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Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State


Dennis Skinner's molotov
Llareggub, Wales
Out of interest, are there any other groups like the PCSC about, or is it just them?
It's just the Proud Boys with new paint, like how the Proud Boys are just the KKK with new paint.
blacken fifty percent of the time timelines u write that seem like they're ending well have a specific and deliberate caveat u leave saying "oh by the way this is probably still gonna catch on fire lol".

u once wrote a timeline where avowed socialists shaun scott and fucking lee carter got elected, transformed america and we're so popular they tried to repeal term limits and u STILL implied at the end that the continuation of the story would involve the white supremacist takeover of america not long after

it's not a bad thing, but it's nothing if not your style
TBH that's because when I write TLs with good endings it feels like a cop out, yet ones with bad endings feed into the whole "overused dystopia" thing everyone is always mad about.


Cherry as a Canadian Berlusconi is inspired, but the more I think of it the more sense it makes.
Thank you! That was the one thing I honestly didn't have to think about besides Carney as Draghi. I was like "A controversial sports and media mogul with conservative views who would have been active in the 1990s? Who's that old guy that got kicked off of the hockey for not liking immigrants? That'll fit."


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2001-2009: Al Gore (Democrat)
2001-2009: Joe Lieberman (Democrat)

2009-2017: Mitt Romney (Republican)
2009-2017: Rick Santorum (Republican)

2017-present: Donald Trump (Democrat)
2017-present: Barack Obama (Democrat)


Dennis Skinner's molotov
Llareggub, Wales

1983-1984: Margret Thatcher (Conservative)

defeated Michael Foot (Labour), David Steel & Roy Jenkins (Alliance), Gordon Wilson (SNP), James Molyneaux (UUP), others
"...The Irish Republican Army has released a statement early today, claiming responsibility for the bombing that took the lives of the Prime Minister, her husband, the Deputy Chief Whip, and multiple members of the Cabinet..."

1984-1987: William Whitelaw (Conservative)
"...Former Thatcher confidant and Conservative Party donor Lord McAlpine of West Green was seen entering 10 Downing Street, following speculation of a possible cabinet position..."

1987-1994: John Biffen (Conservative)
'87: defeated Neil Kinnock (Labour), David Steel & Roy Jenkins (Alliance), Paul Ekins (Ecology), Derek Hatton (Militant), Seamus Mallon (UUP-SDLP), others
"...Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Jeremy Corbyn received mocking laughter in the House of Commons today after again proposing the introduction of a Uniform Business Rate..."
'92: defeated Neil Kinnock (Labour), Alan Beith (Democracy), Derek Wall (Ecology), Alex Salmond (SNP), George Galloway (Stop the War Coalition), Proinsias De Rossa (Daonlathas Clé), others
"...Malcolm Rifkind and William Waldegrave released a joint statement following their resignation in hopes that other party members outraged by the latest preventative action authorised by the Prime Minister will follow suit..."

1994-1997: George Gardiner (Conservative)
"...once again resulting in widespread arrests. While the National Union of Mineworkers spokesman Steve Kemp has maintained that outside provocateurs are responsible for aggravating police action, public opinion has already turned sour as confrontations continue..."

1997-????: Robin Cook (Labour-Ecology Alliance)
defeated George Gardiner (Conservative), Mike Woodin (Ecology), Jim Sillars (SNP), Stephen Dorrell (Consumers and Taxpayers), Alban Maginness (SDLP), others
"...leaked party memos considering Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams for talks concerning a potential ceasefire has sparked outrage..."
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Dennis Skinner's molotov
Llareggub, Wales
But the Workers Party were pretty adamant about there position on the troubles and even De Rossa wouldn’t turf it all to shack up with Fianna Fàil.

Like it’s a fun and good list but the Workers Party and the OIRA aren’t going to be shacking up with the Provos, Sinn Féin and Fianna Fàil .
If you insist, I'll change it up a bit


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Watchmen Redux

1969-1989†: Richard Nixon (Republican)

1969-1973: Spiro Agnew (Republican)
1973-1989: Gerald Ford (Republican)

1989-1993: Gerald Ford (Republican)
1989-1993: Bob Dole (Republican)

1993-2019: Robert Redford (Democrat)
1993-2001: Bob Kerrey (Democrat)
2001-2009: Carol Moseley Braun (Democrat)
2009-2012†: Jesse Ventura (Independent)
2012-2019: Joe Biden (Democrat)

What if Trump died?

2017-2020†: Donald Trump (Republican)
2017-2020: Mike Pence (Republican)

2020-2021: Mike Pence (Republican)
2020-2021: Nikki Haley (Republican)

2021-2021: Joe Biden (Democrat)
2021-2021: Kamala Harris (Democrat)

Kaiser Julius

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Tarot Nouveau

1959-70: Charles de Gaulle (UNR) +
1958: Georges Marrane (PCF), Albert Chatelet (Independant)
1965: Gaston Deffere (SFIO)

1970: Georges Pompideau (UDR)
1970-77: Alain Poher (CD)

1970: Francois Mitterand (PC)
1977-84: Francois Mitterand (PC)
1977: Alain Poher (CD)
1984-98: Valery Gicard d'Estaing (RPR)
1984: Francois Mitterand (PC)
1991: Jean-Marie Le Pen (NF)

1998-2010: Francois Hollande (UMP)
1998: Eduard Balladur (RPR)
2005: Jacques Chirac (RPR)

2010-15: Jacques Chirac (Republican)
2010: Segolene Royal (UMP)
2015-20: Manny Macron (Socialist)
2015: Jacques Chirac (Republican)
2020- : Nicolas Sarkozy (Republican)
2020: Emmanuel Macron (Socialist)
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