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Matthew Kresal wins a Sidewise Award!

Thank you, everyone, and apologies for not coming on here to post sooner. I wasn't online much yesterday after @SpanishSpy sent me the news, as you might expect! To risk sounding cliched, I still can't quite believe that I won. To risk showing my age or making anyone feel old, I remember reading about Sidewise during my time in high school in the 2000s and how impressive the list seemed even then. To now be a name on that list, originally as a nominee, was surreal to put it mildly and to be a winner doesn't quite seem real, either.

I'm grateful to @Jared as the editor of Alternate Australias for allowing me to be a part of the anthology and for the job he did as editor on not only my story but the entire anthology. I have no doubt that this win is owed to your work as much as it is mine. My commiserations to both him and Andrew J Harvey, who I had expected to take home the award for his 1827: Napoleon in Australia.

Needless to say, I'll be posting pics of the plaque when it arrives.