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Your guess is as good as mine.
I was actually discussing polygamous marriages with @Redolegna the other week in Paris. I think that it will eventually be legalized, but I strongly doubt it will ever achieve the kind of civil rights status that same-sex marriage had. What I basically expect will happen is that it will start in the United States, where they still have quite a number of polygamists in the Mormon corridor. There hasn't generally been a crackdown on polygamy as such since the fifties. Don't get me wrong, there have decidedly been crackdowns on the kind of child sex-trafficking that has been occurring in polygamous communities, but on the topic of polygamy for its own sake, even though it still remains illegal due to anti-Mormon laws passed in the late 19th century, the state has generally adopted an unofficial, unspoken Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

A problem with polygamous communities is that since the marriages are not recognized by law, second, third, and further wives generally have no protection by law, and quite understandably, this hurts the women in the communities. Those who have lived and worked with polygamists generally come away from it feeling that on that front, something ought to be done.

I would anticipate that it will all start with a kind of recognition of "common law polygamous marriages" and kind of slowly evolve from there.
I have a vague recollection that that's happened in (some of?) Canada already.
I have a vague recollection that that's happened in (some of?) Canada already.
It wouldn't surprise me. The Mormon corridor always reached from Alberta in the north to Chihuahua in the south, and when the federal authorities in the US started to crack down on polygamy, many polygamists went to the Mormon colonies in Canada and Mexico. The first federal leader of the Social Credit Party, John Horne Blackmore, was actually a proponent of polygamy and sought to have polygamy legalized in Canada in the 40s.

He was about as successful on that front as he was on trying to pressure William Lyon Mackenzie King to adopt social credit theories of monetary reform for the wartime Canadian economy. Turns out that when you go to the Prime Minister of Canada and give them the ultimatum that you will only serve in their government if they adopt your quacky economic ideas, they have this weird tendency to give replies along the lines of "But I never offered you a seat in my government...?"


Ultimate Lib Dem Fantasy
Published by SLP
Government Parties (348)
One Nation Conservative: 168 (+70)
National: 48 (+48)
Liberal Democrat: 33 (+17)
SNP: 32

Labour Future: 26 (-128*)
Blue Labour: 5 (-149*)
Change UK: 4 (-1)
Plaid Cymru: 4 (-)
Alliance: 2 (+2)

*Based on claim to be the legitimate heir to the Labour Party

Opposition (311)
Labour: 201 (+47)
Conservative: 86 (-148)
Sinn Fein: 9 (+2)
UUP: 5 (+5)

The 2nd National Cabinet
Prime Minister: Yvette Cooper (2019-2026)
Chancellor: Justine Greening
Home Secretary: Amber Rudd
Foreign Secretary: Jo Swinson
Devolved Affairs: Nicola Sturgeon (2022-2024)
Industry, Trade, and International Development: Liz Truss (2022-2024)
The Constitutional Convention: Annabel Mullin
Infrastructure: Nick Boles (2022-2023)
Defence: Penny Mordaunt
Education: Caroline Nokes
Justice: Sylvia Hermon
Health: Sarah Wollaston
Equality and Social Welfare: Sophie Walker (2022-2025)
Environment and Climate Change: Wera Hobhouse (2022-2025)

2023 Reshuffle
Infrastructure: Cherie Blair (2023-2027)

2024 Reshuffle
Chancellor: Liz Truss (2024-2026)
Devolved Affairs: Siobhan Benita (2024-2026)
Industry, Trade and International Development: Ed Vaizey (2024-2027)

2025 Reshuffle
Environment and Climate Change: Antoinette Sandbach (2025-2027)
Equality and Climate Change: Sarah Champion (2025-2027)

The Shadow Cabinet (2022)
Prime Minister: Diane Abbot
Chancellor: Chi Onwurah
Home Secretary: Dawn Butler
Foreign Secretary: Kate Osamor
Devolved Affairs: Katy Clark
Industry, Trade, and International Development: Kier Starmer
The Constitutional Convention: Rupa Huq
Infrastructure: John McDonnell
Defence: Nia Griffith
Education: Angela Rayner
Justice: Shami Chakrabati
Health: Anna McMorrin
Equality and Social Welfare: Ash Sarkar
Environment and Climate Change: Anna McMorrin

Conservative Cabinet (2022)
Prime Minister: Priti Patel
Chancellor: Sajid Javid
Home Secretary: Thersa Villier
Foreign Secretary: Suella Braverman
Devolved Affairs: Philip Davies
Industry, Trade, and International Development: Jacob Rees-Mogg
The Constitutional Convention: David Davies
Infrastructure: Nick Boles
Defence: Penny Mordaunt
Education: Caroline Nokes
Justice: John Hayes
Health: Ed Vaizey
Equality and Social Welfare: Esther McVey
Environment and Climate Change: Shailesh Vara

August 2026 - The Hundred and Seventy-Eighth PMQs and British Politics Thread

The Prime Ministerial Race (Last NationalHub Poll of Polls)
Liz Truss (15.2%):
The election is mostly pretty interesting but the two candidates doing best are committed to running dull campaigns about tax and welfare that ignore black lives matter, spycops, and self-ID. That might be why they're doing so well I guess.
Amber Rudd (15.1%): It's pretty hard to think of anything to say about Amber Rudd, she's been on TV every day and the media attention is super focused on her but... eh?
Jess Phillips (14.5%): Red Jess making the election about tax, studiously avoiding gender self-ID but throwing herself into black lives matter. It makes me feel a lot of different conflicting things when she's doing okay in the polls.
Anna Soubry (13.4%): As far as I can see her campaign is mostly based on the fact that she's the angry one who dislikes the Nationals, which really captures the mood of the nation right now.
Layla Moran (13.2%): Pushing for gender self-ID, non-binary rights and banning armed police from stop and search. All of which is super popular with the kind of people who aren't in the National's selectorate.
Chuka Umunna (9.3%): Has declared that he wants to make the National Citizenship Service mandatory which means another month of discourse from people who don't know the difference between the charity summer camp project and literally the army.
Sarah Champion (9.1%): Trying to be the soft left option, which means keeping tax levels the same and ignoring the social issues and persuading people not to waste their vote on Moran or Phillips.
Sophie Walker (4.7%): The Equalities Minister who argued that things like trans rights and black lives matter divide women and we need to focus on the issues that matter to all women. In an attempt to win over the filthy degenerates she's now saying it's time for a fourth consultation on GRA reform. I'm sure trans people will love her now because we all really get off on how every time they do this hate crime against us doubles.
Jo Swinson (4.5%): Can't seem to catch a break in the debates. "Grown up politics" must have seemed like a clever slogan before her opponants started asking her what she thought they were doing.

Government Parties
One Nation Conservative:
The thing about how "The leader of One Nation should also by the leader of The Nationals" says a lot about how the party sees itself.
National: With Wollaston as chair it's now coming to be pretty clear that the leadership of the Nationals wants to be a faction within the Nationals in it's own right. So... are we going to need another overarching bodies to represent all the parties in the Nationals plus the Nationals?
Liberal Democrat: The party's internal democratic structures now support kink education in schools but... wow, there's a long way to go before that'll be relevant.
SNP: 55% voted in favour of remaining in the Nationals - the number feels significant for some reason. I wonder why.
Labour Future: Tom Watson is (still) leader of the fake Labour Party. Somehow
Blue Labour: Literally founded to argue for a return to Section 28 which is probably why they're angry at the PPC primaries candidate who actually said it
Change UK: With PPC primaries going on we're seeing a bit of a CHUK surge. They have candidates in over 350 seats. Their strategy of being a clearing house for Nationals who can't advance their ambitions in any other party is working, surprisingly.
Plaid Cymru:
Adam Price says he wants at least 30 candidates across Wales. I'm not sure standing in three quarters of all seats was the grand ambition he had when he started.
It looks likely that they'll have a clear run in Northern Ireland, if anything they're trying to find One Nationers to stand to give the selectorate some choice in the Primaries.
Green Party England and Wales: I know it doesn't technically make sense but I'm calling them GSPEW now
Caroline Lucas: The latest PPC primaries poll in Brighton put her behind the Lib Dems and the Conservatives oh dear Ms Lucas.​
Jenny Jones: The Baroness continues to be the only actual representative of the party in parliament and it's probably not surprising that she's pushing for House of Lords reform that would let her still use the bars and library and meeting rooms there without getting elected.​
Tim Young: Has backed Liz Truss in the real leadership election that's going on.​
Shahrar Ali: Is still in the party somehow, but claims to have "been on a journey" on Jews. He's also been on a journey about trans rights but in the other direction.​
Jon Bartley: Nations rise, nations fall, the ice caps melt, the pyramids are washed away by sand, the sun itself grows old and dies, and through it all, Jon Bartley is one of the two Green Party leaders. It's inevitable. Why fight it?​

Opposition Parties
Labour: Are suggesting a "watermelon new deal" to replace the Green New Deal because this is just how people talk now.
Conservative: Philip Davies is apparently more dangerous than ever now he's a backbencher again, so I guess it's... good... that he's likely to win the leadership election next time one comes up. He's basically leader of the MRA faction in the party anyway.
Sinn Fein: This weird rumour has been going round that if the One Nationers consolidate power too much Labour Future, the SGP, the UUP and Sinn Fein might team up to form GNU2 - I mean, it won't happen. But then none of the last 11 years was going to happen.
UUP: Not readily apparent why they're not in the Nationals given that they march lockstep behind them on most things. I mean I guess they're slightly more liberal on LGBT rights, but that's just a general Northern Ireland thing. Mostly they just like getting the anti-National votes.
Scottish Green Party: The weirdness with the Scottish Greens is they founded the English Greens to go back to what being a Green was meant to be about, but by now they've taken in so many SNP defectors that their own ecologist members are defecting to GPEW

Minor Parties (Devolved government representation only)

DUP: Negotiations are apparently on with the Tories again to form a unified party but Emma Little Pengelly is worried that the Conservative Party might be way too socially conservative for them after the Tories have been making noise about wanting to cancel gay marriage.
English Green Party: Magid Magid is taking another cop to court and he's basically not willing to let things go. Jesus, some people are so sensitive about police shootings
SDLP: Who cares. I mean, really, who honestly cares?
Green Party Northern Ireland: Ellen Murray is now officially the first leader of a major political party in the UK to self-identify as the mother of a celebrity cat.
UKIP: The id of the Tory Party has a seat in the Welsh Assembly again due to the usual schenanigans - some MRA in the Tories defecting after flying too close to the misogynistic sun. He's already prepping for the annual unscheduled leadership election when either the egos in the NEC get out of control or the current leader is forced to resign.
For Britain: People are still getting shocked that Morrissey is racist despite him leading an explicitly racist political party for two years. It's wild.
Libertarian: Suggesting a separate flat tax for London which is... I mean they only have one AM, how do they think... I mean... okay, I don't know where to start here.

Micro Parties
Yorkshire Party:
Really gearing up for the Inevitable Rotherham By-election, Gareth Arnold has practically been living in the constituency, which is good because he moved there last week and has been claiming to be a local. So... work to be done!
Animal Welfare Party: Pushing for veganism to be mentioned explicitly in the next Equality Act. Please, no, pleeease lets not have a consultation on vegan rights too I'll die.
Biology Party: Continuing to destructively eat themselves for our amusement!
Julie Bindel: Represents the left of the party and is mostly calling to abolish trans rights utterly and prosecute the former Mermaids trustees and Helen Webberley, who she seems to think fled the country. Curiously silent on gay marriage because she wrote like a thousand articles on how it's a bad thing back in the day.​
Justine Roberts: The liberal wing of the party who mostly wants to ask to affiliate with the nationals so that her complaints about how the nationals refuse to let Biology affiliate with them will actually be passingly meaningful.​
Caroline Farrow: The big driving force behind the ban gay marriage reinstitute section 28 and ban all Pride marches section in the party.​
Debbie Hayton: Spends her time variously standing on stage talking to Caroline Farrow, deleting threats from her twitter inbox, dealing with periodic attempts to get her kicked out of the party and explaining to all the ignorant unwashed idiots out there how much smarter she is than us.​
Equality Party: We were always going to get a party set up specifically to challenge Biology. But why did it have to be this party? They've got another breadtube washout on side, so, yay?

Charles EP M.

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Very, very idle thought but:

The Confederacy wins the US Civil War. Into the modern era, it is still a nation of slavery and inhumanity.

And this year it's hosting the Olympics, the World Cup, and WWE Dixie Demolition!

Look, sports isn't political and Richmond promises not to do anything to the visiting athletes, honest.