadership of their charismatic chairman, the party has moved towards increasingly legal means of achieving liberation, electing members to the state assemblies and focusing its armed struggle on fighting Unionist paramilitaries in the cities.

The Democratic People's Party (Partido Popular Democrático) is the main right opposition to the MNM. Formed in the 1980s, its base is composed primarily of the growing mestizo middle class. While attempts to reach out to Anglo Unionist groups has been both largely unsuccessful and politically controversial, the PPD has continued to establish more power as a viable opposition, winning seats at both the local and state level. While dogged by accusations that it is aided by Confederate States intelligence agencies, the PPD is not a Unionist party, upholding a moderate nationalist position in rhetoric and de facto endorsing the MNM consensus on the national question. Where it does focus its energies is on attacking the perceived corruption of the MNM as well as the state social programs.

The Unionist movement follows the Confederate States tradition of not forming formal political parties. Instead, it is composed of a multitude of legal, semi-legal, and illegal groups dedicated to reestablishing full Confederate States sovereignty over Chihuahua and Sonora. Almost entirely supported by the urbanized Anglo minority, the Unionist Movement contains everything from legal “pressure groups” focused on lobbying Richmond to outright terrorist gangs battling leftist paramilitaries for control of the drug trade in Guaymas. The Unionists resent the home rule imposed upon them by the mestizo and indigenous majority, reject claims to Mexican sovereignty over the states, and in particular are opposed to the social and cultural projects designed to empower the mestizo and indigenous populations. Most are vehemently opposed to the Spanish-only language laws, along with the numerous affirmative action projects that remain on the books.

The black movement in Chihuahua and Sonora is similarly disorganized and largely dormant. Although many black workers participated in the National Revolution, the black people as a whole have been largely excluded from the national project that followed, being seen as alien as the Anglos, with most in fact having arrived or having been descended from those who arrived over the course of the 1940s and 1950s. While Chihuahua and Sonora were at first seen by many blacks as an escape from the oppression out east, they arrived to find many of the same conditions had followed them. Like most residents of Chihuahua and Sonora, blacks tend to live in segregated communities, with unemployment rates even higher than that of the mestizo and indigenous populations, and only the small black middle class having proficiency in Spanish. Several organizations have attempted to improve the lot of black workers, but for most the best option has been to move back to the growing urban centers out east.


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Possible Candidates for General Secretary of the Interplanetary Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, August 2251

Well, that's that. Joseph Mashatile, the first African General Secretary, the man who took the MCCCP into the stars, who led humanity when we discovered we weren't alone in this universe, who led the first interspecies war against the Grolin Galactic Empire, allied with the Taucani Covenant and then promptly made them into a glorified satellite state, who made the MCCCP the most powerful state on the known galactic stage, has died. Despite that long list of accomplishments, Mashatile hasn't even bothered to try and clear up the line of succession, which could lead to the first interplanetary civil war. Yay!


Pedro Mashatile - Somehow the frontrunner despite being by all accounts an incompetent, uniquely unpopular dullard simply because he's Angry Joe's last living relative; really puts it into perspective how old Our Dear Leader was. I'm still not sure where his support is coming from, given that last week he was riling up the xenophobes by talking about how we need to reconsider the Hydrus Pact unless the Taucani start pulling their own weight, while yesterday he was kissing squid babies (still not sure what the PC term is) and talking about how we need stronger civil rights for xenos.

Katarina Kovalyov - Initially the token candidate of the Russians, now is apparently a serious threat to Mashatile and is rallying the conservatives behind her. Absolutely bizarre, considering that less than a year ago she was mostly known for accidentally telling the Taucani Ambassador to fuck off in their language, but I can see how she can leverage that into a serious campaign with the white working-class colonists along the frontiers.

Đặng Thi Diu - Wants closer ties with the Taucani Covenant and the Scilug Republic, supports a legitimately radical program to combat poverty on Mir Lechín and has (supposedly) proposed legislation in the Politburo to give Taucani and other xeno immigrants full civil rights under the law. Also has threatened to lead an armed insurgency across all systems if she doesn't become General Secretary and hasn't disavowed her association with the terrorists that bombed the Europa dome habitats, but I guess you gotta take the good with the bad.

Jacobo Serrano - Would be the first-ever General Secretary born in the colonies - would also be the first damp rag elected General Secretary. He's been so shit as Governor of Mir Zhukova that the colonists want to make him leader just to get away from him. Dear god I hope he doesn't win.

Mikhail Kinakh - Literally wants to commit mass genocide and wipe the Grolin off the galactic map entirely, so he'll probably get a seat on the Politburo by the end of all this.

Bart Avakian - An absolute nutball who's only got a seat in the Party Congress because his weird family has always had a seat in the Party Congress. His central pitch to the Party is legalizing interspecies marriage and abolishing the Presidium entirely, which most likely means Bart Avakian will be found dead in a leisure shuttle sometime next week.
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Haymitch2004's Votes (UK Edition)

Hey guys and gals, it's your favourite noob again lol. I've been doing loads of research on Wikipedia about English politics so I thought it would be chill to do a sequel to my big post on who I would support in all the presidential elections.

1918: Women's Party (because I'm a feminist and apparently Christine Pankhurst nearly won, so it's not that crazy)
1922: Liberal (Labor were way too socialist, idk how anyone could support them)
1923: Liberal
1924: Constitutionalist (I just think Winston Churchill was neat, okay :love:)
1929: Liberal (yes, I think David Lloyd-George was the only person who could have stopped Fascism, even though he failed to restrain Mosley IOTL)
1934: National Union (not that I woulda had any choice lol :cry:)
1939: National Union
1946: Social Democrats in American Zone, Actionists in Commonwealth Zone, New Democrats in Russian Zone
1948: Actionists (Honour Balfor seems like a beautiful and attractive progressive - does anyone know if she was related to Arthur? Wiki doesn't say)
1948 referendum: Republic (obvs, lol)
1949: Communists (no choice :sick:)
1954: Communists
1959: Communists
1964: Communists
1969: Communists
1974: Communists
1979: Communists (yawn, lol)
1984: Communists
1989: Solidarity (Derek Hatton seems cool and brave and not too socialist, I heard about him in AP History)
1991: Democratic Bloc - Solidarity
1994: New Liberals (Hamilton started good but turned out really corrupt so I'm going with these guys :confused:)
1997: Civic Alliance
2001: Civic Alliance
2003: Civic Alliance
2007: Campaign for Real Ale (hilariously British that these guys would win seats. Also, apparently this was about the time when the CA turned populist and badtimes (n))
2012: Karma Campaign: Independence, Integrity, Intelligence (its cool that the King's nephew came back, even though I'm a democrat lol :p)
2016: Progressive Britain (the only people really opposing the rise of Nick Gryffin, change my mind :cool:)


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Two One Zero Zero
Major Parties

Civic Democrats: Bob Klingforth says he wants to build a Channel Bridge. Which would start in Wight South. It's actually quite refreshing to see pork-barreling this naked, as opposed to the usual 'the high-speed rail needs to go through this town for traffic-flow reasons honest guv'.

Labour: This week the Yael Katz controversy issss...the decision to hold the conference in Newcastle. Apparently, when Neckinger refers to the Welwyn Managed Zone as 'a shining example for a new Britain', everything is dandy, but if the Labour party go too close to a commune open warfare will break out as society crumbles and giant rats roam the street feasting on the unburied dead.

H+ Go Beyond Human: The leadership contest is oficially sponsored by Palantir. H+: The Party of Data Rights.
Zigzag Kaye: Is apparently very concerned about the difficulties Spacers have reintegrating into Earth society. This is the kind of guff you can spend leadership campaign time on when your main opponent thinks that they only have to obey the Magna Carta.​
Andrew of the family name Okpocha: Currently on a 'negotiation' visit to the Pearl River Republic, so it's clear that the party's libertarian faction are starting to get serious about the contest and badly want Mr Naval Courts out of the way.
Euphoria Transcendency Gibbons: Won't stop talking about how both major parties are in the pockets of the big tech cartels restricting internet freedom, which is a bold move for someone in a leadership contest sponsored by sodding Palantir.
@daz_b00th: Apparently one of the side effects of Chris Booth's brain uploading is that he can no longer type emojis on Disapora. So he now just writes the words "Thinking face" or "Sunglasses face" after his posts. I have no idea how to respond to this.

Medium-Sized and Affiliated Parties

We Are New Jerusalem: Freddi Soomro has been complaining that the media only talk to a small selection of the party's leadership collective, adding Fox-Of-The-Dawn as an example of excellent talent being neglected. Well yes, but the Beeb's a bit unlikely to want to talk to someone whose biomods mean that they can no longer speak in a human language.

Pan-Abrahamic Representation League: Someone's put up some video footage of Hagoth Spencer speaking at the Defend Traditional Marriage rally, and while it is hate-filled and all, I highly recommend it because seeing someone try and attack polyamorous marriage using the Book of Mormon as justification is absolutely hilarious.

Cooperative: Campaigning to have the Labour Party only use worker co-operative produced goods internally. The fact that most of the big co-ops donate some of their profits to the Cooperative Party probably had no bearing on this, I'm sure.
FALC: Pooran Brar has attacked Katz for appearing at a memorial to the victims of the Great Leap Forward. He...he is aware that he's technically a Labour member, right? Admittedly, that hasn't stopped leadership critics before.

Progressive: Have appeared in only two news stories this week. The first was Jude Preston's article about how the Abrahamics would get a better platform if they affiliated to the Civic Dems like the Progressives did. The second was scuttlebutt about how there were so few purchasers for their branded merchandise that party staff are forced to take most of it home. Ah, the duality of man.

Regional and Minor Parties

Regionalist League: Their councillor in Oakham (the one who only wore plaid shirts) has been chucked out for using a guest account to browse the Atomwaffen Britannia forums. Well who could have guessed that the man who wrote a song entitled "Rutland Uber Alles" was a bit racist?
Scots Freedom Pairtie: Ian McCafferty is trying to get his court case thrown out by arguing that, since the person he shot was an eSophont, the charge should be property damage since "they can download themselves into another body". This man was leader of his party for twelve whole years.
I Gyd I Gymru: All the Mastodon Pagans are going nuts over their proposed Merlin statue. Shame most of them live outside of Wales.
Mebyon Kernow: Fish swim, birds fly, Tommy Jago complains about the lack of Cornish language road signs in some areas. Literally only five people in central Truro speak Cornish, but he still complains.
It's Our Yorkshire: Are hosting an "alternative Globovision Contest" which, so far, seems to consist of a very confused black separatist rapper from Atlanta, a small flute ensemble from Dagestan, and the party's entire NEC performing a Long Sword dance. I really wish I could vote for them now, because this has just made my day.

Europa: Have hailed the new trade agreement with the European Confederation as 'the first step into a glorious new era of transcending petty, small-minded nationalism!'. Which is a very impressive achievement to go alongside lifting tariffs on sugar beet.

Left United Front (Multi-Tendency): The Noospheric Tendency are complaining about a lack of commitment to a People's Enlightenment, and the Neo-Maoist Tendency want to drop all mention of it. At this rate by 2115 the only tendency left will be the Leo Brélaz In A Room On His Own Tendency.

A Strong Nation: Yet another Strong Youth camp has been shut down for unregistered firearm use. I realise that Stopford wants a British RSS, but if he keeps this up, all that'll happen is that he'll be on the proscribed list in a year's time.

Labrys: Not deterred by her rejection by the North Sea Aquatat Planning Authority, Roxanne Keene has set up another crowdfunder for building Femina Urbe! I'm sure all that money will be spent on what it says it will be spent on, and not, say, her mortgage. The very idea!

NeoPhysiocratic: Party accounts have finally been published and wow, £1,000,000 in donations from a single anonymous source? Seoul aren't even bothering to hide it now.

Proscribed Groups (that have made the news lately because I'm not going to BudgetNazis.co.uk or whatever without a good reason)

Ecology NOW!: New reports show that had their attempt succeeded the Avalon station would be crashing smack bang into the Great Rift Valley today, doing uncountable environmental damage to the area. But it's fine guys, blowing up the big space thing would make everyone abandon false technology and turn back to Gaia!1!

Anti-State Action Forum: The 'party' HQ has been moved again due to raids, and this time the squat is...an abandoned building on the Lincolnshire plains? It appears that one of the Tolstoyists took "cast thy bread(tube) upon the waters" a bit too seriously.

Social Credit GB: Have released a quiz on their website to "Find your adjusted Social Credit score!". Clickbaity internet quizzes seem like a bit of a departure from hacked drone attacks, but I personally can't wait for "Seven disloyal social groups in need of purging (you won't believe Number 3)!" to come out.

Royalist: Now that the last Windsor-Brookbank is dead, the current legitimate heir to the throne is some Scottish guy who mostly seems to post gym selfies. I'm sure under all those abs is the beating heart of a true born leader, but somehow I doubt we'll see him in any of their recruitment videos any time soon.