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Yokai Man’s Test Thread Thing

Now Follows: a TLIAW/list which gimmick is “Party with best PPB wins the most seats”

Be Careful What You Wish For:a vignette/TLIAW in which Michael Heseltine becomes Prime Minister in 1995 after Major doesn’t get the number of votes necessary to him not to resign and has increasingly more problems(including the government falling due to the Scott Report and Alan Clark defecting to the Referendum Party),making him wonder ever so more why he ever wanted the job.

Memories From The Nastase Years:A look into a Nastase Presidency,where corruption is stronger,liberals are disillusioned and reform is never in sight.

From Comrade Ceaucescu to Mister Lazarescu Redux:Alternative Romanian Cinema,possibly a spinoff of the TL above.Haven’t decided yet.
A Bang And A Whimper-The Life and Times of the Christian Democrat National Peasants Party After 2000 And How They Tried To Survive But Failed
1990-1995 John Major(Conservative)
1992:Neil Kinnock(Labour),Paddy Ashdown(Liberal Democrat)
1995-1996 Michael Heseltine(Conservative)
1996-2010 Tony Blair(Labour)
1996:Michael Heseltine(Conservative),Paddy Ashdown(Liberal Democrat),James Goldsmith(Referendum)
2000:Stephen Dorrell(Conservative),Charles Kennedy(Liberal Democrat)
2004:Iain Duncan Smith(Conservative),Charles Kennedy(Liberal Democrat)
2008:Liam Fox(Conservative),Chris Huhne(Liberal Democrat)
2010-2013 John Reid(Labour)
2013-2018 David Davis(Conservative)
2013:John Reid(Labour),David Laws(Liberal Democrat),Alec Salmond(SNP), Nigel Farage(UKIP),Caroline Lucas(Green),Nick Griffin(BNP)

Will edit some parts in the future.
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