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Consequences: A Jumbo Article

Guernsey Donkey

Hololive & Chill
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I half though the article was going to be about Jambo the gorilla in Jersey Zoo who protected a child who fell into the gorilla enclosure.


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Published by SLP
We have a mostly inexplicable household in-joke that revolves around maintaining a fabricated and entirely affected nostalgia for a non-existent bakery brand, specifically Elephant Buns.

Any sticky bun when consumed will be compared unfavorably to this lost brand. The fact that everybody knows that elephants like buns is a key part of giving this false memory a ring of plausibility.

They even had a jingle. Can't find them anywhere now though.

Its cool to know there's an actual 'origin' for the elephant-bun connection though. I always assumed it was one of those Beano things like three boys in a trench-coat, or oversized plates of sausage and mash.