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    SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game

    You know what, what the hell. I would like in.
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    Election maps and assorted others

    Slightly disappointed they aren't Islamo-fascist or Atheo-fascist after that intro tbh. But also what @Nanwe said. Seriously impressive work.
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    Tibby's Graphics and Grab-Bag Thread.

    Well obviously. When you actually write it all out like that it's a fairly impressive list!
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    World War 2 over by 1943

    I thought this would be the kicker. Hmm, this gives me a dark idea. Not at all the scenario that was posited, but without the western allies in the war, is it possible for the war to go on long enough that the Germans can develop a functioning atomic bomb (especially given there'd potentially...
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    World War 2 over by 1943

    Could something be done with the resulting Barbarossa going wrong somehow, but in a way that doesn't actually cripple Germany? I'll note that I am very much not a military historian (even to the small extent I am an anything historian) so the following may well be rubbish. Presumably it would...
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    Possibly related to Alex's point, but should I take his replies to mean he is incredibly often hindered by work accidents and that he doesn't feel at all represented? Or are those questions deliberately badly designed?
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    Tibby's Graphics and Grab-Bag Thread.

    Are these "PM is the leader of the party that OTL got the most votes without actually winning any seats?" I can't comment on the Canada one but the UK one looks delightfully bonkers without being utterly impossible somehow.
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    PODs of the Thirty Years War XII

    For me one of the interesting things highlighted here is the potential effect on Spain. If the war is finished earlier or they otherwise commit less they could presumably hang on to Portugal, at least for a while longer, and in general be a much stronger force for much longer.
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    What is most interesting/worrying is that you both start in the precise opposite way.
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    Yeah that's two really cool ideas at once here. Also new (probably pretty dodgily translated) usertitle.
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    Far right anti-colonialism?

    Or possibly if we have a slightly later PoD someone like Poland or Hungary? I don't know enough about inter-war central and eastern europe but neither had colonies and both had some fairly far right leanings in the period as I understand it (especially Hungary which would literally join the Axis...
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    Review: Cato's Cavalry by Marc Jones

    I need to properly buy this actually, I really enjoyed it on the other place back in the day.
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    Tibby's Graphics and Grab-Bag Thread.

    Now do Alfred the Great. Also do Llewellyn the Great. Then you're insane.
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    Can China stay permanently divided?

    Ok, I don't know much about Chinese history either, especially not this period, but I'll play anyway. I'm thinking of approaching this the other way - why, other than geography, is Europe not one single state? Because it was united, for a given definition of Europe, for the best part of half...