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Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State


Mickey Leland would've won
the Blitz House
Your kids will meditate in school.

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Presidents of the United States of America
1969-1977: Richard Nixon (Republican)
(with Spiro Agnew)
defeated Herbert Humphrey/Ed Muskie (Democratic), George Wallace/Curtis LeMay (American Independent)
(with John Volpe)
defeated George McGovern/Sargent Shriver
[replacing Thomas Eagleton]
1977-1979: Henry Jackson
(with Larry McDonald) defeated John Volpe/Howard Baker, Eugene McCarthy/Pete McCloskey (Stop The War!)
1981-1981: Ronald Reagan
(with George H.W. Bush) defeated Larry McDonald/William Proxmire
1981: Gen. Alexander Haig (Transitional Wartime Authority)
1982-1997: Dan Quayle (Morning In America)

'84: unopposed
'88: unopposed
'92: defeated Paul Tsongas (Opposition)

1997-???? Ted Bundy
defeated Jim Webb

Commanders In Chief of the United States of America War Council
appointed by the American Committee on the State of Emergency
1981-1989: Ronald Wilson "Ronnie" Reagan
1989-1991: Donald Henry "Rummy" Rumsfeld
1991-????: Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney

Governors-General of the California States Republic, later the Sunshine State of the Pacific Coast Autonomous Zone
1981-1984: Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown (Democratic, then Independent)

'82: unopposed
1984-1991: Eric "Jello" Boucher
'86: unopposed
'90: scattered opposition

1991-????: Tom "Hanoi" Hayden (Independent, then Great Society)
'94: scattered opposition
'98: defeated Nancy Pelosi (Coalition for American Reunification), Angela Davis (Black Panther), Steve Jobs (Independent)
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"Enthusiastic Cis Male Partner"
1960-1962: Hugh Gaitskell (Labour)†
1960 (Majority) def: Rab Butler (Conservative), Jo Grimond (Liberal)
1962-1968: Harold Wilson (Labour)
1963 (Majority) def: Quintin Hogg replacing John Profumo (Conservative), Jo Grimond (Liberal)
1968-1970: Reginald Maudling (Conservative)
1968 (Majority) def: Harold Wilson (Labour), James Davidson (Liberal)
1970-1976: John Davies (Conservative)
1972 (Majority) def: Anthony Crosland (Labour), James Davidson (Liberal), Ray Gunter (ILP)
1976-1980: Eric Varley (Labour)
1976 (Majority) def: John Davies (Conservative), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal)
1980 (Minority) def: Elaine Kellett-Bowman replacing John Davies (Conservative), Geraint Howells (Liberal), Jim Sillars (Scottish Labour Party)

1980-1982: Roy Hattersley (Labour with Liberal Confidence & Supply)
1982-: Elaine Kellett-Bowman (Conservative)
1982 (Majority) def: Roy Hattersley (Labour), Jim Sillars (SLP), Geriant Howells (Liberal)
1986 (Majority) def: Denzil Davies (Labour), Paul Tyler (Liberal), Maria Fyfe (SLP)

Elaine Kellett-Bowman’s dramatic raise to the Premier’s office was an arduous one, but one that she undertook anyway as she tried and failed to gain seats, even after the death of her first husband. After a number of try’s she would gain Buckingham in 1967 during a by-election as Robert Maxwell went on to do better and brighter things (to the detriment of everyone not called Bob Maxwell) as part of a general shift towards the Tories after nearly five years of lagging polls against the charismatic Wilson. Bowman wouldn’t be much of a figure in Conservative Parliamentary politics, mainly focusing on constituency work, until she was brought into the Cabinet by the recent appointed John Davies (taking over from a tired and emotional Reg Maudling), as the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food after Joseph Godber failed to impress and Davies realised that combining a figure who could appeal to farmers and women would be a good look as it seemed that the Tories were doing poorly with those categories.

Elaine Kellett-Bowman was a passionate defender of farmers and worked well in the media spotlight, combining a dry sense of humour with a good sense of charm she was a natural for an increasingly media dominated age. She was also firmly on the Right of the party, which kept Davies (a man of the party’s soppy Centre) firmly in the grassroots good books when 1972 came. As Labour ripped itself to shreds on the direction of travel, the main worry was losing the farming and rural votes to a passionate and decisive Liberals lead by James Davidson. It’s believed by some that the presence of Kellett-Bowman is what allowed the English and Welsh Rural vote to stick mostly with the Conservative’s as her barnstorming campaign made her incredibly popular.

It was decided that she would deserve a promotion and she would find herself slotted into the role of Conservative Party chairman alongside her cabinet role. Her organisation of the 1976 election campaign would be undercut by the appearance of a recession as the campaign went underway. Still many believed that Kellett-Bowman’s media spotlighting is what allowed the Tories to tamp down on any Liberal polling upsets and lead to Eric Varley not getting the blowout he originally wanted.

Bowman would support Davies when elements of Tory Right supported Keith Joseph to take over from Davies. Bowman’s appeal to the Right Wing Grassroots meant that the leadership coup went nowhere and Davies was given another chance at the top job. When 1980 came many expected Labour to gain a slim margin as Varley whilst not the most popular had been seen as a stable leader during a time of crisis. Two events, the sudden breakaway of the Scottish Labour Party over Varley’s lack of enthusiasm for Scottish devolution and John Davies sudden and rapid demise from a tumour.

Elaine Kellett-Bowman would step in as temporary leader and her sudden barn storming, Populist campaigning style would cause a rapid climb in the polls for the Tories and fear striking the Labour Party HQ. In the end it was a sudden swing to the Liberals in Wales that allowed Labour to set up a minority government and gain a confidence and supply deal from the Liberals.

Bowman would put her hat into the ring during the ensuing leadership election managing to gain a slim lead over the scandal ridden Peter Walker. Bowman’s mix of Right Wing values with ‘common sense’ economics would provide the Tories with a leader that could capture the zeitgeist of the coming mood. Race riots, IRA bombings and the raise of AIDs would be the main memory of the Hattersley years. It didn’t particularly matter that Hattersley could be fairly conservative as Bowman at times, for the Tory campaign he represented everything wrong with the London, Liberal, journalistic elite.

In 1982 Hattersley would go to the nation during a fairly mild summer and a poll boost. But Bowman outmanoeuvred him and would gain a 30 seat majority as a result. Bowman’s tenure in office would combine Conservative moral values with an economic policy that didn’t rock the boat too much as Timothy Riason would find himself as Chancellor of the Exchequer and his so called push for a ‘strong but small state’ would appeal to the nation as he his balanced between appealing to all strands of society.

It’s now 1988 and Elaine Kellett-Bowman is planning to retire on a relative high, having beaten the chaotic Denzil Davies and ensuing another 4/5 years of Tory Government she leaves behind a controversial legacy. Whilst popular with Middle England and all it in tells her support for a more permissive and less inclusive state has worried some Conservatives particularly in the aftermath of the Capital Gay bombing. For some the remaining Hope is Tim Riason can takeover, but it’s likely that he’ll be outmanoeuvred by the Populist Tapsell who is keen to finish what Bowman started.

Hopefully the new Labour leader, Robin Cook can finally manage to unseat the Bowman legacy once and for all...

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"Enthusiastic Cis Male Partner"
Elaine Kellett-Bowman is a fascinating person who missed out being a cabinet minister purely because she was too early for Heath and Thatcher was not particularly known as being a fan of being ‘sisterly’.

Bowman is similar to Thatcher in that there both Non-Conformist types but Bowman’s heritage of a mother of several children and running a farm meant that she was passionate about keeping benefits for single mothers and children going and for supporting rural farmers etc.

She probably would have been incredibly Social Conservative on Social Policy and much of the Socially Conservative policies that came in under Thatcher would probably occur here too. In many ways, Bowman represents not an Alternate Thatcher but more an Alternate Thatcherism, one in which Monetarism and Neoliberalism is probably not embraced and instead a Social Market type system would emerge, but one heavily influenced by a Socially Right Agenda, (probably have a more aggressive environment for BAME and LGBT+ folks than OTL 80s to say the least).


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List of Presidents of the Pacific Republic:
1861-1862: John R. McConnell ("Lecompton" Democratic) [Provisional]
1862-1870: William M. Gwin (Chivalry)[1]
1861 (with Joseph Lane) def. effectively unopposed
1865 (with David S. Terry) def. effectively unopposed
1870-1874: Albert Sidney Johnston (Chivalry)[2]
1869 (with Henry Huntly Haight) def. Henry F. Teschemacher (People’s)
1874-1876: Andrés Pico (Chivalry)[3]
1873 (with Charles L. Scott) def. Samuel Brannan (People’s)
1876-1878: Charles L. Scott (Chivalry)
Replaced Pico
1878-1886: Tomas Avila Sanchez (Chivalry)[4]
1877 (with Albert Maver Winn) def. Ninian Whiteside (People’s)
1881 (with Albert Maver Winn) def. Elisha Oscar Crosby (People’s) and Isaac Smith Kalloch (Workingmen’s)
1886-1890: Solomon Heydenfeldt (Chivalry)[5]
1885 (with Volney Howard) def. Cayetano Apablasa (Workingmen's), William S. Ladd (Citizens), and William T. Wallace (People’s)
1890-19xx: Sylvester Pennoyer (Workingmen's/People’s “Nativist Alliance”)[6]
1889 (with William Jefferson Hunsaker) def. William H. Workman (Chivalry) and Seth Lewelling (Citizens)
I suck at writing in general, especially prose, but I thought it’d be lame to just post a list without a little bit of a write-up, so here it is:

[1] When Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston seized the San Francisco Forts with the help of a local militia, there was extreme confusion from not only the Army but the general populace as well. But then-Governor McConnell announced California's Secession from the United States, and everything became much clearer. The War of Secession had just gotten a lot harder for the North. In only two years' time, the war was won and both the Golden West and Dixie were free from the grasps of President Abraham Lincoln.

The Gwin Administration set the tone for years to come in the Pacific Republic. As many Californian and Oregonian Republicans were either arrested or exiled, Chivalry dominance began, especially since there was no electoral opposition as of just yet. The Pacificans also intervened in the Mexican Revolution alongside their brothers to the east, the Confederacy. Because of this tag-team, the Revolutionaries lost. While he appreciated the help, Emperor Maximillian was a little ticked off at the Pacificans for seizing Baja California and Sonora to "keep the region stable". But besides this little ordeal, nothing else of note happened during Gwin's two terms.

[2] When the hero of the Western War, Retired General Albert Sidney Johnston, was convinced to run for President, he curb-stomped the competition. Not that there was much of a competition to curb-stomp, but that’s neither here nor there. Despite all this, however, not a lot happened during his Presidency, though he did modernize both the Army and the Navy as best as possible, which did come into play in a future conflict. Johnston ultimately decided not to run for re-election.

[3] Not much to say here except that the first Mexican-Pacifican was elected and then died, and succeeded by his Vice-President, Charles L. Scott.

[4] Vigilantism and lynching, in general, had become an increasingly large problem in the Pacific Republic, especially with Vigilance Committees popping up in cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. So who better than a former lawman himself to bring about law and order? Of course, most voters actually supported these groups (especially with the Murrieta Gang and Wyatt Earp’s boys running around), but fortunately for the Knights, the voters didn’t actually do most of the voting. With the help of illegal immigrants, voter intimidation, and the electors, Tomas Avila Sanchez won. His first action as President was to introduce and pass the Anti-Vigilante Act of 1879.

The Sanchez Administration also organized the building of the Gadsden Transnational Railroad, the goal being to connect the Pacific Ocean at San Diego with the Atlantic at Charleston. This did not go the plan, as the United States government pointed out the breaching of a national boundary, though truthfully, it seemed like the US just wanted an excuse for a second round. After a lot of failed negotiations, the incident led to what is now referred to as "Gadsden's War", one of the first to utilize modern warfare. The conflict ended after two years of fighting in 1886, with the defenders' victory. The war was also important due to it being the last time Great Britain fought on the same side as the CSA.

[5] Chief Justice Solomon Heydenfeldt of the Pacifican Supreme Court won, mainly due to the fact the election was held during a war, technically making him the oldest President yet, which raised a few eyebrows among the populace. Anyhow, this was quickly overlooked as the issue of Chinese immigrants (and their taking of jobs that "belong" to the whites) was getting talked about more and more by the Pacifican people. Though Heydenfeldt tried to get around it, he was forced to explain his stance on it. His stance of "the bosses can't ever be wrong, so just be cheaper" did not turn out to be too popular with white workers. The Workingmen's Party gained more members, as they basically said "I told you so" to the entire country.

[6] As Chinese immigration became the main topic talked about in preparation for the election, the popularity of Nativism rose. As such, the two main parties supporting it decided to nominate the same candidate in a fusion ballot to better their chances, and for their militias to unite in overcoming Chivalry intimidation tactics by doing some threatening of their own. This ultimately worked, and Pennoyer won the election, and Chivalry dominance was finally broken.

After the victory, President Pennoyer immediately got to work, with the Asiatic Exclusion Act getting rushed through Congress, the establishment of the Departments of Labor and Racial Affairs (with Denis Kearney at the helm of the latter), a national railroad regulatory committee being established, bi-metallism getting instituted nationally, and the creation of the income tax. Despite all this, one thing was for certain, a new era was emerging for the Pacific Republic…
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Published by SLP
Municipal Commune of Bourne
A Very Different 1945

Basic idea here is that Labour's victory in 1945 IOTL saw the party take a quasi-imperialist tack, shearing itself of parts of the empire whilst engaging in stuff like the groundnut scheme, still mulling the idea that Britain via the Empire/Commonwealth could still be a global third force post-war, and at the same time doing top-down nationalisations that turned private management ie bosses into planners, which really just gave us capitalist monopolies in much of industry rather than workplace democracy. Well, what if some of the ideas of 'Poplarism' survived the 1930s, and were ushered into power in 1945?

1931-1931: Ramsay MacDonald ('National' Labour leading National Government with Conservatives and Liberals)
1931-1936: Stanley Baldwin (Conservative)
1931 (National Coupon majority with Liberal Nationals) def. Arthur Henderson (Labour), Herbert Samuel (Liberal), Oswald Mosley (New)
1935 (National Coupon majority with Liberal Nationals) def. George Lansbury (Labour), Herbert Samuel (Liberal), John Hargrave / Oswald Mosley (Greenshirt Movement)

1936-1936: vacant; Caretaker Administration of Civil Service and Royalist MPs
1936-1945: Archibald Sinclair (Liberal)
1936 (de facto Coalition with Conservatives and Liberal Nationals, de jure coalition of 'King's' and 'Constitutional' Coupons) def. Duff Cooper ('King's Coupon'), Stafford Cripps (Labour), Stanley Baldwin ('Constitutional Coupon'), John Hargrave (Greenshirt Movement)
1939 Formation of War Government with Labour and Greenshirts; 'King's' Liberals and Blackshirts leave
1945 Formation of Caretaker Government; Labour and Social Credit leave

1945-1949: Nye Bevan (Labour)
1945 (Minority, with Liberal and Social Credit c&s) def. Anthony Eden (Constitutional), Archibald Sinclair (Liberal), John Hargrave (Social Credit), Gwilym Lloyd George (Centre)
1949-1955: Anthony Eden (Constitutional)
1949 (Coalition with Liberals, with Social Credit c&s) def. Nye Bevan (Labour), Archibald Sinclair (Liberal), John Hargrave (Social Credit)
1954 (Coalition with Social Credit and Liberals) def. Nye Bevan (Labour), Rolf Gardiner (Social Credit), William Beveridge (Liberal)

1955-1956: Rab Butler (Constitutional-Social Credit-Liberal coalition)
1956-1959: Quintin Hogg (Constitutional-Social Credit coalition)
1959-1960: Nye Bevan (Labour)
1959 (Coalition with Liberals) def. Quintin Hogg (Constitutional), Rolf Gardiner (Social Credit), Emrys Roberts (Liberal)
1960-1968: Jennie Lee (Labour)
1962 (Coalition with Liberals) def. Quintin Hogg (Constitutional), Eve Balfour (Social Credit), Emrys Roberts (Liberal)
1965 (Coalition with Liberals) def. Eve Balfour (Social Credit), Reginald Maudling (Constitutional),
Emrys Roberts (Liberal)
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"Enthusiastic Cis Male Partner"
cudlipp’s coup

1952-1956: Anthony Eden (Conservative)†
1955 (Majority) def: Clement Attlee (Labour), Clement Davies (Liberal)
1956-1960: Selwyn Lloyd (Conservative)
1960-1961: Hugh Gaitskell (Labour)†
1960 (Majority) def: Selwyn Lloyd (Conservative), Jo Grimond (Liberal)
1961-1969: Anthony Greenwood (Labour)
1964 (Majority) def: Quintin Hogg (Conservative), Jo Grimond (Liberal)
1969-1972: Peter Thorneycroft (Conservative)
1969 (Majority) def: Anthony Greenwood (Labour), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal)
1972-1976: Anthony Nutting (Conservative)
1972 (Coalition with Liberals) def: Tony Benn (Labour), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal), Ray Gunter (ILP)
1976-1979: Eric Heffer (Labour)
1976 (Majority) def: Anthony Nutting (Conservative), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal), Eddie Milne (Democratic)
1979-1981: Hugh Cudlipp, Baron Cudlipp of Aldingbourne (Independent leading ‘Government of All Talents’)
1981-: Eddie Milne (Social Democratic)

1981 (Majority) def: Ken Coates (Labour), Airey Neave (Unionist), Michael Steed (Liberal), Margo MacDonald (SNP)

“Hugh Cudlipp had been a Journalist and Newspaper editor for many years, unrooting corruption, attacking the ‘elites’ and fighting for ‘little man’ as he called it had been his call in life and his successful support and coverage for Gaitskell and Greenwood was perceived as being what won them there respective elections. But as the 70s wore on and Cudlipp found himself becoming part of a new establishment; one predisposed to finding the state that Greenwood had created frightening and alien.

As the Government’s of Thorneycroft and Nutting tried and failed to dismantle Greenwood’s state it quickly became apparent to Cudlipp that there failure would ruin the country. As Eric Heffer took power and Mike Cooley found himself appoint to director of economic affairs, it became apparent to Cudlipp that the system he had set up was broken. And so, over the next three years, the Cudlipp Cabinet would be formed, in the boardrooms of London, to the Trade Union conferences to the back corridors of Westminster, Cudlipp would organise probably the most successful coup ever devised...”

Extract from Adam Curtis, Everyday Is Like A Sunday (2013)

Hugh Cudlipp establishment of the Social Democratic in 1980 and it’s subsequent victory in the 1981 election was by then, an unsurprising affair. Cudlipp’s Ministry of All Talents had unified much of the ‘Anti-Socialist’ Centre as many called it into a cohesive party of sorts, and it’s success in both quelling the rebellious Trade Unions, dealing with Government Corruption and balancing the books had made it seem like a successful and proactive Government. Of course it’s successful nature was down to the fact that Cudlipp had managed to unify the two disparate forces in British politics; Trade Unionists and Business into something vaguely resembling a United Front.

As Jim Slater ruthlessly ripped American assets to shreds and helped with the ‘streamlining’ of Nationalised industries, the Trade Unionists lead by the General Secretary of the TUC George Brown would ensure the ousting of the ‘Trotskyist agitators who had lead good working men astray’. Of course it was all bull but the Unions were happy to see the pockets lined with gold as they smashed the more Radical NUM and Printing Unions for not towing the line.

Cudlipp was additionally helped by a pouring of support from America (aided by the increasingly powerful tycoon of James Goldsmith) and the Eastern Bloc (aided by the increasingly powerful tycoon of Robert Maxwell) which also helped ensure that Trade Deals and Business Partnerships would be easy to find.

As Cudlipp left the Prime Ministers office he hoped his right hand man, Eddie Milne would take the reigns. Milne who had been a prominent fighter of corruption within local and national government was a nice coat of paint to slap on the awkward squad of a party. Whilst Milne would win a majority, it would not be the major breakthrough hoped as Ken Coates would be a firm and secure second. Not helping matters would be Milne’s ill health which would lead to an intense power struggle for the soul of British politics in 1983...

By which point Cudlipp was sailing around the Mediterranean and playing with his parrot.


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Downward Dog: Twenty Years in American Politics

2017-2021: Mr. Donald J. Trump (Republican-NY)
2016 (with Mike Pence) def.: Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine (Democratic)
2021-2025: Fmr. Vice President Joe Biden (Democratic-DE)
2020 (with Kamala Harris) def.: Donald J. Trump / Mike Pence (Republican)
2025-2033: Governor Ron DeSantis (Republican-FL)
2024 (with Nikki Haley) def.: Joe Biden / Kamala Harris (Democratic); Andrew Yang / Michael Tubbs (Forward)
2028 (with Nikki Haley) def.: Kamala Harris / John Fetterman (Democratic)

2033-2041: Governor Tim Ryan (Democratic-OH)
2032 (with Maya Wiley) def.: Nikki Haley / Todd Rokita (Republican)
2036 (with Maya Wiley) def.: Josh Mandel / Janice McGeachin (Republican)

2041-0000: Senator Jenny McCarthy (Republican-WI)
2040 (with Chris Sprowls) def.: Maya Wiley / Ruben Gallego (Democratic)

After losing the 2022 Senate race, Tim Ryan leans really hard into that transcendental meditation shit. He re-emerges from the proverbial wilderness as a politician-yogi hybrid, and this new brand allows him to win the Ohio Governorship in 2026. He becomes a reformist governor and revitalizes Ohio by making it the Rust Belt's cannabis capital. He runs for president in 2032 and wins, successfully bringing Zen thought into the mainstream.

However, Ryan's landmark presidency would reveal how crucial the "essential oils mommy blog reader" demographic was to winning in American politics. As a result, the GOP recruited famous antivaxxer smokeshow Jenny McCarthy to a candidate for Senate in Wisconsin. While she initially faced legal challenges based on her short duration of residency in the state, this only endeared her to the legions of Chicago suburb expats who left to live in the Badger State due to its southern neighbor's high property taxes. This brief tenure in the office and her "unexplained" popularity amongst male voters catapulted her to front-runner status in the 2040 GOP Primary.
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List of Presidents of the United States of America One Nation Under God:

2001 - 2005: Al Gore / Joe Lieberman (Democrat)
2000: George W. Bush / Dick Cheney (Republican)
2005 - 2009: Rudy Giuliani / George Allen (Republican)
2004: Al Gore / Joe Lieberman (Democrat)
2009 - 2017: Hillary Clinton / Tom Vilsack (Democrat)
2008: Rudy Giullini / George Allen (Republican)
2012: Ron Paul / Herman Cain (Republican), Buddy Roemer / Robert Zoellick (Unity)

2017 - 2021: Dennis Kucinich / James Carter (Democrat)
2016: Jerry Falwell Jr. / Shannon Bream (Republican), Jon Huntsman / James Webb (Unity)
2021 - 20XX: John F. Kennedy Jr. / Michael Flynn (Republican)
2020: Dennis Kucinich / James Carter (Democrat)

Warning: Offensive racist language

It all started in 2000 when that bitch Hillary decided to run for Senate, and the entire cocksucking DNC backed her. I had no choice to back her, if not for the sake of my father. When those mudslime terrorists attacked my city, my beautiful city, I felt the urge to do something about it. I wanted to go to Afghanistan to kill every last goatfucker, but Carolyn, may she rest in peace, convinced me otherwise. Nevertheless, I went to the Middle-East a few years later, not as a soldier, but as a reporter in Iraq; reporting that Kike Lieberman’s pointless war for Israel. I came back a changed man, and decided to finally enter politics.

The problem with politics is that you need an office to run for. Unfortunately for me, there were non available yet. I had to sit out the 2004 election, and watch that Southern hick Gore get the shit beaten out of him. I didn’t like him back then, but I was glad to see a true New Yorker take the office. At the same time that pedophile Spitzer announced he would run for the presidency, leaving the spot of AG open for the taking. I had to nearly wrestle Andrew Cuomo for the candidacy, and a lot of shit got leaked to the media, but I ultimately succeeded in convincing the cocksucker to run for governor again. One of the biggest fucking mistakes I ever made. My stock fell so hard due to the spats we threw at each other, that uncle Ted and the others felt that it would be best if Robert ran instead. I knew that he would one hell of an AG, and boy was I fucking right.

Throughout 2007 Uncle Ted’s health worsened, and I had to largely take over his role as patriarch of the family. The election and stock market crash of the following year went past me, as I was too busy caring for the family. I promised my uncle to write a few op-eds in support of that bitch Hillary Clinton, which undoubtedly helped her to crushing Rudy, though him stacking with George Allen, even after he said the n-word during a campaign stop, certainly didn’t help his cause. To me it showed that Giuliani stuck with his people no matter what. It wasn’t a surprise to me that we became close friends in the following years.

A few days after that bitch was elected president, uncle Ted joined my father and uncles in heaven. It would be the first time in more than 50 years that there would be no Kennedy in the Senate, if Cuomo did not nominate Caroline for the empty New York Senate seat. I wish I was chosen instead, as Congress did my sweet sister no good, and only brainwashed her into becoming a member of the cabal.

That bitch Hillary Clinton named her healthcare plan after my uncle. Teddycare she called. I still don’t whether I should laugh at her not being able to name it Hillarycare, due to us Kennedies, or hate her for bastardizing my late uncle’s name for her stupid healthcare plan. I don’t care if it gave millions of people healthcare coverage. It was made by my cousin’s assassin.

Yes, Hillary Clinton killed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Just like how LBJ and Fidel Castro killed my father. Bobby was on the verge of unraveling a plot that went from Wall Street, all the way to the White House, and included hundreds of billionaires, known pedophiles, the DNC, and Israel. They killed him because they were scared of the truth, and blamed it on some poor kid from Staten Island.

Luckily, the rest of America also started to wake up. Clinton faced a spirited challenge in the primaries, even if it was from a self-proclaimed Judeo-Bolshevik. At the same time Ron Paul won the primaries, and though I didn’t like his anarchism; he knew that there was more going on with the assassination of Bobby, than the attorney’s office was willing to admit, and wasn’t afraid of saying it. Of course, the deep state ran a third party, just to siphon off votes from him, and the fuckers succeeded as well.

It was around this time that I was fired from the Washington Post for speaking the truth. I realized that following the same path my father took, would no longer cut it. I needed to do something different. I decided to make a deal with the devil, to save those in heaven and on earth.

Rudy is not a perfect man, but he has always been fighting for good. I decided to have faith in him, and back his 2016 presidential run. The media, of which I was once a part of, lambasted him as a fascist. Look, I know he said some racist things about Mexicans, but sometimes you have to do controversial things in order to get elected. Kucinich can attest to that.

Crazy Dennis Kucinich would ultimately win the election. The hopes of the communists across the country laid with him, and though the Clintons, and their media empire tried to portray him as a racist, just as often as they did Giulliani, but the voters didn’t care. Rudy would have defeated Crazy Dennis, but the cabal rallied behind that crazy Christian cuck Falwell to stop him, all their moderate candidates having lost already. Too bad the Christian candidate wasn’t all that god fearing, as a video of him jerking off to his wife getting fucked by a nig- black man was leaked days before the election.

I tried to give Dennis a chance. I genuinely did. He supported Ron Paul back in 2012, and he appointed my sister to the State Department. I got to talk with him a few days before his inauguration, and he told me that he would put an end to all the endless wars, and backing of Islamist regimes. I trusted him, but he quickly proved to be worse than the Clinton’s, as he severed ties with the patriotic regimes in Eastern Europe, and threatened the Russians and Turkish.

At the same time my sister, who was brainwashed into becoming a compliant in their war crimes, resigned from the Senate, and someone new would be appointed. The cabal did not even hide their existence anymore, and appointed Hillary Clinton’s lesbian partner Huma Abedin Abu Dhabi. At the same time they threw Rudy in prison on trumped up charges, just to show us that they did not want to be fucked with. I decided that I had enough, and ran for the seat in 2017, not as a Democrat, but as a Republican.

Of course such decisions are controversial, and when I ran a campaign where I told it like it is, I further triggered the libs. I’m not a conservative, nor a liberal, I’m someone who looks for solutions, and solves things. I wanted to shake Washington up, and the cabal got fucking scared. What was once considered to be a safe seat for the Democrats came into serious danger, and the fuckers had to throw everything they had to win by 3 points. I may have lost the battle, but everyone knew I won the war.

At the same time I met General Flynn. A true patriot that was fired by that bitch Hillary Clinton for unraveling the truth. Michael escaped with his life though, unlike Bobby. I joined Flynn on a trip to Russia for the signing of the Sochi treaty, which established a patriotic bloc spanning from the Mediterranean all the way to Budapest to the Barents Sea. Sergey Naryshkin had finished what the late Vladimir Putin started. There Michael Flynn allowed me entrance into a secret group of patriots known as the Digital Soldiers, led by someone who had infiltrated the deep state named Q.

A few months later he unraveled numerous documents, and videos, which proved the corruption, and satanism of the Deep State. While the liberal media tried to argue that a video of Hillary Clinton stabbing and eating a boy was a “deepfake” most American patriots knew the truth, and gave the Republican party one of its biggest majorities in history.

I became a hero overnight, and everyone started talking about me running for president. After having a discussion with Q and Michael, I decided to throw my hat into the ring. The deep state elements within the GOP tried to stop me, but I easily led all polls. The cabal became so depressed, that they conspired with the Chinese and launched a fake pandemic across the globe. Bobby had warned me years ago about something like this happening, and told me that desperate regimes are able to commit such atrocities, and there is no regime as authoritarian and desperate as the Chinese, who had already started shooting protesters again.

Crazy Dennis and the rest of the deep state acted like they cared about this, but all they did was lock everyone up against this fake virus. Even most Republicans followed his lead, but throughout 2019 and 2020 I was the only candidate that still knocked on the doors of Americans, and gave them hope, and told them what they can do for their country.

I grounded my enemies as fine as the dust of the earth; I trampled them in the gutter like dirt. The primaries were no problem, as I won every state, even if the deep state approved candidates won a few states according to the media. All enemies of America united behind the communist Kucinich. They were ready to declare a new Soviet Union, if he was elected president again. I would not allow this to happen, and neither would the American people. They handed me a victory as big as George Washington, and every elector in the electoral college. Of course, patriots both within and outside of congress had to help me with gaining some of them from the deep state. Hundreds became martyrs, thousands of Democrats had to be killed, and Q was compromised, but we liberated our country.

Now I stand as the hero of America. With Flynn on my right side, and a soon to be released Giuliani on my left.


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The lack of Orb Mother here alarms me
You have no idea how badly I wanted to include her, but I couldn't figure out a way to make her politically prominent in the mainstream by 2032. She also didn't have many notable endorsers. Weed Lord Ryan ends up picking a left-liberal Senator Wiley as his VP to make peace with the establishment.


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America Just Goes 🅱razy

1953-1961: Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican-NY)
1952 (with Richard Nixon) def.: Adlai Stevenson II / John Sparkman (Democratic)
1956 (with Richard Nixon) def.: Adlai Stevenson II / Estes Kefauver (Democratic)

1961-1962: Richard Nixon (Republican-CA)
1960 (with Jacob Javits) def.: Lyndon B. Johnson / Orville Freeman (Democratic); Harry F. Byrd / Strom Thurmond (States' Rights Democratic)
1962-1962: Jacob Javits (Republican-CA)
1962-1962: Sam Rayburn (Democratic-TX)
1962-1969: Robert B. Anderson (Republican-TX)

1964 (with William Scranton): Hubert Humphrey / Stuart Symington (Democratic); Orval Faubus / J. Lister Hill (States' Rights)
1969-0000: Robert King High (Democratic-FL)
1968 (with Henry M. Jackson) def.: William Scranton / James A. Rhodes (Republican); Gene McCarthy / George Wallace (Federalist)

Due to LBJ winning the nomination over Kennedy, Nixon makes a play for the white ethnic voters and northern liberals who would've come out for Kennedy (in a ploy dubbed the Northern Strategy). In a moment that proves that Nixon is more power-hungry than he is anti-Semitic, he swallows his pride and selects Jacob Javits as his running mate. This move works, and Nixon narrowly wins the presidency by flipping Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut.

In the first year of his presidency, Nixon decides to go to war and/or do crafty CIA shit against Cuba, which emboldens a couple Marxists/Cuban ultranationalists to merk him during a speech. Jacob Javits is promoted to the presidency, which makes some neo-nazis veeeeery angry. Despite heightened security after Nixon's assassination, Javits is killed when a car bomb crashes into his motorcade. It's horrific timing, because Javits is in the process of having his own vice president confirmed.

An ailing Sam Rayburn becomes president and manages to cling to life for the few days it takes to get Robert B. Anderson nominated. After two presidential assassinations in the span of a few months, Anderson's first acts are to stabilize the markets and then to drastically increase the security state. Though he wins in 1964, this newly-overbearing government creates some odd bedfellows. Segregationists and New Left libertarians realize they have a common enemy- the overgrown power of the federal government. Gene McCarthy, embittered over his defeat in the 1968 Democratic primaries, makes a Faustian bargain with George Wallace to create the Federalist Party, a schizophrenic coalition determined to roll back the power of the jackbooted thugs who are cracking down on protestors of all stripes.


Mickey Leland would've won
the Blitz House

2021-2025: Joe Biden
(with Kamala Harris)
defeated Donald Trump/Mike Pence

Biden wasn't Trump, which is why he won. Nobody was super jazzed about a 78-year-old centrist taking office except for the Democratic establishment, who worked harder and meaner to stop Bernie Sanders' primary campaign than they worked to stop Trump in the last four years. Regardless of who was nominated, the President would've been elected into a floundering economy, a radicalised population and deteriorating international situation. Anyone would've had a hard time, but Biden somehow took special effort to either mismanage or outright ignore problems that wound up on his desk.

After the Republicans, predictably, retook congress in 2022, Biden was left with little more to do than repeat that he "had a mandate" ad nauseam, as the government quickly slipped back into 2012-era gridlock. Unemployment spiked just as hard as the temperature, as elderly and young alike were cooked alive in their houses during the summer, or alternatively swept away by flash floods the following winter. Speaker of the House John Bassaro was far more concerned with impeaching the President for 'endangering our overseas assets for his hasty retreat from Afghanistan" than he was his constituents succumbing to the elements. And no matter how hard the Squad plead with him to use his power of the Executive Order, the President didn't touch student debt or marijuana decriminalisation with a ten-foot pole.

Even tho Trump's passing in early 2023 from coronary thrombosis was seen as a Hail Mary pass, Biden's reputation was only just clinging to the upper thirties, and the signs of early vascular dementia gave the media more than enough to speculate about. Shockingly, Harris, who many people had pegged as the presumptive nominee, declined to run in her own right, with whispers she'd be considered for the SCOTUS if she smiled and kept out of the way.

2025-2029: Jay Robert "J. B." Pritzker
(with Eric Adams)
defeated Chris Christie/Donald Trump Jr.

Like with 2020, anyone who didn't have "Trump" in their name could've won this election, tho it was more down to the fact that nobody really likes Chris Christie much. Well, that and nobody was really sure who exactly was the running mate, as Junior frequently went overtime on his speeches promising to "make the communist Democrats rot in prison for their crimes". Buttegieg, the go-getter Transportation secretary, was expected to capitalise on this fumble of a ticket, but slunk out of the race when Pritzker, millionaire governor of Illinois, promised him the UN Ambassadorship.

J.B. experienced a small approval bump, since he wasn't Biden, but ran into many of the same problems. The smug Senate majority, having lost the House on Pritzker's coattails, still claimed they were too busy to read any bill that was put on their desk. Unlike Biden, however, Pritzker wasn't disillusioned that he could 'work' with the Republicans, which is why a lot of his legislation came in the form of Executive Order. The Republicans swore this was illegal and threatened round after round of impeachment, of course, but that didn't bother the President much. What did was when the Fed came after his $331K 'tax break' from his shady mansion renovations in 2019, which is suspected the reason he bowed out much like Biden did.

2029-2033: Francis X. Suarez
(with Torren Ecker)
defeated Eric Adams/Raphael Warnock

The 2028 Election wasn't all about politics; it was more about cryptocurrency. It wasn't just a fad your kids would have to educate you on anymore, with some nations even adapting it to a "digital wallet" system for international trade. Both the candidates were super-jazzed about crypto, but voters were slightly more jazzed about the concept of 'President X' than they were Adams, who was receiving massive cross-party support from technocratic Democrats and wonk independents alike at the time of his inauguration.

Suarez promised to firmly bring rural America into the 21st century, kicking and screaming if he had to. And he had to, since many of the multinational conglomerates he so much as looked up packed up domestic operations and outsourced themselves to ripe new countries of interest. Many of those same multinationals were executed by Naxals during the Indian revolution, but look over here, gold-farming is now a recognised form of employment according to the Department of Labor!

2033-20??: Brace Belden
(with India Walton) defeated Francis X. Suarez/Torren Ecker

It was only a matter of time before the Democrats had to deal with their own version of Trump, despite how hard they tried to ignore the trends. Belden didn't particularly like the comparison, famously cocking an eyebrow and asking "Who?" when a reporter asked, but he was certainly just as bombastic and incorrect. He's already made history, being the first President to publicly smoke a blunt in the oval office, afterwards telling the GOP leadership to "suck my dick from the back". We have no idea what's in store for America's future, but unlike the last few Presidents, Belden seems to be extremely committed to enacting through his tax reform package, which he claims will use the excess revenue to pay to have Jeffery Epstein's corpse dug up and paraded up and down Wall Street while blasting the iCarly themesong from a Beats Pill shoved up his--
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Mickey Leland would've won
the Blitz House
Chairmen of the Norteamérica Committee

1938-1939: Saturnino Cedillo (Caretaker)

- appointed following the North American Revolution/"La Violencia"
1939-1945: Narciso Bassols/Norman Bethune (Confederación de Trabajadores/Ligue Sociale-Démocrate Fusion)
1945-1950: Eliseo Velásquez (Confederación de Trabajadores)
1950-1955: Carlos Marighella (Independent)
1953-1967*: Ernesto "Che" Guevara (Ação Libertadora Nacional)

- assassinated by counter-revolutionaries
1967-1970: José Ángel Gutiérrez (Ação Libertadora Nacional) [ACTING]
1970-1975: Cesario Estrada Chavez (Popular Movement)
1975-1985: Daniel Ortega (Independent, then Reconstrucción Americana)
1985-1987*: Abimael Guzmán (Independent)

- impeached by the Congreso para el Pueblo Estadounidense
1987-1990: Antonio Cardenal Caldera (Reconstrucción Americana) [ACTING]
1990-2005: Daniel Ortega (Reconstrucción Americana)
2005-2020: Rafael Vicente (Sol Rojo)
2020-present: Laura Alvarez (Popular Movement)
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Default City, Russia
2033-20??: Brace Belden
(with India Walton) defeated Francis X. Suarez/Torren Ecker

It was only a matter of time before the Democrats had to deal with their own version of Trump, despite how hard they tried to ignore the trends. Belden didn't particularly like the comparison, famously cocking an eyebrow and asking "Who?" when a reporter asked, but he was certainly just as bombastic and incorrect. He's already made history, being the first President to publicly smoke a blunt in the oval office, afterwards telling the GOP leadership to "suck my dick from the back". We have no idea what's in store for America's future, but unlike the last few Presidents, Belden seems to be extremely committed to enacting through his tax reform package, which he claims will use the excess revenue to pay to have Jeffery Epstein's corpse dug up and paraded up and down Wall Street while blasting the iCarly themesong from a Beats Pill shoved up his--
business plot wen


Catch '22
Published by SLP
Very tentative list for something I may eventually work on some time before the heat death of the universe - more just tossing ideas around while trying to get to sleep last night.

List of Presidents of the United States
1933-1942: Franklin D. Roosevelt† (Democratic)
1932 def: Herbert Hoover (Republican, inc.)
1936 def: Alf Landon (Republican)
1940 def: Wendell Willkie (Republican)

1942-1943: Henry A. Wallace* (Democratic)
1943-1945: Cordell Hull (Democratic)
1945-1949: James F. Byrnes (Democratic)
1944 def: Thomas Dewey (Republican)
1949-1951: Robert A. Taft† (Republican)
1948 def: James F. Byrnes (Democratic, inc.)
1951-1953: Harold Stassen (Republican)
1953-1961: Estes Kefauver (Democratic)
1952 def: Harold Stassen (Republican, inc.)
1956 def: Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. (Republican)

1961-1969: Nelson A. Rockefeller (Republican)
1960 def: Hubert H. Humphrey (Democratic)
1964 def: John B. Connally, Jr. (Democratic)

1969-1973: Edmund Muskie (Democratic)
1968 def: George Romney (Republican)

*Resigned, ostensibly for health reasons; it is widely claimed he was the victim of a quiet military coup.

Not sure where to take it from there, and it might not matter, depending on when I decide to set the story. This is a case where story comes first and it's just handy to have a crib sheet of who should've been in power at what time when dropping references, and it can potentially be changed on the fly later if necessary for plot reasons.
I'm finding this counterpart (from the same scenario) a bit trickier, I may need to consult someone like @The Red.

List of Soviet paramount leaders (actual titular offices held will vary)
1922-1924: V. I. Lenin (Communist)
1924-1941: J. V. Stalin (Communist)
1941-1942: V. M. Molotov (Communist)
1942-1942: K. Y. Voroshilov (Communist)
1942-1959: A. A. Zhdanov (Communist)
1959-1960: A. S. Shcherbakov (Communist)
1960-1961: (Troika)
1961-197?: M. G. Pervukhin (Communist)

According to official Soviet histories, Stalin died heroically in the Germans' (briefly) successful occupation of Moscow, refusing to evacuate. It is more likely he died in the process of evacuation, though whether he was taken out by the Nazis or an internal coup attempt remains an open question. Molotov briefly took the reins of power with the assistance of Zhukov, but the realities of the front meant that Marshal Voroshilov (who had successfully relieved Leningrad) was soon the one calling the shots, soon handing over formal political power to his ally (and Stalin protegé) Andrei Zhdanov. Both Voroshilov and Zhdanov were regarded as heroes, and the latter had soon consolidated his power over the USSR after the Germans were expelled. Zhdanov's corpulent deputy Shcherbakov briefly seized power after the former's death in 1960, but was soon removed by a troika (and died soon afterwards under circumstances that may not be as suspicious as they first appear - his lifestyle made heart problems inevitable). From this troika, after mutually-assured destruction between several bigger but more divisive names, the technocrat Mikhail Pervukhin rose to power - initially as a figurehead for more powerful interests, but later asserting control in his own right.