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Other Ideologies 3: Weird Monarchisms


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Nu Yawk
My closest experience with monarchists is William Lind's desire to see Germany returned to a wonderful Old Prussian dynasty.

napoleon IV

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Washington, Douglass Commonwealth
So many good things here - but the Pro-Soviet Tsarists are absolutely the best, espdcially when they're actually in the pay of said Soviets
For all of his faults Stalin knew a useful idiot when he saw one. There were actually a couple of other pro-Soviet White emigre movements, although they weren't monarchists so they didn't merit mention in this article. It's an overlooked part of the White émigré milieu (who everyone assumes were authoritarian conservatives, because most of them were), and is a crucial forerunner to Alexander Dugin and the National Bolsheviks.


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Interesting fact: All of the Party members are, in fact, just Mazda in different wigs and fake moustaches
I did not know that.

Also i do not hope Germany ever becomes a monarchy again, that would mean that the coffin containing former Kaiser Wilhelm II will be removed, and as we all know, he is not dead but in a deep trance keeping the Netherlands free of water.