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Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State


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After a win in Iowa, it happened. The almost Vice President gained more and more momentum until Election Day when he destroyed his opponent. FDR like margins in the states, in Congress, and in approval ratings. This was a time for celebrating the destruction of the Reagan consensus had finally come. Universal healthcare, climate change, and college for all were all up and passed within the first two years. Even now people argue if the president was better than FDR. However, there is one problem with this story. The Democrats made a deal with the devil in order to get it done.

2009-2017 John Edwards (D-NC)/Barack Obama (D-IL)
2008 def. Mitt Romney (R-MA)/Tim Pawlenty (R-MN)
2012 def. Donald Trump (R-NY)/Rick Perry (R-TX)

2017-present Barack Obama (D-IL)/Alex Sink (D-FL)
2016 def. Rick Perry (R-TX)/Karen Handel (R-GA)
2020 def. Rand Paul (R-KY)/Jon Husted (R-OH)

Yokai Man

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Just Another Form of Tyranny

Mayors of Bucharest

2000-2012 Sorin Oprescu (PDSR,PSD)
2000 First Round def:Traian Băsescu (PD),Cătălin Chiriță (CDR),George Pădure (PNL)
2000 Second Round def:Traian Băsescu (PD)
2004 First Round def: Ludovic Orban (2004 Alternative),Dumitru Dragomir (PRM),Monica Tatoiu (PUR)
2004 Second Round def: Ludovic Orban (2004 Alternative)
2008 def: Romeo Raicu (USR),Gigi Becali (PNG-CD),Florin Călinescu (Independent)

2012-2012 Dan Darabont (PSD,Interimary Mayor)

2012-2021 Miron Mitrea (PSD)

2012 def: Nicușor Dan (Independent),Florin Alexe (PNL),Florin Zamfirescu (PP-DD)
2016 def: Nicușor Dan (A New Bucharest), Cristian Bușoi (PNL),Cătălin Berenghi (Independent)

2021-present day Clotilde Armand (PLUS)

2004-2009 Adrian Năstase (PSD+PUR,PSD+PC)

2004 Parliamentary Elections: PSD+PUR [210], 2004 Alternative [133], PRM [85], UDMR [39]
2004 Presidential Election First Round def: Theodor Stolojan (2004 Alternative), Corneliu Vadim Tudor (PRM), Markó Béla (UDMR)
2004 Presidential Election Second Round def: Theodor Stolojan (2004 Alternative)
2008 Parliamentary Elections: PSD+PC [190], USR [180], PRM [48], UDMR [37]

2009-2012 Mona Muscă (USR)
2009 Presidential Election First Round def: Adrian Năstase (PSD+PC), Corneliu Vadim Tudor (PRM), Kelemen Hunor (UDMR)
2009 Presidential Election Second Round def : Adrian Năstase (PSD+PC)
2011 European Parliament Elections: USR [16], PSD [13],PP-DD [3], UDMR [2], László Tökés-Independent

2012-2012 Teodor Meleșcanu (PNL,Interimary President)

2012-present day Sorin Oprescu (PSD+PC)

2012 Presidential Election First Round def: Dan Diaconescu (PP-DD), Călin Popescu Tăriceanu (PNL), Radu Berceanu (PD)
2012 Presidential Election Second Round def: Dan Diaconescu (PP-DD)
2012 Parliamentary Elections: PSD+PC [241], PP-DD [87], UDMR [37], PNL [36], PD [35], URC [9]
2014 European Parliament Elections: PSD+PC [18], PNL [5], PD [3], PP-DD [3], UDMR [2], URC [1]
2016 Parliamentary Elections: PSD+PC [231],PNL [60], PLUS [59],UDMR [37],PD [29],GpR [21], PP-TB [9]
2017 Presidential Election First Round def: Nicușor Dan (PLUS), Crin Antonescu (PNL), Florin Zamfirescu (GpR)
2017 Presidential Election Second Round def: Nicușor Dan (PLUS)

2018 Constitutional Referendum: 91,78% For, 35,78% voting presence-VALIDATED,gay marriage officially banned in the Constitution
2018 Constitutional Referendum: 89,12% For, 33,01% voting presence-VALIDATED,Dacian origin theory officially recognized in the Constitution
2019 European Parliament Elections: PSD+PC [10], PLUS [9], PNL [7], PD [2], UDMR [2], GpR [2]
2021 Parliamentary Elections: PSD+PC [149],PLUS [96], PNL [95], For The Fatherland Alliance [52], UDMR [39], PD [17]


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Condor 2.0

2001-2009: Governor of Texas George W. Bush (Republican)
2000 (with Former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney) def. Vice President Al Gore (Democratic)
2004 (with Vice President Dick Cheney) def. Former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean (Democratic)

2009-2013: Senator from Arizona John McCain (Republican)
2008 (with Governor of Kansas Kathleen Sibelius) def. Retired General Wesley Clark (Democratic), Attorney Ralph Nader (Independent)
2013-2016: Businessman Donald Trump (Democratic)
2012 (with Senator from Massachusetts John Kerry) def. President John McCain (Republican)
2016-2017: President Donald Trump (Independent)
2017-2019: Senator from Texas Ted Cruz (Republican)
2016 (with Representative from Florida Joe Scarborough) def. Former Vice President Kathleen Sibelius (Democratic), President Donald Trump (Independent)
2019-2021: Vice President Joe Scarborough (Republican)
2021-0000: Former Viceroy of Cuba Erik Prince (Republican)
2020 (with Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn) def. Former President Donald Trump (Peoples'), Former Mayor of San Antonio Julian Castro (Democratic)

Cursed. Even for me.


Would Michael Flynn really be a Republican in this scenario? I'd expect him to be a Trump Democrat as in OTL.


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2008 (with Governor of Kansas Kathleen Sibelius) def. Retired General Wesley Clark (Democratic), Attorney Ralph Nader (Independent)
2013-2016: Businessman Donald Trump (Democratic)
2012 (with Senator from Massachusetts John Kerry)
I feel like John Edwards would be an especially aesthetic fit for this but what you have is still good

2021-0000: Former Viceroy of Cuba Erik Prince (Republican)
2020 (with Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn) def. Former President Donald Trump (Peoples'), Former Mayor of San Antonio Julian Castro (Democratic)
real late gilded age hours in the chat

Are there any other American Viceroys round the globe?

Comrade Izaac

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Jeb gets elected Governor of Florida in his first run, rather than his second in OTL. After a decade of the scandalous Clinton, America decides to opt for a "Compassionate Conservative" (who doesn't invade Iraq or fuck up the War on Terror nearly as bad as his brother). Meanwhile the disastrous 2004 campaign of Joe Lieberman and later 2004 Independent campaign of Mike Gravel helps popularize a specific kind of "Gravelite" left libertarianism, helping a coalition of weird Rural Technocrat types and small-P progressives to oust neo-liberalism in the Democratic Party over the course of a decade.

2001-2009: Jeb Bush (Republican)
(With Jim Oberweis)
2000 def.
Al Gore Jr./Jeanne Shaheen (Democratic), Various Others
2004 def. Joe Lieberman/John McCain (Democratic-Independent), Mike Gravel/Julian Bond Sr. (Independent), Various Others

2009-2013: Micheal Bloomberg (Republican)
(With Lynn Finnegan)
2008 def.
Caroline Kennedy/John Locke (Democratic), William O'Riley/Joe Coors (Conservative), Various Others

2013-2021: Bobby Rush (Democratic)
(With Karl Dean)
2012 def.
Mike Bloomberg/Lynn Finnegan (Republican), Various Others
2016 def. Lynn Finnegan/Mike DeWine (Republican), Various Others

2021-20xx: George W. Bush (Republican)
(With Condi Rice)
2020 def.
Jimmy Dore/Deborah Ross (Democratic), Various "NeverDore" Tickets, Various Others


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Are there any other American Viceroys round the globe?
Efforts to privatise the Conflict In Venezuela have fallen by the wayside, but recent approaches to the Prince Administration by Elon Musk has led to a reassessment of the Occupation of Charcas (renamed to explicitly reject 'Bolivarian Socialists').


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Redoing an older list concept, one where Lenin never gets ferried back to Russia by Germany.

Minister-Chairmen of the Russian Republic
1917-1918: Alexander Kerensky (Socialist Revolutionary Party)
1918-1918: Lavr Kornilov (n/a)
1918-1919: Leon Trotsky (Bolshevist Mezhraiontsy)

Chairmen of the Russian Socialist Federation
1919-1920: Leon Trotsky (Bolshevik)
1920-1921: Adolph Joffe (Bolshevik)
1921-present: Disputed between Felix Dzerzhinsky (Bolshevik Military Committee)/Alexander Antonov (Green Army)


Chairpeople of the German Council Republic
1919-1920: Karl Liebknecht (Revolutionary Spartakusgruppe)
1920-present: Jan Tyszka (Kommunistische Arbeitsgemeinschaft)


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1980: The election that shocked the Nation

1980: John Anderson Independent Patrick Lucey

Def: Ronald Wilson Reagan Republican George Herbert Bush:

Def: James earl Carter Democratic Walter Fritz ,Mondale

1984: John Anderson independent Patrick Lucey

Def: Walter Frits Mondale Democratic Geraldine Ferraro

def: George Herbert Bush: Republican Paul Laxalt

In 1980 voters in America believed either President Carter would win his reelection bid or former governor Ronald Reagan would defeated him for the first time in history a independent candidate defeated both the major parties.

In Anderson's first term he balanced the budget and moved to open diplomatic ties with the Soviet Union. in 1984 he won in a close reelection.

Time Enough

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The Tape Plays The Same Old Song, Just With a Different Melody...
1969-1973: Richard Nixon (Republican)
1968 (With Spiro Agnew) def: Hubert Humphrey / Edmund Muskie (Democratic), George Wallace / Ezra Taft Benson (American Independent)
1972 (With John Connolly) def: Hubert Humphrey / Henry Jackson (Democratic), George Wallace / Lestor Maddox (American Independent)

1973-1981: John Connolly (Republican)
1976 (With Melvin Laird) def: Henry Jackson / Brich Bayh (Democratic), Tom McCall / William Proxmire (Third Force)
1981-1989: Fred Harris (Democratic)
1980 (With George Miller) def: John Connolly / Melvin Laird (Republican), John Anderson / Jerry Brown (Third Force)
1984 (With George Miller) def: George Bush / Donald Rumsfeld (Republican)

1989-: Gar Alperovitz (Democratic)
1988 (With Ron Dellums) def: Paul Laxalt / Alan Keyes (Republican), Dick Lamm / Frank Farsi (Independent)
1992 (With Ron Dellums) def: Lamar Alexander / Arlen Specter (Republican)


1964-1972: Harold Wilson (Labour)
1964 (Majority) def: Sir Alec Douglas-Home (Conservative), Jo Grimond (Liberal)
1966 (Majority) def: Ted Heath (Conservative), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal)
1970 (Majority) def: Ted Heath (Conservative), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal)

1972-1974: James Callaghan (Labour)
1974-1977: William Whitelaw (Conservative)
1974 (Majority) def: James Callaghan (Labour), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal)
1977-1981: Keith Joseph (Conservative)
1978 (Majority) def: Denis Healey (Labour), John Pardoe (Liberal)
1981-1989: Peter Shore (Labour)
1981 (Majority) def: Keith Joseph (Conservative), Geraint Howells replacing John Pardoe (Liberal)
1985 (Majority) def: Peter Walker (Conservative), Will Rodgers (Liberal)

1989-1993: Paul Channon (Conservative)
1989 (Coalition with Reform) def: Peter Shore (Labour), Will Rodgers (Liberal), David Owen (Reform)
1993-: Bryan Gould (Labour)
1993 (Majority) def: Paul Channon (Conservative), Janet Ray Michie (Liberal), Mike Thomas (Reform)

The force of the late 20th Century was not Monetarism as expected by the figures of the Chicago School but of what some would coin 'Commonwealthism' after one of it's key pushers, Gar Alperovitz, the face of Harris's Economic Democracy whether he liked it or not. Some would call it Economic Populism, with Harris and Shore having both proclaimed about being 'For The Many, Not The Few' and talking about 'Sharing The Wealth' but that's a very basic analysis of there prospective ideas. To properly analyse the projects you have to look at there successors, Gar Alperovitz and Bryan Gould.

Whilst different in temperament and style, both are firmly on the same page with the ideas of economics. Bryan Gould’s ideas of a Industrial Democracy mesh well with Commonwealthism of Gar Alperovitz and the Trade Union and Cooperative banking sector has extended the reach of economic power to different people.

Even the brief reappearance of Neoliberalism in Britain failed when the corruption and chaos of the Channon-Owen coalition who’s attempts to changing Market Socialism into a Social Market Economy went poorly as it rapidly collapsed into recession.

But maybe the ideas of Commonwealthism can be summed up best, not by there creator Mr Alperovitz but by his Anglo-Kiwi counterpart within his own treatise on the flaws on the Monetarism and Croslandism within the spheres of the Left and beyond and what Commonwealthism actually means, in his book, The Future of Socialism (Gould, 1989);

“These are the basic Socialist values and principles – individual liberty, equality, citizenship, the diffusion of power, the importance of collective and social action… these principles may not have the satisfying certainty of Marxist analysis, nor may they constitute quite the same stirring call to arms as one based on class warfare. But they are a proper expression of the Socialist opposition to injustice, repression and exploitation, and of the socialist concern for the wealth and value of each socialist concern for the welfare and value of each human being, for social justice and for social harmony” (Gould, B. 1989. 72-73).


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All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace:
1961-1969: John F. Kennedy (Democratic)
1960 (With Lyndon B. Johnson) def: Richard Nixon (Republican)
1964 (With Lyndon B. Johnson) def: Barry Goldwater (Republican)

1969-1973: Robert F. Kennedy (Democratic)
1968 (With Hubert Humphrey) def: Ronald Reagan (Republican), George Wallace (American Independent)
1973-1979: Tom McCall (Republican)
1972 (With Millicent Fenwick) def: Robert F.Kennedy (Democrat), George McGovern (Citizens)
1976 (With Millicent Fenwick) def: Henry M. Jackson (Democrat), Eugene McCarthy (Libertarian)

1979-1981: Millicent Fenwick (Republican)
1981-1989: Jerry Brown (Democratic)

1980 (With Gary Hart) def: Millicent Fenwick (Republican), Ronald Reagan (New America)
1984 (With Donald M Fraser) def: Paul Laxalt (Republican), Murry Bookchin (Green)

1989-1997: William Scranton III (Republican)
1988 (With William Weld) def: Donald M. Fraser (Democratic), Russell Means (Libertarian), Ralph Nader (Green)
1992 (With William Weld) def: Al Gore (Democratic), George Lucas (New Frontier), Tony Mazzocchi (People’s)

1997-2005: John Perry Barlow (New Frontier Alliance)
1996 (With Stephen Gaskin) def: William Weld (Republican), Al Checchi (Democrat), Karen Silkwood (People’s)
2001 (With Neal Stephenson) def: Michael Huffington (Democratic-Republicans), Pat Cardigan (New Agenda), Bernardine Dohrn (People’s)

2004 (Presidency Abolished, Replaced with U.S. Communications Coordinator)

"The original promise of the Californian ideology was that the computers would liberate us of all the old forms of political control, and we would become Randian heroes in control of our own destiny. Instead, today, we feel the opposite — that we are helpless components in a global system, a system that is controlled by a rigid logic that we are powerless to challenge or to change.” - Adam Curtis, 2011

America is having an interesting 21st Century, after the late part of the 20th Century was all about that "Spaceship Earth" rational technocracy idea preached by the Zen Guidance of Brown and Scranton. The Presidency has been replaced with the office of Communications Coordinator, anything that can be done with computer is done with one, the democracy of old has been replaced by an internet one in which people vote for there representatives through forums and blogs. Miles upon miles of fibre optic networks spread across the land of America. Everyone has power they say...

Of course that is a lie, America has become for all intensive purposes a consumer democracy and this won't be changing anytime soon. Oh well, at least humanity is merging closer and closer with there machines more and more...
Old list I know, but still



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A very dumb idea based on @Thande and @Japhy ideas of a 'Communist revolution, but the flag stays the same' essentially, but in the UK.

1910-1916: H.H. Asquith (Liberal)
1910 (Minority, with IPP c&s) def. Arthur Balfour (Conservative & Liberal Unionist), John Redmond (Irish Parliamentary), Arthur Henderson (Labour), William O'Brien (All-For-Ireland)
1910 (Minority, with IPP c&s) def. Arthur Balfour (Conservative & Liberal Unionist), John Redmond (Irish Parliamentary), George Nicoll Barnes (Labour), William O'Brien (All-For-Ireland)

1916-1920: Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener (Nonpartisan leading War Government with Liberals, Conservatives and National Democrats)
1920-1921: George Curzon, 1st Earl Curzon of Kedleston (Conservative - National Coalition)
1920 (National Coalition majority with Liberals and National Democrats) def. Eamon de Valera (Sinn Fein), Ramsay MacDonald (United Socialist Council - Labour, British Socialists, Silver Badge), Joseph Devlin (Irish Parliamentary)
1921-1921: George Curzon, 1st Earl Curzon of Kedleston (Conservative-National Democrat minority coalition)
1921-1921: Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener (Nonpartisan / declared in absentia by the Vigilante Society)
1921-1922: Ramsay MacDonald (Labour-Liberal-British Socialist-Silver Badge coalition, with Irish Parliamentary confidence and supply)
1922-1924: Sidney Webb (Labour-Liberal-British Socialist-Silver Badge-Womens' coalition)
1924-1925: Sylvia Pankhurst (Labour-British Socialist-Silver Badge-'Left' Womens' coalition)
1925-1930: Sylvia Pankhurst (United Socialist)
1925 (Minority) def. David Lloyd George (Liberal), Edward Stanley (Comrades), Christabel Pankhurst (Womens')
1930-0000: Oswald Mosley (Liberal)
1930 (Minority) def. Sylvia Pankhurst (United Socialist),
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1968: Lyndon Baines Johnson(1) Democratic Hubert Horatio Humphrey
Def:Ronald Wilson Reagan Republican Gerald Ford

1972:Richard Milhouse Nixon Republican Charles Percy

Def; Hubert Horatio Humphrey Democratic Edmund Muskie
1976: def: Robert Francis Kennedy Democratic Wilbur Miles

1980:Walter Fritz Monale Democratic James earl Carter

Def: George Herbert Bush Republican Howard Baker

1. Lyndon Johnson does not step down after Eugene Mcarthy primaries him.
in his 2and full term the president resigns due to a stroke but not before ending the war in southeast Asia.

2.Nixon declined a run in 1968 in first term signs environmental protection act defeats Robert Kennedy in reelection.

3.Democrat wins first time in 8 years. Faces bad economy due to inflation.
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