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Stuyvesant's Thread


Brexit Out Now, Funk Soul Brother
Published by SLP
New York State Senate, County-based borders. (Format: County[ies]; Population; Number of Members)

Kings; 2,504,700; 8
Queens; 2,230,722; 7
New; York; 1,585,873; 5
Suffolk; 1,493,350; 5
Bronx; 1,385,108; 5
Nassau; 1,339,532; 4
Westchester; 949,113; 3
Erie; 919,040; 3
Monroe; 744,344; 2
Richmond; 468,730; 2
Onondaga; 467,026; 2
Dutchess-Putnam; 397,198; 1
Saratoga-Schenectady; 374,334; 1
Orange; 372,813; 1
Genesee-Niagara-Orleans; 319,431; 1
Broome-Chenango-Otsego; 313,336; 1
Rockland; 311,687; 1
Madison-Oneida; 308,320; 1
Delaware-Sullivan-Ulster; 308,020; 1
Allegany-Cattaraugus-Chautauqua-Wyoming; 306,323; 1
Columbia-Greene-Rensselaer-Schoharie; 304,495; 1
Albany; 304,204; 1
Warren-Herkimer-Washington-Fulton-Montgomery-Hamilton; 304,028; 1
Livingston-Ontario-Steuben-Yates; 297,662; 1
St. Lawrence-Clinton-Franklin-Essex; 285,041; 1
Jefferson-Lewis-Oswego; 265,425; 1
Chemung-Schuyler-Tioga-Tompkins; 259,862; 1
Cayuga-Cortland-Seneca-Wayne; 258,385; 1
TOTAL; 19,378,102; 63

Senate division base.png
1949-1957: Dwight D. Eisenhower (Democratic)
1948 (with Harry S. Truman) def. Douglas MacArthur (Republican), Henry A. Wallace (Progressive/American Labor)
1952 (with Claude Pepper) def. Harold Stassen (Republican), Vito Marcantonio (Labor)

1957-: Hugh Scott (Republican)
1956 (with Arthur B. Langlie) def. Lyndon B. Johnson (Democratic), Averell Harriman ('Yankeecrat'), Walter Reuther (Labor)
Major Parties
The Party of the City Machines keeps chugging along, their firm hold on Executive Plaza and Senate ensure that even without the Assembly they still maintain their ironclad control of the nation's course.

Locofocos: The Party whose platform mostly consists of "Opposing the Bucktails at any opportunity" surprisingly agrees with their opponents on many policies, they just direct their pork more toward small towns instead of cities.

Minor Parties
Working Men's:
The Party of Working Men (and women! they insist, pointing at their two-person Female Caucus) they stand for progressive taxation, worker's rights, and rent control.

Republicans: The Party of Weakening the Executive, they range from people who want to scale back the powers of the Protectorship to people who want to abolish it entirely and enact a True Parliamentary System.

Regional Parties
Upstate Reform:
The Party of Upstate, They advocate for lower taxes, and further autonomy for the Upstate Commonwealths

Green Mountain: The Party for Vermont, they advocate for the [peaceful] separation of Champlain from New York.

Clamdiggers: The Party for the Long Island Sound and Low Taxes, their more radical elements put the "Digger" in Clamdigger.

Banned Movements
Yankee Liberation Front:
The Terrorist Group responsible for a series of attacks along the Connecticut River Valley.

Insular Union of Associated Seamen: This small group of Collectively-owned Fishing flotillas has been accused of "Economic Disruption" and promptly outlawed.

True Noyesian Church: The Oneida Community never really went away, just mutated.
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ny Assembly.png
2018 Assembly.png
2018 Assembly Election of the Republic of the State of New York:
"All Hands Coalition"
forms Government under Locofocos

His Excellency's Loyal Government (107 Seats)
  • Locofoco Whig Party (56 Seats)
  • Working Men's Party (23 Seats)
  • Republican Party (15 Seats)
  • Clamdigger Party (13 Seats)

His Excellency's Loyal Opposition (89 Seats)
  • Bucktail Whig Party (77 Seats)
  • Upstate Reform Party (12 Seats)

Abstentionist Opposition (4 Seats)
  • Green Mountain Party (4 Seats)

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