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I've been meaning to ask and forgive me if this is inappropriate but how was the 1972 election in T&T going to end?
i mentioned this on the NDCRcast, but i had two routes:
-republicans nominate john mccain iii who would spend 8 years moving the party to the right as the constitution party collapses into factionalism between the west and south
-republicans nominate a more isolationist fiscal conservative who is moderate enough on social policy

the campaign would be between senate leader humphrey, [republican], and evan mecham, it would end in a republican landslide after a generation of democratic dominance

the mccain idea was my idea from the start while i only planned out the isolationist idea right before i was banned when me and the fabulous gap80 were thinking about rebuilding the project

a fun plan i had was to have george wallace as majority leader, but that was always out there

if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

gentleman biaggi

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he/they is fine
maine troubles between paul lepage and george mitchell when

bonus points if steven king, henry john bear, and brett littlefield are involved

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he/they is fine

“By 1933, the Democratic Party, seemingly ascendent due to the ‘Crash of 31’, was split between three factions, the ‘Bryanite’ far left wing, lead by Christian Socialists, such as governor Norman Thomas of New York, the ‘Watsonite’ wing, that shared many of the same beliefs on economics as the Bryanists but who harbor intensely conservative racial and religious beliefs, lead by Rhode Island representative HP Lovecraft, and the ‘Old Guard’ Democrats, largely southern and northeastern conservatives who weren’t entirely shaken out by Bryan’s nominations in 1896, 1900, and 1904 and the rising left wing in the party, this wing was lead by William McAdoo....”

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he/they is fine
Harold Stassen (Republican) 1953-1957
Def. (with Dan Thornton) Adlai Stevenson (Democratic)
Estes Kefauver (Democratic) 1957-1962
George Docking (Democratic) 1962-1964
Charles Halleck (Republican) 1964-1965
1956 Def. (with George Docking) Harold Stassen (Republican)
1960 Def. (with
George Docking) Dan Thornton (Republican) Wayne Morse (Peace)
Tim Babock (Republican) 1965-1973
1964 Def. (with Kenneth Keating) George Docking (Democratic) James Allen (State’s Rights)
1968 Def. (with Kenneth Keating) Bracken Lee (State’s Rights) Orville Freeman (Democratic)

John Wayne (State’s Rights) 1973-1979
Carroll Gartin (State’s Rights) 1979-1981

1972 Def. (with Carroll Gartin) Jim Rhodes (Republican) Quentin Burdick (Democratic)
1976 Def. (with Carroll Gartin) Ed Davis (Republican) Frank Denholm (Democratic) Dalton Trumbo (American Labor)
William Momyer (State’s Rights) 1981-1985
Def. (with Fob James) James Erwin (Republican) Rick Nolan (Democratic)
Harold Stassen (National Unity) 1985-????
Def. (with Walter Cronkite) William Momyer (State’s Rights) John Rarick (Independent)

i don’t know what i made

gentleman biaggi

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he/they is fine
motherfucker got depressed and wrote twists and turns that’s gotta be the worst artistic result of being sad holy fuck

gentleman biaggi

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he/they is fine
idea: oregon trends into a republican state with a growing green party and moderating state republican party holding it down.

some elections the ORGOP could’ve won from 2002-2020:
Governor, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018
OR-04: 2010
OR-05, 2002, 2004, 2010, 2012
Senate: 2008


Always mysterious!
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Municipal Commune of Bourne
billy hargis is such an insane figure he needs to be president in a tl
are you happy now

1933-1937: Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic)
1932 (with John Nance Garner) def. Herbert Hoover (Republican)
1937-1940: William Borah (Republican)
1936 (with Hamilton Fish III) def. Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic), Huey P. Long (Union)
1940-1941: Hamilton Fish III (Republican)
1941-1949: Charles Lindbergh (Democratic)
1940 (vacant); Huey P. Long (Democratic) def. Hamilton Fish III (Republican), Henry A. Wallace (Farmer-Labor)
1944 (with Burton K. Wheeler) def. Gerald P. Nye (Republican)

1949-1961: Gerald L.K. Smith (Democratic)
1948 (with Francis E. Walter) def. Earl Warren (Republican)
1952 (with Francis E. Walter) def. Robert A. Taft (Republican)
1956 (with Estes Kefauver) def. scattered Republican candidates

1961-1969: Billy James Hargis (Democratic)
1960 (with Joe Kennedy Jr.) def. effectively unopposed
1964 (with Gerald Ford) def.
effectively unopposed