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The SLP Flag Thread

Something I just concocted for the other place as a joke on the whole "my ideal America is one that's actually British" thing, using the full Great Seal of the United States and modifying the colors of the Red Ensign to match the official specs for the US flag's colors. Yes, I know the Great Seal's centering is not right and doesn't match on both ends. Anyway -

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This onle looks nice, good work, better than what i could have made.
Here's a good potential protest merch/future history idea, please help me design a new revolutionary flag for Puerto Rico. Most people just turn the current flag black, but i was thinking that instead of doing that, we could take the Lares flag (used during a failed liberal antislavery rebellion against Spain) and replace its star with either the nationalist party's crusader cross, a communist or anarchist symbol if you want to be edgy or the traditional coat of arms, minus all the monarchical trappings that ring it.



Bonus points for anyone who can turn this graffiti into a viable flag.

I feel like a cross machete hybrid deserves a anarchist A rather than a star, but you do you.