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Vignette: El Salvador Salvadoreño

Gary Oswald

Old and Foolish now
Sea Lion Press staff
Published by SLP
Discuss this story by @Revolutionary Avocado here.

@Kato has ran 28 monthly short story competitions on this forum, where in various people write short Ah tales about a topic of her choice. There's literally hundreds of excellent stories produced for them. The current one on the American Civil war is here, please check it out and see if you have a story.

When Andy was magazine editor, he'd occasionally post vignettes from those competitions on the front page to promote some of the excellent amateur writing happening on the forums, but that stopped shortly before I took over. About two weeks ago, I decided to bring that back and got permission to repost various vignettes. In what was either really bad or really good timing, Kato announced like three days after that that she was standing down as the competition runner. So this is now a bit of a celebration of the great work those competitions have produced under her watch and hopefully will drill up some attention for whoever takes over from her.

This is one of my very favourite vignettes from those competitions so I think it's a good start. If you like this, there's lots more like it in the contests forum.

Drizzly Mary

hyperfixation on indonesian history 1920-1965
One of my all time favourites, the author's style and tone has also served as an inspiration for me.