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Drake's Drum

Earlier this week, bought the paperbacks of the "Drake's Drum" series (is it still a trilogy? or will be a quadrilogy?) as the paperback of "Festung Europa" on the shelf looked lonely. They arrived to-day, along with a postcard from my college friend who lives in France, who wrote it around Christmas and has only now posted a little while ago. I wanted to see Khrushchev's Stalingrad rant to the Iceland Conference again.
So, over the last ~month I've read the Drake's Drum books.

First off, Nick, thanks for writing them. Obviously they were a good read, or I wouldn't have got through 4 of them.

That said, the first two were the best ones, for the simple reason that the whole series is strongest on the war itself, military operations etc; it is weakest on politics, which is an issue in the first book, but becomes more and more prominent as the series goes on and takes up a substantial part of book 4. The authorial thumb on the scales to ensure that the parties of the left failed to prosper all around the world grew gradually more blatant, and the tracts about why the centre-right was the one true path got longer. If I remember right, at one point the US Republicans won the presidency 5 times in a row? And as for what happens to the UK Labour party, the less said the better.

The high point of book 4 was definitely the photographer running around a Japanese protest - excellent sequence. Other sections which were very effective included the radio interview of a veteran, and the invasion of Malta.
Incognitia, firstly, thank you for reading the Drake's Drum series and I'm sorry if parts of it were disappointing. Thank you also for your comments here, but I must take gentle issue with some of your criticisms.

At no point in Drake's Drum do the Republicans win the US Presidency five times on the trot. Their longest winning streak is four terms, but don't forget that in OTL the Democrats won 5 consecutive times between 1932 and 1948.

It is, I feel, impossible to write an alternate history of the twentieth century without delving heavily into politics. I don't want to get bogged down in semantics, or gave away too many spoilers, but I don't think it is accurate to say that 'the parties of the left fail to prosper.' Quite the opposite, and the reasons why they evolve differently in TTL are manifest from book One on.
A big update to the Drake's Drum website has just gone live. Photographs from Part 4 Drake's Drum: Horizon of Our Hopes have been added. Just as a taster, we have a photograph from the time of the Crisis Cascade of 1973. An RAF Hawker-Siddeley Hotspur fighter intercepting a Soviet Tu 95 bomber over the North Sea.

Hotspur and Tu95 2.jpg
In other news there is a new update to the Drake's Drum website which includes the addition of password accessible content.

It consists of Annex 19, which is a complete Drake's Drum timeline and an Interlude chapter which was an attempt at comic relief, but didn't really propel the plot forward.

If you would like to know the password please email me with a picture of your copy of either the paperback version of Drake's Drum: Horizon of Our Hopes or a picture of the screen of your reading device with the map of Africa that is printed near the end of the penultimate chapter. My email is available in the 'Author' section of the Drake's Drum website and there is a link in my sig line. Please allow a day or two for a response.