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Tibby's Graphics and Grab-Bag Thread.

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Wanait election, 2021
Social Alliance: 15 seats, 29.28%
Green Fusion: 13 seats, 24.62%
Our Nation: 8 seats, 15.40%
Popular Moderates: 6 seats, 12.15%
Anticapitalist Alternative: 5 seats, 11.06%
Confederation of United Socialist Movements: 3 seats, 7.50%
Resulting government: SA-PM minority coalition
Prime Minister: Rama da Costa (SA)

Wanait election, 2022
Social Alliance: 13 seats, 25.92%
Green Fusion: 12 seats, 22.60%
Our Nation: 8 seats, 16.75%
Confederation of United Socialist Movements: 6 seats, 12.21%
Popular Moderates: 6 seats, 11.48%
Anticapitalist Alternative: 5 seats, 11.05%
Resulting government: GF-CUSM-PM minority coalition with AA supply and confidence
Prime Minister: Aranrhod Baart (GF)

Wanait election, 2024
Green Fusion: 14 seats, 26.90%
Social Alliance: 11 seats, 21.33%
Confederation of United Socialist Movements: 8 seats, 17.01%
Our Nation: 7 seats, 13.26%
Popular Moderates: 6 seats, 12.28%
Democratic Left: 3 seats, 7.22%
Anticapitalist Alternative: 1 seat, 2.01%
Resulting government: GF-CUSM-PM coalition
Prime Minister: Aranrhod Baart (GF)

Wanait election, 2029
Green Fusion: 15 seats, 27.58%
Social Alliance: 9 seats, 17.96%
Our Nation: 9 seats, 17.30%
Popular Moderates: 7 seats, 14.29%
Confederation of United Socialist Movements: 5 seats, 10.96%
Democratic Left: 3 seats, 6.54%
Anticapitalist Alternative: 2 seats, 5.38%
Resulting government: GF-PM-CUSM coalition
Prime Minister: Aranrhod Baart (GF)

Wanait election, February 2032
Green Fusion: 11 seats, 21.08%
Social Alliance: 10 seats, 21.00%
Popular Moderates: 10 seats, 19.81%
Our Nation: 8 seats, 15.59%
Democratic and Alternative Left: 7 seats, 14.31%
Confederation of United Socialist Movements: 4 seats, 8.04%
Resulting government: N/A, another election called
Prime Minister: Aranrhod Baart (GF) [interim]

Wanait election, October 2032
Popular Moderates: 17 seats, 33.94%
Green Fusion: 10 seats, 19.73%
Social Alliance: 9 seats, 17.63%
Our Nation: 7 seats, 17.24%
Democratic and Alternative Left: 4 seats, 8.27%
Confederation of United Socialist Movements: 3 seats, 6.20%
Resulting government: PM minority
Prime Minister: Anna Villanueva (PM)

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Absolute Primogeniture without George II?
George (Hannover) 1714-1727

Sophia I (Hannover) 1727-1757
Sophia II (Hannover) 1757-1758
Sophia III (Hannover) 1758-1780

Frederick (Hannover) 1780-1786 [also ruled as Frederick I of Prussia. Uncle of Sophia III, son of Sophia I]
Charles III (Hohenzollern) 1786-1806 [nephew of Frederick, son of his sister Frederica Louise]
Charles IV (Brunswick) 1806 [cousin of Charles III, son of his aunt Charlotte]
William IV (Wuerttemberg) 1806-1864 [grandson of Charles IV through Princess Augusta. Also ruled Wuerttemberg as William I]
Catherine (Wuerttemberg) 1864-1898 [after this, it's the same as my "Absolute Primogeniture after Frederick" list]
William V (Wuerttemberg) 1898-1921 [also ruled Wuerttemberg as William II]
Pauline (Wuerttemberg) 1921-1965
William VI (Wied-Neuwied) 1965-2000

Charles V (Wied-Neuwied) 2000-2015
Maximilian (Wied-Neuwied) 2015-present

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Absolute Primogeniture without Charles II?
Charles I (Stuart) 1625-1649
- Interregnum 1649-1660 -
Mary I and II (Stuart) 1660
William I and III (Orange) 1660-1702 [the same William III as OTL]
Anne (Stuart) 1702-1714 [the same Anne as OTL]
James VII and II (Stuart) 1714-1766 [the "Old Pretender" in OTL]
Charles II (Stuart) 1766-1788 ["Bonnie Prince Charlie" in OTL]
- then I'm going to go a bit more interesting here... -

Charlotte Stuart, Legitimate (as in, the Houses of Parliament recognise Charles II's legitimisation of Charlotte)
Charlotte (Stuart) 1788-1789
Mary II and III (Stuart) 1789-1836

Anthony I (Nikorowicz) 1836-1852

Charles III (Nikorowicz) 1852-1859
Anthony II (Nikorowicz) 1859-1903

Caroline (Nikorowicz) 1903-1951
Mary III and IV (Mączyński) 1951-1992
Stanislaus (Malec) 1992-present

Charlotte Stuart, Illegitimate (as in, the Houses of Parliament refuses to recognise it)
Henry I and IX (Stuart) 1788-1807
Amelia (Wettin) 1807-1870 [Distantly related to Henry I and IX]
Louis (Wittelsbach) 1870-1921 [Great-great nephew of Amelia. Also ruled Bavaria as Ludwig III]
Robert (Wittelsbach) 1921-1955
Albert (Wittelsbach) 1955-1996
Mary II and III (Wittelsbach) 1996-present

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
I think I basically scraped the barrels of original "Absolute Primogeniture after..." lists. But here's a fun one...

Absolute Primogeniture After... Louis I?
Louis I (Capet) 1216-1226 [also rules France as Louis VIII from 1223]
Louis II and IX (Capet) 1226-1270
Isabella (Capet) 1270-1271
Philip I and III (Capet) 1271-1285
Philip II and IV (Capet) 1285-1314
Louis III and X (Capet) 1314-1316
Joan I (Capet) 1316-1349
[also rules Navarre as Joan II from 1328]
Constance (Barcelona) 1349-1363 [granddaughter of Joan I through her daughter Princess Mary]
Mary I (Aragon) 1363-1401 [also co-rules Sicily from 1377 forth]
Charles I, IV, III and II (Evreux) 1401-1425 [yes the numbering gets a bit nuts. Also after Mary, the tree has to go a bit further back]
Blanche I (Evreux) 1425-1441
Charles II, V, IV and III (Trastamara) 1441-1461
Blanche II (Trastamara) 1461-1464
[sister of King Charles, who died without issue]
Eleanor (Trastamara) 1464-1479 [sister of Queen Blanche, who died without issue]
Francis (Foix) 1479-1483 [grandson of Queen Eleanor through Prince Gaston]
Catherine (Foix) 1483-1517 [sister of King Francis who died without issue]
Henry III and II (Albret) 1517-1555 [III of England and Sicily, II of France and Navarre]
Joan II, III and I (Albret) 1555-1572 [II of England and France, III of Navarre, I of Sicily]
Henry IV and III (Bourbon) 1572-1610 [OTL Henry IV of France]
Louis IV, XI and II (Bourbon) 1610-1643 [OTL Louis XIII of France. IV of England, XI of France, II of Navarre and Sicily]
Louis V, XII and III (Bourbon) 1643-1715 [OTL Louis XIV of France]
Louis VI, XIII and IV (Bourbon) 1715-1774 [OTL Louis XV of France]
Ferdinand I (Bourbon-Parma) 1774-1802 [also rules Parma as Duke Ferdinand I from 1765]
Caroline (Bourbon-Parma) 1802-1804
Amelia (Wettin) 1804-1870
Louis VII, XIV and V (Wittelsbach) 1870-1921 [also rules Bavaria as Ludwig III from 1913. Great-grandson of Queen Caroline]
Robert I and III (Wittelsbach) 1921-1955 [I of England, Navarre, Sicily and Bavaria, III of France]
Albert (Wittelsbach) 1955-1996
Mary II and I (Wittelsbach) 1996-present

Long live Her Royal Majesty, Mary the Second Queen of England, France, Navarre and Sicily, and of Bavaria the First. Long may she reign!

[If you don't like the "snowball inheritance", just ignore all numbers but the English ones, those are always the first one]

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Here's the second "fun" one.

Absolute Primogeniture after... Philip I?
Mary I and Philip I (Tudor and Hapsburg) 1554-1558
Philip I and II (Hapsburg) 1558-1598
Elizabeth I and II (Hapsburg) 1598-1633
[OTL Isabella Clara Eugenia. I of England, II of Spain]
Victor I (Savoy) 1633-1637 [Nephew of Queen Elizabeth through her sister Princess Catherine. Also rules Savoy as Victor Amadeus I from 1630]
Louisa (Savoy) 1637-1692
Victor II (Savoy) 1692-1732
[Nephew of Queen Louisa through her brother Prince Charles Emmanuel. Rules Savoy as Victor Amadeus II]
Louis I (Bourbon) 1732-1774 [Grandson of King Victor through his daughter Princess Mary Adelaide. Also rules France as Louis XV from 1715]

Then it's basically the same as "Louis I?" except for different numbering. This is the quickest we've got basically an united Europe just through inheritance. England, Italy, France, Spain, even Bavaria eventually, probably the Netherlands.

Long live Her Imperial Majesty, Mary the Empress of Europe, Second Queen of England and Spain, First of France, Italy and Bavaria! Long may she reign!
Notes on Treforic Culture: Name Structure

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Notes on Treforic Culture (basically an Wales analogue influenced by Asia)

Part 1: Treforic Name Structure

Basically a Treforic name is threefold.

There's the given name. It's trendy to have a second given name those days, like a middle name, but traditionally it wasn't done. Example - Bethan.

There's the descent name. Either patronymic or matronymic or increasingly both. Yes, long names is trendy those days. Example - ferch Medi, meaning daughter of Medi.

Then there's the clan name, which is always the one of the descent name. Even immigrants have one, it's their family name elsewhere but in some cases a clan can 'adopt' an immigrant and give them their clan name. This is a high honour that needs approval by the head of the entire clan, and is normally given to adopted children (who otherwise wouldn't be in the clan). Example - Parker, denoting being part of Clan Parker.

The full example would be Bethan ferch Medi Parker. Bethan, daughter of Medi, of Clan Parker.

A long name would be Sieffre Tegid ap Cystennin Morgan a Ifanna Fenna. Or Tegid Morgan Fenna for short. A bit like the Spanish, yeah. But this is a new thing, not quite traditional, but it's getting popular with people who want to respect both families.

In Treforic culture, adoption is seen as both religiously virtuous (there's even a ritual marking it) and benefiting a clan. You're kind of reborn as a new person in the ritual, symbolically. Adoption legally essentially changes your clan affiliations to those of your adopted parents with the permission of the clan heads (which are expected to approve, it's their duty to encourage further growth of the clan. Declining would be seen as religiously immoral and face social backlash as well as cause people to suggest it might be time for a new clan head).

I have notes on the religion and how the specific Treforic variation deals with stuff such as trans people transitioning (which is both very progressive and yet not quite). That'll come in another post.
Notes on Treforic Culture: The Tale of Trefi and Cosan

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Notes on Treforic Culture

Part Two: The Tale of Trefi and Cosan (the founding myth of Trefor and An Cosan)

Once upon a time, across the eastern sea, there lived a brother and a sister. One was a daring yet brash explorer who had a bold dream of sailing across the wide ocean to find a new land. This man was named Cosan. The other was his quiet, scholarly sister who often had her nose in a book yet her ultimate loyalty was to her family, especially Cosan. This woman was named Trefi.

After many moons of preparation, Cosan was about to sail with his thousand men and women. At the last second, Trefi realised she couldn’t let him leave without her there to protect him, so she jumped towards the ship even when the gap was too wide. The wind blessed her decision and lifted her the rest of the gap. The journey took many more moons, but eventually Cosan’s battered ships arrived to land. It was a soft land overflowing with green, yet there was an aura of mysterious danger around it. Trefi advised caution, but Cosan took a group of 12 into the interior. A sun later, three survivors came out, including Cosan, and called to lift anchor. They managed to escape the incoming natives who took offense to Cosan’s brash and domineering attitude and decided to drive him off their land.

Eventually the ships arrived to a much more promising land. It was rich in soil, and the rivers ran regularly opening up the possibility of agriculture. Trefi approved of the sight, and even the brash Cosan could see the value of the land. The first settlement was set up and over the next few years, the place grew. Over time, Cosan handed all effective management to Trefi, who could deal with the nitty-gritty while Cosan became a national figurehead. This agreement worked very well for the two, up to a point.

Ten years after the start of the sailing of Trefi and Cosan, a new ship decked out in purple appeared on the horizon and came to shore. It was from their old home, and was from their father the Emperor of Mangowl bearing gifts to his children. Trefi was eager to accept the gifts and open up trade between their old and new homes. Cosan was of a different mind. Part of the reason he wanted to sail and explore was to escape his father’s shadow. He wanted to be his own man, and accepting those gifts in his mind was to accept his father’s authority over him once more. The two siblings argued for many days and nights over this, Cosan’s stubborn nature only matched by Trefi’s loyalty to her family.

In the end, Cosan called a meeting of all the settlement’s families and declared that he was going to leave the place “with those truly loyal to him and his dream”. Most families by this point accepted the quiet authority of Trefi, but a considerable chunk still followed Cosan out of the settlement. Some families sundered in the process, spreading the misery that a broken family brought to Trefi and Cosan, to even more people. After Cosan left, Trefi wept for many more days over her brother’s stubbornness. Cosan along with his people marched northwards to found a new settlement, one that would “stand on its own”. This ended up the land of An Cosan, the smaller and less developed of the two countries the siblings founded.

Trefi soldiered on and managed to continue the original settlement’s growth, furthering trade with the old country and expanding the settlement into a new country. She married an unusual commoner with glowing blue eyes and had many children. And of course, the land they founded became the Kingdom of Trefor, the bigger and more developed of the two countries, and still ruled by the descendants of Trefi even to this day.

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Absolute Primogeniture after Henry VI
Henry VI (Lancaster) 1422-1471
Henry VII (Trastamara) 1471-1474 [OTL Henry IV of Castile. Distantly related to Henry VI]
Joan I (Trastamara) 1474-1530 [Also Queen Consort of Portugal from 1475 to 1481]
Joan II (Trastamara) 1530-1555 [Known as "Joan the Mad". Also Queen of Castile 1504-1555 and Aragon 1516-1555]
Eleanor (Habsburg) 1555-1558
Mary (Aviz) 1558-1577
Charles (Habsburg) 1577-1588 [The Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. Closest living cousin to Mary]
Philip (Habsburg) 1588-1598 [And here's where it merges with "Absolute Primogeniture after... Philip I?"]

The distinct thing about this is that if you do snowball inheritance, all of Germany falls into it, and it's even more "European Empire".

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
The Weeping of the Wax

I am the weeping of the wax
I am the defiant string
I am the glow and the dark

People burn me when they want me
And yet when I succumb, they miss me
They want the glow, not the dark.

I can burn sweetly. But I still burn.
Entertain your senses I can. But I burn.
I am the defiant string, trying to be big.

When I burn, I weep. The wax drips.
People want me to glow and I weep.
Is the light worth such a price?

If you want to know me, do not burn me.
The defiant string deserves a rest sometimes.
If you ask me who I am, I remain mute.

I am the defiance of the string, but also the weakness.
I am the mighty wax, weeping as I glow.
I am the brilliance of the glow, yet it destroys me.
I am the quiet embers of what comes after.

As I succumb, I look up and go, why? Why burn me?
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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
So Mote It Be's Harry Potter

Birth Name: Harry James Potter
Current Name: Harry James Lovegood-Potter

Birth: July 31, 1980
Blood Status: Unclear (Legally Half-Blood) [1]
Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde/Brown (formerly Black)
Eye Colour: Green

House Status
Head of
Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter [since October 31, 1981]
Common House of Evans [since October 31, 1981]

Heir of
Most Noble and Ancient House of Black [since March 15, 1985]
Most Noble House of Lovegood [since July 31, 1988]

Member of
Noble House of Greengrass [since January 21, 1982, recognised November 4, 1987]

James Charlus Potter (birth father)
Lily Marie Evans (birth mother)
Xenophilius Andrew Lovegood (blood adopted father)
Pandora Selene Greengrass (blood adopted mother)

Luna Selene Lovegood (birth offspring of blood adopted parents)

Animagus [Inherited from James Charlus Potter]
Mage-Sight [Inherited from Xenophilius Andrew Lovegood via blood adoption]

[1] Definition of blood status for blood adopted people is a present and somewhat controversial debate.

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Presidents of the Folkmoot of the English Commonwealth (1911-present)
Edgar Huckley (Folkthrum) 1911-1916
Simon de Mercy, 6th Viscount Eastmoor (Crown) 1916-1917
Edgar Huckley (Folkthrum-led Wartime Coalition) 1917-1920
Thomas Beckinsale (Folkthrum, then "
Burgh" Folkthrum) 1920-1927
Edgar Huckley ("
Land" Folkthrum minority with support from Workers) 1927-1931
Peter Chase ("
Burgh" Folkthrum minority) 1931-1933
Arthur Hewlin (Midwist-Crown coalition, then Midwist, then Midwist-led Wartime Coalition) 1933-1946
Edwin Barley-Cooper (United Folkthrum-Workers coalition) 1946-1953
Wilfrid Monk (Midwist) 1953-1959
Duncan Greathouse (Midwist) 1959-1962

Edmund Laughton (United Folkthrum) 1962-1967
Duncan Greathouse (Midwist-Crown coalition) 1967-1972
Jocelyn Rowell (United Folkthrum-Workers coalition) 1972-1983
Cedric Pancake (United Folkthrum-
Workers coalition, then United Folkthrum minority) 1983-1986
Ed Twelvetrees (Midwist, then Midwist minority) 1986-1992
Hilary Lane Fox (Midwist-
Crown coalition) 1992-1999
Samuel Kettle (United Folkthrum) 1999-2005
Eveline Roper (United Folkthrum, then United Folkthrum-
Workers-Eftwyrd coalition) 2005-2011

Winton Moultrie (Midwist-Eftwyrd-Crown coalition, then Midwist) 2011-2018
Bill Maidment (United Folkthrum-Eftwyrd coalition, then United Folkthrum) 2018-2026
Lizette Parker (Midwist-Crown coalition) 2026-2031
Increase Summerfield (United Folkthrum-Workers-Eftwyrd coalition) 2031-2034
Lizette Parker (Midwist-Crown coalition) 2034-2037
Jet Skelton (Midwist-
Crown coalition, then Midwist-led Broad-Bottomed Ministry) 2037-present


Midwist ["Society"]
A party above all for "harmonisation" of society. Which ends up with it stepping into the role of the establishment conservative party. Unlike its closest equivalent in Britain, it is very opposed to immigration, seeing them as a threat to "social harmony". It is very much an assimiliationist party, which has led to tensions with England's ethnic minorities and with its often-times coalition partner the Crown Party. On other social issues, it is still to the Crown Party's left, willing to implement liberal measures to keep society harmonious.

United Folkthrum ["United People's Power"]
"For the ordinary Englishman" it claims to be, it is known as the "Founder of the Commonwealth", being the party that led the 1911 revolution. To this day it is still the most republican party, with even the Workers' Party having some very weird "Red Monarchists" in its ranks. It is broadly an establishment centre-left party. It does well with both city and countryside, which has led to tensions between the more radical and liberal "Burgh" faction and the more centrist and socially conservative "Land" faction. Thankfully for them neither want to undergo the sundering of the 20s again.

Crown Party
The standard-holder for a restoration of the English monarchy, its popularity has seen a growth since the pretender was no longer a playboy figure with anger problems but instead his cute young daughter. The gushing media has led to renewed [even if tepid] interest in restoration. The Crown Party is also surprisingly enough the party of minorities in England, embracing the notion of "International Monarchism" full steam ahead. Given the family they want to put on the throne are Britons in all but name, it makes sense. They're still fairly socially conservative though.

Eftwyrd ["Renewal"]
Also often referred to as the "Greens", they're England's environmentalist party. Acutely riddled with factionalism, they have proved an unreliable coalition partner recently, what with the collapse of the Summerfield government. Currently if it wasn't for the civil war, neither Midwist or United Folkthrum would have anything to do with them. And given some [not connected to the party directly] terrorist cells align themselves to the deep greens in control of Berlin, some worry Eftwyrd is going the same way, radicalising to the point of declaring war on everyone else.

Workers' Party
England's left-wing party, it is currently banned due to being part of the communist uprising against the government. The moderate Workers' figures still sit in the Folkmoot-in-exile as "Independent Workers", but they're seen as United Folkthrum in all but name. The Workers' Party wasn't always communist though. It's only the dismal times that have pushed them far to the left and allowed the far-left to take over control. The leader of the "Independent Workers" is a "Red Monarchist", a very peculiar tendency that argues for syncretising democratic socialism and monarchism.

Rihtan ["To put right"]
England's own fascist party, it has grown in power and influence as the world has slid further into chaos and disunity, and it has struck, declaring the first blow in the civil war that has grown to embroil the English Commonwealth. Now it has seized London and is posed to finish the war with a clear fascist victory, a blow against democracy. Can the other factions unite against it or is England's future now under the fascist boot?

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
A Map of the Danish-Scanian Language Continuum, by a Judgey Dane
Lime - "Proper Danish, even if with that annoying accent."
- Scanian Danish: Aka Danish but spoken with a distinct Scanian accent

Blue - "Half-Danish, half-nonsense. Worst sound I ever heard."
- Common Scanian Dialects: Aka in-between dialect and language, often frustrating for Danes as it is on the border of intelligibility

Green - "Simply farmers' cant. Hopefully it dies out."
- Scanian Language: Rural, very influenced by Gutlandic to the point of having its own dialect continuum with the dying Gutlandic language. Also some Swedish influence especially in the northwest variants.

Purple - "The worst of all of them. Vile, vile Swedish."
- Swedish Language: Present in the northernmost of Scania.
Notes on Treforic Culture: The Pobl Pili Pala

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Notes on Treforic Culture

Part Three: The Pobl Pili Pala

The Treforic culture's perception of trans people is at once accepting and yet not. The Treforic people, being firm Rauists of the Treforic denomination, has certain beliefs, and one of those beliefs is that people who are seen as "having the soul of the other gender" are special in the eyes of Hunkara, their omnipresent goddess of everything. So naturally, they wouldn't want to allow those Hunkara-blessed people to just melt away to normality.

Treforic society is one of the most pro-trans rights societies in their world, and yet they refuse to treat trans people as "just" normal people of their gender identity. No, the Hunkara-blessed, the pobl pili pala ["butterfly people"], they are obviously chosen for a higher purpose, and since Treforic society tends collectivist, there are considerable expectations put on such people to fulfill that higher purpose. The most obvious is that they're called upon to take part in several religious rituals that take place through the year, and are expected to attend Temple wearing special sky-blue robes, marking them out from the normal attenders. It's kind of a mark of pride, and yet some feel it's constraining. It varies.

The conception of the pobl pili pala is a very old one in Treforic society, and once long ago was a clear third gender like the Shanthian hijra, but over time it became a label for those that transgressed the sex-gender binary, and ultimately ended up equivalent to the modern conception of trans people. The expectations placed on the people in question also comes with the Temple's strong support of them against possible hostility from their family, clan or society. And when a very religious society is told to step in line by its own religion, it tends to do so immediately. Hence why Treforic society in a sense has "normalised" trans people and yet has not as it has made them a special group separate from everyone else.

There is a religious ritual someone goes through to mark their transition, which has similarities to the adoption ritual, that marks them as one of the pobl pili pala, and it is considered a positive one, and often matches with their legal status changing to mark their new situation. Treforic society can be considerably clueless about transphobia in other countries, up to the point where at some point they marked people's status as pobl pili pala on their passports, opening them up to targetting by considerably less accepting people managing borders and migration. In the early 2000s, this was changed by the Divkovic Ministry to protect them from such targetting.

Despite how clueless Treforic people can get, and the considerable expectations and special treatment trans people get in Trefor, it's still a society that overall has became completely used to the existence of trans people. Transphobia is seen as weird, against Treforic values, and fundamentally foreign. Why would you want to target one of the Hunkara-blessed butterfly people? Do you wish to make Hunkara disappointed in you? And do you want to make Treforic society look at you at once and heavily disapprove?

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Plaibout election, 2019
United for Change: 17 seats, 31.58%
Liberal Union: 13 seats, 24.94%
Democratic Conservative: 7 seats, 13.70%
Alliance for Freedom: 4 seats, 9.15%
Conservative (Pro-Government): 4 seats, 8.43%
Socialist Democracy: 3 seats, 5.71%
Conservative (Pro-Opposition): 2 seats, 4.55%
Communist: 1 seat, 1.94%

Resulting Government: LU-DC-C(PO)-SD-Com coalition

Basically the story here is that United for Change [a merger of a right-wing splitter from the Conservatives and a right-wing vaguely fash "National Brotherhood"] has been governing for quite a bit now, especially in coalition with the even further right-wing Alliance for Freedom and the centre-right Conservatives. Their increasing authoritarianism [along with the fact the real hard-right left for UfC way ago] led the Conservatives to split into pro-government and anti-government forces. The Democratic Conservatives [a merger of the "Democratic Centrists" and a left-wing Tory splitter the Progressive Conservatives] of course benefit from this, as well as the centre-left Liberal Union. In the end, the government loses their majority, and a shaky broad-tent government of everyone from the far-left Communists to the centre-right-y anti-UfC Tories is formed, with the Liberals at the helm
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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Plaibout election, 2021
United for Change: 17 seats, 31.90% (+-)
Liberal Union: 17 seats, 31.67% (+4)
Democracy PLUS: 9 seats, 17.80% (+-)
[Compared to combined DC and C(PO) in 2019]
Conservative: 4 seats, 8.37% (+-)
Alliance for Freedom: 2 seats, 4.90% (-2)
Socialist Democracy: 2 seats, 4.67% (-1)
Communist: 0 seats, 0.68% (-1)

Resulting Government: LU-D+-SD

The shaky broad-tent government lasted until 2021, mostly by sheer determination to not let the UfC back in. The party composition was made simpler when in 2020, the Conservatives voted to expel the MPs supporting the government, leading to them leading their voters in with the Democratic Conservatives, rebranding the party as "Democracy PLUS". Once several new investigations into the old government's corruption bore fruit, the election couldn't be called any sooner. The government gained seats, especially the Liberals who raked most of the benefit.

The Communist Party however, was criticised by its hardline voters for co-operating with a "bourgeois" government and it lost enough voters to lose it sole seat. This made the resulting government a much more simpler one of the centre-left Liberals, left-wing Socialists and centrists Democrats.

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Tsundoku Tibby
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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Multiplying minor parties [aka ones that don't get on infoboxes]' vote percentages by ten, and which ones get above 5%? Well, here you go.

[This is basically just a list of all parties that got above 0.5% of the vote, yes]

Peter Cooper (Greenback) - 10%

James B. Weaver (Greenback) - 33.5% [probably would have won]

James St. John (Prohibition) - 15.0%
Benjamin F. Butler (Greenback) - 13.3%

Clinton B. Fisk (Prohibition) - 22.0%
Alson Streeter (Union Labor) - 13.1%

John Bidwell (Prohibition) - 22.4%

John M. Palmer (National Democratic) - 9.7%
Joshua Levering (Prohibition) - 9.4%

John G. Woolley (Prohibition) - 15.1%
Eugene V. Debs (Social Democratic) - 6.3%

Eugene V. Debs (Socialist) - 29.8% [given the others, 29.8% is probably a winning number]
Silas C. Swallow (Prohibition) - 19.2%
Thomas E. Watson (Populist) - 8.4%

Eugene V. Debs (Socialist) - 28.3% [given the others, 28.3% is probably a winning number]
Eugene W. Chafin (Prohibition) - 17.1%
Thomas L. Hisgen (Independence) - 5.5%

Eugene W. Chafin (Prohibition) - 13.8%

Allan L. Benson (Socialist) - 31.9% [given the others, 31.9% is definitely a winning number]
Frank Hanly (Prohibition) - 11,9%

Eugene V. Debs (Socialist) - 34.1%
Parley P. Christensen (Farmer-Labor) - 9.9%
Aaron S. Watkins (Prohibition) - 7.1%

- None -

Norman Thomas (Socialist) - 7.3%

Norman Thomas (Socialist) - 22.3%

William Lemke (Union) - 19.5%

- None -

- None -

Henry A. Wallace (Progressive) - 23.7%

- None -

- None -

- None -

- None -

- None -

John G. Schmitz (American Independent) - 14.2%

Eugene McCarthy (Independent) - 9.1%

Ed Crane (Libertarian) - 10.6%

- None -

- None -

- None -

Ralph Nader (Green) - 7.1%
Harry Browne (Libertarian) - 5.0%

Ralph Nader (Green) - 27.4% [could this have won? I'm not sure]

- None -

Ralph Nader (Independent) - 5.6%

Gary Johnson (Libertarian) - 9.9%

Gary Johnson (Libertarian) - 32.8% [given the others, 32.8% is definitely a winning number]
Jill Stein (Green) - 10.7%
Evan McMullin (Independent) - 5.4%