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Nothing but Schadenfreude: A Test Thread


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Electoral History of Mary L. Landrieu (1995 - present)

1994 - 1995:
Democratic, candidate for Governor of Louisiana
1995 (primary)
Mike Foster (Republican) [26.10%] def. Cleo Fields (Democratic) [19.03%], Mary Landrieu (Democratic) [18.43%] , Buddy Roemer (Republican) [17.84%], Phil Phreis (Democratic) [9.03%]

1997 - 20XX: Democratic, Member of the United States Senate from Louisiana

1996 (primary) Woody Jenkins (Republican) [26.23%] def. Mary Landrieu (Democratic) [21.51%], Richard Ieyoub (Democratic) [20.41%], David Duke (Republican) [11.52%], Jimmy Hayes (Republican) [5.84%]
1996 (runoff) [50.17%] def. Woody Jenkins (Republican) [49.83%]
2002 (primary) [46%] def. Suzanne Haik Terrell (Republican) [27.24%], John Cooksey (Republican) [13.78%], Tony Perkins (Republican) [9.61%]
2002 (runoff) [51.7%] def. Suzanne Haik Terrell (Republican) [48.3%]
2008 (primary) [52.11%] def. John N. Kennedy (Republican) [45.72%]
2014 (primary) [44.58%] def. John Cassidy (Republican) [38.47%], Rob Maness (Republican) [13.76%]
2014 (runoff) [50.12%] def. John Cassidy (Republican) [49.88%]
2020 (primary) [29.86%] def. Edwin Edwards (Democratic) [16.49%], Steve Scalise [11.23%], Ralph Abraham (Republican) [11.02%], John Georges (Independent) [10.1%], Charles Boustany (Republican) [9.8%], Jeff Landry (Republican) [5.25%], Eddie Rispone (Republican) [5.05%]
2020 (runoff) [54.02%] def. Edwin Edwards (Democratic) [45.98%]


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2001 - 2009: Governor George W. Bush (Republican)
2000 (with Dick Cheney) def. Vice President Al Gore (Democratic)
2004 (with John Edwards) def. Senator John F. Kerry (Democratic), John L. Kerry (New York Electors), John Edwards (Faithless Elector)

2009 - 2017:
2008 (with John McCain) def. Fmr. Governor Mike Huckabee (Republican), Inspector Kent Mesplay (Green)
2012 (with John McCain) def.


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1961 - 1964: Senator John F. Kennedy (Democratic)
1960 (with Lyndon B. Johnson) def. Vice Pres. Richard Nixon (Republican), Senator Harry F. Byrd (Dixicrat)
1964 - 1965: Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson (Democratic)

1965 - 1969: Governor Nelson Rockefeller (Republican)
1964 (with Margaret Chase Smith) def. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson (faithless electors), Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy (faithless electors), Senator Ralph Yarborough (faithless electors), Governor George Wallace (Independent), various Democratic faithless electors, Senator Barry Goldwater (faithless elector), President John F. Kennedy (Democratic)


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2017 - 2018: Businessman Donald Trump (Republican)
2016 (with John Kasich) def. Fmr. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton (Democratic)
2018 - 2021: Vice President John Kasich (Republican)

2021 - Present: Senator Elizabeth Warren (Democratic)
2020 (with Julian Castro) def. Fmr. President Donald Trump (Independent), President John Kasich (Republican)
2020 (with Julian Castro) def.


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1949 - 1953: Governor Strom Thurmond (States' Rights)
1948 (with Alben Barkley) def. Pres. Harry Truman (Democratic), Governor Thomas E. Dewey (Republican)

1953 - 1955: Ret. General Dwight D. Eisenhower (Independent, endorsed by "Anti-Kefauver" Democrats)
1952 (with Henry A. Wallace) def. Pres. Strom Thurmond (States' Rights), Senator Estes Kefauver (Democratic), Senator Robert A. Taft (Republican)
1955 - 1961: Vice President Henry A. Wallace (Independent, "Anti-Coalition" Democrats)
1956 (with Hubert Humphrey) def. Fmr. Governor Benjamin T. Laney (States' Rights), Governor Harold Stassen (Republican, endorsed by Democrats)

1961 - 1965: Governor Earl Warren (National Union)
1960 (with Lyndon Johnson) def. Senator Harry F. Byrd (States' Rights), Governor George Wallace ("True-Blue" Democratic)
1965 - 1973: Vice President Lyndon Johnson (National Union)
1964 (with John D. Lodge) def. Senator Bourke Hickenlooper (States' Rights)
1968 (with John D. Lodge) def. Senator Barry Goldwater (States' Rights)

1973 - present: Fmr. Pres. Strom Thurmond (States' Rights)
1972 (with John Tower) def. Vice President John D. Lodge (National Union)

gentleman biaggi

Based Slight Top
he/they is fine
2017 - 2018: Businessman Donald Trump (Republican)
2016 (with John Kasich) def. Fmr. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton (Democratic)
2018 - 2021: Vice President John Kasich (Republican)

2021 - Present: Senator Elizabeth Warren (Democratic)
2020 (with Julian Castro) def. Fmr. President Donald Trump (Independent), President John Kasich (Republican) Fmr. Governor Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
2024 (with Julian Castro) def. Senator Austin Peterson (Libertarian backed by America First!-Trumpist Republican coalition), Senator Ted Cruz (Republican), Representative Bill Weld (Independent)
fixed for ya


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based until...
2029 - Present: Senator Joe Miller (Libertarian)
2028 (with Shiva Ayyadurai) Vice President Julian Castro (Democratic), Governor Tagg Romney (Republican [backed by Beehive Unity]), Author Rod Dreher (American Solidarity)
That's vibin'


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1901 - 1904: Vice President Theodore Roosevelt (Republican)
1904 - 1907: President Theodore Roosevelt (National, endorsed by "Pro-War" Democrats and Republicans)
1904 (with Champ Clark) def. Fmr. Rep. William Jennings Bryan ("Peace" Democratic), Senator Robert M. LaFollette (Independent Republican)

1907 - 1913: Vice President Champ Clark (National, endorsed by "Pro-War" Democrats)
1908 (with Nelson A. Miles) def. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge (Republican), Senator Thomas Gore ("Anti-War" Democratic), Fmr. State Senator Eugene V. Debs (Socialist), Activist William E. Walling (Nationalist)

1913 - 1916: Senator Charles W. Fairbanks (Republican)
1912 (with Albert Fall) def. President Champ Clark (Independent), Fmr. Sec. Elihu Root (Roosevelt Corollary), Senator Oscar Underwood (Democratic), Fmr. State Senator Eugene V. Debs (Socialist)

1916 - 1919: Vice President Albert B. Fall (Republican)

1916 (with Joseph Foraker) def. Senator Carter Glass (Democratic), Rep. Winfield Gaylord (Socialist), Senator Robert M. LaFollette (Progressive), Fmr. Rep. William Jennings Bryan (Prohibition), Fmr. Mayor William H. Thompson (Whiskey and Rum), Governor James Ferguson (American Union)
1919 - 1919: Secretary of State Herbert Hoover (Republican) [disputed by Democratic led
1919 - 1921: Speaker Claude Kitchin (Democratic) [retroactive, due to the passage of the 1919 Act of Succession]

1921 - 1925: Senator Robert L. Owen (Democratic)
1920 (with Franklin Roosevelt) def. Fmr. State Senator Eugene V. Debs (Socialist), Fmr. President Herbert Hoover (Republican), Industrialist Henry Ford (Wheat in Bread)

1925 - present: Activist Ezra Pound (Wheat in Bread)
1924 (with Archie Roosevelt) def. Senator Ashley Miller (Socialist), President Robert L. Owen (Democratic), Fmr. Senator Hiram Johnson (Republican)
1928 election cancelled
1930 (with Hiram W. Evans) def. effectively unopposed, Democratic, Republican, and Socialist opposition banned under 1929 Anti-Subversives Act


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Senate (Changes from OTL)

Alaska: Ted Stevens def. Mark Begich (Republican Hold)
Colorado: Bob Schaffer def. Mark Udall (Republican Hold)
Louisiana: John Kennedy def. Mary Landrieu (Republican Gain)

Minnesota: Norm Coleman def. Al Franken (Republican Hold)
New Hampshire: John Sununu def. Jeanne Shaheen (Republican Hold)
New Jersey: Joe Pennachio def. Rob Andrews (Republican Gain)
New Mexico: Pete Domenici def. Tom Udall (Republican Hold)
North Carolina: Elizabeth Dole def. Kay Hagan (Republican Hold)
Oregon: Gordon Smith def. Steve Novick (Republican Hold)


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1965 - 1973: Governor James Roosevelt (Democratic)
1964 (with Lyndon B. Johnson) def. Vice President Richard Nixon (Republican)
1968 (with Lyndon B. Johnson) def. Senator Thomas Kuchel (Republican)

1973 - 1981: Senator Edward Brooke (Republican)
1972 (with Barry Goldwater) def.
(with Barry Goldwater) def.

1981 - 1985:
Pastor Billy Graham (Democratic)
1980 (with Bill Clinton) def. Fmr. Secretary of State Margaret Chase Smith (Republican), various faithless electors

1985 -
present: Fmr. Vice President Barry Goldwater (Republican)
1984 (with ) def. President Billy Graham (Democratic)


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1989 - 1996: Vice President George H.W. Bush (Republican)
1988 (with Dan Quayle) def. Governor Michael Dukakis (Democratic)

1992 (with Dan Quayle) def. Governor Bill Clinton (Democratic), Mr. Ross Perot (Independent)

1996 - 2001: Vice President Dan Quayle (Republican)
1996 (with Bernadine Healy) def. Senator Joe Biden (Democratic), Fmr. Gov. Dick Lamm (Reform)

2001 - 2003: Senator Paul Wellstone (Democratic)

2000 (with John Breaux) def. President Dan Quayle (Republican)

2003 - 2013: Vice President John Breaux (Democratic)

2004 (with Carol Mosley Braun) def. Senator Jeff Sessions (Republican), Rep. Charles Djou (Tuesday Group)
2008 (with Carol Mosley Braun) def. Fmr. Senator Salvatore "Sonny" Bono (Republican), Governor Roy Moore (Independent)

2013 - 2021:

2021 - present: Senator Kathleen Brown (Democratic)
2020 (with ) def.

Republican: 4874B7
Democratic: e85962
Reform: d262d3