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The SLP Flag Thread

Some United Kingdom of the British Isles flags:

1st Row is rather basic - LHS the Irish Harp, RHS the St Patrick Cross [1]
2nd Row is first version of showing Wales - adding in a green base
3rd Row is second version of showing Wales by replacing the ring of fleurdelys with a ring of ostrich feathers and a rough coronet


[1] Yes the proper historical cross not the red saltire made up for the Order

Comments as always very much welcome.


a product of cultural adsorption
While bored in a meeting, this idea sprung from nowhere.

Not sure exactly what it would be used for - maybe something like a futuristic (or retrofuture) cyberpunk UK? @Lord Roem , you know graphic design, what does it say to you?

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In no particular order:
  • A failed rebrand for British Rail circa 1975
  • A successful rebrand for BHS circa 1988
  • The flag of the Royal Anglo-Basque Trading Company
  • ASB WI: Schneizel el Britannia's coup succeeds?
  • David Bowie's National Front

The best thing I've read this quarter*

*that doesn't involve arsenic, antimony or both


Ricky Carlson / David Alameel '20
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It's always struck me that one of the noticeable things in AH is a distinct lack of boring tricolour flags. This is kind of a subset of the thing I like to raise about how AH flags are often 'unrealistically good' compared to OTL flags, which are often dashed off on the back of a fag packet by people in the middle of a battle who don't know the rules of vexillology. OTL has already given us many, many boring tricolour flags, both horizontal and vertical, but there are still plenty of colour combinations that haven't been explored (or perhaps only explored in obscure examples). Here's a few - feel free to recolour the image if you have ideas of your own. What might these be?