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WI: Darren Osbourne followed through with his original plans?


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Not sure if this has been discussed before (probably not, given how recent it was), but before being sentenced to 43yrs for his crimes, the guy who attacked the Finsbury Park Mosque back in June 2017, Darren Osborne, declared in court that he originally hired the van to murder a Labour politician in Rochdale, before changing his plans to target the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, who he believed would be at the annual Al Quds march in London- saying that it "would have been even better", "like winning the lottery," if London Mayor Sadiq Khan had also been present (which he wasn't, luckily enough).

But after "road blocks" in central London "thwarted my plans", he traveled to the Finsbury Park area, because "it was Jeremy Corbyn's constituency", where he carried out his actual vehicle-ramming terrorist attack against the Finsbury Park Mosque just after midnight prayers, killing one person and injuring ten. So then, what would the after-effects have been, in either of these scenarios?

A- Darren Osbourne had simply driven his hired van through the plastic bollards cordoning off the route, which he could've easily done, and followed through with his original plan to attack the 2017 Al Quds March instead? Or, alternatively...

B- Osbourne had instead waited for the next public event in London which Corbyn was scheduled to attend, the #NotOneDayMore March on July 1st (which Sadiq Khan apparently would also have been present at), and launched his vehicle-ramming terrorist attack against that march instead, attempting to assassinate them both as he'd intended?

In either scenario, how much higher could the casualties of his terrorist van attack have potentially been, and what sort of public reaction would there have been in the aftermath of either attack? And in Scenario B in particular, what if he'd actually managed to succeed in injuring either Corbyn or Khan? What would some of the immediate and long term effects be?