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What if RFK wasn't assassinated in 1968?


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Don't have much to say beyond the title. He was hugely popular, and was easily one of the frontrunners, if not the frontrunner. Do you think he'd have won the primary? What about the actual election?

What would his platform be if he won?

There's a lot of good questions here and I hope people indulge me after too much TNO.

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Edmund Muskie would deliver a powerful punch to the President.

OK, but seriously RFK could have won the primary, however Hubert Humphrey was leading in the primary so it would be an uphill battle. As for the actual election, I would say that 1968 is not a great year for the Democrats. Nixon's law and order message was a winning strategy, and the rioting, economic problems, George Wallace's third party run, and the Vietnam War make things difficult for the Democrats. However it's worth noting that a 3% shift in the vote towards the Democrats would have resulted in them winning the election, so it probably is winnable. A lot depends on whether RFK could make the sort of comeback in the polls that Humphrey did in the last part of the general election.


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It'd definately be neck and neck between RFK and Humphrey, but HH would probably just pinch out in the end. Nixon would still win, either way. But what you're probably looking at is RFK being the front-runner to challenge Nixon in '72 which would certainly be much less of a wash out for the Democrats but difficult to call whether Bobby Kennedy would kick Nixon out of Office early.

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What would his platform be if he won?
His campaign brochure's pointing the way on various policies. Lots of talk about poverty reduction and equality. Some specifics as opposed to I Like Nice Things:

* "We must bring greater income to farmers and provide realistic credit in adequate amounts, especially for the small farmer and the young man beginning an agricultural life."

* "We must reform the flagrant tax loopholes which enable too many Americans to escape their fair share of the cost of shaping our nation's destiny."

* "I do not want to simply withdraw or surrender in Viet Nam," with noises about pushing South Vietnam to be do more and be less corrupt while they try for "an honorable peace".