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The SLP catalogue can now be sorted by author


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We've had a little spruce-up of the SLP 'Our Books' page.

You can now sort by author using the tags on the left hand side.


Additionally, the BestAzon links have been removed and replaced with links to Amazon.co.uk - BestAzon lost its security certificate and may have been standing in the way of sales.
Is it possible to visit your offices in person and buy some books?
It is not, sorry. If you want to buy physical books you can do so through the 'paperback' filter on our site, or email us if you have a specific question.
Are any of your paperbacks actually in bookshops -Forbidden Planet,for instance?
No, but some are in fact available via third party stockists, which bookshops can order from (Gardners for example). If you try ordering at the counter at bookshops they will be able to tell you.