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The Write Stuff: Writing for the Readers

David Flin

Voila, a viola.
It's usually fairly clear when a writer is writing to impress and when a writer is trying to communicate. From the world of fantasy writing, Stephen Donaldson is an example of the former. When you need a dictionary to translate, the reader's train of thought is broken.

And sub-clauses. Don't get me started.

And simple, clearly understandable phrases can be both memorable and great. For example, from Famous 1914-1918:

"Surely the most challenging role that Basil Rathbone undertook in his long acting career was that of impersonating a tree. The stage was No Man's Land ..."


Neutral twin
Anyers-upon-Senn, Island-of-France
I enjoy how mechanical and technical this all is. Not something I've seen in writing advice much.

If it doesn’t sound right, then it almost certainly right.
I think a word was accidentally here.

A couple of random points not related to the substance of the article. I enjoyed the photo caption very much. And a 3-fold increase in maintainence period is pretty impressive!

Tabac Iberez

Published by SLP
I'd say that playing with the medium is fine sometimes, but the problem is once you give it an inch the type to take it bring the rest of the mile in with them. At that point, your fourth wall is shot full of holes and you need a new narrator. Probably need a new writer, too- those holes tend to be two-way.