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Stuyvesant's Thread

Konstantinos XI, 1445-1463

  • We suffered an outbreak of tuberculosis on the fleet following a great storm that claimed the life of John VIII and many others
  • In a [relatively] reserved ceremony, Constantine XI married the daughter of a nobleman, Theodora Trellos, who a year later gave birth to an heir, Sophia
  • We broke down the remnants of the fleet to help construct our new capital, Elysia.
  • We focused on expansion of the farms, to feed our people
  • We focused the city guard on defending the farms over the city itself
  • We entered into an alliance with the Powhatan
  • The crown began selling land off to magnate families at normal prices
  • Using tribute from the natives to our north, we paid a tribe of powhatan around Elysian Bay with gold and weapons to move south, toward the Tuscarora
  • An Albanian fleet, led by Skanderbeg arrived in Elysia, and we allowed to join the Empire, settling in the border region between the Bay and the Tuscarora
  • A coalition of chieftains sent a treaty to the Emperor, requesting his assistance in helping them maintain their homes against incursion by the landholding nobles. Because of our policy of focusing on the farms, we refused this treaty and directly seized the petitioner’s villages
  • Someone suggested carving pathways across the mountains to our West, The ápsálákí
  • A project was successful in rebuilding a merchant class, allowing trade to get back into full swing
  • Complete control over the Elysian Bay has allowed us to begin charging a toll through the “Seagate” of Didymo Fylakes
  • After many years, naptha supplies began to run low, which required us to reserve it for fortifications over ships
  • The Albanians spread further to the west, toward the mountains, and south toward the Catawba

Round 1:
Gus Hall (United Left, New York) 178 EVs
Bob Richards (America First, Illinois) 124 EVs
Lyndon LaRouche (US Labor, Virginia) 97 EVs
Sonia Johnson (Alliance, Idaho) 92 EVs
David Bergland (Courage, California) 47 EVs

Round 2:
Gus Hall (United Left, New York) 270 EVs
Bob Richards (America First, Illinois) 171 EVs
Lyndon LaRouche (US Labor, Virginia) 97 EVs

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