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Tibby's Graphics and Grab-Bag Thread.


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Full confession: That's my character in the game, and I sort of picked her from a pile of Google Images. Still don't know much of her tbh.
She's a pretty famous actress although I think now she mostly does theatre. She became famous through '7 vidas' a 90s, 00s sitcom that was a huge hit, kinda like Friends in a way. But she's a multi-faceted actress, having played male characters too, like the antagonist in the 2006 Alatriste movie with Viggo Mortensen.

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
She's a pretty famous actress although I think now she mostly does theatre. She became famous through '7 vidas' a 90s, 00s sitcom that was a huge hit, kinda like Friends in a way. But she's a multi-faceted actress, having played male characters too, like the antagonist in the 2006 Alatriste movie with Viggo Mortensen.
Ah, thanks for the information! Certainly appreciate it!

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
"As diverse as the United States of Simerica may claim itself to be, it is still one thing, overwhelmingly human. No matter their skin colour, Simerica is very much a human-dominated country. So if you're of the non-human minority, even if you were born human or consider yourself one, you may find yourself facing challenges if ever you enter the world of politics.

The Aliens are plentiful on Lunar Lakes due to it being once part of the Sixam Empire, and in that state, there's not a lot of distrust. But if you go anywhere else, you'll face distrust, even if you keep yourself disguised as a human, unfortunately. And there'll be questions of loyalty floating above an Alien politician's head. Just ask Senator Pollination Technician 17, who lost his re-election bid due to a dogwhistle campaign about loyalty.

Ghosts are registered as the continuation of their former lives, but this is a controversial matter that every politician worth their salt know to hedge on. Their varying appearances and being echoes of the dead has led them to not exactly be the most welcomed minority. A ghost politician is basically impossible. Or at least that's what everyone says. Who knows. Perhaps you'll be the one to prove them all wrong.

SimBots and Plumbots face similar challenges. They're both robotic and Sim-made, and their qualification to even count as citizens is still fraught. I believe SimBots aren't considered such under the present laws, but a Plumbot that passes a citizenship test can be considered such. The higher level of technology in a Plumbot means they might fly further and higher than a SimBot. Perhaps you can blaze the path forward for all botkind?

Ah, yes, the Vampires. They're in an unusual position in our society. At once feared and respected, they tend to have considerable financial influence yet are still distrusted by the masses. They can often be seen as political wheeler and dealers, but rarely the face. But then, President Straud did win his election back in 1872, shortly before fleeing from the crowd with pitchforks. You could follow in his legacy and shroud Simerica in loving darkness...

The, ah, yes, the Imaginary Friends. They exist. And sometimes they become real. They, ah, rarely ever even think about politics. But then, we do live in strange aeons. Perhaps, perhaps someone with Imaginary Friend descent could enter the world of politics. An actual Imaginary Friend on the other hand? It would have to come from a very strange child's imagination to be such, won't you agree?

Werewolves are terribly misunderstood in our society. They merely have an ah, furry little problem. They can be awfully pleasant otherwise, even if more bestial than one would like. I believe Forgotten Hollow has a werewolf representative or something like that, but most werewolf politicians tend to hide the beast within, for their career's sake. It saddens me, but what can I do? You on the other hand, could declare all of Simerica your pack...

Spellcasters, ah, now there's a popular minority! They used to be rather insular, you know? But those last few decades has made people much more comfortable with magic. President Ember is a spellcaster, and I believe they're the Sage of Untamed Magic too. Basically magic nobility. There's still a lot of spellcasters who remember the old days when magic was seen as, ah, freakish. Now it's 'cool', as the kids say, but the old hands find it difficult to believe such. Perhaps you can continue President Ember's legacy and keep politics magical?

Fairies are, well, they're slowly being accepted. In the cities and in the more supernatural states, they're not discriminated much. But in more conservative states, they're still seen as sneaky, distrustful and of course, the old changeling myths still persist. Environmentalist voters love fairy politicians, and it's one reason why the Governor of San Myushno is of the Fair Folk, lots of environmentalist voters there. But despite it all, there has never been a president who has Fae blood in their veins. Can you stretch your wings and fly your way to victory?

Sometimes the unfortunate happen and people return to life, not as ghosts, but as Zombies. They are much much less popular than ghosts, because of the fear that they eat people's brains. Carl Spokane, Chief of Staff to President Boudreaux, was the highest-ranking Zombie in Simerican history, and even then, he was still widely distrusted. I believe he's a recluse those days, locked up in his house in Willow Creek. Can't blame the poor chap, can you? I'll wager that you shambling your way to the Presidency might be the thing to get poor Mr. Spokane out of his house, eh?

You know how I said the Fair Folk were popular with environmentalist voters? Ah, PlantSims are even more so! The issue with PlantSims are that they tend to be not particularly interested in anything outside environmental issues. As concerning as global warming has gotten, it isn't the overwhelming issue yet. But then, anyone could be a PlantSim, as long as they go through the transformation. So a PlantSim president... That would be the dream for many an environmentalist. A campaign that blooms Simerica's green heart? Could you, my PlantSim, do that?

While PlantSims are of the soil, Mermaids are of the water. In a land-based country, this poses somewhat of an inconvenience to an ambitious politician of the aquatic tendency. But never say never, I believe that there's a representative from Sulani who is a mermaid. I think her name is, ah, it's a long Sulani one, but her last name is Iona. So it isn't completely hopeless. And who knows, electing a president who can swim with a tail as naturally as walk with two legs is certainly an interesting outcome to strife for. Are you that potential president?

Will you be a president who hails from a misunderstood minority? Or are you just another human one, without any interestingness about you?"
Notes on Treforic Culture: Name Registers

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Notes on Treforic Culture
Chapter 1: Treforic Name Structure
Chapter 2: The Tale of Trefi and Cosan
Chapter 3: The Pobl Pili Pala
Chapter 4: Name Registers

A Treforic name, as elaborated in Chapter 1, is three-fold. But it can be extended or reduced according to the social situation. If you are in an unclear social situation, you may use the "casual" name structure, which is pairing the given name with the clan name - "Bethan Parker". It is often the name someone is introduced to other people as, in "normal" situations. Like a new office worker being introduced to her workmates for one.

For a society that is so insistent on social formalities in a lot of places, it is notable that they are more free in their use of given names than a lot of other countries. Indeed, they peg it directly to their linguistic distinction between the informal ti and the formal chi. If you call someone ti and they permit it, you can call them by their given name. No matter their place in the social hierarchy, if they allow you to ti them, they're on given name basis.

Now, given that the concept of "surnames" don't exist in Treforic culture, what do people refer to others as, instead of first names, if they're only on chi basis? They use the clan as a reference. For the vast majority, they are called "Scion X" in which X is the clan name. "Scion" [Treforic: Epil] is the Treforic equivalent of "Mr./Ms.". You can also just use the clan name for short, which is more popular in the busy cities. Using Bethan Parker as an example again, she would be referred to as "Epil Parker" or "Parker" by people she is on chi relations with.

Treforic people have a rich tradition of nicknames, adding a new nuance to the name register. Take Bethan Parker again. While she may be on ti relations with someone, if they refer to her as "Bethan", it's obvious that they're more acquaintances than actual friends. Her friends call her "Tani". Of course, she is also a politician, and doesn't hide her nickname from people, so even her acquaintances could call her "Tani". But for most people, the nickname adds a third level of relationship with someone, when you refer to each other by nicknames.

Now, not all people are referred to as Epil. Indeed, a common Treforic tradition is to use your occupation as a clarifier instead of Epil. So someone would be "Baker Jones", "Doctor Gwalchmai", "Engineer Bennett" or "Assemblywoman Parker". Epil is just the default, like "Mr./Ms.", not the universal. And of course, we cannot forget that those are not surnames, but clan names. The head of the clan is always referred to in chi situations as "Lord X" or "Lady X" unless they hold a landed peerage which supersedes it, and their heir in chi situations "Heir/ess X".

It is rare that the name structure extends beyond your parental descent. But in extremely formal situations, you can extend it to your grandparents. For an example, the current king would be Rhys ap Bethan ferch Eirwen Drakeford a Lloyd Howell a hefyd Gavan ap Rhys Coedwig a Dilys Jernigan. Normally the order goes female-male, but in Rhys' case his paternal grandmother goes last because she was Queen. There exists a never-used version, the "imperial descent" structure that tracks Rhys' ancestry all the way back to the mythical Trefi and her father Taejo the Mangowl Emperor. It is a direct descent one, only focusing on the people that Rhys can track his descent from Trefi and Taejo through. Because of this, Rhys and the Royal Family can phrase their name structure to mark their descent from Trefi.

The reason they can do that is because of a Treforic tradition to phrase your name structure to emphasise your descent. You do this by changing it to say you're the "child" [ap/ferch] of the person in question. So the King could phrase his name Rhys ap Trefi ferch Taejo for example. It's only used when you need to emphasise your social status to someone who might interpret you as their social inferior otherwise.

The royalty and landed nobility has a whole different set of rules to refer to them, which will be covered in another chapter.
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
"The Goblet of Fire will now apparate Harry Potter here and we will-" the English headmaster's voice faded away as Fleur Delacour thought in her head This is bad. Very bad. We kept Lis at Beauxbatons for a reason. Cedric looked at her clearly worried face and asked her what was wrong. She merely coughed delicately and said 'you may find out soon'. The others raised their eyebrows.

Then shouting came from the great hall.

"And that must be Harry! My boy..." Dumbledore's voice faded into silence as the person who was summoned was a bright blonde teenage girl in a blue Beauxbatons outfit and somewhat of a resemblance to Fleur Delacour. In a melodical yet nervous tone, she went "I am Lis Delacour. Why am I here?" Madame Maxime walked up to Dumbledore and declared "Dumbly dorr, you summoned one of my students because you thought they were this 'Arry Potter. Mademoiselle Delacour will not be competing in this tournament."

"Ah, but my dear Madame Maxime, this young lady here is obviously Harry, perhaps under a glamour or something..." Dumbledore tried to assure the half-giant, only to receive an icy stare as his voice faltered. "Mademoiselle Delacour has been my student for three years. She is most certainly not under a glamour. I would have seen through one, or are you doubting my ability, Dumbly dorr?"

"No, no, Madame Maxime. Ah, how about we get her sister out, perhaps she can explain why this happened? Perhaps in private, like my office?" Dumbledore said, to a shaking head and a muttering of "Minister Delacour will have your head for this..."

"Cor, look at that bird. She's hot. Wonder why she came here? If she's Harry's girlfriend, damn is he lucky!" Ron said, dimwitlessly staring at the Beauxbatons girl. Hermione glanced at him in disgust. "There must be an explanation, Ronald. There always is. Maybe Headmaster Dumbledore summoned her here to send a message to Harry. See how the Beauxbatons headmistress is arguing with Headmaster Dumbledore?" she reasoned, only for Ron to mumble "Imagine having one of those chicks on my arm..."


A man in a business suit stormed into the room and glared at the Headmaster in barely-concealed anger, before saying in a restrained tone "Pray tell, Headmaster, why did you abduct my daughter in the middle of her classes?"

"Ah, you must have been mistaken, he is not your dau-" "Henriette Lis Delacour, birthday August 12. One eighth Veela, with fire bearing powers. Favourite food is creme brulee. Apart from some laziness, is otherwise an exceptional student who receives great marks. Often has nightmares about a green light, has a problem with trust that she's seeing a mind healer about. Favourite colour is green, like her eyes. She's my daughter, you senile old man. And more importantly legally speaking, a French citizen." the Minister of Magic declared, but it did not flap the ancient headmaster who smirked. "Nevertheless, Minister Delacour, your daughter is Harry Potter and is magically obliged to be in the Triwizard Tournament. He will ha-"

Minister Delacour cut Dumbledore off with "I made it so that any previous names of hers would not be eligible to drag her into anything. There is no obligation. At all. Now if you excuse me, I have to congratulate my eldest daughter and comfort my middle one. Good day, sir." He then left the room, slamming the door. Dumbledore stroked his beard and silently thought "Hmm. Harry will still have to compete. Even if he's some sort of French creature, he will still have to compete. Its all for the Greater Good."


"Hello, Girl-Who-Was-Born-Twice. You know, you look a lot better this way. There's no wrackspurts around your head and being blonde suits you. But then, I would say that would I?" Luna Lovegood said to Lis Delacour while smiling that distant smile of hers, which got Lis giggling a bit and replying "I suppose that's a nicer title than Boy or Girl-Who-Lived. I don't even know why people think I'm Harry Potter. I'm just some lucky orphan girl who was adopted into the Delacour family.". Luna frowned a bit and patted Lis' hand.

"It'll hurt to remember, Girl-Who-Was-Born-Twice. I'm sorry but it will." she said, looking at Lis with distant, even if sad, eyes as if understanding what will happen. Lis felt all alone in Hogwarts apart from Fleur, and yet felt safe with the mysterious Ravenclaw girl. She said "If it will, then I would... appreciate a friend here. All my friends are at Beauxbatons, and the people here who say they're my friends seem to know a wholly different me that I don't recognise..." This got a shocked face as Luna's eyes opened wide. "You're asking... me to be your friend? I... I would like that."


Basically while Harry was a toss-up between Gryffindor and Slytherin, Lis has more Ravenclaw qualities. Comes of losing the memories of having to hide her intelligence to avoid being beaten up, and having more nervous qualities due to knowing she's amnesiac and trying to adjust to a whole different culture. She's really a different person. And her old friends seem to not recognise that, at least at first.


Due to a letter from her niece, the Director of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Amelia Bones, walked into the Great Hall accompanied by two Aurors. "According to sources here, the missing Harry Potter has been found". Bones' monocled eye passed over the rest of the collected group, reading their magic signals. It was a closely kept secret, but Amelia Bones' monocle worked for her the same way Mad Eye's er, mad eye, worked for him. In the end, she glanced at a nervous blonde woman next to the Beauxbatons Champion.

Her magical signal was changed somewhat, but it was still unmistakably Harry. And she knew that the new form wasn't a glamour but permanent. A sigh came from her mouth as she went "Is this little girl Harry Potter?" Fleur got insulted on her sister's belief, "Non! This is no little girl. This is my sister, Lis Delacour, who has been abducted here by the Headmaster of this school!" Upon receiving this information, even the schooled and experienced face of the Director grimaced. This was to be a lot of paperwork. And a possible international incident. Joy.


"You're Nymphadora Tonks, right?" Lis said to the pink-haired Auror, who made a face and said "Yes, but call me Tonks only. I don't like the name my mother gave me." The third scion of the noble Delacour family, with Delacour, Veela, Potter and Black blood flowing in her veins, smiled lightly at that and said "We'll make a deal. I won't call you Nymphadora and you won't call me Harry or Potter or whatever." The auror rolled her eyes and drew out a long and exasperated "fiiiine". This blonde was going to cause her trouble, she just knew it. What a pity she's the person she has to protect. Oh and a distant cousin at that, which did weird things with the Black family magic, which she suspected had some part in how i-

Nymphadora Tonks' eyes opened wide as a realisation hit her. She turned to Lis and said "Tell me one thing and one thing only. If there's anything from your memory of when you were Ha-" this got a glare "not Scion Delacour, did you ever think that you ever wanted to be let say, a girl? Not judgey here, I know an Auror who takes Polyjuice every day to stay a man for one. Completely respect him and whatnot, he's a great guy."

"To be honest, I can't remember that. But it would make sense." Miss Delacour said, shrugging. Tonks gulped and said quietly "you may be a metamorphmagus". Lis raised her eyebrow and responded "I would have known of it before now". Tonks scrambled to keep her thoughts under control and as her hair began to flash, she noticed Lis' hair shift slightly to an extremely light orange.

Tonks was used to paying attention to people's hair colours and smiled widely at this. "Dear cousin, it seems the Black magic has produced two halfsie morphs. Your hair just changed a little and I saw it. If you want, I can teach you, but I'm a natural so...". Her pink hair returned as she got excited. Another metamorphmagus! The scion sighed and nodded her agreement. Anything to avoid further conflict with who was obviously her bodyguard. Her papa taught her to not be on the bad side of anyone who protects her.


"Mr. Potter, you've come back to Hogwarts? Oh my. Now this is unexpected. Very rarely do I see the same mind twice, and none as changed as yours, dear lady. You're even more difficult to Sort this time around! Still brave like a Gryffindor and cunning like a Slytherin, but oh your loyalty shines through even more now. But what's this? Love of knowledge? Definitely a new element to your mind. Your birth mother would approve. So what is it now dear lady? You are no longer a pupil here, so I'm doing this for our mutual curiosity, after all. Hmm... Still not willing to be Slytherin, eh?"

"I'm not Gryffindor material either"

"Oh, don't underestimate your bravery, dear lady. You still have bravery in your heart, Miss Delacour. That has not changed. But ah, you're the type to think first and act second. A more cunning approach, but also a more thinking one."

"Ravenclaw would suit me."

"Is this choice because of the curious Miss Lovegood being in that house? You could as well be a Hufflepuff, you know. Plenty of loyalty there, even more than last time. And I am delighted you finally found out your morphing abilities, although I thought you used it to escape the meddlesome headmaster rather than what actually happened, which surprises me. Young Nymphadora was in that house, for what it's worth."

"Ravenclaw please."

"Miss Delacour, as much a pleasure it has been to converse with you once more, I absolutely insist this is your last Sorting. You're a hatstall twice over now, you know! Anyway, there is only one house for you, I feel... RAVENCLAW!"


Professor Minerva McGonagall did not know how to feel about Lis Delacour. On one side, she was the child of James and Lily Potter, two of her favourite students, and was a brave even if foolish student when she was in Hogwarts for her first (and as it would turn out, only) year. On the other hand, she represented McGonagall's greatest failure. She was promised time and time again that the Dursleys would protect Harry despite her grievances.

And every time Lis Delacour was in her presence, it hurt. She was a reminder that Harry Potter, the child of James and Lily, was well and truly dead. Oh, she didn't resent the young girl much. She even hoped there was still some Harry left in her despite it all. Perhaps she now truly understood why Severus never felt comfortable around Harry back in first year and felt the need to punish him for minor actions. He reminded Severus of his greatest moral failure, and now she reminds Minerva of hers.


The first invitation letter she got, which was from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on 31 July 1991
Mr. H. Potter, The Cupboard Under the Stairs, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey.

The second invitation letter she got, which was from Académie de Magie Beauxbâtons on 24 September 1992
Mlle. L. Delacour, La Troisième Chambre en Haut des Escaliers, Manoir Delacour, Gard, Languedoc-Roussillon.
"So this is the little lady I'll be defending! You look so cute, yes you do! Ms. Elle Woods, at your service!" the pink covered lady smiled as she held out a hand to shake.

Lis Delacour looked at the clearly American lawyer weirdly, before taking her hand and shaking it.

"Madame Woods, are you aware of what jurisdiction we are dealing with?"

"Ah yes, the Magical British Law System. Thankfully under the International Conference of Wizards which means I can invoke ICW law which makes our job waaaay easier, sweetie. Don't worry. Now, what's your name?"

"Apparently it depends, Madame Woods. I'm somewhat famous under a different name."

"Yes yes, I'm familiar with that. But you obviously don't go by that name any longer and I'm considerate of people's feelings, especially my clients! So sweetie, what is the name of this cutie in front of me?"

"Henriette Lis Delacour. Everyone calls me Lis."

"God, I love French names! They always sound lovely! So, our defence will rest on some... uncomfortable grounds for you, sweetie, sorry. How much can you remember of your old life? If it was quite bad, we could say the old coot, Dumbledore, failed you and the Delacours invoked the old right of magical foundlings by taking you in. Open and shut case, sweetie!"

"It kind of is hard to remember. But what I do, isn't pleasant."

"Ah, I have the best idea! We can use a pensieve! That way you can recall it only once! Makes it easier for both of us. God, if only I had one at home, I would be looking at when I told Warner to piss off all the time. Dear, don't let any boy think they can just take you back after they do a bad thing. Be firm. I do relationship consultant work for free!"

As much as Lis thought this person was barmy, she clearly knew more than she let on. So she decided to work with her to get out of this legal predicament.
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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Harry Pollitt (Communist) 1950-1955
Gwynfor Evans (Party for Change) 1955-1966 [somehow national Plaid Cymru]
Arthur Donaldson (Social National) 1966-1970 [somehow national SNP]
Gwynfor Evans (Party for Change) 1970-1974
Brian Faulkner (Home Rule Unionist) 1974
[somehow national Pro-Assembly Unionists]
John Kingsley Read (National Front) 1974-1976
John Tyndall (National Front) 1976-1980
Andrew Brons (National Front) 1980-1983
Oliver Napier (Alliance) 1983-1987
Jean Lambert (Green) 1987-1997 [appointed Prime Minister by a vote of the Green membership]
James Goldsmith (Referendum) 1997
Paul Sykes (Independent leading "Democracy Movement") 1997-2001
Jeffrey Titford (UKIP) 2001-2002
Roger Knapman (UKIP) 2002-2006
Nigel Farage (UKIP) 2006-2009
Malcolm Pearson, Baron Pearson of Rannoch (UKIP) 2009-2010
Jeffrey Titford (UKIP) 2010

Nigel Farage (UKIP) 2010-2015
David Ford (Alliance) 2015-2016
Naomi Long (Alliance) 2016-2017

Paul Nuttall (UKIP) 2017

Henry Bolton (UKIP) 2017-2018
Gerard Batten (UKIP) 2018-2019

Richard Braine (UKIP) 2019
Patricia Mountain (UKIP) 2019(-?)
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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
John A. Macdonald (Conservative) 1867-1891
John Abbott (Conservative) 1891-1892
John Sparrow David Thompson (Conservative) 1892-1894
Mackenzie Bowell (Conservative) 1894-1896

Charles Tupper (Conservative) 1896
Wilfrid Laurier (Liberal) 1896-1919

Daniel McKenzie (Liberal) 1919
Mackenzie King (Liberal) 1919-1948

Louis St. Laurent (Liberal) 1948-1949
Major James Coldwell (Co-operative Commonwealth) 1949-1960
Hazen Argue (Co-operative Commonwealth) 1960-1961

Tommy Douglas (New Democratic) 1961-1962
John Diefenbaker (Progressive Conservative) 1962-1967
Robert Stanfield (Progressive Conservative) 1967-1968

Tommy Douglas (New Democratic) 1968-1971
David Lewis (New Democratic) 1971-1972

Robert Stanfield (Progressive Conservative) 1972-1976
Joe Clark (Progressive Conservative) 1976-1979

Pierre Trudeau (Liberal) 1979-1984
John Turner (Liberal) 1984

Ed Broadbent (New Democratic) 1984-1989
Audrey McLaughlin (New Democratic) 1989-1993

Preston Manning (Reform) 1993-2000
Stockwell Day (Alliance) 2000
Jean Chretien (Liberal) 2000-2003
Paul Martin (Liberal) 2003-2004

Gilles Duceppe (Bloc Quebecois) 2004-2011
Vivian Barbot (Bloc Quebecois) 2011
Daniel Paille (Bloc Quebecois) 2011-2013
Andre Bellavance (Bloc Quebecois) 2013-2014
Jean-Francois Fortin (Bloc Quebecois) 2014
Mario Beaulieu (Bloc Quebecois) 2014-2015

Gilles Duceppe (Bloc Quebecois) 2015
Stephen Harper (Conservative) 2015

Rona Ambrose (Conservative) 2015-2017
Andrew Scheer (Conservative) 2017-2019
Elizabeth May (Green) 2019-present

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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Are these "PM is the leader of the party that OTL got the most votes without actually winning any seats?"

I can't comment on the Canada one but the UK one looks delightfully bonkers without being utterly impossible somehow.
The UK one is. The Canadian one is "longest serving leader wins".
Notes on Treforic Culture: An Cosán Throne Claimants

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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Kings and Queens of Taobh (1571-1655)
Bran I (House of Taobh) 1571-1598
Séamus (House of Taobh) 1598-1602
Bran II (House of Taobh) 1602-1621
Caitlin (House of Taobh) 1621-1635

Rían I (House of Taobh) 1635-1655

High Kings and High Queens of An Cosán (1655-1737)
Rían II (House of Taobh) 1655-1659
Maeve I (House of Taobh) 1659-1691

Gobán (House of Conmara) 1691-1725
Rían III (House of Conmara) 1725-1737

High Kings and High Queens of An Cosán in pretence [unified line] (1737-1899)
Rían IV (House of Conmara) 1737-1743 [Crown Prince Rían] - claim: firstborn son of Rían III
Bran III (House of Conmara) 1743 [Prince Bran] - claim: eldest surviving child of Rían III
Fionnuala (House of Conmara) 1743-1747 [Princess Fionnuala] - claim: eldest surviving child of Rían III
Séamus II (House of Conmara) 1747-1749 [Prince Séamus] - claim: eldest surviving child of Rían III
Norene (House of Conmara) 1749-1755 [Princess Norene] - claim: eldest surviving child of Rían III
Íomhar (House of Jernigan) 1755-1783 [Ieuan Jernigan] - claim: eldest child of previous claimant
Gobán II (House of Jernigan) 1783-1819 [Gavan Jernigan] - claim: eldest child of previous claimant
Gobán III (House of Jernigan) 1819-1855 [Gavan Jernigan] - claim: eldest child of previous claimant
Eoghan I (House of Jernigan) 1855-1899 [Owain VI of Trefor] - claim: eldest child of previous claimant

High Kings and High Queens of An Cosán in pretence ["Buttonite" claim] (1899-1984)
Derdriu (House of Coedwig) 1899-1931 [Deris Coedwig] - claim: sole child of previous claimant
Rían V (House of Coedwig) 1931-1984 [Rhys Coedwig] - claim: sole child of previous claimant

High Kings and High Queens of An Cosán in pretence ["Treforist" claim] (1899-1981)
Lachtna I (House of Jernigan) 1899-1911 [Lloyd III of Trefor] - claim: closest legitimate relative of previous claimant
Lachtna II (House of Jernigan) 1911-1937 [Lloyd IV of Trefor] - claim: eldest child of previous claimant
Dáiríne (House of Jernigan) 1937-1981 [Dilys of Trefor] - claim: eldest child of previous claimant

High Kings and High Queens of An Cosán in pretence ["Legitimist" claim] (1981/4-2092)
Gobán IV (House of Coedwig) 1981/4-2019 [Gavan V of Trefor] - claim: eldest child of previous claimants
Ruadh (House of Coedwig) 2019-2051 [Rhys III of Trefor] - claim: eldest child of previous claimant
Eoghan II (House of Coedwig) 2051-2083 [Owain VII of Trefor] - claim: eldest child of previous claimant
Maeve II (House of Coedwig) 2083-2092 [Medi of Trefor] - claim: senior grandchild of previous claimant.

High Kings and High Queens of An Cosán as recognised by the Government of An Cosán (2092-present)
Maeve II (House of Coedwig) 2092-present [Medi of Trefor] - claim: senior grandchild of previous claimant.
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Prime Ministers of Canada
Sir Ivan Maksimov (Liberal-Conservative majority, from Mescouaci) 1867-1875
Sir Edward Blake (Liberal majority, from Massachusetts Bay) 1875-1879
Sir Ivan Maksimov (Liberal-Conservative majority, from Mescouaci) 1879-1892*
Sir Joseph Sparrow Harkness (Liberal-Conservative majority, from Hudson) 1892-1898
Sir Aleisandr Bendith (Liberal majority then minority, from Rhue Island) 1898-1919
Sir John Leland (Liberal minority, from Connecticut) 1919-1921

Sir Michael Evans (Conservative minority, from Ohio) 1921-1924
Sir John Leland (Liberal minority, from Connecticut) 1924
Ýstin Molineir (Social Democratic minority, from Maryland) 1924-1927
Sir Michael Evans (Conservative majority, from Ohio) 1927-1931
Ýstin Molineir (Social Democratic-Liberal coalition, from Maryland) 1931-1937
Sir Pierre Trelawney (Liberal-Social Democratic coalition then Liberal majority, from Quebec) 1937-1950
Sir Raghnall Mac Aodha (Liberal majority, from New Scotland) 1950-1953
Sir Marius Arissen (Progressive Conservative majority, from Long Island) 1953-1964
Pawl Pereirin (Liberal majority, from Ontario) 1964-1969
Sergei Alekseev-Sobol (Liberal majority, from Mescouaci) 1969-1973
Malte Lindberg (Progressive Conservative minority, from New Sweden) 1973-1977
Constant Bonnaire (Liberal minority, from Acadia) 1977-1981
Evelin Laine Rebane (Progressive Conservative majority, from Vermont) 1981-1988
George Bush (Progressive Conservative majority, from Connecticut) 1988-1995
Louis Labelle (Liberal-Social Democratic coalition, from New Netherland) 1995-2002
Herbert Bush (Progressive Conservative majority, from Wisconsin) 2002-2009
Torben Welter (Liberal majority, from Pennsylvania) 2009-2015
Polyxena Sauvage (Progressive Conservative majority, from Quebec) 2015-2023
Tonie Landvik (Progressive Conservative minority, from New Netherland) 2023-2027
Robert Sillanpää (Social Democratic majority then minority, from Yooperland) 2027-2035
Jaime Magalhães (Progressive Conservative majority, from Bacalhau) 2035-present
Notes on Treforic Culture: Unique Words

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Not a proper "Notes on Treforic Culture" post, but here's a few [well I lie, just two] words that replaces OTL Welsh words.

Instead of the emperor being called ymerawdwr [from the Latin imperator] the Treforic people say hwngti [from the Sinsic huangdi].

Instead of a library being called a llyfrgell [meaning "book-cell"], the Treforic people call it a tŵsi-cŵan [from the Sinsic túshū guǎn].

The Treforic word for cartoons is not cartŵn [a Welshification of the English cartoon], but syluniad [셀운얟] [a portmanteau of symud ["move"] and luniad ["drawing"], hence meaning "moving drawing"]. The aesthetic is way more Japanese anime of course, so expect anime Superted and stuff like that.

The Treforic word for tea is not te [which comes from primarily European takes on Southern Chinese dzhou], but tsai [which comes from the direct Mandarin cha].

The Treforic word for sky, air and heaven is not awyr [from the Latin aer] or nefoedd, but instead tanco [from the Sinsic tiānkōng].

The Treforic word for nation is not gwlad, but instead gwa, because of the influence from Tae guk and Sinsic guó. It is etymologically the same, just changed due to different influences.

So far it's because Sinsic culture has been in Treforic culture associated with "high culture". I might add more Tae [Korean] later on.

I'll add to this post all the words that I figure probably will change in Treforic compared to Welsh.

EDIT: I am adding the "blood script" to those words as well.
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Finished the Atlantic Archipelago of the updated version of A Toasted World.

- Leinster: You know what, chaps? What we need, is Irish unity. Under Leinster.
- Connacht: Um... No thanks. We're doing fine, actually.
- Ulster: No, that doesn't seem ideal, what with the Orange Free County and all.
- Munster
-- Irish Socialist Republic: We agree, but not under the capitalist leprechauns.
-- National Republic of Munster: Reject Leinster Imperialism! Stand up for Munster!

- Scotland: Everything's burning aaaa
-- Kingdom of Scotland: Remain calm, remain calm, nothing's wrong.
-- Scottish Socialists: The Lady Commissioner was assassinated by the deep state! Rise up!
- Kingdom of the Isles: Can both sides stay away from us pls.
-- Province of Sodor: Choo, choo, we're the last surviving trains after humans killed the rest of us.
- Orcish State: And us too. We like fighting, but that's not our fight.
- Duchy of Shetland: By Celestia, you humans are dumb.

- Principality of Cumbria: We're not Lagenian. And the rest are backwards, not interested in our steam tech.
- Serene Republic of Lancaster: Money, my dear narrator, makes the world go round. Even if we're not really Lagenian.
- People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Northumberland: Scotland falling apart scares us, we should ensure the left wins quickly.
- Palatinate of Durham: The Bishop and the Chief Minister has shook hands, despite the fact one is a theocrat and the other a communist.
- State of Yorkshire: The Yorkshire Labour Party has rolled out "Interactive Yorkshire", their new Big Idea. Expect it to be binned next month.

- Loyalists: Currently thinking about trying to rely on monarchism to rally support, seeing as the republic has failed.
- Communists: May Comrades Feather, Longstocking and Boot lead us to victory! Down with capitalism, up with the Red Flag!
- Fascists: England must burn to be reborn. We must be stronger, tougher, more united. We must Rise!
- East Anglia: Basically we're just rebelling because... Hereward the Wake? The guy who convinced us was pretty damn charismatic.
- Kent: Apparently we're Celtic? How strange. And England has been oppressing us, so yeah, we're rising up.
- Free and Neutral County of Rutland: Stay away from us. All of you. We have well-trained Pokemon ready to defend us.

- Kingdom of Britain: *sips tea and sighs in pain at the idiocy of the rest of the archipelago*.
- Republic of Wessex: Thank God we're not part of England.
- White Island: We're part of some Spanish country, apparently.