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Wolfram's Storage Thread


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the Velvet Coffin, Texas
Well, I guess this might as well happen.

I'm going to start this off with something inspired by @Turquoise Blue (specifically by A Stitch In Time):

1953-1957: Adlai Stevenson II/John Sparkman (Democratic)
'52 def. Robert A. Taft/Edwin L. Mecham (Republican), Earl Warren/Charles E. Wilson (Liberal Republican)
1957-1963: Douglas MacArthur/Howard Buffett (Republican)
'56 def. Adlai Stevenson II/John Sparkman (Democratic), Christian Herter/Osro Cobb (Liberal Republican)
'60 def. Nelson Rockefeller/Goodwin Knight (Liberal Republican), Adlai Stevenson II/John Kennedy (Democratic)

1963-1965: Douglas MacArthur/vacant* (Republican)
1965-1969: George Smathers (Democratic)/Hugh Scott (New Federalist)
'64 chosen from George Smathers/Jennings Randolph** (Democratic), George Murphy/Hugh Scott (New Federalist), Barry Goldwater/ (Republican)
1969-1973: George W. Romney/George H. W. Bush (New Federalist)
'68 def. Claude Kirk/Frank Carlson (Republican), George Smathers/Sam Yorty (Democratic), Robert F. Kennedy/George McGovern (Liberal Democratic)
1973-1973: George H. W. Bush (New Federalist) [acting]
1973-1977: George W. Romney/George H. W. Bush (New Federalist)
'72 chosen from George W. Romney/George H. W. Bush (New Federalist), John Connally (Independent with Republican backing)/Rogers Morton (Republican), Hubert Humphrey/ (Democratic)
1977-1977: Daniel Evans (New Federalist) [acting]
1977-1981: Birch Bayh (Democratic)/Daniel Evans (New Federalist)
'76 chosen from James Buckley/Ed Gurney (Conservative), Laurence Rockefeller/Daniel Evans (New Federalist), Birch Bayh/ (Democratic)

NOTE: 28th Amendment passed in 1978, changed method of election; President now elected by plurality of national vote, Vice President appointed and confirmed by both houses

1981-1985: Birch Bayh (Democratic)/Ed Brooke (New Federalist)
'80 def. Charles Percy (Conservative), Tom McCall (New Federalist)
1985-1991: Bill Clements (Conservative)/Joseph Biden (Democratic)
'84 def. Elliot Richardson (New Federalist), George Wallace (Democratic)
'88 def. Mario Cuomo (Democratic), James Baker (New Federalist)

1991-1993: Bill Clements (Conservative)/John Danforth (Conservative)
1993-1995: John Heinz (New Federalist)/Bob Dornan (Conservative)
'92 def. Richard Riley (Democratic), Richard Lugar (Conservative), Jerry Brown (Independent)
1995-2001: Bob Dornan (Conservative)/Lynn Morley Martin (New Federalist)
'96 def. Christie Whitman (New Federalist), Ted Kennedy (Democratic)***, Paul Wellstone (Progressive Labor)
2001-2005: Jim Hunt/Tim Wirth (Democratic)
'00 def. Jim Gilmore (Conservative), Bill Graves (New Federalist), Paul Wellstone (Progressive Labor)
2005-2006: Win Rockefeller (New Federalist)/Tim Wirth (Democratic)
'04 def. Jim Hunt (Democratic), Elizabeth Dole (Conservative), Tom Hayden (Progressive Labor)
2006-2009: Tim Wirth (Democratic)/Jay Rockefeller (New Federalist)
2009-2013: Scott Romney/Liz Warren (New Federalist)
'08 def. Tim Wirth (Democratic), John Hoeven (Conservative)
2013-2017: Ken Blackwell (Conservative)/Michael Munger (New Federalist)
'12 def. Kathleen Sebelius (Democratic), Scott Romney (New Federalist)
2017-: Kay Hagan (Democratic)/Andrew Yang (New Federalist)
'16 def. Ken Blackwell (Conservative), Andrew Yang (New Federalist), Jon Huntsman (Independent New Federalist)

*Left vacant by the death of Howard Buffett
**Replacing Clair Engle, who withdrew shortly before the election
***Replacing Lawton Chiles, who died unexpectedly shortly before the election
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a single, distant, very loud, yeehaw
the Velvet Coffin, Texas
Texas Career Lists

  • Price Daniel
  • John Connally
  • Preston Smith
  • Dolph Briscoe
  • Bill Clements
  • Mark White
  • Ann Richards
  • George W. Bush
  • Rick Perry
  • Greg Abbott
  • Sam Rayburn
  • Lyndon Johnson
  • Ralph Yarborough
  • Ben Barnes
  • Frances Farenthold
  • Bob Bullock
  • George H. W. Bush
  • Barbara Jordan
  • James Baker
  • Ed Emmett
  • Mickey Leland
  • Henry Cisneros
  • Lena Guerrero
  • John Cornyn
  • Ted Cruz
Electoral History of Ben Barnes:

Electoral History of Frances Farenthold:

1963-1969: Appointed member of Human Relations Commission, City of Corpus Christi
1965-1967: Appointed Director of Nueces County Legal Aid
1969-1973: Texas State Representative for the 45th district (Nueces and Kleberg Counties) [Democratic]
1968 def. Abel Chapa and Jack Pedigo [Democratic primary]; Charles Scroggins (Republican)
1970 def. James Rehfield [Democratic primary]; Clyde New (Republican)

1972: Candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Texas
1972 Dolph Briscoe def. Frances Farenthold, Ben Barnes, Preston Smith [Democratic primary]
1972: Candidate for the Democratic nomination for Vice President of the United States
1972 Thomas Eagleton def. Frances Farenthold, Mike Gravel, Endicott Peabody, Clay Smothers, Birch Bayh, Peter Rodino, Jimmy Carter [Democratic convention]
1973-1975: Chair of National Women’s Political Caucus
1974: Candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Texas
1974 Dolph Briscoe def. Frances Farenthold, William Posey, Steve Alexander
1976-1980: President of Wells College
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a single, distant, very loud, yeehaw
the Velvet Coffin, Texas

They need to stop pulling Mora forward to take snaps, he's a fine courier but a better goalkeeper and more to the point Sainte-Marie just doesn't have the defense to be able to afford to pull a goalkeeper. At least Sempervirens is probably too conventional to really call their bluff, I mean Rao and Wren are as mobile as you can ask for forwards to be but Castell would very clearly rather pass to a backfielder and block the center forward than play Memphis ball and gun it up the sideline. They need to just bite the bullet and pull Havliček from the minors, Castell is a sound center but he's getting old.

Generally speaking Texian teams are too goddamn conventional, I mean even their era of domination was less wild invention (though Mateo Soto really is a brilliant mind) than the recognition that age-old classical rugby strategies to kill time and shut down offenses weren't completely obsolete. Their saving grace is that once tactics bubble up out of the crucibles of the Mississippi Valley they can adopt them and refine them into their Platonic ideal forms, but watching Sempervirens is like watching a car engine get made, all reliability and efficiency without a whole lot of innovation on the factory floor. At least Indianola Naval is trying something new and it's not even not working, though if they keep interfering with handoffs by getting up in their opponents' business the referees are going to run out of patience really quickly. I'd be shocked if there wasn't another brawl when they play Pharaoh on Friday, now there's a matchup likely to see some sparks fly. I like Indianola Naval better than any of my hometown teams but my God, if there's any karmic vengeance for this kind of shit it'll be from the sideline irredentists up in Memphis.