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Yokai Man’s Test Thread Thing

Yokai Man

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good lord, what’s happening here?
HOO boy

Okay so,due to the increasing political and economical instability and the impossibly of anyone getting a majority,as well as IDS having “visions”,a National Unity Government is made,with IDS and his few remaining supporters doing everything in their power for the government to exist til order has returned and Britain is at peace with itself

It’s basically a British version of the Apocalyptic Romania list that I made out of boredom
The first three articles are awful and completely lacking empathy.
"gypsies (pardon me, romani people)"
So much pique and smugness in such few words. Disgusting.
As for the last one... Well, she is only reporting on a fact that happened, not necessarily endorsing it. Though not putting "Captain" and "falsified history" in quotation marks is a bit... disconcerting.
If I remember correctly, most of the PRM was absorbed by PSD after its demise (though some poor souls are still in the party), so this isn't too surprising.
Thank you for posting these.

Yokai Man

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Monarchs and Prime Ministers of Post Nuclear United Kingdom of Great Britain

1952-1984 Elizabeth II

1984-present day Charles III

1957-1982 Harold Macmillan (Conservative Majority,War/National Rebuilding Government after 29 November 1962)

1959:Harold Macmillan-Conservative[365],Hugh Gaitskell-Labour[258],Jo Grimond-Liberal[6]

1982-1993 Ted Heath (National Rebuilding Government,Conservative Elected Majority Government after 1983)
1983:Ted Heath-Conservative[353],Fred Peart-Labour[200],Douglas Henderson-SNP[40],Dafydd Elis-Thomas-Plaid Cymru[12],Julian Amery-NDP[5]
1988:Ted Heath-Conservative[334],Fred Peart-Labour[214],Douglas Henderson-SNP[46],Dafydd Elis-Thomas-Plaid Cymru[12],Julian Amery-NDP[4]
1993:Ted Heath-Conservative[320],Jack Cunningham-Labour[228],Douglas Henderson-SNP[46],Dafydd Elis-Thomas-Plaid Cymru[12],Enoch Powell-NDP[4]

1993-1998 Michael Heseltine (Conservative Majority)

1998-2010 Jack Cunningham (Labour Majority)

Yokai Man

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An Eternal Conspiracy

1953-1953 Dwight D. Eisenhower/Richard Nixon (Republican)

1952 def:Adlai Stevenson/John Sparkman (Democratic)

1953-1957 Richard Nixon/William Knowland (Republican)

1957-1965 Jack Huffman/Stuart Symington (Democratic)
1956 def:Richard Nixon/William Knowland (Republican)
1960 def:Nelson Rockefeller/Gerald Ford (Republican)

1965-1973 Jack Huffman/Richard J. Daley (Democratic)
1964 def:George Romney/William Scranton (Republican)
1968 def:Barry Goldwater/Ronald Reagan (Republican),George Wallace/Edwin Walker (American Independent Party),Eugene McCarthy/Wayne Morse (Change)

1973-1975 Jack Huffman/Henry M. Jackson (Democratic)
1972 def:Ronald Reagan/Phil Crane (Republican),Edwin Walker/John Wayne (American Independent Party)

1975-1977 Henry M. Jackson/Tom Foley (Democratic)

1977-1985 Howard Baker/William Hanes Ayres (Republican)

Official Rulers of the Soviet Union

1953-1964 Nikita Khrushchev

1964-198x Nikolai Milenkov

Unofficial Rulers of the Soviet Union after 1969

1969-1984 Dmitry Ustinov

1984-198x Nikolai Tikhonov

Yokai Man

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The Prime Minister Has Lost It And So Has The Nation

1964-1968 Harold Wilson (Labour Majority)

1968-1971 Jim Callaghan (Labour Majority)

1971-1973 Ted Heath † (Conservative-Liberal Coalition)

1971:Ted Heath-Conservative[314],Jim Callaghan-Labour[286],Jeremy Thorpe-Liberal[15],Harold Wilson-BPP[14]

1973-1974 Jeremy Thorpe (Conservative-Liberal Coalition,Interim Prime Minister)

1974-1975 William Whitelaw (Conservative-Liberal Coalition,Conservative Minority Government with UUP support and confidence after 1974)

1975-1980 Jim Callaghan (Labour Minority Government with Plaid Cymru and UUP support and confidence)

1975:Jim Callaghan-Labour[317],William Whitelaw-Conservative[255],William Wolfe-SNP[36],Harold Wilson-BPP[22],John Kingsley Read-National Front[5]

Time Enough

"Enthusiastic Cis Male Partner"
Harold Wilson-BPP[22]
What in the fucking hell is happening?

1971-1973 Ted Heath † (Conservative-Liberal Coalition)
1971:Ted Heath-Conservative[314],Jim Callaghan-Labour[286],Jeremy Thorpe-Liberal[15],Harold Wilson-BPP[14]
Ted Heath’s reign as prime minister came to an unfortunate end when his yacht capsized/crushed by his piano/fell into a bath tub of acid.

Yokai Man

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What in the fucking hell is happening?
*Deep breath*

Okay so during the Pandemic I remembered that PSD responsed in January 2019 to the devaluation of the national currency by claiming that it was because of ROGUE AIs,created by SOROS and THE DEEP STATE to DESTROY OUR NATION and OUR SACRED VALUES,accusing the National Bank of being negligent of their threat and leaving the economy prey to evil Deep State A.I and Robots and also apparently believing that devaluation happens because the DEEP STATE/the Illuminati/any secret occult group wants to destroy the economy of a country.

This wasn’t just a goddamn mental claim,that was a mental claim that every representative of the main party of government made and portrayed the mere idea of devaluation of a conspiracy against them.

As I was reminding myself of this,I wondered: what if any other government would have said that? What if Harold Wilson, instead of accepting devaluation as a concept,said in his famous “Pound in your pocket” speech that the Freemasons,along with the Americans and the Soviets,were to blame for the pound devaluing and that there was an international conspiracy against Britain and his government,promising to fight them and make Britain great again? Not only that,but what if his most loyal supporters also said and believed that?

It kinda got stuck in my head and well this happened.

I’ll do a more detailed list soon.

Yokai Man

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Nationalize/Privatise/Nationalize/Privatize or The Constant Death And Rebirth of a Consensus

1990-1996 John Major (Conservative Majority)

1996-2001 Ken Livingston (Labour Majority)

2001-2006 Michael Portillo (Conservative Majority)

2006-2011 John Prescott (Labour Majority)

2011-2016 William Hague (Conservative Majority)

2016-present day Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat/Green Anti Consensus Alliance Majority)

Yokai Man

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Just Another Form of Tyranny

Mayors of Bucharest

12 Sorin Oprescu (PDSR,PSD)

2000 First Round def:Traian Basescu (PD),Catalin Chirita (CDR),George Padure (PNL)
2000 Second Round def:Traian Basescu (PD)
2004 First Round def:Viorel Catarama (2004 Alternative),Dumitru Dragomir (PRM),Monica Tatoiu (PUR)
2004 Second Round def:Viorel Catarama(2004 Alternative)
2008 def:Adriean Videanu (USR),Gigi Becali (PNG-CD),Cosmin Gusa (PIN)

2012-2012 Dan Darabont (PSD,Interimary Mayor)

2012-2020 Miron Mitrea (PSD,USD)
2012 def:Ludovic Orban (PNL),Silviu Prigoana (PD),Cristi Preda (PSN)
2016 def:Florin Alexe (PNL),Florin Calinescu (Independent),Catalin Berenghi (Independent)

2020-present day Clotilde Armand (Independent)

2004-2009 Adrian Nastase (PSD+PUR,PSD+PC)

2009-2012 Mona Musca (USR)

2012-2012 Teodor Melescanu (PNL,Interimary President)

2012-present day Sorin Oprescu (PSD+PC,USD)

Yokai Man

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For Want Of An Accepted Contentation or USR-PLUS Isn't Allowed To Particitate In The 2019 Euro Elections Due To Shenanigans or I'm Not Good With Coming Out With Short Titles

2019 European Parliament Elections Results in Romania:

PNL-14 seats
PSD-12 seats
PRO Romania-2 seats
PMP-2 seats
UDMR-2 seats

2019 Romanian Presidential Election Results:
First Round: Klaus Iohannis(
PNL)-36,90%,Dan Barna(2020 Alliance USR-Plus)-22,19%,Viorica Dancila(PSD)-21,88%,Mircea Diaconu(One Man Alliance)-9,20%

Second Round: Klaus Iohannis(PNL)-60,17%,Dan Barna(2020 Alliance USR-Plus)-39,83%

Yokai Man

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The Death of An Era

1984-1989 David Steel (SDP/Liberal Alliance Majority,Democratic Majority by 1988)
1984: David Steel-SDP/Liberal Alliance [592],Gordon Wilson-SNP [25], Dafydd Wigley-Plaid Cymru [10], Michael Foot-Labour [7], Johathon Porritt-Ecology [4], Andrew Brons-National Front [2], John Tyndall-BNP [1], Edward Du Cann-Conservative [1]
1986 PR Voting System Referendum: 70,29% For
1987 Welsh and Scottish Devolution Referendums: Wales 55% For,Scotland 80,58% For

1989-1992 Jonathon Porritt (Green Minority with SNP and Plaid Cymru support and confidence)
1989: Jonathan Porritt-Green [304],David Steel-DPB [206],David Owen-SDP [43], Margo MacDonald-SNP [27], Denis Healey-Labour [12], Dafydd Wigley-Plaid Cymru [10], John Tyndall-BNP [3], Quintin Hogg-Conservative [1]
1992 Scottish Independence Referendum: 52,10% Yes

1992-1995 David Owen (Social Democratic Minority with Ulster Unionist support and confidence)
1992: David Owen-SDP [316], David Penhaligon-DPB [233], Alec Salmond-SNP [34], Ken Livingstone-Labour [10], Dafydd Wigley-Plaid Cymru [10], Jonathon Porritt-Green [9], John Tyndall-BNP [3]
1993 Maastricht Treaty Referendum: 53,09%

1995-1997 David Owen (Social Democratic Majority after Scotland’s independence in 1 February 1995)

1997-2006 David Penhaligon (Democratic Majority)

Yokai Man

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1931-1935 Ramsey MacDonald [National Government Majority]
1931: Ramsey MacDonald-National Government [Stanley Baldwin-Conservative (487),Herbert Samuel-Liberal (36),John Simon-National Liberal (35),Ramsey MacDonald-National Labour (19) ], Arthur Henderson-Labour [18]

1935-1937 Stanley Baldwin [National Government Majority]
1935: Stanley Baldwin-National Government [Stanley Baldwin-Conservative (482),John Simon-National Liberal (32),Ramsey MacDonald-National Labour (16)]
Herbert Samuel-Liberal [41], George Hall-Labour [25]

1937-1940 Neville Chamberlain [National Government Majority,Conservative led National War Government]

1940-1951 Edward Wood,1st Earl of Halifax [Conservative led National War Government,Conservative Majority]

1946: Edward Wood-Conservative [355], Aneurin Bevan-SDP [208], Archibald Sinclair-Liberal [20], Harold Nicholson-National Labour [11], Ernest Brown-National Liberal [7]

1951-1961 Aneurin Bevan [Social Democratic Majority]

Yokai Man

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1990-2000 Ion Iliescu (FSN)
1990 Parliamentary Elections: FSN [354],UDMR [41],PNL [39],MER [13],PNT-CD [13],AUR [11],PER [9],PDAR [9],PSDR (Socialist) [5],PSDR (Social) [2],GDC [2], PDM [1],PLS [1],PRN [1],PTLDR [1],UL-B [1]
1990 Presidential Elections def: Radu Câmpeanu [PNL],Ion Ratiu [PNT-CD]
1992 Parliamentary Elections: FSN [233],CDR [108],PUNR [44],UDMR [39],PRM [24],PSM [18],PDAR [5]
1992 Presidential Elections First Round def: Emil Constantinescu [CDR],Gheorghe Funar [PUNR],Ioan Mânzatu [Republican Party]
1992 Presidential Elections Second Round def: Emil Constantinescu [CDR]
1996 Parliamentary Elections: FSN [191],CDR [172],UDMR [39],PUNR [37],PRM [32]
1996 Presidential Elections First Round def:
Emil Constantinescu [CDR],György Frunda [UDMR],Corneliu Vadim Tudor [PRM]
1996 Presidential Elections Second Round def: Emil Constantinescu [CDR]
2000 Parliamentary Elections: CDR [226],FSN [127],PRM [75],UDMR [37]

2000-2004 Radu Vasile (CDR)
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Yokai Man

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Governments of the Geoana Years (2009-2014)

23 December 2009-28 May 2010

Prime Minister:
Klaus Iohannis

Deputy Prime Ministers: Liviu Dragnea,Ludovic Orban

Minister of the Interior: Dan Nica

Minister of Defense: Radu Stroe

Foreign Affairs Minister: Titus Corlățean

Justice Minister: Victor Ponta

Health Minister: Ion Bazac

Education, Research and Innovation Minister: Ecaterina Andronescu

Culture Minister: Puiu Hașotti

Finance Minister: Varujan Vosganian

Economy Minister: Eugen Orlando Teodorovici

Labor Minister: Marian Sârbu

Transport and Development Minister: Relu Fenechiu

Tourism Minister: Maria Grapini

Agriculture Minister: Ilie Sârbu

Environment Minister: László Borbély

Youth and Sports Minister: Nicolae Bănicioiu

Communications Minister: Kelemen Hunor

European Affairs Minister: Leonard Orban

Small and Medium Enterprises and Commerce Minister: Constantin Niță

Minister Delegate for the Business Environment: Mihai Voicu

Minister Delegate for Liaison with Parliament: Dan Șova


Yokai Man

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Hoover's Forever War

1928-1937 Herbert Hoover/Charles Curtis (Republican)

1928 def: Al Smith/Joseph T Robinson (Democratic)
1932 def:
Newton D Baker/John Nance Garner (Democratic)

1937-1945 Cordell Hull/George White (Democratic)
1936 def: Frank Knox/James W Wadsworth Jr (Republican),Phillip La Follette/William Borah (Progressive),Huey Long/John R Brinkey (A New America)
1940 def: Thomas E Dewey/Charles L McNary (Republican),Robert La Follette Jr/Orland Steen Loomis (Progressive)

1945-19xx James V Allred/Harry Truman (Democratic)

Yokai Man

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2009-2014 Mircea Geoană (PSD,United Romania Union after 24 March 2012)
2009 Presidential Election First Round: Traian Băsescu (PD-L),Crin Antonescu (PNL),Corneliu Vadim Tudor (PRM)
2009 Presidential Election Second Round: Traian Băsescu
2012 Parlamentary Elections: URU [244],ARN [165],PMP [68],PP-DD [66],UDMR [27]
2014 European Parliament Elections: PSD+PC [13],ARN [7],PNL [5],PMP [5],UDMR [2]

2014-2015 Traian Băsescu (PMP)
2014 Presidential Election First Round: Mircea Geoană (PSD),Ludovic Orban (PNL),Cătălin Predoiu (ARN)
2014 Presidential Election Second Round: Mircea Geoană (PSD)

2015-2015 Călin Popescu Tăriceanu (PLR,Interimary President)

2015-2019 Traian Băsescu (PMP)