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The Surly Bonds of Earth (& possible sequel) discussion


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With the publication of The Surly Bonds of Earth, I thought I would start a discussion thread for both this work and the sequel I intend to begin later this year (tentative title: Well Met By Starlight). This probably also takes in unpublished works I've previously written elsewhere which are set in the same universe, such as Moonstruck and The Vendetta. The general name of this setting as a whole, as @OwenM and no-one else will recall, is "Thalvetia".
The Point of Divergence is Al Gore winning the 2000 Presidential Campaign, but then a little time later killing himself? The Premier of the People's Republic of China is instrumental in triggering an atomic World War Three? Where did you find the word "Thuinne"?

I am sad that the P.R.C. was overthrown in the chaos post-War. May I just say that a surviving P.R.C. would have helped the world rise from the Thuinne and helped more with the rebuilding.