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Charles EP M.

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Inspired by Stuyvesant's Lists thread, but to allow us to get our full dork on. The MCU's got 22 films and multiple TV spinoffs & DVD shorts over a twelve-year period, let's see what we can do with poking at it:

1) ANT-MAN (May 2008), dir. Edgar Wright

Thief Scott Lang (Chris Evans) has finally got out of prison and is hoping to get his life back together, and raise his daughter with a legit job - but instead he's been hired by 1960s science-adventurer Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and his daughter Hope (Anna Kendrick) to steal Pym's "Ant-Man" technology from its 'legitimate' owners. Lang has to avoid being caught by both the bad guys and the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Directorate to both save the day and, more importantly, stay out of jail...

Wright went onto this film immediately after completing Hot Fuzz, due to Marvel needing it done quick as their intended launch scripts were having problems. Creating the film the way Wright wanted it required an extremely harsh 'crunch' on his part, forcing the delay of Scott Pilgrim while he recovered. Despite fear it was too 'odd' and the character not famous enough, the film was a moderate hit.

At Marvel's request, SHIELD were put in as the 'feds' Lang has to work around. Samuel L Jackson's Nick Fury shows up in the 1960s flashbacks as a SHIELD agent Pym runs into and as the Director of SHIELD in the mid-credits sequence, having not aged - unexplained there but referencing the character's near-immortality in the comics.