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You won't have Nixon to kick around any more.


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1962 California gubernatorial election
1958November 6, 19621966
Gov. Pat Brown.jpgVP-Nixon copy.jpg
NomineePat BrownRichard Nixon
Governor Brown failed to get a pass a $1.25 per hour minimum wage, and Brown's opposition to capital punishment was overruled by the practice's being supported statewide. Brown was a supporter of Senator John F. Kennedy in the 1960 Presidential election, but Brown's

California delegation to the Democratic National Convention did not abide by his support for Kennedy but the future president was able to secure the nomination anyway.

Had it not been for the assistance of conservative Republicans Richard Nixon would have likely failed in his bid to capture the governor's mansion.

8 years as president Eisenhowers lieutenant and a failed bid for the presidency caused Nixon to seek regional power whether he would run for president in 64 or even 68 was a matter Nixon now Governor-elect Nixon would consider some time in the future.
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