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Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State


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The whole thing is amazing, but this point just makes me think of some sort of parallel to the current dispute where 2020 Punjab has a group calling for the return of the Koh-i-Noor and getting a 'but you literally sold it to us' response.
It’s a bit more complicated than that - it was given as part of the treaty of surrender, and one could certainly argue that there was duress involved.

But speaking of that treaty, there’s something else to do with that. The Maharaja of the Sikh Empire, Duleep Singh, was made a ward of the British state when he was a young kid as part of that treaty. He was separated from his mother, and he was Anglicized and converted to Christianity. When he grew up, he converted back to Sikhism and he attempted to get the British government to give him further recognition, threatening a Second Indian Mutiny if it did not. But this was refused, and the British government refused to even allow him to return to his home. After his death, he was buried in Britain with Christian rites. Returning his body to India and/or giving him Sikh rites ought to be a much more important issue than the fate of any shiny stone. But sadly not.

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t’s a bit more complicated than that - it was given as part of the treaty of surrender, and one could certainly argue that there was duress involved.
Oh I'm aware of the actual history of the jewel it just felt that there could be an amusing parallel in this one where ownership is a lot more clear cut legally and, arguably, morally as well.

I think the distinction between Duleep Singh and the Koh-i-Noor is that Duleep Singh isn't literally in the Crown Jewels.

You are right about the odd-ness of not particularly caring about his repatriation however. Particularly seeing as, given the Napoleon precedent, it would likely have succeeded.

Maybe they were concerned about giving the Princes ideas post-independence?

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Overdosing On Populism or Finding And Losing Purpose Every Day Or Dumb ASB Majorpunk List

1990-1996 John Major (Conservative Majority,Conservative Minority by 1996)
1992:John Major-Conservative[336],Neil Kinnock-Labour[267],Paddy Ashdown-Liberal Democrats[20],David Owen-SDP[4],Michael Meadowcroft-Liberal[1], Geoffrey Clements-Natural Law[1]

1996-1997 Sir James Goldsmith (Referendum Party Coalition with SDP,Liberal,Ulster Unionist and Plaid Cymru)
1996:Sir James Goldsmith-Referendum[310],John Smith-Labour[253],Paddy Ashdown-Liberal Democrats[40],David Owen-SDP[5],Peg Alexander/Mike Woodin-Green[4],Geoffrey Clements-Natural Law[4],John Major-Conservative[4],Michael Meadowcroft-Liberal[2]
1997 European Union Membership Referendum:51,23% Out

1997-1997 Jim Slater (Referendum Party Coalition with SDP,Liberal,Ulster Unionist and Plaid Cymru)
1997 Brexit Referendum:59,87% Soft Brexit

1997-1998 David Owen (Referendum Party Coalition with SDP,Liberal,Ulster Unionist and Plaid Cymru)
1997 Scottish and Welsh Assembly Referendums:Scottish Assembly-75% For,Welsh Assembly-52% For
1998 Minimum Wage Referendum:77,65% For
1998 Increased Mayoral Authority Referendum:67,89% For

1998-2000 Mike Woodin (Green Party Coalition with SDP,Liberal,Natural Law and Plaid Cymru)
1998:Mike Woodin/Peg Alexander-Green[315],Gordon Brown-Labour[233],Paddy Ashdown-Liberal Democrats[56],David Owen-SDP[9],Geoffrey Clements-Natural Law[6],Michael Meadowcroft-Liberal[4],John Redwood-Conservative[2],Ken Clarke-Follow Back Pro Europe[2]
1998 Nuclear Power and Nuclear Arms Referendum:57,81% Scrap
1998 Elected NHS Managers Referendum:53,49% For
1999 House of Lords Reform Act Referendum:54,10% For
1999 HS2 Referendum:53% No

2000-2005 Noel Edmonds (National Rebirth Party Majority,National Rebirth Coalition with Democratic Unionist Party after 2004)
2000:Noel Edmonds-NRP[333],Robin Cook-Labour[221],Charles Kennedy-Liberal Democrats[61],David Owen-SDP[8],Mike Woodin/Peg Alexander-Green[4],Ken Clarke-Follow Back Pro Europe[2]
2001 Death Penalty Referendum:67,90% Bring Back
2001 Elected Police Commissioners Referendum:52,78% For
2002 Immigration Control Laws Referendum:52,10%Yes

2003 ID Cards Referendum:61,04% Against
2004 Resettlement of Northern Irish Catholics Into Ireland:76% Against

2005-2017 David Davis (Workers Britain Party Coalition with SDP,Workers Britain/SDP Alliance Majority after 2009)
2005:David Davis-WBP[320],Ken Livingstone-Labour[130],Charles Kennedy-Liberal Democrats[99],Rosie Barnes-SDP[54],Alec Salmond-SNP[14],Keith Taylor/Peg Alexander-Green[7],Jeffrey Titford-BPP[3]
2005 Special Referendums Act Referendum:67,93% For
2006 Serbian War Referendum:52,38%
Get In
2008 Bankers Bailout Referendum:85,98% Against
2009 MPs Budget Re-evaluation Referendum:60% For
2009 First Scottish Independence Referendum:59,11% No
2010:David Davis/Rosie Barnes-WBP/SDP Alliance[385],Jack Straw-Labour[115],Chris Huhne-Liberal Democrats[95],Alec Salmond-SNP[18],Caroline Lucas-Green[9],Nigel Farage-BPP[6]
2011 Iraq/Syrian War Referendum: 51,49% Stay Out
2011 Northern Ireland Peace Agreement and Assembly Referendum:59,38% Yes
2012 Direct Control of BBC and Its Affiliate Branches Referendum:56,99% Yes
2013 Harsher Sentences For Pedophiles And Pedophile Sympathizers: 89,97%
2014 Second Scottish Independence Referendum:53,49% No
2015:David Davis/Mike Gapes-WBP/SDP Alliance[390],John McDonnell-Labour[90],Michael Moore-Liberal Democrats[81],Nicola Sturgeon-SNP[47],Caroline Lucas-Green[11],Nigel Farage-BPP[11]
2015 National Memorials and Official Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee Days Referendum:91% For
2016 Refugee Crisis Referendum: 68,89% Keep Them Out

2016 First Monarchy Referendum:88,98% Monarchy

Mike Gapes 2017-present day (Workers Britain/SDP Alliance Majority)
2017 Gay Marriage Referendum:52,19% For
2017 Landlord Busting Referendum:60,90% Yes
2018 Nye Bevan Memorial Day:75,98% Yes
2018 Third Scottish Independence Referendum:51,19% No
2019:Mike Gapes/Penny Mordaunt-WBP/SDP Alliance[384],Andy Burnham-Labour[89],Nick Clegg-Liberal Democrats[80],Nicola Sturgeon-SNP[57],Steve Hilton-Green[14],Nigel Farage-BPP[6],Piers Corbyn-No2Globalists[1]
2019 Hong Kong Political Refugees Welsh Resettlement Referendum:53,05% For
2020 5G Referendum:51,50% Ban
2020 Quarantine Lockdown Special Online Referendum:54,89% For
2020 Opening of Pubs and Relaxation of Quarantine Lockdown Special Online Referendum:55,29% For
2020 Police Funding Special Online Referendum:77,98% More Funding,75,97% Tougher On Crime
2020 Circuit Breaker Special Online Referendum:60% For

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If you get at least 3 million signatures on a special electoral petition,then a referendum can be launched on any specific issue the petition is about.

The decision of the referendum is final and can only be reversed if 3 million other people file the proper documents necessary to launch another referendum declaring the result of the other referendum in question void.

Despite opposition of certain people,the Act is quite popular and considered necessary “in order to create a truly representative democracy”.

“The will of the people is what matters above all else in Britain. It don’t matter if it’s right or wrong-if the people want it,then we have a duty to deliver,no matter the cost”-David Davis,2006

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0/10 no recall referenda for MPs.
It was already passed in the times of the Green Coalition Government.

Note however that the recall referenda wasn’t initially allowed to be online and that the votes needed to be send in person to the MP’s office,the results only being accepted if the office isn’t closed.

After a while certain MPs realized this loophole and exploited it,only ceasing as a practice in the mid 2000’s during the Davis Government,which declared that votes can also be sent via the post office and counted by the local elected police commissioner.

Due to the certain pandemic,the law has been modified to allow people to partake in the special referendums online on special IPads distributed by the greater county councils.


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Expanding an older Hellworld list of mind, seeing as how our election featuring all these colourful characters is happening tomorrow.
Anyone care to guess wtf is going on here?

2017-2020: Jacinda Ardern (Labour) [minority govt. w/ NZFirst coalition and Green confidence & supply]
defeated Bill English (National), James Shaw (Green), Winston Peters (NZFirst), David Seymour (ACT), Te Ururoa Flavell/Marama Fox (Māori), others
2020-2020: Jacinda Ardern* (Labour) [declared Acting Prime Minister]
defeated Judith Collins (National), David Seymour (ACT), Winston Peters (NZFirst), James Shaw/Marama Davidson (Green), Jami-Lee Ross/Billy Te Kahika (Advance NZ), Geoff Simmons (TOP), others
2020-2021: Kelvin Davis (Labour) [Emergency Government convened by Parliament]
2021-2023: David Seymour (ACT) [declared Acting Prime Minister]
2023-2023: David Seymour (ACT) [minority govt. w/ National coalition and Advance NZ confidence & supply]

defeated Harete Hipango (National), Kelvin Davis (Labour), Marama Davidson/Ricardo Menéndez March (Green), Matt McCarten (People Before Profit), Anil Sharma/Te Rongopai Heta (Advance NZ), Will 'Ilolahia (Ātete), others
2023-2024: David Seymour* (Act) [minority govt. w/ Advance confidence & supply]
2024-2026: Chris Baillie* (ACT) [minority govt. w/ National coalition]

defeated Harete Hipango (National), Kiri Allan (Labour), Zariah Anjaiya-Winder (Social Credit-Ātete endorsed), Marama Davidson/Ricardo Menéndez March (Green), John Minto (People Before Profit), Andrew Bayly (Rally for NZ), others
2026-2027: Felix Poole (ACT) [minority govt. w/ National coalition]
2027-202?: Irihapeti Edwards (Green) [minority govt. w/ Labour, People Before Profit coalition]

defeated Harete Hipango (National), Felix Poole (ACT), Kiri Allan (Labour), Ashok Jacob (People Before Profit), others

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Yeah man, try having them actually IN your country. I drive by idiots with campaign signs in their front yard for 'em every day. I hear about them doing little marches about how 5G is causing COVID. Shit sucks.
It does raise a worrying spectre of what's going to fill the void left by NZ First. We're trading a racist grandad for an alt-right uncle.


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1989 - 1993: Donald Trump (Democratic)
1988 (with Al Gore): George Bush (Republican)
1993 - 1997: Jerry Brown (Democratic)
1992 (with Kurt Schmoke): Clint Eastwood (Republican), John Silber (Independent), David Duke (Populist)
1997 - 2001: Morry Taylor (Republican)
1996 (with Antonin Scalia): Jerry Brown (Democratic), Dick Lamm (Independence)
2001 - 2005: Ted Turner (Democratic)
2000 (with Bob Kerrey): Morry Taylor (Republican), James P. Hoffa (Independence)
2005 - 2009: Wesley Clark (Republican)
2004 (with Rick Perry): Ted Turner (Democratic), Al Sharpton (Independence/DC Statehood)
2009 - 2013: Andrew Cuomo (Democratic)
2008 (with Bill Richardson): Wesley Clark (Republican)
2013 - 2017: Clarence Thomas (Republican)
2012 (with Carl Paladino): Andrew Cuomo (Democratic)
2017 - 2021: Bill Gates (Democratic)
2016 (with John Hickenlooper): Clarence Thomas (Republican), John McAfee (Cyber)
2021 - 0000: Steven Seagal (Republican)
2020 (with Newt Gingrich): Bill Gates (Democratic)

Trump would nearly blow his lead against Reagan's VP in 1988. As much as Lee Atwater tried to tie Trump to Gary Hart or Jesse Jackson, enough voters trusted the business mogul and his conservative southern running mate. Their trust was perhaps misplaced. A bad recession combined with devastating foreign policy debacles in Iraq and Russia put President Trump in a position where he could be knocked off by a surprise primary challenger.

Jerry Brown would also win by narrow margins. His victory over a divided field made up of Bush's running mate during the last cycle, the controversial Massachusetts Governor who had won the endorsement of President Trump, and the Klansman Governor of Louisiana. Republican turnout was severely dampened by their nominee's pro-choice stance while Silber went on the trail complaining that President Trump had been "run out of office by political correctness." Duke would win his home state on election night. Brown led a pretty unremarkable administration. His major accomplishments (the Flat Tax, the Balance Budget Amendment, and the virtual end of welfare) had quickly been claimed by the Republican Congress. The power vacuum left in Iraq after Brown withdrew US troops only garnered him greater ire from Republicans.

Morry Taylor was a surprising choice for the Presidency. Having come out on top of a divided GOP field by distinguishing himself with protectionism and racebaiting the republics of China, Japan, and Korea - who he saw as America's biggest threats. Uniting the RNC by vowing a 'co-presidency' with Antonin Scalia, Taylor would make quick work of President Brown and Senator Lamm. Of course, governing is harder than campaigning. Although he would earn cheap points by striking at the UN following the cataclysmic Intervention in Zaire, he would at best be seen as a puppet for House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Vice President Scalia, cornered out of White House decision-making, announced that he would not be seeking a second term as VP in January, 2000.

Media mogul Ted Turner's election would cement the Democratic Party's shift to free trade neoliberalism. Despite his massive polling lead, Turner would almost sacrifice his chances in a gaffe where he said "good riddance" in response to an exodus of union workers to James Hoffa's campaign. President Turner was just getting settled into the presidency when a dirty bomb would destroy most of the National Mall in June, 2001. Within hours, Al-Qaeda had claimed responsibility for the attack and had done so using nuclear material extracted from the collapsing state of Pakistan. By the end of the year the United States would invade both Afghanistan and Pakistan in the hopes of tracking down Al-Qaeda's leaders and defeating Islamic fundamentalist political factions.

After all that American needed a general in charge. At least that's what the GOP would have you believe. Karl Rove's golden boy slammed President Turner for not doing enough to keep America safe (re: not invading Iran). A wartime America couldn't resist voting in a military leader, especially as President Turner faced increasing pressure from his left in the form of Al Sharpton's Independence Party entryists. President Wesley Clark launched the invasion of Iran in early 2006, the domestic internment camps opened in early 2007. As fortunes in Iran continued to worsen, domestic crackdowns heightened. President Clark sat vulnerable on his thrown of bayonets.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was quickly ushered through the Democratic primaries as an anti-war and anti-internment candidate (but not too anti). He would beat President Clark relatively handily as body bags and horror stories rolled in from Tehran and Casper. The Stock Market crashed in late 2009 and President Cuomo's subsequent Wall Street bailout was heavily criticized by nearly every facet of the American political world. The newly election Republican Congress would be unwilling to work with President Cuomo to pass a comprehensive stimulus bill and America would go into 2012 hurting.

Justice Clarence Thomas weathered the storm as the "more moderate" establishment candidate in the midst of a primary field dominated by new and radicalized Liberty Brigade politicians. His victory over President Cuomo was not all too surprising when it happened, either. Thomas led a relatively obscure administration. The economy sluggishly tried to recover and the most tangible way the President appeared in Americans' lives were through his ramped up 'law and order' policies.

Gates and McAfee promised exciting alternatives to the boring, mild-mannered authoritarian Clarence Thomas. Gates excited a collapsing middle America that desperately sought change and trusted his reliable persona while McAfee excited the young technologically adept radicals who had been hardened by Clark's War in Iran, Cuomo's War on the Poor, and Thomas and AG Scalia's resumed War on Drugs. In the end Gates would take it but McAfee would perform much better than expected. But as had become the norm, things would become a lot harder for Gates once in office. His relationship with congress quickly collapsed, America's right went wild with EmailGate conspiracies of high-profile Democrats organizing a child sex ring (these accusations were not helped by the arrests of former Secretary of Commerce Jeff Epstein and former VP Bill Richardson for human trafficking in 2017), and the globe was devastated by the Ebolavirus pandemic in 2019. Although Gates tried desperately to save face, he had 50,000 dead Americans to contend with.

Arizona Governor Steven Seagal had won in a landslide. Ties to Eurasian President Zhirinovsky be damned. As Seagal entered the Oval Office, he vowed to launch a crusade against Ebolavirus, 5G, pedophilia, and Islamic terrorism. In the Republic of China and the European Union - what was left of the Free World - people despaired.