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Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State


But at what cost?
Commanders-in-Chief of the National Revolutionary Army (Reconstituted)

1949–1949: Sun Liren
1949–1960: Wei Lihuang
1960–1990: Song Xilian
1990–2002: Song Jinrong
2002–2002: collective; Council of Organizational Responsibility
2002–0000: Ma Yingjiu

The National Revolutionary Army (Reconstituted) is the military wing and governing body of the Republic of China*, a de facto independent ethnic Chinese parastate in Upper Burma established in 1949 in the aftermath of the Chinese Civil War. Unrecognized by the Burmese government and all but two sovereign states, the end of the Cold War and subsequent cessation of foreign arms and funding has left the NRA(r) to rely mostly on opium cultivation and drug trafficking as its main source of revenue. For most of its existence the NRA(r)'s main adversaries have been the United Communist Party of Burma (Kachin State) and the Shan People's Army. Outright combat largely ceased in the '90s, and the Upper Burmese conflict has since been limited to targeted assassinations and small-scale ambushes on isolated units. A ceasefire was signed with the government in 2017, one that has lapsed since the outbreak of coronavirus in the border refugee camps and the alleged murder of a government army officer by NRA(r) soldiers at a checkpoint in Kokang.

*A distinct entity from the Republic of China-in-exile, which is based in New Jersey and controls no territory.
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1977-1981:Walter Mondale/Jerry Brown(Democratic)
1976:Gerald Ford/George H.W. Bush(Republican)
1981-1989:Bob Dole/Guy Vander Jagt(Republican)

1980:Walter Mondale/Jerry Brown(Democratic),Ralph Nader/LaDonna Harris(People's)
1984:Joe Biden/John Glenn(Democratic)

1989-1993:Michael Dukakis/Ann Richards(Democratic)
1988:Ross Perot/Donald Rumsfeld(Republican)
1993-1997:John McCain/Carroll Campbell(Republican)
1992:Michael Dukakis/Ann Richards(Democratic)
1997-2001:Al Gore/John Kerry(Democratic)
1996:John McCain/Carroll Campbell(Republican)
2001-2005:Hillary Rodham/Christine Todd Whitman(Republican)
2000:Al Gore/John Kerry(Democratic)
2005-2013:John Kerry/Dick Gephardt(Democratic)

2004:Hillary Rodham/Christine Todd Whitman(Republican)
2008:Mike Huckabee/Tommy Thompson(Republican)

2013-2021:Mitt Romney/Kelly Ayotte(Republican)
2012:Barack Obam
a/Brian Schweitzer(Democratic)
2016:Walter Mondale/Sherrod Brown(Democratic)


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Published by SLP
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Merus in pectum et in aquam
Being an speculative account of political affairs in the great city of Ankh Morpork and its environs

1973-1999: Lord Havelock Vetinari (Assassin's Guild)

"I am... disappointed. My schedule really is very busy at present."


1999-2003: Samuel Vimes (City Watch)

His Grace, The Duke of Ankh Commander Sir Samuel Vimes, Patrician of Ankh Morpork, Blackboard Monitor, the Lord Ramkin, DACFD, BaaL, President of the Sto Plains Assembly, Protector of the Temple of the Hidden Throne, Knight of the Imperial Throne of Muntab, Baron of Dontgonearthe, KBE, GBP, SOS,


"This is a coup! You have armed men in the Patrician's Palace."

"I'm here to keep the peace." Vimes said.

"But keep the peace for who?" Mr Slant asked.

"For which ever one of you bastards ends up with it."

Downey looked to Boggis, Boggis looked to Queen Molly, Queen Molly looked to Moist, and Moist, finally, looked to Vimes.

Vimes realised what had happened, a moment too late. "Bugger."

2003-2009: Moist von Lipwig (Merchant's Guild)

Slogan "Trust Lipwig"
Lord Downey (Assassin's Guild - "Vote Lord Downey for a safer future")
Bawling Lord Somewhat (Fools Guild - "Vote Insanity you know it makes sense!!!!!")

Slogan "Keep Moist and let the good times continue!"
Lord Venturi (Ankh Morpork Times - "You are thinking what we're thinking")
Vexation Pegg (Guild of Accountants "Look Left, Look Right, Walk forwards (unless there's a cart coming (and only if you're trying to go forwards (otherwise consult a map(unless you know which way you're going))))"
The Marquis de Poubelle Malodorant (Guild of Assassins "Ankh Morpork for Ankh Morporkians! Leave the Sto Plains now!")
Peculiar Blossom (Ankh River Preservation Society - "Fish are worth fighting for")

BREAKING NEWS 9 March 2009: The Patrician has Vanished! The Patrician and his family were found missing this morning. The Guild of Assassins has denied involvement! City Watch confounded! Unseen University considering that this may be a further thaumic contamination event, especially as several ancient and expensive relics and the new steamer "The Heart of Ankh Morpork" are also missing. More on this story as it develops.

2009-2019: Remora Selachii (Assassin's Guild)

2009: Slogan "Vote for the Ankh Morpork you deserve"
Defeated: Captain Reg Shoe (City Watch - "Vote Not for the Money, but for the Shoe")

2014: Slogan "Vote Selachii - Your Only Choice"

Vote Selachii - Your Only choice, for the work that is still left undone:

  • We shall restore the Watch's right to police the city unfettered by awakened politics, every Watchmen will now have a legal duty and obligation to apprehend golems, trolls, feral banshees, and beings from the Dungeon Dimensions, etc at the first sign of criminal intent
  • We shall protect women and girls' spaces from the pernicious and dangerous threat of liberal dwarven ideology
  • We shall protect the city's schools and youths from the pernicious and dangerous threat of radicalisation into conservative dwarven ideology
  • We shall protect the Unseen University's political independence from the threat of women and non-human students, dangerous theorising, and other threats to academic freedom

2019-20XX: Carrot Ironfounderson (City Watch)

"Vote Carrot Please"
Remora Selachii (Assassin's Guild - Slogan "Make Ankh Morpork Great Again!")
Harry King (Private Citizen - "Make Ankh Morpork Not on Fire Again!")
Temerity Trout (Sto Plains Independence League - "Make Ankh Morpork Ankh Morpork Again!")


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2016 ;Ron Paul Republican ted Cruz

def: Hilary Clinton Democratic Tim Kaine

That's... that's not a list. A list has more than one object. A good list has narrative, wry footnotes, ironic reversals.

What you have there is a bullet point, and a bullet point that you didn't manage to successfully format.


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she/'er (as in "phwoar, look at the cans on 'er")
That's... that's not a list. A list has more than one object. A good list has narrative, wry footnotes, ironic reversals.

What you have there is a bullet point, and a bullet point that you didn't manage to successfully format.
im pretty sure that's the point of this guy's existence

no one else said anything so i just assumed it was an abstract injoke


But at what cost?
Duvalier est mort

1957–1960: Daniel Fignolé (Peasant Worker Movement)
1957 def: Louis Déjoie (National Agricultural Industrial Party), Clément Jumelle (Popular National Liberation Party)
1960–1961: Léon Cantave (Military)
1961–1961: Emile Saint-Lot (Independent)
1961–1970: Jacques Stephen Alexis (Popular National Liberation Party)
1970–1988: René Depestre (Popular National Liberation Party)
1988–1992: Joseph Roney (Popular National Liberation Party)
1992–2002: Joseph Roney (Popular Coalition Party)
1992 def: Gérard Gourgue (Peasant Worker Movement), Fred Baptiste (Revolutionary Socialist Party "Desalin"), Alix Pasquet Jr. (Patriotic Republican Rally)
1997 def: Rosny Smarth (Peasant Worker Movement), Jean Dominique (Progressive Democratic Party)

2002–2010: Jacques-Édouard Alexis (Progressive Democratic Party)
2002 def: René Théodore (Popular Coalition Party), Rosny Smarth (Party of Unified Haitian Socialists)
2007 def: Raymond Jean-Francois (Popular Coalition Party), Edmonde Supplice Beauzile (The Social Democrats), Jean Chavannes Jeune (National Christian Party)

2010–2012: Alix Balmir (Progressive Democratic Party)
2012–2017: Jean Luc Bell (Unity)
2012 def: Michel Chancy (Popular Coalition Party), Bois d'Orme Letiro (Haiti Without Breaking), Evans Paul (Progressive Democratic Party)
2017–0000: Raymond Jean-Francois (Popular Coalition Party)
2017 def: Jean Luc Bell (Together for Haiti), Stéphanie Villedrouin (Alliance for Change)

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i love how we haven’t even brought up how Paul and Cruz can’t run on the same ticket anyways
That's not technically true.

All the Constitution says is that electors must vote for at least one candidate (either for president or vice president) who is not from their state. So electors in the 49 other states (plus DC) could vote for a Paul/Cruz ticket, but Texas electors would have to vote for someone else in at least one of those races.

This exact situation actually played out IOTL in 2000, when Dick Cheney (who had moved to Texas & become a lobbyist after being Secretary of Defense) was selected as George W. Bush's running mate. Cheney sold his house & moved his voter registration back to the Wyoming address he had used when he was a congressman so that Texas' electors could vote for both men.

That said, you couldn't do that with a (presumably) sitting US senator from the same state as your party's nominee, since the Constitution also requires senators to be residents of the state they represent.


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cocaine socialism // acid communism

1997 - 2007: Tony Blair (Labour) [1]
1997 (Majority; 590 seats): Paddy Ashdown (Liberal Democrats; 37 seats), John Major (Conservative; 5 seats) [2]
2001 (Majority; 529 seats): Charles Kennedy (Liberal Democrats; 69 seats), John Redwood (Conservative; 36 seats) [3]
2005 (Majority; 396 seats): William Hague (Conservative; 153 seats) [4], Charles Kennedy (Liberal Democrats; 69 seats) [5]

2007 - 2012: Gordon Brown (Labour) [6]
2007 (Majority; 386 seats): David Cameron (Conservative; 206 seats), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats; 33 seats)
2012 - 2017: David Miliband (Labour) [7]
2012 (Majority; 422 seats): David Cameron (Conservative; 180 seats) [8], Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats; 23 seats), Nigel Farage (UKIP; 3 seats)
2014 (National Unity Coalition with Conservative; 236 seats): George Osborne (Conservative; 223 seats), Jeremy Corbyn (Anti-Austerity; 113 seats) [9], Nigel Farage (UKIP; 30 seats), Tim Farron (Liberal Democrats; 23 seats)

2017 - 2018: Chuka Umunna (Labour) [10]
2018 - 2019: Chuka Umunna (Progressive) [11]
2019 - 0000: Mark Fisher (Anti-Austerity) [12]
2019 (Majority; 362 seats): Chuka Umunna (Progressive; 107), Nigel Farage (UKIP; 103 seats), George Osborne (Conservative; 32 seats), Alex Salmond (SNP; 24 seats)

[1] Blair's landslides in the Red Wave of 1997 and the 9/11 Election of 2001 cemented him as a legendary figure in the annals of British political history. Of course, his participation in the disastrous war in Iraq, neoliberal economic policies and latent corruption would harm his reputation among the electorate but even by the time Gordon Brown and his cabinet delivered him an ultimatum in 2007, he would retire with damaged but still salvageable approval ratings.

[2] The Daily Mirror headline read: 'PARTY BIG ENOUGH TO FIT IN A TAXICAB.' Humiliating.

[3] John Redwood had a dream of a powerful Eurosceptic UK Conservative Party. That dream would be dashed upon the rocks following the disastrous terror attack on September 11th.

[4] Although Hague did good, it wasn't good enough. There were polls that gave Hague the possibility of his own majority but largely due to internal divisions within the party that opportunity was squandered. Hague stepped down a few months after the election to avoid facing a leadership election.

[5] Same with Kennedy but throw some personal issues into the mix. Regardless, many in the Lib Dems could not forgive him for not increasing the party's size in 2005.

[6] Brown was wise to call a snap election shortly after becoming Prime Minister. With hindsight, he was not wise to preside over the Great Recession and the collapse of the American financial sector. He was also not wise to implement the rigid austerity that would doom his party.

[7] At the pit of Brown's popularity in early 2012, Miliband was able to pull of his coup against Brown and after presiding over a successful Jubilympics was able to capitalize on his newfound popularity and - combined with a UKIP surge - was able to win big over David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

[8] Dave was given two chances to take the party to 10 Downing. He failed both and was promptly given the boot. But not without picking his successor.

[9] The Anti-Austerity Party began in late 2013 with the defection of dozens of left-wing Labour MPs from the party over Miliband's continuation of Blairite Austerity. Since Blair had crushed the RESPECT Party and the Greens, and since Brown ensured Ken Livingstone's destruction, Labour's left-wing competition were forced to sit on its own backbenches until they had grown fed up enough to split off. The party was initially very disorganized which was a fact that PM Miliband sought to take advantage of when he called for a snap election in late 2014. This gambit would fail Miliband, whose Labour Party ran a nightmare campaign and soon learned the true extent of how unpopular they were. With no other alternatives, Miliband struck a devil's bargain with Osborne to form a National Unity government with Osborne as Chancellor. With defections from both parties escalating once parliament opened, Jeremy Corbyn developed plans to take the party even higher. Until he was killed by a neo-nazi in summer, 2016.

[10] Shedding popularity since the National Unity government was created, Miliband would step down in 2017 in favor of party rising star Chuka Umunna. Umunna would make no attempt at renegotiating the party's now less comfortable coalition with the Conservatives.

[11] But Umunna would attempt and succeed at merging the Labour Party and the Lib Dems together before the next general election. Ironically, this would set Labour - or the Progressives - back further due to the two dozen defections because of it. Nevertheless, Umunna felt that the move was necessary to give Labour new direction, especially considering the new global economic downturn spewing from Steve Bullock's nuclear war with North Korea.

[12] Mark Fisher was an unorthodox figure to succeed Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Anti-Austerity Party. But it may have been Fisher's lack of traditional political experience and ideological connections to the recent grassroots movements of Occupy and the 2012 Bernie Primary that won over the rank-and-file antiausteritarian in a leadership contest upset. Fisher's Antiausteritarians took advantage of the new recession, the new cuts, and the failures of the National Unity government. On election day, although barely more than a third of the country voted for his party, Fisher would be given a strong mandate to head into 10 Downing. Gone were the days of the neoliberal "cocaine socialism" of the old Labour Party, here were the days of the boundary-pushing "acid communism" of Mark Fisher and his followers.