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Tibby's Graphics and Grab-Bag Thread.

Turn Around, Bright Eyes: Index
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    Onfortuinlijk Tibby
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    UK (for now), Netherlands (in the future)

    Turn Around, Bright Eyes Index [in lieu of threadmarks]

    The Dustbin of History [obsolete]

    - Annotated Map of the West Coast (3 June 2019) [Note: Old map, some stuff in it is still canon]
    - Annotated Map of Scandinavia (4 June 2019) [Note: Old map, some stuff in it is still canon]
    - Annotated Map of Great Britain (4 June 2019) [Note: Old map, a new one has been done that is canon]
    - Final Decision on the Tsalal (6 June 2019) [Note: Mostly valid, it's just inaccurate on alien stuff]
    - List of First Commissioners of the People's Socialist Republic of Manitoba (7 June 2019) [Note: Canon still not set in stone]
    - Labelled Map of "Nordic" Countries (12 June 2019) [Note: Probably mostly canon, I just decided to put here for safety]
    - The Unbearable Lightness of Catren Molineir Cover (27 November 2019) [Note: Chosen a different picture after this]
    - Party Run-downs of the Scandinavian Countries [and Suomi and Karelia!] (18 November 2019) [Finland was redone completely]

    So Far from God, Not Far Enough from Britain (Latin America [+Basically all places Mexico ever had])
    - List of Presidents of the Californian Union (3 June 2019) [Note: old map]
    - Map of Central America (8 January 2020)
    - Mexican Heads of State 1821-1841 (30 January 2020)
    - Holy State of Deseret (13 February 2020)
    - Plurinational Republic of Texas (7 March 2020)
    - Mexican Empire (5 May 2020)
    - Democratic Republic of Cumaná (9 May 2020)
    - Amazon Indigenous Biome (17 June 2020)
    - Kingdom of Welserland/Zulian Realm (13 July 2020)
    - Reichspräsidenten of Welserland/Zulia (13 July 2020)
    - Principality of Media California (31 March 2021)
    - Infobox of King José Antonio of the Castilian Dominions (29 April 2021)

    Ninety-Nine Luftballons [Germany + "Protectorates"]
    - Lists of Imperial Commissioners of the East Sea League (11 June 2019)
    - Internal Map of the German Empire (19 June 2019) [Note: Does not include Loter, which was added later]
    - Heads of Governments of Germany (19 June 2019)
    - Digipedia: 1947 German federal election (5 February 2020)
    - Chairmen of the Council of Ministers of Regency-Era Lithuania (11 February 2020)
    - 2039 Alsatian Marktag election (5 May 2021)
    - Summary of the factions in the German Civil War (5 May 2021)

    The Sceptred Isle [Atlantic Archipelago]
    - Presidents of the English Folkmoot (2 October 2019)
    - Commented Map of the Atlantic Archipelago (16 November 2019)
    - Linguistic Map of the Atlantic Archipelago (17 November 2019)
    - The Unbearable Lightness of Catren Molineir (26 November 2019)
    - Kings and Queens of England before the Revolution (28 November 2019)
    - Infobox of Catren Molineir (6 December 2019)
    - Catren Molineir's Solstice Comments (25 December 2019)
    - The Essentials of British Islam (18 January 2020)
    - Infobox of Costenhin XIV of Britain (30 January 2020)
    - How to tell if you're British... (3 February 2020)
    - British-Language Counting (3 February 2020)
    - British 2040 Census: Religious Statistics (8 February 2020)
    - British Honours Levels (27 February 2020)
    - Guild Constituencies (5 March 2020)
    - The Most August House of Rhufein (20 March 2020)
    - The High Principality of Venedotia (29 March 2020)
    - The Duchy of Shetland (8 June 2020)
    - Sacwral, Cherry Blossom Society (11 June 2020)
    - 1895 British Senate election (14 June 2020)
    - Stellar Wars (25 June 2020)
    - British 2040 Census: Complete (30 June 2020)
    - British Political Quiz (9 July 2020)
    - British Succession Law (22 February 2021)

    In The Shadow of the Blood Eagle [Norse Countries]
    - A Very Biased View of the Scanian Language Continuum (9 October 2019)
    - Kingdom of Finland (16 February 2021)
    - Kingdom of Arendelle (26 February 2021)

    Our Homes and Our Rights [Atlantic Dominions]
    - List of Prime Ministers of Canada (13 November 2019) [Note: Has not been edited to reflect an earlier foundation or Talossa]
    - List of Premiers of the South (29 November 2019)
    - Tenisi (British Senate constituency) (14 January 2020)
    - Boundless (9 February 2020)
    - Monarchs of Talossa (29 February 2020)
    - Infobox of the 1898 Talossan parliamentary election (11 March 2020)
    - "Five Things You Never Knew About H. P. Lovecraft" (16 June 2020)
    - 1937 Dominion of Southern America House of Burgesses election (19 March 2021)
    - People's Kingdom of Louisiana (8 May 2021)
    - Political parties of the People's Kingdom of Louisiana (9 May 2021)

    My Hunter of Dragonflies [Japan and the Far-East]
    - Map of the Four Japans (22 November 2019)
    - Map of Manchuria (30 December 2019)
    - Korean Peninsula, Republic of Korea, Empire of Korea, Taebong Shared Provinces (16 July 2020)

    The Peacock In All Its Splendour [Bartanvi Raj]
    - Map of the Bartanvi Raj (25 November 2019)
    - 2039 Janata Parishad Elections (25 November 2019)
    - Bartanvi Raj's Party Rundown (26 November 2019)
    - Five Ways To Divide the Raj (26 November 2019)
    - Map of Right-Wing Strength (29 November 2019)

    Walking to the Free World [Eastern Europe]
    - Heads of State and Government of Ruthenia (10 December 2019)
    - Princess Yana Romanetsa of Ruthenia (11 December 2019)
    - List of Face-Claims for Ruthenian Election Infoboxes (24 December 2019)
    - 1993 Ruthenian National Soviet elections (24 December 2019)
    - Romanian United Principalities (31 December 2019)
    - Map of the Danubian Alignment (15 January 2020)
    - Map of the Federated Kingdom of Yugoslavia (27 January 2020)
    - Heads of state of Serbia and Yugoslavia (27 January 2020)
    - Ukrainian National State, Malarus Independent Socialist Republic, Siverian Host, Crimean People's State (17 March 2020)

    Beneath the Sun of June [Southern Africa]
    - Lemur Musings (17 December 2019)
    - Completed Base-Map of East African Islands (17 December 2019)
    - Map of the East African Island Nations (18 December 2019)

    The Matters of the Aesthetic [GDI, Meta-Reality and International Stuff]
    - An Introduction (26 December 2019)
    - Earth-Zero, GDI's True Purpose, Theta-Prime, The Creator (26 December 2019)
    - The Narrator (3 January 2020) [Note: Also known as Lime Baudelaire]
    - The Shroud of Brasil (9 January 2020)
    - The Prime Minister (21 January 2020) [Note: Referring to Catren Molineir]
    - The Department of Mortality (4 February 2020)
    - The Sublime (6 February 2020)
    - Gender in Cyberpunk Society (9 February 2020)
    - Dénouement Services (26 June 2020)
    - Taxonomy (23 August 2020)

    The Shattered Bear (Post-Russia [And the Caucasus])
    - Republic of Ingria (12 January 2020)
    - Nordic Opinions of Ingria (12 January 2020)
    - Kazakh and Kushine States (20 January 2020)
    - Evolution of Kushine Flags (20 January 2020)
    - Periods of 20th Century Russian History (2 February 2020)
    - Commonwealth of New England (2 February 2020)
    - Kartvelian People's Kingdom (24 February 2020)

    The Heritage of My Ancestors (North Africa)
    - Dominion of Cadiz and the Rif (1 March 2020)
    - Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt and Nubia (9 March 2020)

    Great Lofty Heights Attain (West Africa)
    - Nigerian Federation (11 March 2020)

    That Summer Breeze (Alaska and the Oregon Country)
    - Most Exalted Republic of Boise (13 March 2020)
    - Infobox of Emperor Nicholas III of Alaska (15 March 2020)
    - Prime Ministers of the Dominion of Oregon (9 March 2021)

    Is There No Balm in Gilead? (Middle East, Anatolia, Cyprus)
    - Cyprus (22 May 2020)
    - United Arab Emirates (19 January 2021)
    - Assessment of Arabian states (15 May 2021)

    The Swords Are Feeble Reeds (Italy)
    - Province of Gargano (25 August 2020)
    - Heads of State of Corsica (18 February 2021)
    - Kingdom of Corsica (19 February 2021)
    - Celtic Republic of Sardinia (6 March 2021)
    - Italian Convention (5 April 2021)
    - Local Map of the Italian Peninsula (23 April 2021)

    A Sunburnt Continent (Australia)

    - Dominion of Arnhem, People's Democratic State of Tiwi (31 January 2021)
    - Delicate State of Kimberley (1 February 2021)
    - Tasmanian Republic (6 March 2021)
    - 1903 Tasmanian Landtag election (1 April 2021)
    - Eendracht Republic (7 April 2021)
    - Republic of Auralia (13 April 2021)

    Underneath the Rainbow Sky (Antarctica)
    - British Antarctic Territory (27 February 2021)
    - List of heads of state of Antarctica (2 May 2021)
    - Penguin Socialist Republic (5 June 2021)

    Salute the Sun [Iberian Peninsula]
    - United Republics of Castile, Leon and Murcia (10 April 2021)

    From Shore to Shore [Pacific]
    - Tiefling Republic (10 May 2021)
    - Calamari Realm (17 August 2021)

    Flourish May Its Soul [Nusantara]
    - Kingdom of Sarawak [TBD]

    Dramatis Personae [Index of Characters]

    Summary [A Run-Down]

    Full Styles of Monarchs

    A Series of Unopportune Events [Lime Baudelaire's Snippets]

    Random Factoids of No Order

    New Logo And Rebranding (13 January 2020)
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    Seventh Party System Logos: People's Justice, Libertarians, Ecological Native Alliance
  • Turquoise Blue

    Onfortuinlijk Tibby
    Patreon supporter
    UK (for now), Netherlands (in the future)
    Are these canonical? You've done a really great job with them!
    Not yet, but MC is aware of them and I've sent him a link to an Imgur post where they're stored.

    Seventh Party System Infoboxes: 1975 Colorado
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    Onfortuinlijk Tibby
    Patreon supporter
    UK (for now), Netherlands (in the future)
    In the midst of the political turmoil that was America in the early 1970s, with the fall of the National Union and the rise of Conservatism as a major political force, Colorado was deeply uneasy. It was known to be a firmly socially-liberal state and the embryonic rise of Las Vegas as the major gambling centre of America was already on its way. But it deeply disapproved of the ‘Buckley’ and ‘Dewey’ Republicans alike for being out of touch to Coloradans’ views. The ‘Buckleyites’ were too conservative on social issues, and the ‘Deweyites’ were too accepting of the New Deal and Great Society, including the high taxes that were becoming more and more unpopular with Coloradans every day.

    Hence the Republicans struggled to break through. Even when the alliance with the Democrats to form the Conservative Party succeeded at breaking through elsewhere, it only led to a revulsion in Colorado. 1971 was not a good year to be a Coloradan Republican. Compounding this issue was that the rise and rise of the Conservative Party went with increased Democratic influence outside the South now that it was free from the National Union.

    This meant that more money could go to the National Independent Party of Colorado. But back up a bit. What is the NIP? Contrary to beliefs, the National Union-dominated party system was not a simple and clean one of it versus the Republicans. There were discontent even back in the days of FDR, with the most famous being the Texas Regulars which took the Lone Star State by storm and made Lyndon B. Johnson a household name in his unrelenting [and often dubiously legal] fight to hold the state for the NUP.

    By the early 1960s, this vague discontent on the right ended with several conservative NUP people forming their own party, the Independent National Union, or as it became known after the threat of a lawsuit, the National Independent Party. They defined themselves via their die-hard American conservatism, heavy dislike of the NUP’s ‘socialism’ and most distinctively from later right-wing thought a deep disdain of the talk of states’ rights. However, this later one was to rapidly fall away as LBJ pushed on and on with his ‘radical’ proposals and discredited the idea of using the federal state as a force for conservatism via association.

    The Colorado branch of the NIP emerged soon after LBJ suspended Deseret’s government. While its leader John Mecham would insist that the NIP was not a party of solely conservative Mormons, and would emphasise its cross-denominational appeal, it was undeniable that conservative Mormons, and especially Mormon fundamentalists of which there were a considerable presence in the state, would support the NIP to a great extent. The more moderate sort would switch from NUP to Republican however, with there being no People’s Party choice.

    The NIP emerging would take the more ‘patriotic’ element out of the once-dominant Colorado NUP under Governor Carl Udall, but thanks to a crafty mixture of extreme gerrymandering and playing up FPTP and the ‘Buckley’ Republicans’ social conservatism it held power in 1969 and profited well in 1971 as the message struck stronger in the state’s revulsion against the Conservative Party.

    But in 1973, a variety of scandals and the NUP’s rapid collapse on the US-level threatened Udall’s hold on power. The various caucuses of the party – the Labor, Populist and Constitution caucuses in particular – were increasingly at loggerheads with each other frustrating Udall’s efforts. His own cabinet forced him to reshuffle it to remove scandalous figures thrice, and he was caught on record cussing out a prominent conservative figure in the party [who went and defected to the NIP in response].

    The day came and the people voted clearly for the Colorado Republican Party. And they got another term of Udall, as the gerrymandered boundaries delivered him yet another majority. The outcry led the Republicans in the state to turn against FPTP, with them calling for a proportional system, joining the opportunistic calls from the NIP.

    As the year of the next election came, the outcome seemed uncertain. The Republicans were tainted by the sins of Nixon and the NUP could count on somewhat of a clear electoral background and parties of which to take funding from – namely Labor. There were rumblings of possible Hispanic or Native interests parties emerging, but Udall could confirm that they weren’t expanding into Colorado in time for the election.

    Then a plane landed in Las Vegas and its passenger, respected Republican Senator Barry Goldwater, who was one of the few Republicans who could break through NUP dominance of the state, would declare on the pavement that ‘the Republican Party has left me, it has left you, and it has left this state’. The establishment of the Libertarian Party was in all but name a Colorado Republican rebrand and official sundering from the increasingly-unpopular Eastern Establishment and the growing socially conservative element.

    This posed a problem to Udall. Goldwater was perhaps the one Republican he couldn’t take down, and now he was free of the unpopular Republican brand. Many voters who even in 1973 reluctantly voted National Union was now cheering on Goldwater. Goldwater even caused some controversy when he declared that the state shouldn’t monitor people’s homes, private lives or families, a statement that many considered to be appealing to the polygamist fundamentalists. Nevertheless, that demographic would still vote NIP come November.


    The so-delicately drawn-up gerrymander that delivered the NUP a new term in 1973 was now smashed in 1975 as the Libertarians stormed their way to a two-thirds majority. Goldwater, now Governor Goldwater, promised a ‘new era of liberty’ as his fellow Libertarians eagerly got to work dismantling the NUP system and ‘cutting’ the bloat of too much government, using the constitutional majority to abolish the Senate, reduce the House to 125 Representatives and of course, making it proportional.

    With Udall’s resignation, the factionalised and fragmented NUP would splinter at last, with the NIP absorbing the Constitution caucus [they would rebrand to Constitution and officially align with the federal party in 1981, even if curiously above Mecham’s objection], Labor and Populists squabbling up until both collapsed in 1987 and the Democrats lingered until 1991 before giving up the fight and merging with Constitution.

    Meanwhile the Libertarians enjoyed unprecedented dominance. Colorado’s golden age was here.

    [Photos for Udall and Mecham courtesy of FaceApp. Flag is partially made from a Reddit post by u/chxsewxlker that I tweaked a bit.]
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    Seventh Party System Infoboxes: Gordon J. Robertson (Democrat-South Virginia, 1930-1999)
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    Full write-up tomorrow or so. But for now enjoy this blurb.

    Mention the name of Gordon J. Robertson, or lightly allude of his final fate, and you get Democrats tearing each other apart.

    It may be more than 20 years after his death, but memories still linger. His successor as Pact of Christ leader, Bill Huckabee, is still of the firm belief that the Wallacites signed Robertson's death warrant, figuratively. The Wallacites on the other hand, believe that Robertson was just an upstart who lost a political fight and the Pact is stupid for being sore about it.

    The one thing the Wallacites and Pact of Christ agree on, though, is that because of the mess around Robertson's fate, the Democrats was permanently shut out of major party dominance in the state.

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    Seventh Party System Infoboxes: 2001 Delaware
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    Onfortuinlijk Tibby
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    UK (for now), Netherlands (in the future)
    Delaware was always a unique state, but historically the party system did not reflect this. The Republicans, under their Dewey faction, enjoyed success over the state, even as the National Union often took government. But the National Union was fatally split between the Democrat and Labor wings enabling the Republicans to benefit from NUP factional woes.

    Come the Conservative Revolution, and Delaware’s tense two-but-really-three political system was blown apart. NUP Governor Charles L. Terry, of the Democrat wing, chose to ally with the Republicans in an unusual coalition that expelled the Labor wing over what he claimed was ‘weakness’ regarding a spate of minority protests that they lobbied for negotiation above ‘sending the police in’. The Republicans was in turn lambasted by some of their fellow Dewey Republicans for ‘selling out’. It was necessary to ally with the Democrats to stop LBJ, but certainly wasn’t in Delaware of all places.

    This factional tension bubbled and led one man, a Republican staffer by the name of John Biden who worked for Labor leader Sherman Tribbit, to bolt and form his own one-man party, the Whig Party. He sold himself and his party as a ‘genuine liberal alternative’ to the Democrats and their Republican allies on one hand, and Labor on another. He managed to win one seat in the first election the Whigs ran in, and found that when he lambasted the ‘tripartisan’ system of seemingly no principles but power, he received the most applause and leant into that to surge every election.

    By 1989 after seemingly every combination of Republicans, Democrats and Labor had their turn in government, the Delawarean people had enough. By that point the Whig Party cannibalised the once-formidable Dewey Republican faction, causing that party to become more equally-factionalised between it and the growing Buckleyites, shifting the party to the right, and took Labor’s more centrist faction, causing it to become more left-wing than the average Labor party. With both left and right ‘radicalised’ and yet discredited as parties of principle, the Whigs won a majority easily.

    And John Biden delivered, causing him to become more popular and win several more comfortable victories. With the Republicans already split between Buckleyites and Deweyians, and the Dewey Republicans of a deeply ‘pragmatic’ streak, and the Democrats yearning for power above all else, the two signed a party alliance in 1996. Biden lambasted this as yet more of the same ‘empty power-hungry politics’ that motivated the Whigs to emerge against, but it was appealing. Fundraised by the du Pont family (the wealthiest family in Delaware), the Democratic-Republican alliance managed to deny Biden his majority.

    Turning to Labor for a coalition, Biden had to make several concessions to the left, which gradually alienated some of his centrist voters even as his deep charisma covered it, and there were murmurs that the Whigs ‘sold out’ like the others did. The Democrats and Republicans, eager for success, furthered their alliance into a united electoral label for 1999, the Democratic Republicans. In exchange for even more fundraising, the head of the du Pont family, Michael du Pont, was made the leader.

    They cut into Biden’s majority even further. The Democratic Republicans were feeling triumphant, and moved to centralise the parties into one coherent organisation, the Democratic Republican Party. That was perhaps their sole blunder. For even though the Republicans and Democrats were dominated by ‘pragmatic’ politicians, not all their voters or politicians were so understanding about the permanent end to the parties.

    The first split was led by Christy Robertson, daughter of former federal Pact of Christ faction leader Gordon J. Robertson and Delaware resident for a decade. The key difference was that the Democratic Republicans were theoretically a secular party that focused on economics and at most vaguely ‘Christian values’. And the economics weren’t even to the Pact’s liking, as it smelled too… libertarian. But with the federal Democratic Party, dominated by Wallacites, firmly backing the Democratic Republicans any possible Democratic split was killed in its cradle. However, the tension was too much to prevent a split from happening at all.

    The Delaware Christian Coalition was declared in 2000 and immediately splashed in the polls, even as news came out that the Constitution Party, disgusted by their economic policy, refused to work with them. Many Pact of Christ members unofficially funded the Christian Coalition, mostly motivated by a sense of wanting to aid their beloved [and by then late] leader’s sole daughter in her quest to bring ‘salvation’ to Delaware. This was much to the Wallacites’ displeasure, but no concrete proof could be found that any top politicians were involved.

    Meanwhile, on the other half of the Democratic Republicans, one Dewey Republican had an idea. Biden himself was a Dewey Republican once, and he benefited from splitting. So why couldn’t he do the same? Deeply disturbed by the growing racism in the party as Wallacites pulled it further and further away from Dewey’s ideals, Tom Ting would announce the Independent Alliance of Delaware in early 2001, branding it as ‘the real party of Lincoln’s values’. He got some interest, but most Dewey Republicans by then wrote off Delaware, or even secretly supported the Whigs above this unknown upstart’s party.

    Michael du Pont however, was certain that no matter what, Delaware would not vote for yet another term of John Biden and his Whig-Labor coalition. The Christian right and the Don Quixotes would squabble, but most of Delaware knew the only game in town was Biden or du Pont. And they would vote accordingly. The Democratic Republican advertisements paid no heed to the Christian Coalition, Independent Alliance or even Labor. According to them, it was a two-horse race between the Democratic Republicans and the Whigs. And they proved so perversive that nobody could last a month without being exposed to one.


    And the voters did indeed vote accordingly, much to now Governor Michael du Pont’s satisfaction. John Biden however, scrambled for a solution. He found it via centralising his side so it would fight against the Democratic Republicans much more effectively – the Whig-Labor Party. And hence started Delaware’s new duopoly, only thirty years after the last one collapsed.

    [Flag was created by 'rubberduck3y6' on DeviantArt and portraits are, as always, courtesy of FaceApp.]
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    Seventh Party System Infoboxes: 2017 Oregon
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    Onfortuinlijk Tibby
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