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Alternate Wikibox Thread


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An account where, in Wikipedia?
My sandbox?

It's basically a place where you can store unfinished wikipedia pages and boxes. So instead of having to create an actual page all at once, you can slowly work on it in your sandbox and see how it looks there. For fake infoboxes, you can either save them there, or just use it as a place to display them before taking a picture (I use the Snip tool and Paint to arrange thing).

Fair warning, I've heard accounts of wikipedia editors deleting them if they're obviously not real wikipedia articles in the making.

Time Enough

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Well At Least Everything Isn’t On Fire; 1988 Election
(Wikibox by the ever excellent @rosa who made it for this idea)
To say 1988 was a mess was an understatement. What was meant to be a slam dunk for Jerry Brown ended up being a slog that brought forth the 90s in the eyes of most Americans. After 8 years of Joe Biden’s Middle of the Road Presidency, Americans wanted change. It’s what Reagan had offered in 1968, McCall in 76 and Biden in 80. Jerry Brown looked to be that man at first, the face of the Reform movement within the Democratic Party and Biden’s caustic Vice President, Brown easily won the Primaries against the flailing of Hart, Argan and Milk. Brown looked like he could win over the people of America with his Populist Reform rhetoric. He just had two problems; Nader and Weicker.

Nader thought that Brown wouldn’t go far enough, believing his rhetoric was all show. He drafted himself to join Jesse Jackson’s Citizens Party, created in the wake of the 84’ upset. Unlike Jackson, who had a number of substantial problems, Nader had the charisma and clean image that could allow the Citizens to get on the road again. Nader decided to fight the election on a manifesto influenced by the radical Kinnock Government with advice from the two Gould’s that had left the charge. Nader’s Pragmatic Left Wing message would deflate Brown’s awkward Populism.

And there was Weicker.

Since 1976, the Republicans had been out of power and were competing with Unity on there ‘Left’ and Duke’s Populists on there ‘Right’. Meanwhile the Unity Party had become pretty tired since 1981 and were needing to revitalise. Weicker decided that he would be that. After some backdoor deals Weicker would be endorsed by the Republicans in return for Jack Kemp being his running mate. Weicker would fight on a policy of Social Liberalism, Fiscal Conservatism which took the winds out of Brown’s sails.

The debates would be a nightmare, Nader attacked Brown on his failure to fix systemic issues as Governor of California and Weicker attacked Brown on his more outlandish plans like a Moon base and Solar Energy satellites. The polls would fluctuate constantly and what would end up being a Brown slam dunk became a nail biter of an election. In the end Brown would lose to Weicker. Brown would lose by a slim majority and despite blame being placed upon the Citizens Party as being a Left Wing spoiler (as Sanders and Fulani managed to gain Vermont and New York for the Citizens) in the end it would come down to Brown’s Populist rhetoric backfiring as he attacked an establishment he had helped establish.

Weicker’s chapter as President would help bring in the “Nut Nineties” as the schizophrenic nature of his ticket would backfire on him in time and Citizens party was able to gain a louder more popular voice...
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