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Llareggub, Wales
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The 1980 United States presidential election was held on Tuesday, November 4, 1980. The Democratic ticket of former vice president Ed Muskie and the junior U.S. senator from Louisiana Lindy Boggs defeated the incumbent Republican president Richard Nixon and incumbent vice president Jesse Helms. This was the first election since 1932 in which the incumbent president failed to win reelection. Muskie secured the Democratic nomination over his closest rival, Senator Peter Camejo, in a competitive primary that featured the largest field of candidates for any political party in the modern era of American politics. Central issues of the election included the public health and economic impacts of the ongoing H2N2 pandemic; civil unrest in reaction to the Atlanta murders and Unabomber terror attacks; the U.S. Supreme Court following the death of Potter Stewart and confirmation of Sandra Day O'Connor; and the future of the Health Security Act.

Before, during, and after Election Day, Nixon and numerous Republicans attempted to subvert the election and overturn the results, falsely alleging widespread voter fraud and trying to influence the vote counting process in swing states. Attorney General John Poindexter and officials in each of the 50 states found no evidence of widespread fraud or irregularities in the election. The Nixon campaign and its allies, including Republican members of Congress, continued to engage in numerous attempts to overturn the results of the election by filing 63 lawsuits in several states (all of which were withdrawn or dismissed), spreading conspiracy theories alleging fraud, pressuring Republican state election officials and legislators to change results, objecting to the Electoral College certification in Congress, and refusing to cooperate with the presidential transition of Muskie in what was widely described as an attempted coup. This culminated in a mob of Nixon supporters attacking the United States Capitol on January 6, 1981, and Nixon being impeached for incitement of insurrection.​

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this is what happens when the Democrats are like "yeah nah let's make our ticket compromised of two alleged associates of Jeffrey Epstein, that should work well"


Dennis Skinner's molotov
Llareggub, Wales
REPORT: Vice President Gore seen panicking, swearing loudly at residence - National Enquirer, 1999

"Sources in the White House claim a 'noticeable and dramatic change' in the attitude of the vice president, describing him as uncharacteristically sarcastic, aggressive and, most worryingly, outwardly hostile to certain individuals in congress, such as Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. It is almost as if his body is being occupied by a completely different person." - excerpt from New York Times article, 1999

"Maybe you should start shaving, Al."
"Maybe you should start keeping it in your pants, Bill."

- overheard conversation in the Oval Office, 1999

"And let me tell you, how else were the authorities clued in that these two boys were about to perpetrate a mass shooting?! Make no mistake, my friends, the Colorado police were tipped off by a rouge element in our government! There's no doubt!" - conspiracy theorist Alex Jones discussing the arrests of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, 1999

"NAFTA WAS A MISTAKE!": Gore visits Seattle WTO protests in solidarity - Washington Post, 1999

On gays and lesbians, Gore proclaims "Love thy neighbour as thyself, and trans rights!" during California tour - 1999

The Green Mountain Socialist? A rundown on Bernie Sanders, Gore's bizarre pick for running mate - celebnewz.com, 2000

"Bernie got more roll call amendments passed than any other congressman since 1995, all while Congress was under a Republican majority. We have absolute faith in his ability to look beyond partisanship and implement commonsense reform for all Americans." - Gore, suspiciously lucid, 2000

Gore calls Bush running mate Dick Cheney "the most evil man in America" - Fox News, 2000


Clinton, Gore meet with Louis Freeh and George Tenet to discuss "matters of national security" - CNN, 2000

Members of Al-Qaeda terrorist cell apprehended at San Diego Flight School - Fox News, 2001

"Well, uh, shit, Al, I didn't expect any of this."
"Consider it a parting gift, Bill, so they'll forget about the impeachment and you can leave the White House on a high note."
"I'm still not sure how you knew about the whole--"
"Water under the bridge, Bill, water under the bridge. Just remember what I said."
"Hillary's a real class act, Al, I'm not sure I can--"
"Convincing her not to run for office is your problem, Bill, mine is kicking the asses of Halliburton's Board of Directors."

- private conversation in the Oval Office, 2001
In inaugural address, Gore warns of looming economic recession and climate crises "unless we act NOW" - BBC News, 2001
Cabinet of "Al Gore", 2001-
Vice President:
U.S. Representative for Vermont Bernie Sanders
: fmr. U.S. Senator from Alaska Mike Gravel
: fmr. Deputy National Security Advisor James Steinberg
: fmr. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich
Attorney General
: Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit Diane Wood
: Chairman of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe Della Warrior
: Founder of the National Black Farmers Association John Boyd
Director of the Center for Effective Public Management Elaine Kamarck
: Vice-Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and Executive vice-president of the AFL-CIO Linda Chavez-Thompson
: Researcher and professor at the University of Pittsburgh Dr. Herbert Needleman
: Mayor of Minneapolis Sharon Sayles Belton
: U.S. Representative for Oregon Earl Blumenauer
fmr. Administrator of the EPA Carol Browner
Founder and president emerita of the Children's Defense Fund Marian Wright Edelman
U.S. Senator from Virginia Chuck Robb
fmr. Attorney and Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader
- WhiteHouse.gov
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Dr. Needleman is the name of a doctor in a children's cartoon, not real life.

I get the sense that this isn't what you were envisioning, but up until the wikibox I just assumed Gore had been ISOTed back into his past self and just sort of decided "right, fuck all this". Either way, the Gores' home life is probably rather odd.