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Stuyvesant's Thread


The Older, Better Josh
1949-1957: Dwight D. Eisenhower (Democratic)
1948 (with Harry S. Truman) def. Douglas MacArthur (Republican), Henry A. Wallace (Progressive/American Labor)
1952 (with Claude Pepper) def. Harold Stassen (Republican), Vito Marcantonio (Labor)

1957-1965: Hugh Scott (Republican)
1956 (with Arthur B. Langlie) def. Lyndon B. Johnson (Democratic), Averell Harriman ('Yankeecrat'), Walter Reuther (Labor)
1960 (with Arthur B. Langlie) def. George Smathers (Democratic), George Meany (Labor)

1965-1969: Joseph Kennedy (Democratic)
1964 (with Nelson Rockefeller) def. Milton Young (Republican), Victor G. Reuther (Labor)
1969-: Ronald Reagan (Labor)
1968 (Dan K. Moore) def. Joseph Kennedy (Democratic), Nelson Rockefeller (Republican)
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