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  3. Guernsey Donkey

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  5. Ares96

    Leader of Ill Depute From Malmö, Stadt im Norden
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  6. nepcotevalley

    A complete and utter Bastard 48 From Grantville United States of Europe
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  7. Alex Richards

    Expert Giraffe Assembler From Derbyshire
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    Champagne Socialist 29 From Paris
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    Baron Ciclavex of Wales-on-Schuylkill From New Sweden
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  13. iainbhx

    Wicked Uncle
  14. Archdeacon of Dunwich

    Well-known member From 1920s Thaxted
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  15. David Flin

    It was, pretty much.
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  16. Comisario

    Well-known member From Plaistow, London
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  17. AgentRudda

    No furries on this forum pls
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  18. Makemakean

    certainly looks like a risk on paper
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  19. moth

    thöm From Portsmoth

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