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Vignette Sunday: National Social Credit

Roberto El Rey

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Incredible as always, @Meadow! Packed with little details that reveal some of the subtle ways in which a Nazi-controlled Europe would be horrible, with an original concept mixed seamlessly in (though I must admit that I found myself rereading @Uhura's Mazda’s Social Credit article to refresh myself on the principles of Douglasism, only to then find you had Chinese-style Social Credit in mind).

Here are a few of my favorite bits:
  • “Ratzinger is a new kind of Führer...”—That’s honestly the most biting portrayal of him I’ve yet seen in AH, and I love it.
  • “A heartwarming moment was a young boy waiting patiently for his lower-scoring friend to purchase baked goods for them both to share.”—Just how voluntary was this arrangement from the point of view of the low-scoring “friend”? Heartwarming indeed.
  • “The strong allowing the weak to provide for him - would that all children could have such clarity...” I love this part because it encapsulates one of the fundamental ways in which Nazism is an insult to contemporary philosophical discourse: it is built on the idea that the strong should force his will upon the weak as a reward for his divinely-ordained superiority.
  • “My position entitled me to a full check”— I love how he says this in a way that implies that an ethnic check wasn’t a compulsory part of joining the SS.
  • The casual misogyny the SS officer drops at every opportunity—ordering dinner for the “journalist” instead of letting her choose, telling her she’s too delicate to be out late at night, and freely admitting that the first thing he noticed about her was her hips—is a perfect depiction of how such a gut-churningly reactionary society would treat even professional women from other nations.
  • Oh, and of course: [indistinct]—Niiiice