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The United States without World War Two


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For the sake of argument, let’s handwave the war away with a 1938 Sudentenland Crisis gone wrong+Wehrmacht Putsch, while in the East the IJA is bogged down in an endless war in China, or rather just has several small wars whenever the sabre-rattling cliques get bored.

Where does that leave America?

Without a War in Europe, does FDR go home in 1940 or does he look for some other excuse to run for a third term?

The economy is another big question: without the war, mobilization and subsequent devastation leaving the USA as the only game in town, the American economy would never become the behemoth it did IOTL. In fact, wouldn’t some lingering effects of the Great Depression and the 1937 recession keep affecting the country into the 1940s.

Socially, I assume that the Civil Rights Movement might suffer some delays, not sure about Feminism in a world in which women didn’t go to the factories.

Things like The Suburbs and other 50s staples might never be, IIRC. No Space Program or Nuclear Power either.

And of course, a myriad other things: Glenn Miller wouldn’t have died, Eisenhower would have remained an obscure figure as would countless other military types, John Wayne might have not become as big a star with more competition, no deal between Luciano and the US government, Joe Kennedy has another son to throw at the ring, less chances to impose policy on South America...

Charles EP M.

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America isn't the primary superpower is the biggest one, which means American industry, culture, potential military force etc remains a huge deal - it's a big wealthy stable country which speaks the same language as the previous head superpower and WW1's already weakened the European empires - but domestic culture & industry in multiple countries will hold out longer. I think it'll still be imposing policy on South America though because it's right there and other big powers aren't, and the United States didn't want anyone else around. That would probably be said to be "ah it's their sphere of influence" and not a thing to care about (though Britain will still be hanging around Argentina)