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Drake's Drum


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Best of luck to Drake's Drum!

The scene where the US cruiser comes upon the Madagascar Transport was chilling and marvelously written, especially the way the skipper explains it all later.
It reminded me of the Soviet ships that in OTL transported political prisoners from Vladivostok to Kolyma in the 1930s, and that was a much shorter trip.

Charles EP M.

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Just finished this today - the Mosley Report that
recommends a bonfire of the colonies, creating a version of semi-decolonisation based on blunt economics and oil demand,
was a very unexpected move!

David Flin

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Charles EP M, it could go any way. The conclusions of reports are not necessarily followed by the government that commissions them; though of course, sometimes they are...

The rough rule of narrative is that if a plan is explained in detail, then when it comes to implementing that deal, it either doesn't come off, so that the description of its implementation isn't just duplication, or - because it has already been described - if it does go according to plan, it happens off-stage without further reference.

Charles EP M.

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The report's proposals are half-picked-up and half-dismissed by the government in DD, which I assume means
some of the colonies that aren't economically viable are going to be useful in the rest of the story as much as being a reflection of how reports are followed.

Nick Sumner

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Halifax, Canada
Two warship designs that feature in Drake's Drum. They were designed in our time line but never built. Top: HMS Lion, lead ship of a class of five battleships armed with 9 X 16 inch guns. In OTL four were planned and two were laid down, but wartime shortages and changes in priorities meant neither were ever launched. In Drake's Drum, five are commissioned. Bottom: two designs for heavy cruisers were prepared by the RN in 1938/39. The second was a 15,500 ton ship with 9 X 8 inch guns. None were ever laid down. In the Drake's Drum timeline four are completed and two more cancelled.

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