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Yokai Man’s Test Thread Thing

Yokai Man

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Mayors of Cluj

2012-2016 Marius Nicoară (USL,
PNL after 2015)
2012 def: Emil Boc (PD-L),Peter Kovacs-Eckstein (UDMR),Iuliu Mirel Țăgorean (PP-DD)

2016-present day Emil Boc (PD-L)
2016 def: Marius Nicoară (PNL),Anna Horvath (UDMR),Liviu Alexa (PSD-ALDE)

Mayors of Pitești

1992-2015 Tudor Pendiuc (FSN/FDSR/PDSR/PSD)

2015-2016 Constantin-Cornel Ionică (PSD)

2016-present day Tudor Pendiuc (

2012-2016 Crin Antonescu (USL,PNL after 2015)
2012 Presidential Impeachment Referendum:
90,09% Yes,voting presence 51,18%-APPROVED
2012 Parliamentary Elections
USL [386],PP-DD [81],ARD [78],UDMR [27]
2012 Presidential Election First Round def: Dan Diaconescu (PP-DD),Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu (ARD),Corneliu Vadim Tudor (PRM)

2012 Presidential Election Second Round def: Dan Diaconescu (PP-DD)
2013 Constitutional Referendum: 88,91% Yes,voting presence 41,59%-APPROVED
2014 European Parliament Elections:
USL [23], PD-L [4],UDMR [2],PMP [2],PP-DD [1]

2016- present day Liviu Dragnea (PSD-ALDE)
2016 Presidential Election First Round def: Crin Antonescu (PNL),Nicușor Dan (USR),Victor Ponta (PRU)
2016 Presidential Election Second Round def: Crin Antonescu (PNL)
2016 Parliamentary Elections: PSD-ALDE [244],USR [49],PNL [38],PD-L [36],UDMR [30],PMP [26],PRU [26]
2017 Constitutional Referendum: 94,07% Yes,voting presence 32,05 %-APPROVED
2018 Constitutional Referendum: 90,68%
Yes,voting presence 31,79%-APPROVED
2019 European Parliament Elections:
PSD-ALDE [10],PNL [9],PD-L [6],PRU [3],PMP [2],UDMR [2]


Yokai Man

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Guilt Is A Complicated Thing

1940-1940 Edward Wood,1st Earl of Halifax (Conservative led National War Government)

1940-1946 Samuel Hoare (Conservative Majority)

1941 def: Clement Attlee (Labour),Archibald Sinclair (Liberal),Winston Churchill (Pro War Conservatives)

1946-1951 Herbert Morrison (Labour Majority)
1946 def: Samuel Hoare (Conservative),Archibald Sinclair (Liberal),Richard Acland (Common Wealth),Harry Pollitt (Communist),Douglas Young (SNP)

Yokai Man

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A Very,VERY Stupid Turn of Events or Mihai Nahorniac Is Somehow Right

Leaders of the Labour Party

1994-1997 Tony Blair-resigned due to the Nahorniac Scandal,arrested for treason

1997-1997 John Prescott-interim leader

1997-1997 Robin Cook-resigned as PM after sex scandal

1997-1997 Robin Cook (Labour-Liberal Democrat Coalition)

1997: Robin Cook-Labour (300),John Major-Conservative (280),Paddy Ashdown-Liberal Democrat (50)

1997-2007 Gordon Brown (Labour-Liberal Democrat Coalition)
1997 Welsh Assembly Referendum: 51,27% For
1997 Scottish Assembly Referendum: 75% For
1999 AV Referendum: 55,19% No
2002: Gordon Brown-Labour (290),Francis Maude-Conservative (290),Charles Kennedy-Liberal Democrat (50)

2007-2012 Malcolm Rifkind (Conservative Minority with Ulster Unionist support and confidence)

1995-1997 Jacques Chirac (RPR)

1997-1997 Christian Poncelet (RPR)

1997-2009 Alain Juppé (RPR/UMP)

2009-2019 Ségolène Royal (PS)

1996-1997 Romano Prodi

1997-1997 Massimo D'Alema

1997-20xx Silvio Berlusconi


Yokai Man

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German Style or What If Every Euro Election in Romania since 2009 Had a 0,6% Minimum Threshold








Independents-Elena Basescu,Pavel Abraham


PSD: 11

PNL: 5








Independents-Mircea Diaconu







PRO Romania-2



Independents-Peter Costea,George Simion,Gregoriana Carmen Tudoran

Yokai Man

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An Inherently Conservative Nation

1997-1997 James Goldsmith (Referendum-Official Conservative Minority Coalition with Ulster Unionist and UK Unionist support and confidence)

1997: James Goldsmith-Referendum [315],John Smith-Labour [272],Paddy Ashdown-Liberal Democrats [44],John Major-Conservative [8]

1997-1999 Alan Clark (Referendum-Official Conservative Minority Coalition with Ulster Unionist and UK Unionist support and confidence,British Patriotic Alliance Majority after 1998 General Election)
1997 European Membership Referendum: 53,79% Out
1998: Alan Clark-BPA [344],John Smith-Labour [210],Paddy Ashdown-Liberal Democrats [54],Robin Page-ENP [17],Kenneth Clarke-FBPE [4]

1999-2009 Robin Birley (British Patriotic Alliance Majority)
2003: Robin Birley-BPA [344],David Blunkett-Labour [210],Simon Hughes-Liberal Democrats [59],Robin Page-ENP [17]
2008: Robin Birley-BPA [339],Frank Dobson-Labour [210],Simon Hughes-Liberal Democrats [59],Robin Page-ENP [22]

2009-present day Jeffrey Titford (British Patriotic Alliance Majority)

Yokai Man

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Divided We Fall

2021 Early Parliamentary Election Results:

PSD: 150 seats

PNL-LO: 63 seats

USRPLUS: 60 seats

AUR: 51 seats

PNL-FC: 49 seats

UDMR: 29 seats

ACUM: 26 seats

PNR: 22 seats

Yokai Man

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Every Legislative Election in Romania since 1992 If The Electoral System Was Like The One They Have in the Netherlands,I Guess-Part 1


FDSN: 149 seats

CDR: 105 seats

FSN: 54 seats

PUNR: 42 seats

UDMR: 39 seats

PRM: 20 seats

PSM: 15 seats

PDAR: 15 seats

PNL: 13 seats

MER: 11 seats

PR: 8 seats


CDR: 154 seats

PDSR: 116 seats

USD: 66 seats

UDMR: 39 seats

PRM: 22 seats

PUNR: 21 seats

PS: 11 seats

PSM: 10 seats

ANL: 9 seats

PPS: 7 seats

PSMR: 6 seats

UNC: 4 seats

PNT: 3 seats

ANLE: 3 seats


PDSR: 195 seats

PRM: 108 seats

PNL: 39 seats

UDMR: 39 seats

PD: 38 seats

ApR: 22 seats

PUNR: 7 seats

PNL-C: 6 seats

PER: 5 seats

PSM: 4 seats

PPS: 4 seats

PMR: 3 seats


PSD+PUR: 177 seats

Truth and Justice Alliance: 151 seats

PRM: 65 seats

UDMR: 31 seats

PNG-CD: 11 seats

PNTCD: 9 seats

FD: 4 seats

PER: 3 seats


PSD+PC: 155 seats

PD-L: 153 seats

PNL: 85 seats

UDMR: 31 seats

PRM: 16 seats

PNG-CD: 11 seats

PER: 3 seats

Yokai Man

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Every Legislative Election in Romania since 1992 If The Electoral System Was Like The One They Have in the Netherlands,I Guess-Part 2


USL: 348 seats

ARD: 96 seats

PP-DD: 84 seats

UDMR: 27 seats

PRM: 8 seats

PPMP: 4 seats

PER: 4 seats


PSD: 207 seats

PNL: 92 seats

USR: 40 seats

UDMR: 30 seats

ALDE: 27 seats

PMP: 25 seats

PRU: 13 seats

PRM: 5 seats

PER: 4 seats

ANR: 4 seats


PSD: 134 seats

PNL: 117 seats

USRPLUS: 73 seats

AUR: 42 seats

UDMR: 30 seats

PMP: 22 seats

PRO Romania: 19 seats

PER: 6 seats

PPU-SL: 5 seats

Yokai Man

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Mayors of the Sectors of Bucharest

Sector 1

2016-present day Clotilde Armand (USB,later USR)
2016 def: Dan Tudorache (PSD+UNPR+ALDE),Andrei Chiliman (Independent),Sebastian Burduja (PNL)
2017 Impeachment Referendum: 58,90% No
2018 Impeachment Referendum: 57,09% No
2019 Impeachment Referendum: 56,50% No

Sector 2

2016-present day Neculai Ontanu (PSD+UNPR+ALDE)

2016 def: Dan Cristian Popescu (PNL),Antoneta Bugner (USB),Dumitru Pelican (PER)

Sector 3

2016-present day Robert Negoita (PSD+UNPR+ALDE)
2016 def: Roxana Wring (USB),Liviu Negoita (PD-L),Cristina Pocora (PNL)

Sector 4

2016-present day Cristian Popescu-Piedone (Independent,later ALDE)

2016 def: Daniel Baluta (PSD+UNPR+ALDE),Razvan-Ioan Sava (PNL),Dumitru Dobrov (USB)

Sector 5

2016-present day Marean Vanghelie (PDS,later PSD)

2016 def: Daniel Florea (PSD+UNPR+ALDE),Ovidiu Raetchi (PNL),Catalin Stochita (Independent)

Sector 6

2016-present day Gabriel Mutu (PSD+UNPR+ALDE)

2016 def: Mihai Danes (USB),Stefan Florescu (Independent),Razvan-Horia Mironescu (PNL)

Yokai Man

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Candidates registered for the early Presidential Elections of 2007:

Traian Băsescu-Anti Mafia Union

Cozmin Gușă-Unity and Reason Alliance

Corneliu Vadim Tudor-Greater Romania Party

Markó Béla-Democratic Alliance of Hungarians

Petre Roman-Union of Left Wing Forces

Gheorghe Becali-New Generation-Christian Democrat Party

Leonida Lari-Independent

Lorin Fortuna-Independent

Mihai Constantinescu-Ecologist Party of Romania

Constantin Rotaru-Socialist Alternative Party

Gheorghe Dinu-Independent

Marian Bătăiosu-Independent

Victor Ciorbea-National Peasants Christian Democrat Party-Victor Ciorbea

Yokai Man

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Dying For Cod or A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

1974-1976 Harold Wilson (Labour Minority,Labour Majority after October 1974,Labour Minority after January 1976,Labour Majority after March 1976,Labour Minority after November 1976)

February 1974: Harold Wilson-Labour [301],Ted Heath-Conservative [297],Jeremy Thorpe-Liberal [14],William Wolfe-SNP [7]
October 1974: Harold Wilson-Labour [319],Ted Heath-Conservative [277],Jeremy Thorpe-Liberal [13],William Wolfe-SNP [11]
March 1976: Harold Wilson-Labour [332],Margaret Thatcher-Conservative [245],William Wolfe-SNP [16],Anthony Crosland-SDP [10],Roy Jenkins-Reform [8],
Tony Benn-Levellers [5],David Steel-Liberal [4]
November 1976: Harold Wilson-Labour [307],Geoffrey Howe-Conservative [257],William Wolfe-SNP [18],Anthony Crosland-SDP [14],Roy Jenkins-Reform [11],
Tony Benn-Levellers [6],David Steel-Liberal [4]

1976-1978 Michael Foot (Labour Minority with SNP support and confidence)

1978-1983 Geoffrey Howe (Conservative Minority with Ulster Unionist support and confidence)

1978: Geoffrey Howe-Conservative [317],Michael Foot-Labour [252],Anthony Crosland-SDP [18],Roy Jenkins-Reform [14],William Wolfe-SNP [9],Tony Benn-Levellers [6],Alan Beith-Liberal [4]

1983-19xx James Callaghan (Labour Majority)
1983: James Callaghan-Labour [342],Geoffrey Howe-Conservative [195],Dick Leonard/Shirley Williams-SDP/Reform Alliance [55],Margo MacDonald-SNP [18],
Ken Livingstone-Levellers [10],Alan Beith-Liberal [6]

Yokai Man

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1) It is hard to say when examining the short yet impactful Premiership of Lord Halifax if it was completly a failure. In the eyes of anti appeasers and Anti Treaty supporters of then and the public at large nowadays,his reign represented the penultimate gasp of those who have let the world go to hell and the betrayal by the elite of all those who died fighting fascism in Europe. In the eyes of others though,Halifax merely did what was viewed as necessary and rational at the times,making only a temporary peace deal with the Reich to regroup and restart the war with renewed force.

Ultimately however it feels irrelevant to judge whether Halifax was succesful or not. Mainly because he didn’t intend to. He was a sacrifice PM,put in to execute the hard choices that others didn’t want to take resposibility for. And in that sense,he accomplished his mission: Britain signed a peace treaty with Germany and Italy,the war was over (for now at least) and in an “acceptable” manner. Nothing more,nothing less. Was it immoral to do this after all that had happened after the invasion of Poland? Perhaps. But that was never the concern of people like Halifax or Simon or other of said Guilty Men. Their concern was for Britain’s people to be safe,to stop the bloodshed and regroup the Empire’s forces and in their minds they have done just that. It didn’t matter if it was an illusion-as long as they believed in it then it was reality to them.

The governments in exile of Czechoslovakia,Poland,Netherlands,Belgium,Luxembourg,Denmark,Norway and France,to put mildly,were furious of this decision.Despite the best efforts of Halifax and others to convince them that this was only a temporary peace and that they shall still aid their fellow allies (abit less officially and openly as before),it unsurprisingly didn’t calm things down. Beneš and his government angrily left to America,the Polish were spilt in two after Sikorski formed his own government,the Dutch moved to Aruba,the Belgians to the Congo and what remained of the French government and their forces that didn’t die with De Gaulle in the Battle of Brittany to North Africa. The Danish,along with Norway,Luxembourg and the recognized Polish Government in Exile remained in London-mainly because they had nowhere else to go.

Halifax after war admitted he was partially ashamed of his actions,but still considered them as necessary at the moment.The survival of his nation and empire trumped over all else.And in his view he did what was needed to be done. He’d accept any criticism of his actions,but always believe that he did the right thing and that’s all that mattered to him in the end. ‘A job had to be done and I did it to the best of my abilities.Simple as that,sir,nothing more than that”.As such,when the situation was deemed as stable by the forces that be in control of the government at the time,Halifax resigned and let someone else become Prime Minister.

And thus stepped into the frame Sir Samuel Hoare,last of the Guilty Men.

2) Despite his best intentions,history has not been kind to Sir Samuel’s premiership. Yes,of all the appeasers he was probably the most liberal minded one that meant well. Yes,compared to Halifax’s run it wasn’t per se as bad. Why,in another universe he might have had more luck and done the massive social reforms that he wanted in prison-maybe even abolish the death penalty. But having good intentions means nothing compared if you can’t actually make them reality. Halifax at least was realistic. Hoare meanwhile represented the worst kind of the pre war appeasers: the naive kind that thought they were doing good for mankind with their actions. He wasn’t a bad man per se. But he wasn’t good either. Just a man who didn’t realize the world was going to hell,good intentions be damned.

Soon after the death of Chamberlain and his election as the new leader of the Conservative Party (which,apart from Churchill’s quixotic run,went largely unchallenged),Hoare faced the “challenge” of winning the General Election since,well,there wasn’t any real reason why it shouldn’t occur now that war was officially over. To the disappointment of some (but unsurprising to anyone else),
Labour and the Liberals didn’t highlight the war that much in the campaign or express any pro war message. And why should they? The electorate at large before the war was in favor of appeasement and many supported the peace treaty. In the eyes of the most of the voters,as long as their sons weren’t dying anymore,Europe wasn’t their problem. Being against the treaty would have been electoral suicide for the opposition.

Which is something that Churchill and his supporters would learn the hard way.

Yokai Man

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Results of the 2019 Euro Elections:


  1. Rareș Bogdan
  2. Mircea Hava
  3. Siegfried Mureșan
  4. Vasile Blaga
  5. Adina Vălean
  6. Daniel Buda
  7. Dan Motreanu
  8. Gheorghe Falcă
  9. Cristian Bușoi
  10. Marian Jean Marinescu
  11. Vlad Nistor
  12. Mihai Țurcanu
  13. Violeta Alexandru
  1. Rovana Plumb
  2. Carmen Avram
  3. Claudiu Manda
  4. Chris Terhes
  5. Dan Nica
  6. Maria Grapini
  7. Tudor Ciuhodaru
  8. Dragos Benea
  9. Bogdan Duca
  10. Victor Negrescu
  11. Natalia Intotero
  12. Gabriela Zoană
PRO Romania:
  1. Victor Ponta
  2. Corina Crețu
  3. Mihai Tudose
  1. Traian Băsescu
  2. Eugen Tomac
  1. Iuliu Winkler
  2. Loránt Vincze