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The SLP Flag Thread

Some flag musings for a TL project.
The premise here is an amalgamation of the New England region and the then-Lower Canada (within its 1791 borders, albeit with the difference in having all of Labrador as part of its national territory) at minimum in a scenario where an independent New England republic (choose POD here) is joined with the Republic of Lower Canada resulting from a successful Patriote rebellion, creating a new country in the United States of New England and Lower Canada; in a scenario where New England "rejoins" the British Empire on New England's own terms in a union with Lower Canada and thus allows the monarchy to come back to New England, the Colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island would be included (Newfoundland is excluded in both cases since it's still doing its own thing), leading to its eventual long-form name open to speculation. In both cases, though, since I'm assuming the capital would be in Québec City, much like the case of Mexico IOTL the short-form name would end up becoming "Quebec" (though other options are possible if the capital is elsewhere, such as "Concordia") for ease of convenience. The basis of the flag in this premise are the traditional flags of New England (in fact, a proposal I made a while back for a flag of New England, combining the blue and partial outline of the Bunker Hill flag - although believed to be a printer's error - and the traditional flag of New England, in all its glorious red). In each idea, I'm using the version with the OTL Quebec coat of arms (for demo purposes) as the state flag and the version without the coat of arms as the civil flag.
QC flag proposals.png
I'd flip the red blue stripes on either the arms or field to avoid the two blurring into each other.
Well, the Quebec arms are used here as a demo - of course it would look much better if an actual CoA was used.

If I wanted to be serious, the coat of arms as a standalone would look different in any case - the Tudor crown would remain as the crest, as would the basic geometric shape. The motto would be different (although I do not know much Latin, I'd suggest finding some way of merging the OTL motto of the City of Montreal, "Concordia salus", with the very widespread "Concordia res parvae crescunt"). Among modifications I could use would be for the supporters (absent in the Québec arms, but Ontario's CoA has a moose and deer as supporters and I'd like to incorporate at least one of them - in the case of a republican scenario, both supporters would be used, while in a "New England rejoining British Empire" scenario only one of those supporters would be used (of these, I like the deer better) alongside the English lion (using the latter as a symbol of the British connection). I'd also incorporate some elements of the OTL Canadian arms as well (primarily as it existed in 1957) - these include 4 of the 5 sections of the escutcheon representing England, Scotland, Ireland, and France (and it would be this escutcheon, as well as the Tudor crown as the crest and the motto underneath that would be on the flag), the flags the supporters are holding, and the compartment. The problem with the escutcheon would be the fifth, bottom section because here I'd want to add a representation of New England using the pine tree (either single or double, whatever works) as well as the Native American found in the coat of arms and state flag of Massachusetts - the main problem here would be the background color of that fifth section.

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While bored in a meeting, this idea sprung from nowhere.

Not sure exactly what it would be used for - maybe something like a futuristic (or retrofuture) cyberpunk UK? @Lord Roem , you know graphic design, what does it say to you?

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In no particular order:
  • A failed rebrand for British Rail circa 1975
  • A successful rebrand for BHS circa 1988
  • The flag of the Royal Anglo-Basque Trading Company
  • ASB WI: Schneizel el Britannia's coup succeeds?
  • David Bowie's National Front


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Published by SLP
While bored in a meeting, this idea sprung from nowhere.

Not sure exactly what it would be used for - maybe something like a futuristic (or retrofuture) cyberpunk UK? @Lord Roem , you know graphic design, what does it say to you?
Over and above his Lordship's wise suggestions, it could be seen as a pair of Ks, back to back. So I thought Kibbo Kift.