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Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State


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List of Triumvirs of the American Republic

A note on format - the bolded candidate is the one that has recently been elevated / re-elevated to power, with the format being Class 1 / Class 2 / Class 3. Triumvirs are elected much like senators. If a triumvir is unable to complete his term, it is up to the Senate to determine his successor. Triumvirs serve the same role as presidents, but a 2-1 decision is needed to make any executive action, such as a veto.

1789 - 1791: George Washington (Non-Aligned-VA) / vacant / vacant
1788 - def. various (NA)

1791 - 1793: George Washington (NA-VA) / John Jay (NA-NY) / vacant
1790 - def. various (NA)
1793 - 1795: George Washington (NA-VA) / John Jay (NA-NY) / Samuel Adams (Anti-Administration-MA)
1792 - def. Samuel Huntington (Pro-Administration-CT)
1795 - 1797: John Adams (PA-MA) / John Jay (PA-NY) / Samuel Adams (AA-MA)
1794 - def. Patrick Henry (AA-VA)
1797 - 1799: John Adams (PA-MA) / John Jay (PA-NY) / Samuel Adams (AA-MA)
1796 - def. George Clinton (Northern Opposition-NY), Pierce Butler (Southern Opposition-SC), Alexander Hamilton (Tory-NY)
1799 - 1801: John Adams (PA-MA) / John Jay (PA-NY) / Thomas Jefferson (Opposition-VA)
1798 - def. Thomas Pinckney (PA-SC)
1801 - 1803: James Sullivan (O-MA) / John Jay (PA-NY) / Thomas Jefferson (O-VA)

1800 - def. John Adams (PA-MA), Alexander Hamilton (T-NY)
1803 - 1805: James Sullivan (O-MA) / John Jay (PA-NY) / Thomas Jefferson (O-VA)
1802 - def. Aaron Burr (O-NY)

1805 - 1807: James Sullivan (O-MA) / John Jay (PA-NY) / Thomas Jefferson (O-VA)
1804 - def. Charles Pinckney (PA-SC), Arthur Fenner (Sovereigntist-RI)

1807 - 1809: Isaac Tichenor (S-VT) / John Jay (PA-NY) / Thomas Jefferson (O-VA)
1806 - def. Rufus King (PA-MA), Joseph Bradley Varnum (O-MA)

1809 - 1811: Isaac Tichenor (S-VT) / George Clinton (O-NY) / Thomas Jefferson (O-VA)
1808 - def. John Jay (PA-NY)

1811 - 1813: Isaac Tichenor (S-VT) / George Clinton (O-NY) (1811-1812), DeWitt Clinton (O|PA-NY) (1812-1813) / James Madison (O-VA)
1810 - def. John Marshall (PA-VA)

1813 - 1815: John Randolph (S|O-VA) / DeWitt Clinton (O|PA-NY) / James Madison (O-VA)
1812 - def. John Marshall (PA-VA)

1815 - 1817: John Randolph (S|O-VA) / DeWitt Clinton (O|PA-NY) / James Madison (O-VA)
1814 - def. Stephen van Rensselaer (T-NY)

1817 - 1819: John Randolph (S|O-VA) / DeWitt Clinton (O|PA-NY) / James Monroe (O-VA)
1816 - def. Rufus King (PA-MA)
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List of Prime Ministers of the Imperial Cabinet

Yuan Shikai (Nonpartisan; Beiyang Army) (1911-1919) {1}

Duan Qirui (Chinese Patriotic Party; Beiyang Army) (1919-1936) {2}

{1} Rather than defecting to the Xinhai Revolutionaries; Yuan decides to crush the democratic rebels banking on the fact the Qing court cannot touch him based on his control of the New Army, and the fact that they had named him Prime Minister, means that he makes the decision to preserve nominal Qing rule. By 1913, the Tongmenhui had collapsed, and its’ leadership had scattered to Japan, the US, and various British colonies across the world hoping for another opening. By the time of Yuan’s death the late Qing reforms were on paper completed, China was a constitutional monarchy under the child Xuantong emperor, but the real power was in the hands of the Beiyang clique. Outer Mongolia and Tibet were under Chinese suzerainty, but the country in general by Yuan’s death in 1919 was united under a military Junta with embers of liberty slowing going out.

{2} Yuan’s picked successor, right-hand man and minister of war. He had “resigned” after choosing a puppet to run the War Ministry, and became the first “civilian” Prime Minister of China. His Chinese Patriotic Party being set up by the Beiyang power brokers so they could run the country through its institutions rather than through brute force. After an attempted bombing on his residence by alleged Tongmenhui terrorists in 1925, he declares perpetual martial law and expands Yuan’s National Intelligence Directorate. The slow expansion of industry begins in China, and the slow chipping away of the unequal treaties that started under Yuan expands under Duan. As the Belle Epoque marches on towards a blind bliss ignorant of the embers below. As 1936 turns into 1937 both Duan and Yuan leave behind complicated legacies, on one hand supporters point out that the country is under peace and order and praise the expansion of industry and infrastructure while preserving Chinese values, while opponents being Marxists, Anarchists, Nationalists and Democrats decry their dictatorship, their joke of a constitution, the grinding poverty of the countryside, and their subservience to imperialist powers.

This is a short sketch of a timeline Yuan Shikai being the second coming of Zeng Guofan and sets up a Beiyang Military Junta under the Qing in a No WW1 world.


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Things Fall Apart (part 1.)

2021-2022: Kamala Harris/[vacant]
defeated Donald Trump/Mike Pence, Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, others

When a whole bunch of raunchy escapades put a real weight on Biden, and Trump was caught literally with his pants down in the Oval, the prophesied T I E D E L E C T O R A L C O L L E G E ended up a reality. If that wasn't enough, the Democrats have enough gains in the Senate to force a tiebreaker stalemate, even with Pence trying his best to flaunt what little time he had left in the Oval. As the House appoints Harris as VP, the Senate remains staunch in refusing to do their job they were elected to do. Republicans wouldn't budge, neither would Democrats. Weeks turned into months and one deadline rolled over to the next.

2022-2023: Kamala Harris†/Tulsi Gabbard
defeated Donald Trump/Mike Pence, Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, others

Following the absolutely disappointing result of the Democratic primaries, Hawaiian senator and former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard lost her incumbent House seat to challenger Kai Kahele. Surprisingly, tho, she was called back to congress a little more than a month after limping back to her home state, after the gridlocked Senate begrudgingly decided she'd be the perfect fit for Veep. The fact the Republicans put her name up for consideration at all was enough to mark her as a permanent person of interest when it came to accusations of Russian meddling. What was an already increasingly unpopular and controversial was made a bit worse when Gabbard announced she would be changing her party affiliation to Independent, following several rowdy confrontations with the Democratic party ordering her off the ticket come 2024.

2023-2025: Tulsi Gabbard/[vacant]

Harris was assassinated whilst doing a listening tour of Camden, New Jersey. Almost immediately a nineteen year old came forward claiming responsibility, insisting he was put up to the task as a gang initiation ('for clout'). The subsequent investigation by intelligence services quickly found that while the youth had indeed intended to 'disrupt the President's visit in some manner', he was later found to have no actual affiliation with local gangs (subsequent revaluation by contemporary historians theorise the youth was suffering from undiagnosed histrionic personality disorder). The actual shooter, found less than a week later attempting to gain entry to Canada, was a fifty-something former coal miner and disenfranchised veteran. What really got people going was the sheer amount of alt-right stuff that was found on his internet history. Gabbard used that as fuel for rolling out Patriot Act III.

2025-2029: Sarah Palin/Nikki Haley
defeated Tulsi Gabbard/Sabrina Shrader (Independent), Pete Buttegig/Dawn Addiego, others

When the President refused to appoint a new Veep until she's officially elected "because reasons", Republican anger came roaring back, or, as Palin called it, "Apple Pie Populism" or "Redneck Reganomics" or whatever you wanted to call it to avoid using "Trumpism". The actual inventor of his own signature populism brand, Mr. Trump, had just been found guilty by the New York court, which quickly became one of Palin's campaign planks; federal entities should be above the power of the law. Except if it was President Gabbard, of course, she was apparently guilty of as many crimes as they cared to list. And hrt platform of protecting the government, fiscal sanctity of businesses, privilege of religious groups and illusion of privilege to First Amendmentites would've been enough to crush any completion even if the incumbent wasn't heir to one of the most controversial elections in recent history, who chose to instead run on her own right when the Democrats forbade her from running in their primary, instead nominating safe, reliable, Lockheed-Martin-friendly Buttegig. People were talking about two major tickets having all-female rosters, and one having the first openly gay nominee, when they should've been talking about the heavily guarded camps popping up on the border, or the blight that was spreading across crops, or the last big conglomerate buying up the other. Shocker.

2029-2037: Lee Carter/Joseph Stallcop
defeated Sarah Palin/Nikki Haley, others

If Palin gotten in a term earlier, or Trump had kept his hands above the table, then they might've been a bit more lucky. Because shortly after entering office the poor attempt the GOP had made at a nationalist economy came crashing down. It wasn't just a recession, oh no, it was a 'jump out the window of the stock market' situation. Jobs puffed into smoke, so did crops, and supermarket shelves, and civility, or what would be left of it by now. Membership applications for extremist groups on both sides of the spectrum quintupled overnight - by election day, one out of every ten Americans were affiliated with some form of militia. You know those Reddit posts you see sometimes where Proud Boys get owned by ANTIFA mobs or vice versa? Picture that in the thousands, across every state. Palin wasn't prepared for this in the slightest. Solution? Haemorrhage American assets, suspend social security payments indefinitely and de-automate all American factories via Executive Order. If workers didn't get the chance to beat up car-assembly machines in the middle of abandoned fields a la "Office Space" en-masse, there would have been guillotines on the White House lawns by sunrise. This was the perfect atmosphere for Carter, a pro-gun socialist from Coal Country, to clean house.
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Senator Kander is a possibility although I will freely admit it's a bit of a hipster pick.
Have to be brutally honest here as someone who has suffered from mental health issues myself, once what we know now about his situation becomes public, there's no way he's nominatable.

I agree that Warren is very likely for 2016. I don't think Hillary has anything like the same power 'in opposition' as she did as being the WH pick IOTL; and there's an increased chance she just doesn't run at all. The nomination would also be more contested from the centre if she did run.

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Cyberpunk Britain:

1979-1984: Margaret Thatcher (Conservative)†
1979 (Majority) def: James Callaghan (Labour), David Steel (Liberal), William Wolfe (SNP)
1983 (Majority) def: Micheal Foot (Labour), David Steel-David Owen (Liberal-SDP Alliance)

1984-1986: Norman Tebbitt (Emergency Government)
1986-1992: Micheal Howard (Conservative)
1986 (Majority) def: David Steel (Liberal), David Owen (Social Democrats), Ken Livingstone (Democratic Left), Ted Grant (Miltant)
1990 (Majority) def: Paddy Ashdown (Liberal), David Owen (Social Democrats), Ken Livingstone (Democratic Left), Derek Hatton (Miltant)

1992-2000: Peter Mandelson (Social Democrats)
1992 (Majority) def: Paddy Ashdown (Liberal), Micheal Howard (Conservative), George Galloway (Democratic Left), Derek Hatton (Militant)
1996 (Majority) def: Malcolm Bruce (Liberal), Micheal Portillo (Conservative), George Galloway (Democratic Left), Dave Nellist (Militant), James Goldmsith-Alan Sked (New Deal)

2000-2004: Alan Milburn (Social Democrats)†
2000 (Majority) def: Andrew Marr (Libertarian), Micheal Portillo (Conservative), George Galloway (Democratic Left), Dave Nellist (Militant), Alan Sked (New Deal), Nick Griffin (National)
2004-2010: Geoff Hoon (Emergency Goverment)
2010-2014: Vince Cable (Democrats)

2010 (Majority) def: David Davis (Libertarian), Caroline Lucas (Green Party UK), Jeremy Corbyn (Democratic Left), Adam Curtis ('Left' Libertarian), Rebecca Long Bailey (Militant)
2014-2019: Jason Zadrozny (Democrats)
2014 (Majority) def: David Davis (Libertarian), Caroline Lucas-Adam Curtis (Green Liberty), Richard Burgon (Democratic Left), Rebecca Long Bailey-Maxine Peake (Militant)
2019-: Zac Goldsmith (Libertarian)
2019 (Majority) def: Jason Zadrozny (Democrats), Rosi Sexton-Matt Bellamy (Green Liberty), Clive Lewis (Democratic Left), Maxine Peake (Militant)


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The Problem With Populism

1913-1921: Woodrow Wilson / Thomas Marshall (Democratic)
1912: Theodore Roosevelt / Hiram Johnson (Progressive), William Taft / Nicholas Butler (Republican)
1916: Charles Hughes / Charles Fairbanks (Republican)
1921-1929: Theodore Roosevelt / Charles Curtis (Republican) [1]
1920: James Cox / Franklin Roosevelt (Democratic), James "Pa" Ferguson / William Hough (American)
1924: William McAdoo / Charles Bryan (Democratic), James "Pa" Ferguson / scattered ("Wet" Democratic) [2]
1929-1933: Hiram Johnson / Hiram Bingham (Republican) [3]
1928: Thomas Walsh / James Reed (Democratic) [4]
1933-1935: Huey Long / Miriam "Ma" Ferguson (Democratic) [5]
1932: Theodore Roosevelt Jr. / James Rolph (Republican), Henry Breckenridge / John Davis ("Bryanite" Democratic), Hiram Johnson / Smedley Butler (Progressive)
1935-1937: Miriam "Ma" Ferguson / VACANT (Democratic) [6]
1937-1941: Miriam "Ma" Ferguson / Paul McNutt (Democratic) [7]
1936: William Borah / Hamilton Fish III (Republican), William "Alfalfa Bill" Murray / Coleman Blease ("Mad as Hell" Democratic)
1941-XXXX: Quentin Roosevelt / Herbert Hoover (Republican) [8]
1940: James Byrnes / James Farley ("Clean" Democratic), James "Pa" Ferguson / Simon Buckner Jr (Democratic)

[1] The old Bull Moose himself is nominated easily as the Republican nominee from President. He had spent the last decade out of power stirring up support for the war (and then condemning Wilson for a bad deal) but decided against a safari trip overseas, deciding he needed a little more time to recover from the bullet wound from campaigning in 1912. With his sons Ted, Archie, Kermit, and Quentin all having returned safely from the war, TR was ready for his last political rodeo. While he may have had to dial back some of his 1912 promises, he easily crushed Cox in the national wave and immediately began governing as a moderate progressive but with his characteristic energy that would frequently irritate the Old Guard Republicans. Even when his Secretary of Interior and former Rough Rider, Albert Fall, and the ensuing scandal did little to hurt his popularity once the people realized it was merely Fall who was corrupt as opposed to Attorney General Beveridge. Recognizing that much of the progressive gains he made may be in danger in an open nomination (and also remembering his great mistake of leaving it to his successors) while the party realized LaFollette was just itching to run a splinter ticket, the old man would surprise the party by announcing another run for the Presidency which, despite some handwringing about norms by party bosses and newspaper editors, he would easily win.

[2] The Democrats, reeling from a 1920 landslide and a 1922 midterm that was not nearly as good as it should have been, were in a state of panic. Wilson's son-in-law and the former Treasury Secretary, William McAdoo, was the clear choice for the party. Despite a sizable uproar among northeastern bosses of the immigrant communities over McAdoo's unwillingness to condemn the Klan, the bosses found a lack of alternative options with their main base in New York still suffering under Governor Miller. While Senator Underwood made a spirited attempt, McAdoo would inevitably take the nomination.

The events of 1924 certainly weren't set in stone, despite popular belief. Former Governor James Ferguson had ran the previous election to little fanfare or popularity. He had managed to improve his reputation out of power, so that a significant percentage of the people believed he was innocent and a victim of party politics as opposed to his own corruption and incompetence. Ferguson saw the discontent in the party not only with a Klan-backed candidate but also with a Prohibition supporter, the two pillars that he had fought the most as Governor. He decided the time was ripe (1920 had taught him the importance of timing) and now was ripe. He announced another run for President, not as the candidate of the vaguely named American Party, but directly as the "wet" and anti-Klan candidate. Voters who knew little of his history flocked to him as a populist boss who would keep the taps flowing and their communities unmolested.

[3] The Second TR term was uneventful as age battered down the Bull Moose. The larger fight was over his successor, one which TR shocked the party by backing his old running mate, Hiram Johnson. Johnson, a prominent Senator who was the face of the party's progressive faction, fought hard against the party bosses who opposed him and managed to win the nomination. TR passed away shortly after Johnson's ascendancy which was probably for the best as Johnson would prove to be a more inept President than anyone could have imagined. He took any disagreement as a personal attack. He spent massive amounts of time fighting over the most minor differences in policy. By the time the Depression hit, the party and the country was already exhausted. Little would they know...

[4] The incredibly unimpressive performance of the Walsh ticket and the ticket split of 1924 made it clear to the Democratic Party that they couldn't muddle through another election. This was the direct result of the primary voting system for nomination, a system designed to make the party of Jackson and Bryan truly the party of the masses by putting the voting power into their hands. Little would they know...

[5] As the Johnson administration imploded in on itself culminating in the man losing renomination and his announcement of reviving the Progressive Party banner (not even the diehard progressives were convinced by this), the Democratic Party would have liked to have a nice peaceful nomination process, putting forth an inoffensive popular nominee. Instead, the newly established primary process meant that perfectly acceptable candidates like Albert Ritchie or Speaker Garner was completely over mad populists like the newly elected Senator James Ferguson (thanks to his wife, Governor "Ma" Ferguson, having completely stacked the state political system in the family's image) and the yeoman Governor "Alfalfa" Bill Murray who promised bread, butter, bacons, and beans as well as blaming minorities. The nature of the delegate system being new to everyone meant that the other candidates were cornered out as Ferguson and Murray fought to a standstill, leading to neither having enough delegates. A negotiation was required for the two candidates, and ultimately, they would settle on Murray's pick, Governor Huey Long, paired with "Ma" Ferguson ("Pa" being deemed too controversial to risk). Despite an astroturfed alternative Democratic ticket claiming to represent the true values of the party and not this rabble, Long would easily win the election.

[6] The assassination of Long by a mad anarchist who didn't realize it wasn't 19th century anymore would fundamentally change the direction of the nation, so much so that Long is to this day remembered in hagiographic terms in relation to his successor. Ferguson as President would prove to be monstrously corrupt, stacking the halls of Washington DC with Ferguson cronies. The massive Long-era infrastructure project money would disappear into Ferguson-affiliated companies which did little to stimulate the economy. And "Pa" Ferguson himself would find himself in the White House as the new Secretary of State where he wined and dined across the world with Chamberlain, Mussolini, and Schleicher. The Ferugsons' promising to continue to keep the poor farmers and working class afloat kept enough voters loyal to the Fergusons that few party leaders dared to oppose them beyond begging Ma to not step down for Pa. Ma herself was more ambitious and savvy than given credit for, recognizing that stepping aside for her husband may lead to their very demise. She simply picked a popular governor and won her reelection despite an energetic splinter campaign by Alfalfa Bill.

[7] To say that the Fergusons' control over the party collapsed when Pa made his move to take the nomination for himself is inaccurate. Already, the grounds for their fall were set with the revival of the Republican Party in the midterms that saw the rise of Speaker Snell as the memory the Johnsonvilles faded. Oversight committees under Snell's gavel started figuring out just how much money was embezzled, just how much corruption was present started tearing down the Ferguson Legend. By the time Pa ran for the nomination, the bosses and officials had realized both that it would be electoral suicide as well as the people were starting to get sick of the First Family. With the shocking results of the Kentucky primary, the Fergusons went into emergency mode, calling in every favor they had, and ultimately, in their desperation, increasing the power of delegates. The nomination was theirs, but the damage was done. More and more, their empire collapsed as, for the first time since Ferguson's 1924 run, the Democratic Party faced a competent splinter ticket under the conservative but inoffensive southerner Governor Byrnes allied with the Boston machine boss Senator Farley.

[8] In the end, it was enough. The strength of the splinter ticket and the Republican nomination of the son of the man many regarded as the greatest Republican President since Lincoln, a man who had proven himself in the fields of France where his bravery saved dozens of comrades and won him a Medal of Honor, a Governor who fought Tammany Hall to a standstill. If any man looks like he can lead America to an era of normality as well as navigate the hazardous waters of a Eurasia in flames, it must be Quentin Roosevelt, President-Elect of the United States.
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Portland, OR
This is wonderful! I'm quite interested in the Fergusons (America's own conjugal dictatorship?) and while it seems to be that they probably couldn't have exported their movement outside of Texas, it's still very entertaining to imagine what that might've looked like.


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This is wonderful! I'm quite interested in the Fergusons (America's own conjugal dictatorship?) and while it seems to be that they probably couldn't have exported their movement outside of Texas, it's still very entertaining to imagine what that might've looked like.
Yeah it definitely took some stretching. I read some of a book about the Fergusons (alas it spoke distressingly little about his presidential run) and my main take away is they never got the rock solid base and support of a Long because, well, they were pretty incompetent. Their populist shtick was more like a con then actually being an effective populism. You see that a lot in this era, Murray being another example of crap populist which is why Huey Long is impressive in that he actually implemented real policies that were genuinely popular among the people he pledged to help.

I imagine someone else could do a better imagining but this was my very rough attempt at it.

Also, Kathy Bates played Ma Ferguson excellently in the Netflix movie, The Highwaymen. She played her as pretty independent with Pa nowhere to be seen which is why she's President and not Pa. Good movie.


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Inbetween dreams and reality
1964-1973:Harold Wilson(Labour)
1964:Alec Douglas-Home(Conservative),Jo Grimond(Liberal)
1966:Edward Heath(Conservative),Jo Grimond(Liberal)
1970:Enoch Powell(Conservative),Jeremy Thorpe(Liberal)

1973-1974:James Callaghan(Labour)
1974 February :Keith Joseph(Conservative),Jeremy Thorpe(Liberal)
1974-1979:Keith Joseph(Conservative
1974 October:James Callaghan(Labour),Jeremy Thorpe(Liberal)

1979-1981:Francis Pym(Conservative)
1979:Denis Healey(Labour),John Pardoe(Liberal)

1981-1992:Denis Healey(Labour)
1981:Francis Pym(Conservative),John Pardoe(Liberal)
1982:Geoffrey Howe(Conservative),John Pardoe(Liberal)
1987:Norman Tebbit(Conservative),Paddy Ashdown(Liberal)
1992:Michael Portillo(Conservative),Paddy Ashdown(Liberal)

1992-1993:Margaret Beckett(Labour)
1993-2001:Michael Portillo(Conservative)
1993:Margaret Beckett(Labour),Paddy Ashdown(Liberal)
1998:Robin Cook/Charles Kennedy(Labour/Liberal coalition),Robert Kilrory-Silk(Kilrory!)
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European Pollution Police Force
Been reading some Yiddish Policeman's Union and this is what's happened...

Mayor of the Sitka Federal District 1948-2007:
1948-1952: Isaac Steinberg (Sitka Labour Bund)
1948 def: *Unopposed*
1952-1960: Zivia Lubetkin (Sitka Labour Bund-Anti Fascist Bloc)
1952 def: Menachem Begin (Sitka Hatzohar)
1956 def: Menachem Begin (Sitka Hatzohar)

1960-1962: Yitzhak Zuckerman (Sitka Labour Bund-Anti Fascist Bloc)
1960 def: Josef Glazman (Sitka Hatzohar)
1962-1964: Josef Glazman (Sitka Hatzohar)*
1964-1968: Benzion Netanyahu (Sitka Hatzohar)
1964 def: Marek Edelman (Sitka Labor Party), Yitzhak Zuckerman (Mapam)
1968-1976: Marek Edelman (Sitka Labor Party)
1968 def: Benzion Netanyahu (Sitka Hatzohar), Yitzhak Zuckerman (Mapam)
1972 def: Yonatan Netanyahu (Sitka Hatzohar), Shulamit Aloni (Mapam)

1976-1984: Shimon Peres (Sitka Labor Party)
1976 def: Yonatan Netanyahu (Sitka Hatzohar), Shulamit Aloni (Mapam)
1980 def: Yonatan Netanyahu (Sitka Hatzohar), Marcia Freedman (Mapam)

1984-1988: Yonatan Netanyahu (Sitka Hatzohar)
1984 def: Shimon Peres (Sitka Labor Party), Marcia Freedman (Mapam)
1988-1996: Shimon Peres (Sitka Labor Party)
1988 def: Yontan Netanyahu (Sitka Hatzohar), Marcia Freedman (Mapam)
1992 def: Yontan Netanyahu (Sitka Natzohar), Uzi Even (Mapam)

1996-1999: Yonatan Netanyahu (Sitka Hatzohar)**
1996 def: Boris Sandler (Sitka Labor Party), Uzi Even (Mapam)
1999-2000: Iddo Netanyahu (Sitka Hatzohar)
2000-2004: Boris Sandler (Sitka Labor Party)
2000 def: Iddo Netanyahu (Sitka Hatzohar), Ari Folman (Mapam)
2004-2007: Iddo Netanyahu (Sitka Hatzohar)
2004 def: Boris Sandler (Sitka Labor Party), Ari Folman (Mapam)

The political parties of Sitka Pre-Reversion (who due to the situation of the Sitka Federal District have very little power but oh well):
Sitka Labor Party: Centre Left, Bundism, Jewish Autonomism, Social Democracy, Social Liberalism, Yiddish Socialism, Dubinskyism, Sitka Sewer Socialism, Third Way

Sitka Hatzohar: Centre Right, Revisionist Zionism, Economic Liberalism, Conservatism, National Liberalism, Zionism, National Conservatism, Sitka Fascism
Mapam: Centre to Far Left, Marxist-Zionism, Democratic Socialism, Trade Unionism, Labor Zionism, Sitka Communism, Communism, Syndicalism, Social Liberalism, Eco-Socialism

*'The Sitka Coup', an Anti-Socialist Coup against the reigning Social Democratic-Socialist Muncipal Goverment in Sitka at the time. Lead by Hertz Shemets and COINTELPRO the Coup mainly consisted of American FBI Agents and members of the Sitka Police arresting key members of the Government on trumped up charges of corruption and espionage. Over the coming years, many would be released from prison in return for avoiding taking politics. It would also lead to the break of the Sitka Labour Bund-Anti-Fasicst Bloc and instead the formation of the Sitka Labor Party and Mapam.

**Yonatan Netanyahu death from a plane accident, though some theorised he was assassinated by either the Verbover rebbe due to his anti-corruption campaign or assassinated by President Tom Harkin in an attempt to avoid more incidents between the residents of Sitka and Tlingit natives due to Netabyahu's support for settlers outside of Sitka grounds.


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Leaders of the Conservative Party, 2033-present

2033-2039: Bim Afolami
2039-2043: Elena Bunbury
2043-2047: Craig Liddell
2047-2052: Jack Rydeheard
2052-2057: Nellie Gawne
2057-2063: Christopher Winter

Leaders of the Labour Party, 2034-present

2034-2049: Louise Haigh
2049-2057: Jimmy Sergi
2057-2063: Kira Lewis
2063-2063: Ansh Bhatnagar

Labour had spent twenty-nine years out of power by the time Louise Haigh led the party back into government with a majority exceeding Blair’s. This victory did not require some sort of grand party reinvention but the culmination of simple demographic trends. Did you know the Conservatives dropped 14 points among men aged 18-24 from 2017 to 2019? For Britain’s natural party of government, things could only get worse.

Scotland had already voted for independence after an ugly campaign consisting entirely of reminders that Westminster wanted to settle two million refugees from Hong Kong in the Highlands and reminders that if you opposed that you were a bigot. The Hong Kong 2 Charter Megacity was promptly relocated to Donna Nook and the Adam Smith Institute placed in charge of the construction efforts.

British, not English. English, not British.

Bunbury lost seats. Liddell lost seats. Afolami's 140 with first-past-the-post to Liddell's 40 with mixed-member proportional representation. A surprisingly successful leadership campaign from libertarian Jack Rydeheard saw the ‘mainstream’ candidates coalesce around Olivia Lever. Then it turned out that Lever had opposed free school meals on the grounds that if “loony peasants” couldn’t afford to feed their children they shouldn’t have any (back in, er, 2017). Although polling showed that Lever had in fact gained support from Conservative members, the shame of being cancelled by Twitter was enough to make her drop out anyway and for Jack Rydeheard to win uncontested.

Unfortunately for the Conservatives, it turned out that making “dude weed lmao” their party’s slogan would in fact lose them the last few constituency seats they had. Slightly less than 5% of the electorate was/is economically right/socially liberal. That was still enough to get past the threshold as turnout dropped to 40%. But eventually enough libertarian entryists (? or perhaps that's just what the party becomes) let their membership lapse (or just joined the Liberal Democrats, or even, for those able to get past the 'free stuff' part of their libertarian individualism, Labour), and the Orthodox Christians who make anime opening parodies featuring themselves 'retook' 'their' party. A merger with the significantly larger Yorkshire Party is currently on the cards.
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European Pollution Police Force
Remember @Uhura's Mazda mentioning about EuroCommunists in the SDP and ahhhh:

Leaders of the SDP:
1982-1983: Roy Jenkins
1983-1985: David Owen
1985-1991: Sue Slipman*

Leaders of the Democratic Left:
1991-1995: Nina Temple-Derek Wall
1995-2000: Derek Wall-Ken Coates
2000-2010: Caroline Lucas-Dave Church
2010-2015: Natalie Bennett
2015-2020: Lisa Nandy-Giles Fraser
2020-: Rhea Wolfson-Rosi Sexton

Deputy Leaders of the Democratic Left:
1991-1999: Sue Slipman
1999-2004: Geoff Mulgan
2004-2009: Adam Curtis
2009-2014: Rebecca Long-Bailey
2014-2019: Laurie Penny
2019-: Magid Magid

*Leader during the merger between the SDP, Democratic Left organisation and the Red & Green Alliance

Benn wins 1981 Deputy Leadership, the EuroCommunists get kicked out of the CPGB and Sue Slipman wins a seat in 1983 as a SDP candidate. A split between the Owenite SDP Members and the Williams SDP members occurs and the Williamites join the the Liberal Party and create the Social Liberals in 1985. David Owen is booted by a youth coup in 1985 and an eventual Green Left/EuroCommunist takeover occurs in the late 80s particularly after David Icke kicks out Derek Wall and his supporters from the Green Party.

Cut to 2020, Maxine Peake leads the Labour Party into a Minority government reliant on Chuka’s Centre Party and Wolfson’s support against the Andrea Leadsom’s Tory Party. David Owen briefly lead UKIP, Nigel Farage’s Reform Party is making some headway and Scotland’s split from Britain is awkwardly going ahead.


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Inspired by the works of @Oppo
1974-1981:John Connolly/Bob Dole(Republican)
1976:Scoop Jackson/George Wallace(Democratic),Eugene McCarthy/Pete McCloskey(Unity)
1981-1985:Jesse Jackson/Paul Simon(Democratic)

1980:Ronald Reagan/Jesse Helms(Republican),Harold Stassen/John Anderson(Unity)
1985-1993:Lee Iacocca/Wesley Clark(Unity)
1984:Jesse Jackson/Paul Simon(Democratic),Ben Fernandez/Jack Kemp(Republican)
1988:Wayne Owens/Stephen Solarz(Democratic),Hank Brown/Mike Curb(Republican)

1993-2001:Alan Keyes/Trent Lott(Republican)

1992:Ann Richards/Robert P. Casey(Democratic),John Silber/Lowell Weicker(Unity)David Duke/Don Black(White values)
1996:Neil Goldschmidt/William J.Jefferson(Democratic),Dick Lamm/Ron Paul(Unity),Ralph Nader/Sean Penn(Green)

2001-2005:Sam Nunn/Bob Bullock(Democratic)
2000:Steve Forbes/Phil Gramm(Republican),Hunter S.Thompson/Gordon J. Humphrey(unity/Green)
2005-2013:Jello Biafra/Mike Gravel(United)
2004:Doug Wead/Ron Paul(Republican/Sane Unity),Dick Gephardt/Al Gore(Democratic)
2008:Clint Eastwood/Dick Armey(Republican),John Kennedy Jr/Steny Hoyer(Democratic)

2013-2017:Martin O'Malley/Barbara Boxer(Democratic)
2012:Jesss Ventura/Richard Ojeda(United),Jerry Seinfield/Mike Gabbard(Republican)
2017-2021:Mike Gravel/Tupac Shakur(United)

2016:Dana Rohrabacher/Lindsey Graham(Republican),Al Franken/Ray Mabus(Democratic)
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Things Fall Apart (part 2.)

2029-2037: Lee Carter/Joseph Stallcop
defeated Sarah Palin/Nikki Haley, others
defeated Ariana Rowlands/Greg Hafen, others

Things were tough for the second President Carter. His Second Constitutional Convention was quashed before it even convened, the Supreme Court was virtually empty - save for an incredibly bored Chief Justice Engel - and his own party was playing hardball with him. And that was just in D.C., the rest of the country was in a whole ‘other state of disarray. As ISIS melted into the Rakaboûnâ, and the Rakaboûnâ dissolved into Ahmbra, so too did the Three Percenters and Boog Boys turn to the the Patriotic Syndicate, or worse, those loonies that make up the Hammer of Interitus. The same went for the ANTIFA-types; these days its much more vogue to enlist with the Thumbs up north, or, if you were a loser in the geographic lottery, the Commissariat down south. It was never civil war, nothing of the sort, but there were assholes all the same, always occupying federal land and refusing to pay parking fines or taxes or the missing nine dollars for their gas-station coffee. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Carter, despite winning a second term, inherited the poisoned chalice that had become the American economy. Any attempt to micro-manage tax rates were forestalled by Congressional Republicans, who’d taken to simply getting up and walking out when someone was so much as rude to them - garnering them the common moniker of “Party of Karens”. It was difficult to make sure the country didn’t go bankrupt when the House and Senate acted like spoilt children. So he bailed out the banks. If he did what his heart told him, to demolish Wall Street with bulldozers and personally tie the investment chairmen to a chair so he could beat them in the White House back room, the country would crumble. And with this bailout went his base, who now seethed that he was nothing more than “another bastich liberal shillkill”, whatever that meant. Still didn't stop him from leaving the party in his last year. The Dems where two for two this time.

2037-2039: Josh Hawley/Dane Eagle
defeated Geo Saba/Liz Bruenig, others

After progress there comes spewing fourth from the false sense of security a belief in vanity. That’s why the Dems nominated the wholesome farm boy baseball-star-turned congressman Saba, picture perfect and squeaky clean, more than happy to play ball with the party, unlike Carter, who’d burned all bridges by the time he left office. Hawley used to be a wholesome farm boy, too, enough to be taken under the wing of then-President Palin. But he had gotten old. And bitter. And outright murky in his allegiances. He now stalked D.C. with the assistance of a cane, which rumours suggest was carved from the ivory of one of the last remaining elephants. When voters saw the debate streams, where Hawley grumbled, growled and snapped at his opponent, they didn’t see him for the cantankerous bastard he was; New York is sinking into the ocean? Fuck you! What about my 401(k)?!

Then suddenly everyone’s 401(k)’s vanished.

The Week of Open Windows happened in the blink of an eye for many, tho the history books make it seem like it took years. Global Banks that were “too big to fail” failed, shares in multinationals became instantly worthless, the fake money market was no more. This would’ve been more than enough to cripple the States, but this was a global issue. Overnight the oil magnates retreated into bunkers and refused all exports. Farmland was raided by civilians who attempted to gnaw on the underripe cobs and bushels of wheat. Pure, unadulterated chaos. Gore Vindal would’ve been grinning from ear to ear if he knew how right he was.

Then, somehow, things got worse.

2039-20?? Odessa Oldham/[vacant]
[fmr. Secretary of Agriculture elected via Contingency of Govt.]
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