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Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State


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Municipal Commune of Bourne
That which is dead may never die.
I recently watched half of Gangs of New York (i watched half of it on wednesday night, and then the CCP decided i couldnt have netflix any more) and I find Tammany fascinating and have wondered if its possible to have it remain relevant to the present day.


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I recently watched half of Gangs of New York (i watched half of it on wednesday night, and then the CCP decided i couldnt have netflix any more) and I find Tammany fascinating and have wondered if its possible to have it remain relevant to the present day.
Oh it is. Most of its death really as to do with the fact that FDR excluded them out of the New Deal and thus made them an irrelevance. And that was just due to the FDR-Smith split. Many factors could keep them alive. I did it in my Crapgames of New York deck shuffle back at the other place and there are countless other ways to do it.


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The Place Beyond The Pines
(Dating is from the Ruusan Reformation in 1019 BBY)
Supreme Chancellors of the Galactic Republic:
983-991: Finis Valorum (Coreward)
991-995: Mas Amedda (Coreward)
995-996: Dooku of Serenno (Self-Determination)

996: Galactic Civil War Begins (Senate vs Jedi Order)
996-1002: Dooku of Serenno (Self-Determination)
Jedi Order
996-1002: Qui-Gon Jinn (Secretly Darth Maleron)
1002: Maleron is defeated, Senate Victory

1002-1007: Bail Organa (Coreward)

Basically, Sheev Palpatine is Just A Man, Dooku does not fall to the Dark Side, Plagueis instead takes Qui-Gon Jinn as his Apprentice, who eventually becomes Grand Master of the Jedi, who begins to turn the Order against the Republic. Civil War between Senate with a Droid Army and Jedi with a Clone Army. Maleron kills Dooku, Obi-Wan defeats Maleron, war ends.


One Million Americans
Little Beirut
Never Leave the Front Porch

(more a -punk or a thought experiment than a real AH, but: what if strict campaign finance laws, an independent public broadcasting service, and a culture of mistrust for professional politicians in the wake of Watergate had led to a Rainbow Coalition kind of scenario where both parties develop into coalitions of populist social movements?

The Republican side of this was very hard to do given how many of their leaders are just rich lawyers or doctors who went into elected office without any link to street-level conservative activism.)

1981-1989: Howard Jarvis / Phyllis Schlafly (Republican)
1980 def. Jimmy Carter / Walter Mondale (Democratic), Dolores Huerta / Barry Commoner (Citizens)
1984 def. Gary Hart / Alice Tripp (Democratic)

1989-1997: John Lewis / Jim Jontz (Democratic)
1988 def. Pat Robertson / Billy McCormack (Republican), Dick Randolph / Ron Paul (Libertarian)
1993 def. Clymer Wright / Myron Ebell (Republican)

1997-2001: Bill Sizemore / Randall Terry (Republican)
1996 def. Ralph Nader / Barbara Mikulski (Democratic)
2001-2005: Paul Wellstone / Hilda Solis (Democratic)
2000 def. Randall Terry / Jack Gargan (Republican), Bill Sizemore / Jesse Ventura (Independent)
2005-2013: Joe Arpaio / Tim Eyman (Republican)
2004 def. Paul Wellstone / Hilda Solis (Democratic)
2008 def. Barack Obama / Ron Wyden (Democratic)

2013-0000: Winona LaDuke / Linda Chavez-Thompson (Democratic)
2012 def. Richard Mack / Dave Brat (replacing Roy Moore) (Republican)
2016 def. Dan Patrick / Michele Fiore (Republican)

Presumably the 2020 election is shaping up to be a contest between Maryland Governor Ben Jealous and Senator Paula Jean Swearengin of West Virginia on the Democratic side, while the Republican coalition is strained by evangelicals' increasing discomfort with the militia movement's domination over the party - in particular the kingmaker role of millenarian Mormon fundamentalists like the Bundy family.

Of course, as in every timeline, the media are talking up the potential independent candidacy of Michael Bloomberg, who wants to be the first major candidate from outside the Social Movements since 1984.
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The Expected (?) Rebirth of Tory Tynemouth

1945-1950: Grace Colman (Labour)
1950-1974: Irene Ward (Conservative)
1974-1997: Neville Trotter (Conservative)
1997-2005: Alan Campbell (Labour)
2005-2017: Michael McIntyre (Conservative)
2017-2019: Frances Weetman (Labour)
2019-2019: Frances Weetman (The Independent Group)
2019-2019: Frances Weetman (Change UK)
2019-2019: Frances Weetman (The Independent Group for Change)
2019-2019: Frances Weetman (Independent)
2019-2019: Frances Weetman (The Independents)
2019-2019: Frances Weetman (Liberal Democrat)

GE 2019 candidates: Joe Bell (Brexit), Duncan Crute (Conservative), Julia Erskine (Green), Joe Kirwin (Labour), Frances Weetman (Liberal Democrat)

2005 saw Whitley Bay councillor Michael McIntyre overcome Alan Campbell's majority of 8,678 to take Tynemouth with a majority of 137 and one of the highest swings of the election, the Conservatives having taken 26 of the constituency's 30 seats on the council the previous year. But like Croydon Central, Enfield Southgate, Peterborough, and Reading East, 2017 saw it return to Labour and elect Tynemouth councillor Frances Weetman (who had narrowly defeated Laura Pidcock for the Labour selection).

Then Weetman left to join The Independent Group, which then changed its name to Change UK. And then, after Change.org threatened them with legal action, changed back to The Independent Group (for Change). The Independents left just over a month later than in OTL, thanks to butterflies, meaning that Tynemouth ended up being represented by seven different parties (well, counting TIG/Change UK/TIGfC as different parties) in one year when Weetman left them to join the Liberal Democrats.

Today, on the 12th of December 2019, the voters of Tynemouth will make a choice - will they return to the Conservatives and vote for Duncan Crute, the Newcastle businessman who compared Jeremy Corbyn to Robin Hood? Or will they again go with a young Labour councillor and vote for Joe Kirwin? Or will Frances Weetman somehow win re-election? (yeah, probably not)