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Yokai Man’s Test Thread Thing

Yokai Man

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Well I'm confused.
it's just an ASB scenario I wrote once on paper where Thorpe gets more than he can handle and it's basically just an excuse to have a background for a ''the hitchens brothers become leaders of the Labour and Conservative Party respectively in the 2000's'' dumb vignette i thought of,but lost the papers

i'll do more serious and plausable scenarios and things next mouth

Yokai Man

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Après nous le déluge,but only for a moment

1990-1992 Kenneth Baker (Conservative Majority)

1992-1994 Neil Kinnock (Labour Majority)

1994-1997 John Smith (Labour Majority)

1997-1997 James Goldsmith (Referendum-UKIP-SDP-Liberal Coalition)

1997-1998 Alistair McAlpine (Referendum-UKIP-SDP-Liberal Coalition)

1998-1999 David Owen (Referendum-UKIP-SDP-Liberal Coalition)

1999-2000 Jean Lambert (Green-National Law-New Britain Coalition)

2000-2002 Mike Woodin (Green-National Law-New Britain Coalition)

2002-2013 Charles Kennedy (Liberal Democrat Majority)

2013-2018 Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat Majority)

2018-present day David Laws (Liberal Democrat Majority)

Yokai Man

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A Land Fit For No One

1940-1945 Edward Wood (Conservative led War Coalition)

1945-1950 Ernest Bevin (Labour Majority,Labour led War Coalition by 1948)

1950-1962 Anthony Eden (Conservative Majority)

1962-1964 Harold Macmillan (Conservative Majority)

1964-1965 Ronald Cartland (Conservative Majority)

1965-1975 Evan Durbin (Labour Majority)

Yokai Man

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Rumeno Videocracy-or The Rise and Rise of Populism in Romania

2012 Romanian Parlamentary Election Results

USL-400 seats

PP-DD-104 seats

ARD-47 seats

UDMR-27 seats

Ethnic Minorities Parties-18 seats

Yokai Man

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im sorry

Getting Ill After Eating A Rotten Kipper

2o10-2o14 Malcolm Pearson (UKIP-English Democrats-DUP minority Coalition,UKIP Majority after 2013)
2010:Malcolm Pearson-UKIP[270],Nick Griffin-BNP[147],Caroline Lucas-Green[70],Alec Salmond-SNP[59],Ieuan Wyn Jones-Plaid Cymru[40],Robin Tilbrook-English Democrats[21], Selma Yaqoob-RESPECT[8],George Hargreaves-Christian[4],Richard Taylor-NHC[4],David Nellist-TUSC[4],Alan "Howling Laud" Hope-Monster raving Loony[2],Rob Wheway-Liberal[2],Dick Cole-Mebyon Kernow,David Cameron-Conservative[1]
2012 European Referendum:51% OUT,49% IN
2014 Scottish and Welsh Independence Referendum:52% OUT,48% IN for Scotland,53% IN,47% OUT for Wales
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Yokai Man

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1997-2001 Tony Blair (Labour Majority)
2001:Tony Blair-Labour[358],Charles Kennedy-Liberal Democrat[216],William Hague-Conservative[54]

2001-2009 Gordon Brown (Labour Majority)
2006:Gordon Brown[337],Charles Kennedy-Liberal Democrat[248],Peter Lilley-Conservative[42],Robert Kilroy-Silk-Veritas[2]

2009-2011 Alan Johnson (Labour Majority)

2011-2016 Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat Majority)
2011:Nick Clegg-Liberal Democrat[330],Alan Johnson-Labour[250],Francis Maude-Conservative[45],Robert Kilroy-Silk-Veritas[4],Caroline Lucas-Green[1]

Yokai Man

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Always Around,Never in Power-an unfinished work

1997-1997 James Goldsmith†(Referendum-UKIP-Liberal-SDP-Plaid Cymru-UUP Coalition)
1997:James Goldsmith-Referendum[310],John Smith-Labour[260],Paddy Ashdown-Liberal Democrats[40],David Owen-SDP[4],Alan Sked-UKIP[3],Michael Meadowcroft-Liberal[3],David Taylor-Green[3],Geoffrey Clements-Natural Law[3]

1997-1998 George Gardiner (Referendum-UKIP-Liberal-SDP-Plaid Cymru-UUP Coalition)

1998-1999 David Owen (Referendum-UKIP-Liberal-SDP-Plaid Cymru-UUP Coalition)

1999-2001 Geoffrey Clements (Natural Law-Green-SNP-Plaid Cymru Coalition)
1999:Geoffrey Clements-Natural Law[300],Gordon Brown-Labour[260],Vince Cable-Liberal Democrats[40],Jean Lambert-Green[21]

2001-2002 Jean Lambert (Natural Law-Green-SNP-Plaid Cymru Coalition)

2002-2009 Alan Sked (New Deal-Plaid Cymru-UUP Coalition)
2002:Alan Sked-New Deal[316],Gordon Brown -Labour[260],Vince Cable-Liberal Democrats[40],Jean Lambert-Green[4],Geoff Southall-Democratic[1]
2007:Alan Sked-New Deal[316],Ken Livingstone-Labour[258],Chris Huhne-Liberal Democrats[40],Derek Wall-Green[4],Robert Kilroy-Silk-Veritas[3]

2009-2012 Gisela Stuart (New Deal-Plaid Cymru-UUP Coalition)

2012-2014 David Davis (Workers-Plaid Cymru Coalition)
2012:David Davis-Workers[326],Ken Livingstone-Labour[246],Chris Huhne-Liberal Democrats[40],Robert Kilroy-Silk-Veritas[5],Derek Wall-Green[4]

2014-present day Peter Oborne (Workers-Plaid Cymru Coalition,Workers-Veritas Coalition after 2017)
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Yokai Man

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2015-present day David Cameron (Liberal Majority)
2018:David Cameron-Liberal[350],Aaron Bastani-Revolutionary Workers' Party[212],Harriet Harman-Kibbo Kift[45],Carl Benjamin-English Mistery[11],Tim Aker-Libertarian[3]

1918-1937 David Lloyd George

1937-1947 Archibald Sinclair

1947-1958 Clement Davies

1958-1971 Harold Wilson

1971-1983 Margaret Thatcher

1983-1991 Michael Foot

1991-2000 Michael Heseltine

2000-2009 Tony Blair

2009-2015 Theresa May
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Yokai Man

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Damn the Turks and damn D'Annunzio-or A Most Unwanted War

1916-1922 David Lloyd George (Liberal-Conservative Coalition)

1922-1923 Austen Chamberlain (Liberal-Conservative Coalition)

1923-1928 Ramsey MacDonald (Labour Majority)

1928-1933 Stanley Baldwin (Conservative Majority)

1933-1945 J. R. Clynes (Labour Majority,War Coalition Goverment between 1940 to 1944)

1945-1950 Ernest Bevin (Labour Majority)

1950-1953 Clement Attlee (Labour Majority)

1953-1965 Anthony Eden (Conservative Majority)

1965-1975 Jeremy Thorpe (Conservative Majority)