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the fanofeverything25 zone of lists and graphics

hello! i am a budding alternate historian that has many ideas! to start i will post a mid 1980's war cabinet in britain in ww3 happened (conventional)
Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury:Margaret Thatcher
Chancellor of the Exchequer: John Major
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Michael Heseltine
Secretary of State for the Home Department: Neil Kinnock
Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry: Winston Spencer-Churchill
Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons: Baron Jenkins of Hillhead
Secretary of State for Defence: Paddy Ashdown
Secretary of State for Social Security: John Smith
Secretary of State for Health: Paul Boateng
Secretary of State for Education and Science: Rhodri Morgan
Secretary of State for Employment: John Silkin
Secretary of State for Energy: Chris Patten
Secretary of State for Transport: Donald Dewar
Secretary of State for International Development: Douglas Hurd
Secretary of State for the Environment: Lynda Chalker
Secretary of State for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries:
Secretary of State for Culture and Communications: Tony Blair
Secretary of State for Scotland: Doug Hoyle
Secretary of State for Wales:Huw Edwards
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland: Patrick Cormack
Chief Secretary to the Treasury: The Lord Biffen
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for Women: Edwina Currie
Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury and Chief Whip: Roger Moate
Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice:Baroness Gardner of Parkes
Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords: Baron Grimond
Minister for Constitutional Reform:Joan Lestor
1rst Doctor Ian Barbara and Vicki: The Army Of Khan (episodes 2 and 3 missing)
a serial in witch our crew meet Genghis Khan and his army while attempting to invade Japan. Pure historical, the scene mentioned by Doctor 9 in Rose happens
13th Doctor Ryan Yaz and Graham: Hi-Di-HI
Blackpool 1956, in a holiday camp sinister ghosts are harassing the patrons and killing a few of them turns out they are actually the peoples descendants from a future in witch the cold war turns hot
Salaar and the Nazi's (6th Doctor and Peri)
1944 its do or die for the Allies in D-Day however a historical tourist named Salaar wants to make the Nazis win the war the Doctor and Peri in the end they use a Vortex manipulator to get rid of him
this is a list i created way back in 2017 its dumb i admit and pretty crappy but this was the start of something special i might do a redux too!
here is a list of future popes after Francis dies in 2022

2022-2046 John Paul III
2046-2048 ( killed in world war 3)Anthony I
2048-2050 interregnum
2050-2054 Peter II ( seen by many as peter the roman however the prophecy failed to materialize)
2054-2067 John Paul IV
2067-2078 Paul VII
2078-2092 Benedict XVII
2092-2101 Anthony II
2101-2112 Urban IX
2112-2123 Urban X
2123-2126 papal republic ( pope is elected once a year when the normal papacy is restored the numbering does not count)
2126-2145 John Paul VI
2145-2162 Francis II
2162-2164 Paul VII ( very old when elected pope)
2164-2175 Pius XIV
2175-2180 occupied by fourth Reich ( Pius killed by neo-Nazis)
2180-2187 second papal republic ( see first)
2187-2200 Paul IX
2200-2206 Paul X
2206-2217 James I ( first English pope since the 1400's)
2217-2229 James II
2229-2248 Anthony III
2248-2261 Nate I ( first American pope)
2261-2261 john the albino ( anti-pope)
2262-2298 Anthony IV
2298-2320 Pius XV ( longest pope )
2320-2334 Urban XI
2334-2352 Benedict XVIII
2352-2375 Nate II ( longest pope ( sorry Pius!) )
2375-2380 James III
2380- 2396 James IV
2396-2398 urban XII ( see Paul 8th)
2398-2474 Sylvester IV ( cloning begun )
2474-2478 Pius XVI
2478-2485 James VI
2485-2496 James VII
2496-2499 john XXVIII
2499-2500 papacy abolished
a divergence point of the first list
8th: Paul McGann (1996-1999)
9th: Bradley Whitford (1999-2003)
10th Bradley Cooper (2003-2008)
11th: Wendie Malick (2008-2012)
12th Seth McFarlane (2012-2016)
13th Kal Penn (2017-2019) (cancelled due to low ratings)

animated reboot
14TH Patricia Summersett (2023-)

8/25/21 retcon the show is is no longer cancelled then revived, instead after McFarlane Misha Collins takes over from 2016 to 2019 necessitating his departure from supernatural early in this universe then he announces his resignation in 2019 leaving in the 2020 new years/Christmas special to be replaced by unknown comedienne Kathryn Hahn evoking a portrayal similar to Malick's who at this point is considered this universes definitive doctor alongside Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Bradley Cooper. Also bc of her involvement with DW overlapping with the schedule Hahn dosen't get cast as Agatha Harkness in this Universe. And instead of Ben Schwartz as a companion its Jensen Ackles.
/10/21 retcon: i switched Misha out for Julian Richings and Hahn for Abigail Spencer.
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retcons and companions
ive retconned the 8th doctor in this universe to be Capaldi anyways companions!
Dr Grace Holloway: Moria Kelley (1996-1998)
Rosie Tyler: Janel Moloney (1999-2002)
Clara Bristow: Jennifer Garner (2002-2004)
Amy Pond: Mae Whitman ( 2004-2007)
Mickey Smith: Dule Hill (2004-2007)
Tasha Winterfield: Penny Johnson Jerald (2007)
Rory Williams: Chris Pratt (2008-2010)
Nardole: Matt Latner: (2010-2012)
Linda Kelly: Halston Sage (2012-2015)
Lisa Simmons:Tati Gabrielle (2016 2017)
Sammy Thompson: Akwafina (2017-2019)

animated companion: "Blight": Voiced by Sarah Nicole-Robles (2023-) (a timelord like romana studying in the academy)
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