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Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

Time Enough

"Enthusiastic Cis Male Partner"
Our Man; Lamm!

For Dick Lamm, the Governorship had laid in reach, the people were hungry for change, they wanted someone from the Left of the American political spectrum to come in and change Colorado for the better. Indeed whilst the rescinding Governor Love pointed out his moderation, Lamm pointed out his Radicalism, on abortion, environment and economics (it was the 70s, limiting growth was fairly radical).

And in the end, Lamm would lose. Not by much, indeed a few percentage points here and there, a couple more people voting Prohibition here and there would have swung it to Lamm. But the blow was hard for a man who had put his blood and sweat into trying to become Governor. Lamm would skulk off and ponder what now. He was popular and well liked and sometime in the State Legislative would continue to do him good.

But the itch to do more, kept on bugging him, especially as Nixon started slowly beginning to wind up his Presidency to be replaced by a another dull Moderate Conservative. And he’d been noticed, the Colorado Democratic Party impressed with dynamic man. Talks would be held and Lamm would be informed that a Colorado Representative Pat Schroeder would be resigning for the upcoming 1976 election to gain a job with the Education Department and Lamm would have a clear shot for the nomination and the seat.

Whilst 1976 would in the grand scheme of things be a disappointment for the Democrats with Fred Harris winning the popular vote but losing by a couple of electoral votes to Bob Dole. But for Lamm it gave him a seat in the House of Representatives easily trouncing his Republican rival with his low growth, environmentalist message. Whilst initially just a fairly hum drum Congressman, his support for the Environment would see him gravitating towards Environmental Committees in the late 70s and additionally catching the eye of Dan Rostenkowski.

Whilst finding Lamm strange, he realised that Lamm was a hard working enough individual who could be useful in the coming years, particularly if 1980 brought about a Democratic Presidential Victory. In 1980 would find himself becoming a Democratic Whip in the House of Representatives, coinciding neatly with the election of Birch Bayh as President. Suddenly more eyes began to turn to Lamm as the first couple of years of the Presidency began.

Indeed Lamm’s belief in reform, environmentalism and equal rights for women gelled well with President’s Bayh’s aspirations for the Presidency. Whilst Lamm’s legislation for A Zero Growth Economic Trial would die in Committee, his support for ERA would get the controversial legislation passed by a whisker, permanently enshrined within the Constitution. Lamm would be one of those gleefully smiling as Bayh signed it into law in the halcyon days of 1983.

But the itch to go back home to Colorado and battle for his people there remained. Particularly after Sam Brown Jr., a charismatic and talented operator from the Left of the party would lose reelection after his Workplace Democracy program would anger the type of people you would expect.

Lamm saw an opportunity, to go back and claim the Governorship for himself. In the chaotic days of 1986, Lamm would find himself back in Colorado campaigning for Governor. But this wasn’t the same Lamm that left, whilst he was only in his Fifties and was still incredibly energetic, there was something different about him, an older more respected appeal than before. Indeed, Lamm despite the establishment candidate in some respects ran a Populist campaign, he was the valiant outsider who fought for what he stood for and was a great Colorado figure.

Lamm won handily and took on the task of continuing to modernise and reshape Colorado for business, the people and the environment. But as Bayh’s Presidency continued the slow march Leftward, Lamm started but firm dividing lines between himself and the Bayh administration. His support for health care was, schizophrenic, in many respects. Telling old people they had a duty to die at some point to ensure that social security and healthcare could withstand the age shift that was occurring shocked many, and made many call him ‘Doctor Gloom’ as a result.

Anti-Workplace Democracy, Anti-Economic Growth, Anti-Highway development, Anti-Radical Right, Lamm managed to thread the hole of pissing off the Left and Right of America. Indeed the Left of the Colorado Democrats were out for his blood when he refused to endorse Ed Markey’s Campaign for Democratic Nominee and from the Colorado Democrats themselves when he refused to endorse Harris Wofford.

Indeed Lamm was beginning to find himself in trouble waters, the Democrats dominated by the UCLA and Lawyers and the Republicans just outright fascists on the other side was what he thought in his mind. America needed a third option, Lamm said, though unlike Tom McCall, he actually put the money where his mouth was. 1990 was probably the year of ‘Folks Establishing Third Parties to battle the chaotic forces of Left and Right’ with Lamm, Weicker, Ventura, McCloskey and Silber all creating Third Parties to compete in differing elections all with different results.

Lamm’s, The United Party would win, with Libertarian Rancher Activist Michael L.Strang by his side, Lamm would win the Governorship. In power again, his tenure was pretty much the same as he been doing before but every motion or legislation that he supported that was passed was a political manifesto for him. Supporting Small businesses, stopping large corporations taking hold and polluting the land, anti-immigration points, anti-free Trade, balanced budgets and much more, Lamm’s combination of varying ideas into a philosophy he called ‘Progressive Conservatism’ would be the reasoning for the United Party.

As McDermott was voted in, and the Republicans shifted increasingly Rightward, Lamm saw it as his mission to bring moderation back to America. Meetings with Weicker, Perot and Zschau would provide base upon which he could build his United Party into a nationwide party. Leaving Michael L. Strang to fight for the Governorship (and lose against charismatic Democrat Ruben Valdez), Lamm would pursue his ideas on a national scale, going on talk shows, writing several books (fiction and non-fiction) on his talking points and supporting independent and third party candidates across America against the ‘Dark Insidious Machines that dominate our lives’.

The pundits took little notice of this odd man, nor did the establishment politicians as they prepared for a battle between McDermott and Gramm. But America was listening, indeed the Americans on the Political Centre as it were, those who had happily voted for Nixon, Bayh and then Vander Jagt saw themselves in this strange man, the man of the Suburbs who was liberal but not too liberal. The force of moderation.

It surprised many when Gramm did awfully, his free trade message washing against the shores of Lamm, all fire and brimstone about the coming apocalyptic chaos that free trade would bring. McDermott too found himself being harangued for his support from Labor Unions and the ‘Liberal Lawyers’, a conspiratorial cabal in Lamm’s mind. It was a shock on a election night when Lamm over shot expectations, winning several key states and beating the Republican Candidate. Whilst unable to throw things to the house, Lamm didn’t mind, America had heard his message.

Maybe in 2000 as the Millennium began anew, they would be ready for a New Century of Progressive Conservatism...

Governors of Colorado:

1963-1979: John A.Love (Republican)
1962 def. Stephen McNichols (Democratic)
1966 def. Robert Lee Knous (Democratic)
1970 (With John Vanderhoof) def. Mark Anthony Hogan (Democratic)
1974 (With John Vanderhoof) def. Dick Lamm (Democratic)

1979-1983: Sam Brown Jr. (Democratic)
1978 (With Ruben A.Valdez) def. John Vanderhoof (Republican)
1983-1987: Ted L. Strickland (Republican)
1982 (With Bill Daniels) def. Sam Brown Jr. (Democratic)
1987-1990: Dick Lamm (Democratic)
1986 (With Nancy E.Dick) def. Ted L.Strickland (Republican)
1990-1995: Dick Lamm (United)
1990 (With Michael L. Strang) def. Nancy E. Dick (Democratic), Bill Daniels (Republican)
1995-: Ruben A. Valdez (Democratic)
1994 (With Josie Heath) def. Michael L. Strang (United), Tom Norton (Republican)

Presidents of the United States of America:

1969-1977: Richard M. Nixon (Republican)
1968 (With Spiro Agnew) def. Hubert Humphrey (Democratic), George Wallace (American Independent)
1972 (With Spiro Agnew) def. Ed Muskie (Democratic), George Wallace (American Independent)

1977-1981: Bob Dole (Republican)
1976 (With John Tower) def. Fred Harris (Democratic) won the popular vote, John Lindsay (Independent)
1981-1989: Birch Bayh (Democratic)
1980 (With Reubin Askew) def. Bob Dole (Republican), Roger MacBride (Libertarian)
1984 (With Reubin Askew) def. Bill Simon (Republican)

1989-1993: Guy Vander Jagt (Republican)
1989 (With William L. Armstong) def. Harris Wofford (Democratic)
1993-: Jim McDermott (Democratic)
1992 (With Harvey Gantt) def. Guy Vander Jagt (Republican), Larry MacDonald (Independent)
1996 (With Harvey Gantt) def. Dick Lamm (United), Phil Gramm (Republican)
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Peace, Love And Granola - the Career of Tom Hayden

1960-1962: Member of Students for Democratic Society (SDS)

- recruited by Alan Haber
1962-1963: President of the SDS
1964-1968: Private citizen, activist

- organiser for the Newark Community Union Project
1968: Member of the National Mobilisation Committee to End the War in Vietnam ("the Mobe")
1969-1972: Private citizen, activist

- tried and convicted as part of the "Chicago Eight" group, charges later reversed following appeal
1972-1974: Founder and director of the Indochina Peace Campaign (IPC)
- visited Hanoi with his wife, Jane Fonda, in 1972
1974: Democratic Party Primary candidate for California's 34th district
defeated Mark Hannaford
1975-1979: Representative for California's 34th congressional district
defeated Bill Bond (Republican/American Independent), John Donohue (Peace and Freedom)
1978: Nonpartisan Primary candidate for Mayor of San Francisco
lost to Dianne Feinstein, David Scott
1979-1981: Director of the Peace Corps
appointed by ACTION Director Sam Brown, replacing Carolyn Payton
1981-1983: Co-founder and Director of Campaign for Economic Democracy (CED)
1983-1986: Private citizen, author
1986: Democratic Party candidate for Governor of California

lost to George Deukmejian (Republican), Joseph Fuhrig (Libertarian), Maria Elizabeth Muñoz (Peace and Freedom), Gary V. Miller (American Independent)
1989-1992: Private citizen, activist
- protested to institute Chapter 1238 of the California Statutes allowing the establishment of "student representation fees"
1992: Democratic Party candidate for Senate Special Election for California
defeated Dianne Feinstein, Joseph Alioto, David Kearns
1993-2007: Senator for California
'92: defeated John Seymour (Republican)
'94: defeated Michael Huffington (Republican)
'00: defeated Tom Campbell (Republican), Medea Benjamin (Green)

2000: Democratic Party Primary candidate for President of the United States
lost to Al Gore


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Charles Stross said:
Jeff Bezos is 58; keep an eye on him in January 2024, that's when he's due to turn 60. (He seems to be saner than Musk and Putin, but his classic midlife crisis year falls around the start of a presidential election campaign in the US and he might succumb to the impulse to make a grand gesture, like Mike Bloomberg's abortive run on the presidence.)
Presidential Tickets for the Excelsior Party:

2024: Jeff Bezos/various (85 delegates, 9.7% PV) (ran in Democratic primary)
2028: Jeff Bezos/Rick Caruso (13 EV, 19.5% PV)
2032: Jeff Bezos/Jeremy Kaufmann (0 EV, 10.2% PV) (cross-endorsed by Libertarians)
2036: Jeff Bezos/Patrick Deneen (0 EV, 6.4% PV) (cross-endorsed by "Party/Mises" Libertarians)
2040: endorsed Republican ticket, James Majewski/David Eastman (53 EV, 31.2% PV)

"America needs new leadership. This administration might have had good intentions, but they clearly don't know how to handle making money. Deliberately pitting employers and workers against each other, misguided spending causing inflation to skyrocket, and, up and down the land, supply chains collapsing in on themselves. I can't sit by and watch as the only alternative to a far-right Republican party ends up a battle between the far-left platforms of Harris and Tliab. What America needs is far-sighted policies enacted with a clear head, and I think my record should show that..."

"...it is funny as hell, even if it's scary. I mean, we already saw Bloomberg try this! He should know! He saw what happened last time! I mean, in fairness, he's been trying pretty hard--I open my door, there's a Bezos campaign leaflet, I turn on the TV, Bezos campaign ad, I go to sleep, Bezos shows up in my dream--and, like, it still doesn't work! Third in Iowa, second in New Hampshire, a complete blowout on Super Tuesday, hell, if he was an ordinary candidate he'd have dropped out by now, but he's his own biggest funder, so he's just trying to steamroll it away! You have a rocket, dude! You could go to space instead of hanging around in North Dakota like..."

"...not a sore loser. That's a disingenuous comparison. I'm not a 'chicken' either. The Democratic primary electorate is simply not a representative sample of the American populace. It's--my previous performance has very little to do with my ability to win an election. I know what America needs, and I can provide hif the American people reject the extremists on both sides for a rational, technology-based platform that provides technology-based solutions. Next question? Yes, I'm aware that Mr Caruso's mayoral opponent is also running, yes, it didn't affect his decision--a ticket of sore losers? Come on, please, can't we discuss things like adults and focus on the..."

"...many labour activists who have been claiming intimidation of Amazon workers to vote for their boss's cadidacy is widespread at Amazon, but the FEC has so far declined to investigate. However, with these results--Washington as the only state--only full state, given his victory in NE-02, which, I believe we'll be discussing later--to go Excelsior, considering the relative percentage of Amazon employees, and the districts that flipped Excelsior so quickly, I believe, all studded with Fulfillment Centres, and considering how the incoming administration may feel about Bezos...well, it's looking likely that some of these results could be overturned. Back to you in the studio, Gina, for..."

"...a blatant attack on property-owner's freedoms. The woke mob in power, and the fascist mob, too, have been trying to crucify me, and for what? For my business being too successful? For the prosperity I've brought, that Amazon has brought, to so many communities? It's ridiculous, it's anti-American, it's irrational. Yes, there may have been some...unsavoury rumours floating around what, I'd like to remind you, is still America's largest third party, but frankly, they're doing more to uphold the principles of free speech and free enterprise than anyone else in politics. The Republicans and the Democrats have both gone mad, and so I'd like to announce that I'm now entering into..."

"...an ego project. That's what this party has been shackled to--no I won't get off the stage, Mr Moderator. We're all about free speech here, right? So I'd like a bit of free speech here. I'd like some free speech about how much money, last cycle, was going to the Presidential campaign, and how much was going to the downballot races, to other campaigns, to my campaign--get off me! I had a real shot in NH-2, a real shot, and the Party have just frittered that away so some big bald autocrat can make his shrivelled old-man dick feel bigger, oh, and by the way, I'd like to know what's so 'Libertarian' about banning puberty block--oh, calling for security? Armed guards? Do you see this shit? Because I see..."

"...no clear path forward, as things stand. With the current divided state of the right, and the increasing leftist attacks on private property, it's now important, more than ever, to show unity in the face of socialism. While I may have had my disagreements with this party in the past, it's time for me to put aside my ego--quiet down there, please--and admit that Senator Majewski has a better shot this November. Are there any--please, be mature--no, the Nationals are, yes, I suppose they're less 'terrorist-y', if that is even a word, but they're too willing to capitulate to the mob--no, the support won't just be monetary--yes, I'm very satisfied with how our party, our movement, has reshaped politics--very funny! Everyone, please, a round of applause to this jokester--no, that was sarcasm--please, for the love of--will you--I am the richest man in the United States, and I would appreciate it if I--give me a monent to--I DEMAND TO BE TAKEN SERIOU--"


A talentless person
34. Adlai Stevenson II 1953-1957 (D-IL)
(With John Sparkman) Def: Robert Taft/William Knowland
35. William Knowland 1957-1965 (R-CA)
(With Alfred Driscoll) Def: Adlai Stevenson/John Sparkman
(With Alfred Driscoll) Def: John Sparkman/John Kennedy

36. Sid McMath 1965-1973 (D-AR)
(With Vance Hartke) Def: Nelson Rockefeller/John Love
Vance Hartke) Def: Richard Nixon/Claude Kirk
37. Charles Percy 1973-1975 (R-IL)
(With Meldrim Thompson) Def: Vance Hartke/Francis Bellotti
38. Meldrim Thompsom Jr 1975-1981 (R-NH)
(With Robert Finch) Def: Henry Jackson/
39. Birch Bayh 1981-1982 (D-IN)
(With Cliff Finch) Def: Bo Callaway/Elliot Richardson
40. Cliff Finch 1982-1987 (D-MS)
(With Andrew Young) Def: Robert Taft III/Buddy Cianci
41. Andrew Young 1987-1993 (D-GA)
(With Joe Frank Harris) Def: Bill Brock/Clay Sm
42. Mark D. Silijander 1993-1997 (R-MI)
(With John Kasich) Def: Andrew Young/Joe Frank Harris David Duke/Randy Weaver
43. Jerry Brown 1997- (U-MI)
(With David Lamm) Def: Ross Perot/Jerry Litton Mark Silijander/John Kasich
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Presidents of the United States of America
2009-2013: Hillary Clinton (Democratic)
2008 (with Tom Vilsack): def. John McCain / Mike Huckabee (Republican)
2013-2017: Mitt Romney (Republican)
2012 (with Paul Ryan) def. Hillary Clinton / Tom Vilsack (Democratic)
2017-2025: Bernie Sanders (Democratic)
2016 (with Cory Booker): def. Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan (Republican)
2020 (with Cory Booker): def. Jeff Flake / Mary Taylor (Republican)

2025-2027: Roy Moore (Republican)
2024 (with Rick Scott) def. Cory Booker / Catherine Cortez Masto (Democratic), Brock Pierce / Andrew Yang (Vision '24)
March 24, 2027: Storming of the Supreme Court incited by Pres. Moore after Oberfegell v. Hodges is upheld in Alliance Defending Freedom v. Michigan
2027 Impeachment of Roy Moore (House): 261 YAY - 168 NAY - 6 ABSTENTION
2027 Impeachment of Roy Moore (Senate): 74 CONVICT - 20 ACQUIT - 6 ABSTENTION
2027 vote to bar Roy Moore from public office (Senate): 58 YAY - 39 NAY - 3 ABSTENTION

2027-2029: Rick Scott (Republican)
2029-0000: Jamaal Bowman (Democratic)
2028 (with Dana Nessel): def. Todd Young / Jeanette Nuñez (Republican), Andrew Yang / Michael Tubbs (Humanity First)
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CPUSA endorsements for President of the United States of America

Senator Bernie Sanders / Representative Karen Bass (Democrat) (321 EV/52,5% PV)

“A Bernie Sanders presidency represents hope for needed change. It is our duty as communists to support his candidacy against the fascistic Trump/Pence regime”.

Comedian Jimmy Dore / Activist Princess Blanding (People’s) (0 EV/0,6% PV)

“In opposition to the forever wars, and in support of true student debt cancellation, the CPUSA endorses comrade Dore’s candidacy for president. The third party option is the only manner in which we can end American Imperialism”.

Venture Capitalist Andrew Yang / Reverend Wendy Hamilton (Forward) (0 EV/2,1% PV)

“The ‘Democratic Socialism’ of President Bass is nothing but a farce. The CIA’s overthrowal of the Venezuelan president Maduro is just more proof of that. That’s why we join other movements, from the left and the anti-imperialist right, in endorsing Yang’s road to the White House”.

2032: Commentator Tulsi Gabbard / Fmr. Senator David McCormick (Republican) (289 EV/46,5% PV)

“This ain’t your daddy’s Republican party anymore. They have come a long way since the nomination of Barry Goldwater, and today provide the true anti-imperialist option. Instead of continuing the current pro-big pharma healthcare system like VP Rasking is promoting, comrade Tulsi will break the capitalist lobbies that have dominated the country, and provide a true voice to the American working class

2036: President Tulsi Gabbard / Vice President David McCormick (Republican) (276 EV/47,6% PV)

“Do not be fooled be fooled by the AFL-CIO March, and the so called “Trade Union leader”. Sara Nelson is a continuation of the Bush-Obama-Sanders-Bass years of imperialist wars, workers’ oppression, and continued exploitation of the working class by woke capitalism. For a truly communist option, we must support President Gabbard, and give her four more years.

2040: Vice President David McCormick / Senator Bo Hines (Republican) (241 EV/45,2% PV)

“This election we are offered a choice between the continuation of the Gabbard Revolution or Kropotkinism under that San Francisco champagne socialist who’s name is not even worth mentioning. VP McCormick may not have been our first option, but he’s the only thing standing between a literal anarchist as president, and a blank cheque for Speaker Ocasio-Cortez to destroy our way of life”.

2044: Commentator Jackson Hinkle / Senator Christian Walker (Republican) [election to be held November, 5th 2044]

“If you, even for a single second, believe that the illegitimate president Belden is a Marxist-Leninist, you need to visit a doctor. As our good friend Tucker Carlson said, even a child with basic understanding of dialectics can see right through his lies, and this Saturday the American will people send him and his social nazis packing back to Gay Francisco”.

This scenario was inspired by lists made by Blackentheborg and True Grit.
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suddenly remembered a conversation i had with my mum in 2004, when i was asking about american political parties and somehow came away with the idea that if the republicans are called that, then the democrats must be in favour of a monarchy like the uk

so hold on to your butts

Heads of State of the United States of America

1777-1783: no formal executive
1783-1784: Horatio Gates (Nonpartisan / Nationalist), as General-President
1783 acclaimed by Continental Army and Continental Congress (under duress)
1784-1786: no formal executive
1786-1789: Horatio Gates (Nonpartisan / Cincinnatist), as General-President
1786 acclaimed by Continental Congress during Shay's Rebellion
1787 presided over failed Constitutional Convention, refused Crown that was offered

1789-1813: no formal executive
1813-1845: Andrew Jackson (Nonpartisan / Tory), as General-President
1812 de facto seized control of the Continental Army in Louisiana, acclaimed by Continental Congress (under duress
1814 def. scattered anti-Jacksonists
1820 def. effectively unopposed
1826 def. effectively unopposed
1832 def. effectively unopposed
1838 def. effectively unopposed
1844 def. effectively unopposed

1845-1848: no formal executive [FIRST WAR OF THE AMERICAN SUCCESSION]
1848-1851: William H. Seward (Whig)
1848 acclaimed by Continental Congress (under duress)
1850 def. Andrew Jackson Donelson (Tory / Donelsonite), Andrew Jackson Jr. (Tory / Yorkeite)

1851-1859: Winfield Scott (Whig / Military)
1851 acclaimed by Continental Army and Continental Congress following Seward Assassination
1854 def. Andrew Jackson Donelson (Tory)

1859-1867: Jefferson Davis (Whig)
1858 def. Andrew Jackson Donelson (Tory)
1862 def. Stephen A. Douglas [deceased] (Tory)

1867-1874: Charles Sumner (Whig)
1866 def. scattered Tories
1870 def. Horatio Greeley (Utopian-Whig), Sarah Yorke Jackson (Tory)

1874-1880: Roscoe Conkling (Whig)
1874 delayed
1875 def. Abraham Lincoln (Anti-Conkling Whig / Tory), Terence V. Powderley (Workingmen's)

1880-1890: Abraham Lincoln (Democratic)
1879 def. Roscoe Conkling (Whig), Terence V. Powderley (Workingmen's)
1884 (with Robert Lincoln) def. Benjamin F. Butler (Republican), Roscoe Conkling (Continuity Whig)

1890-1900: Robert Lincoln (Democratic)
1889 (with Samuel Jackson) def. James B. Weaver (Republican)
1894 (with Adlai Stevenson I) def. James B. Weaver (Republican)

1900-1905: W.J. Bryan (Republican)
1899 (with W.F. Cody) def. Adlai Stevenson I (Democratic)
1905-1907: Robert Lincoln (Democratic)
1904 (with Charles Joseph Bonaparte) def. W.J. Bryan (Republican)
1907-1921: Charles Joseph Bonaparte (Democratic)
1909 (with William H. Taft) def. W.F. Cody (Republican)
1914 (with William H. Taft) def. Hiram Johnson (Republican)
1919 (with Lewis Stevenson) def. Hiram Johnson (Republican)

1921-1929: Lewis Stevenson (Democratic)
1924 (with William G. McAdoo) def. Robert M. LaFollette Sr. (Republican), William Z. Foster (New Utopian)
1929-1931: William G. McAdoo (Democratic)
1929 delayed
1931-1941: Norman Thomas (Republican)
1930 (with Charles Curtis) def. William G. McAdoo (Democratic)
1931 attempted Continental Army coup, successfully repulsed
1935 (with Charles Curtis) def. Huey P. Long (Union), Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic), Douglas MacArthur (Democratic)

1941-1946: Paul Douglas (Republican)
1940 (with Harold L. Ickes) def. Huey P. Long (Democratic), Hamilton Fish III (High Tory)
1946-1948: Huey P. Long (Democratic)
1945 (with Adlai Stevenson II) def. Paul Douglas (Republican)
1948-1965: Adlai Stevenson II (Democratic)
1950 (with Earl Long) def. John L. Lewis (Republican)
1955 (with Robert A. Taft Sr.) def. John L. Lewis (Republican), Hubert H. Humphrey (Anti-Lewis Republican)
1960 (with Russell B. Long) def. John L. Lewis (Republican), scattered Progressive-Republicans

1965-1987: Russell B. Long (Democratic)
1965 delayed
1966 (with Lyndon B. Johnson) def. scattered Republicans
1971 (with Lyndon B. Johnson) def. George McGovern (Progressive-Republican), Jimmy Hoffa (Conservative-Republican)
1976 (with Adlai Stevenson III) def. Walter Mondale (Republican)
1981 (with Adlai Stevenson III) def. Walter Mondale (Republican)

1987-1997: Adlai Stevenson III (Democratic - Solidarity)
1986 (with Gary Hartpence) def. George McGovern (Republican)
1991 (with George McGovern) def. Lyndon LaRouche (Democratic), Eugene McCarthy (Anti-Solidarity Republican)

1997-2002: George McGovern (Republican)
1996 (with Jesse Jackson) def. Gary Hartpence (Democratic), Bob Casey (Solidarity Movement)
2002-2003: Jesse Jackson (Republican)
2001 (with Paul Wellstone) def. Pat Buchanan (Democratic)
2003-2003: Paul Wellstone (Republican)
2003-2004: no formal executive [SECOND WAR OF THE AMERICAN SUCCESSION]
2004-2005: William S. Lind (Democratic / Military)
2005-2010: Frederick William I (Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen)
2010-0000: Charles Frederick I (Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen)
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Why? Just curious, mostly
I’ll change it to Ayanna Pressley if it’s that bad
Torres is probably the most odious "progressive" in Congress currently. a man who votes more with the New Democrats than the Progressive Caucus with a fetish for defending even the worst of Israeli war crimes


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Torres is probably the most odious "progressive" in Congress currently. a man who votes more with the New Democrats than the Progressive Caucus with a fetish for defending even the worst of Israeli war crimes
I'll replace him then. President Bowman here we come

Also have another list three lists

Presidents of the United States of America
2021-2027: Frm. Vice President Joe Biden (Democratic)
2020 (with Kamala Harris): def. Pres. Donald Trump / Vice Pres. Mike Pence (Republican)
2024 (with Kamala Harris): def. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott / South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (Republican)

2027-2029: Vice President Kamala Harris (Democratic)
2027: Roy Cooper confirmed as Vice President
2029-2033: Frm. Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard (Republican)
2028 (with Thomas Massie) def. Pres. Kamala Harris / Vice Pres. Roy Cooper (Democratic), Frm. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz / Frm. Ohio Rep. Josh Mandel (Constitution)
2033-2041: Missouri Senator Lucas Kunce (Democratic)
2032 (with Bee Nguyen): def. Pres. Tulsi Gabbard / Vice Pres. Thomas Massie (Republican)
2036 (with Bee Nguyen): def. Frm. North Carolina Sen. Bo Hines / North Dakota Sen. Kelly Armstrong (Republican)

2041-0000: Vice President Bee Nguyen (Democratic)
2040 (with Carlos Ramirez-Rosa): def. Fox News Commentator Tim Pool / Tennessee Sen. Penny Schwinn (Republican)
2044 (with Carlos Ramirez-Rosa): def. Greyzone Commentator Jackson Hinkle / Frm. Texas Sen. Christian Walker (Republican)

Career of Lucas Kunce
2006: Nominee for Missouri State House District 113, Democratic
2006: Mark Bruns (Republican) def. Lucas Kunce (Democratic)
2007-20: Member of the United States Marine Corps; Lawyer, Judge Advocate Division; International Negotiations Officer, Joint Staff of the Pentagon
2017-23: Member of the Council on Foreign Relations
2020-23: Director of National Security, American Economic Liberties Project
2020-32: Member of the United States Marine Corps Reserve
2023-24: Primary candidate for United States Senate in Missouri, Democratic
2024 primary: Lucas Kunce def. Nicole Galloway, Quinton Lucas, others
2024, 2030: Nominee for United States Senate in Missouri, Democratic
2024-32: United States Senator from Missouri, Democratic
2024: Lucas Kunce (Democratic) def. Josh Hawley (Republican), others
2024: Lucas Kunce (Democratic) def. Jason Smith (Republican), others

2031-32: Primary candidate for President of the United States, Democratic
2032 primary: Lucas Kunce def. Eric Adams, Gretchen Whitmer, Alexis Ohanian, others
2032: Nominee for President of the United States, Democratic
2033-41: President of the United States, Democratic
2032 (with Bee Nguyen): def. Tulsi Gabbard / Thomas Massie (Republican)
2036 (with Bee Nguyen): def. Bo Hines / Kelly Armstrong (Republican)

Thanks for making me put Hinkle/Walker in my list, @Catalunya. Hope you're happy because I'm not

Chief Executives of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
2022-2027: John Lee (Nonpartisan) [“resigned”]
2022: uncontested
2027-2027: Eric Chan (Nonpartisan)
2027-2036: Chris Tang (Hong Kong Patriotic Front)
2027: def. Eric Chan (Nonpartisan), Holden Chow (DAB)
2032: uncontested

2033-2033: Erick Tsang (Hong Kong Patriotic Front)
2033-2033: Raymond Siu (Hong Kong Patriotic Front)

2033-2034: Figo Chan (Nonpartisan)
2033 Legislative Assembly confirmation vote: 63 Yes, 30 No, 7 Abstention
2034: Office dissolved; formation of the Republic of Hong Kong

Presidents of the Republic of Hong Kong
2034-2040: Figo Chan (People Power)
2034 (with Alvin Yeung): def. Tik Chi-yuen (Alliance), Eddie Chu (Ecology)
2040-0000: Agnes Chow (People Power)
2040 (with Joshua Wong): def. Christine Ma-Lau (Alliance), Chan Ho-tin (Nonpartisan)
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