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Nothing but Schadenfreude: A Test Thread


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Default City, Russia
Van Buren being nominated happens because the Democratic Convention scraps the 2/3rds rule as some point, and Van Buren is able to portray himself as someone who wants to annex up to 54'40. Also, Weller just isn't great, and they need someone with high name recognition to avoid nominating him

As for the Southern Rights party, they were never that strong in the first place. They basically just stop winning states as it becomes clear expansion of Slavery in the West ain't gonna stop. Also doesn't help most SRP folks support Weller in 1856
I see


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2017-2021: Businessman Donald Trump (Republican)
2016 (with Mike Pence) def. Fmr. Secretary Hillary Clinton (Democratic)
2020 (with Mike Pence) def. Fmr. Vice President Joe Biden (Democratic) [disputed by Congress]
• January 6th Capitol Insurrection - 2020 Presidential results in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are rejected, leading to the re-election of President Trump, following the deaths of Vice President Pence, Vice President-Elect Harris, 150+ pro-certification Representatives, and 60+ pre-certification Senators

2021 - 2021: Speaker Liz Cheney (Republican)
appoints Lloyd Austin as Vice President
January 20th impeachment and removal of Donald Trump - remaining Republicans in Congress remove Speaker McCarthy, replacing him with Liz Cheney, one of the survivors of J6, preparing for the impeachment of President Trump. Cheney appoints Biden's Defense Secretary nominee Lloyd Austin to the Vice Presidency before resigning, wishing to respect the 2020 victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
2021 - 20XX: Ret. General Lloyd Austin (Democratic)


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1789 Georgia General Election

Liberals (led by Edward Telfair): 48 seats, 50.2%
Whigs (led by George Walton): 24 seats, 40.09%
Radicals (led by Anthony Wayne): 8 seats, 9.51%

Prime Minister before: Position Established
Prime Minister after: Edward Telfair (Liberal)