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William Pitt, Uninterrupted (1806-18??)


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William Pitt, the younger, who might or might not have been Britain’s greatest Prime Minister, governed first in 1783-1801, left over the issue of Catholic Emancipation (although perhaps the toll of a quarter of a century in government and a history of bad health might have played a part) before being brought back in 1804, just in time Trafalgar, Austerliz and the collapse of the Third Coalition, ultimately dying in January of 1806.

But what if his health had been better? What if we handwave some of the worst of his condition away for the sake of discussion and give him a few extra years.

So no Ministry of All Talents. Does that mean that the slave trade is not abolished until later? Will Pitt last as long as his health allows or would he be brought down by his comparative lack of support or the eventual Napoleonic victory over the Fourth Coalition?

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Does that mean that the slave trade is not abolished until later?
I suspect not. Pitt himself had some abolitionist sentiments (though admittedly less so as he got older) and abolitionist bills had passed during his government too. My gut instinct is that whoever is PM that is happening, the tide of opinion had very much turned.